It was a cold night, April 1945. Marry Poppins was going on her nightly stroll, when something magic happened. A large slug like creatures ascended from the sky. It could have been love at first sight. It was Jabba the Hutt, gravely wounded from a fight with a teddy bear. Overcome with compassion, Poppins nursed him back to health over a period of eight weeks. At first, it didn't look like Jabba would make. But slowly but surely, all of the rotting Wampas she fed him brought him back to health. That was the day when she realized, they could be more than just friends. Jabba was attracted immediately. Like two magnets together, they could not be separated. On one of their nightly strolls together, Jabba had something he wanted to tell her. "Abhjafnfbjkgeernagjrnjbgr," he said, which roughly translates to "Hey babe, wanna' my Miss Hutt?" Speechless, she embraced him, absorbed by all the rolls of fat. She felt as if she could lay there for eternity. "Yes, my big slug of fat!" she cried out in happiness. "Rn scsu ghxdbhnvusrbuveygvuhguyvgfuyei," Jabba said, which yet again translates to "Come on Poppy, I gots me a very special place babe. Wanna' go there in my space boat. It tops out at 80 lightyears per owa." "This is all so sudden, Jabba, please, hold me like you used to, near the two suns on Tatooine," she pleaded. And so they went. The universe held its breath, as the two lovers embraced on the sunlit mountainside of Tatooine. After a day Mary said "Jabba, I think I'm ready to see your special place." So the two lovers departed in Jabbas space boat, traveling over the dunes gracefully. They stood before the Sarlac Pit. "AgvfASBvbee," Jabba soothed, "Are you ready." They leapt into the depths of the pit, where they were swallowed, and lived together forever. And let's just say a whole new species was created from the love.