The Birdflash Chronicles

Title: The Punishment

Summary: Wally loves Dick more than words can possibly express; and sometimes when you love someone, you have to do what's best for them. Especially if they've been such a bad little boy.

Genres: Romance

Rating: M

Warnings: Alternate Universe, Anal Intercourse, Barebacking, BDSM (Mild), Begging, Child Physical Abuse (Past, Implied), Cuddling, Edging, Fluff, Friendship, Grinding, Handcuffs, Hurt/Comfort, Language, One-Shot, OOCness, Oral Sex, Pain Kink, Playfulness, Post-Series, Roleplaying, Romance, Slash, Spanking, Teasing, Trigger Warning (Light), Whipping, etc.

Pairing: Established Nightflash (Richard "Dick" Grayson/Wallace "Wally" West)

"You can't tell me what to do!"

It was seven simple words that started it all. Seven simple, powerful, and unbelievably stupid words. Dangerous words. As soon as they had left Dick's mouth, he regretted them, and when he saw the way his lover's eyes narrowed in response, he knew he was fucked. All the redhead had to do was give him the look, and he was making a beeline for their shared bedroom, sitting down on their large wrought iron frame double bed and waiting worriedly.

Though only nineteen, the acrobat had been living with the speedster, who was now twenty-one years old, since shortly before his own eighteenth birthday, nearly two years ago. It was a long story, but the short version was that Batman had fired him and thrown him out after a huge fight.


Although reconciling with his father figure as of late, Dick had opted to stay at the apartment with his longtime boyfriend, and continue guarding Blüdhaven, New York with him, as Nightwing and the Strike, respectively. It was great; he could do what he wanted, when he wanted, and without worrying that someone would get him in trouble for it...

Well, most of the time anyways.

Though he meant well, Wally tended to get a bit upset when Dick purposely did things – dangerous, stupid things – that he knew he shouldn't, and when the Metahuman got upset, he became very protective and possessive. Case in point: "You told me that you weren't going to go out tonight. I asked you three times. You promised you would stay here and let me take care of patrol." Wally said, so softly that the brunette had to strain to hear him. When he did, he winced.

A quiet Wally meant he was either deep in thought or seriously pissed off. "I'm sorry..." He could have lied. He could have told him that he didn't want his boyfriend to wear himself out by looking after Blüdhaven in addition to Keystone City, not to mention him helping Flash, who was now semi-retired, out in Central...

But lies had started the hole for him, he wasn't going to dig any deeper.

"No, you're not. Don't even pretend that you mean that. You're sorry that I caught you, but you're not sorry that you did it. You never are." He was right, of course, and they both knew it. If he was truly sorry, he wouldn't have come back, changed out of his costume, showered, and put on a movie in an attempt to make the older male think he'd been at home all night. Dick had promised he would refrain from vigilante activities for at least two weeks, to allow the worst of his injuries to heal. He had looked Wally right in the eyes and lied to him, knowing full well he wouldn't be able to stop himself from hunting down the filth that polluted the city.

Blüdhaven was to Nightwing as Gotham was to Batman, or Metropolis was to Superman. It was his city. Yes, Wally had lived there longer, but Dick had been its first protector. Strike had joined him later. He couldn't just sit on his ass all night while knowing that somewhere nearby someone could be getting killed, or mugged, or raped.

It wasn't the first time this had happened, not by a long shot, but he could tell Wally had a plan in mind to make damn sure it was the last. "You lied to me, you broke your promise..." Again, he added silently. "You could have died last week, Dick, and you're supposed to be resting, not going out and taking on the entire Blackthorn Family solo. I only tell you what to do because you're too stubborn to do what's best for yourself."

"I know," he whispered, hanging his head, still feeling the ache throughout his body from getting knocked down that empty elevator shaft just a few days ago. The fact that it was only two floors and he hadn't broken any bones meant nothing considering his back currently resembled some kind of abstract painting, covered in huge purple-blue and black splotches. "I am sorry, Walls."

"So you keep saying. But if you were really sorry you wouldn't keep putting me through this without even a second thought." The speedster snapped sharply, and he flinched, staring at the lines on the palms of his hands. He heard a soft, angry sigh come from the young man, and Wally finally spoke again, sounding much calmer, "I told you last time what would happen if you did this again. I told you twice that I wasn't going to cut you slack for pulling this kind of crap anymore. Now, I'm going to have to punish you, Dickie."

Blood suddenly running cold at those words, the teenager quickly lifted his head, and his heart nearly stopped when he saw the young man had begun undoing his belt. After somehow remembering to breathe, he felt a rush of something. Excitement. Trepidation. Desire. Relief.

For a moment he'd honestly believed the redhead was upset with him.

They didn't play those types of "games" often in their everyday lives, but the times they did were always the most simultaneously frightening, mindblowing, and painful ones. The last time the belt had been involved, more than a couple of months ago, he couldn't even remember the reason for it being used. All he knew was that he hadn't walked right for days.

"No..." He breathed, slowly backing up on the bed, his eyes wide with fear as he began playing his role. "Wally, Baby, please, don't. I–I won't do it again, I promise!" It was mostly an act, but some of it wasn't, and that's what made their little scenarios all so exciting.

"You always say that," the redhead reminded him, "Every single time. I just don't believe you anymore, I can't, and this whipping is long overdo."

Dick swallowed hard, shaking his head in response, trembling slightly.

He knew it was no use, though. The former Boy Wonder knew exactly what was going to happen tonight, and there wasn't a damn thing that he could say or do to prevent it. Wally was going to spank him. The young man was going to take off that thick, sturdy leather belt, fold it in half, and smack his ass with it. Repeatedly. And there was nothing he could do to stop him. Wally had superpowers, after all, and he wasn't afraid to use them outside of battle, that he knew from personal experience. Even if Dick was physically stronger than him, there wasn't much he was able to do if his lover decided to tie him up for his punishment.

Well, technically, he could use their safe word (Stargazer, Dick's favorite flower), but really, why would he? He absolutely loved the feeling of helplessness, of letting the other take control and dominate him so completely...

The younger boy was just as kinky as Wally, and sometimes even more so.

But it was certain types of 'classic' scenarios that always did it for him: the bratty stepson, the innocent schoolboy, the cheaters sneaking around behind their spouses backs, the straight guy who was starting to wonder... Most of the time they added their own twist to it to keep them from getting too boring and cliché, like involving their dual identities. They didn't have a Dom and Sub relationship like some people they knew did, they just enjoyed a more risqué type of sex. All of the games were strictly for the thrill it gave them. Wally knew damn well he couldn't keep Dick from doing something he was so committed to. He was very much his adoptive father's son.

No matter how far their scenes went, they had never once used true violence against one another. Spanking and manhandling each other, absolutely. The occasional light slap across the face or shoving/elbowing. But never anything beyond that (though he'd never said it to him, Dick knew Wally was secretly terrified of turning out like his father, his grandfather, and so on). So, theoretically, he could escape, if he fought to, but often times he didn't even try.

However painful his punishment, the end result was almost always worth it.

"Please, Wally," The raven-haired boy bit his lip, nervously eyeing the belt in the young man's hands, starting to remember the last time it was used for something other than the intended purpose. That was around the time they'd given the teacher/student fantasy a whirl. "I'll do whatever you say from now on... I promise."

"It's too late for that now." Wally answered, his voice as cold as the arctic. "You've needed this for a very long time, but I've been too lenient with you these days, because I thought you were mature enough to act your age. Clearly I was mistaken.. Now, put your pillows in the center of the bed and lay down on your front."

"No, Wally, I—"

In the blink of an eye the Metahuman was standing right next to the bed, reaching out and grabbing the brunette by his upper arm. He jerked Dick roughly to his feet and slapped him on the ass, hard, using just the palm of his hand. Dick flinched in pain and tried to pull away from the redhead, but Wally growled wordlessly at his defiance and twisted his arm behind his back, bending him forcefully over the edge of the bed with ease.

"Stop it! Let me go!" The young acrobat squirmed and thrashed, trying to get away, but his lover pressed his arm down firmly on the small of his back, keeping him pinned there without much difficulty.


Each of the speedster's words were punctuated by a hard and unforgiving smack to the crest of his bottom, leaving Dick writhing in pain underneath him, yelping and crying out with every hit as the stinging burn increased. He kept rocking from side to side, attempting to wriggle free, but Wally was using the entire weight of his one-hundred-and-ninety-five-pound body to keep him trapped no matter how much he wriggled.

The pressure of his arm being pinned to his back was uncomfortable, but at no risk of causing an injury. Both boys had enough experience to know how much the other could handle.

"Are you ready to behave now?" Wally whispered in his ear, momentarily ceasing the hits to rub his hand over his lover's sore, denim-covered ass. The brunette almost shivered, feeling hot breath against his skin, but he stayed silent. Now that both of them were really getting into it, Dick knew how he wanted to play the game. He wouldn't give in easily this time around. If the other man wanted his submission, he would have to force him into it. The moment the redhead relaxed his grip on his lover, the raven-haired boy elbowed him in the ribs and darted out through the bedroom door.

Despite knowing he didn't have a chance in hell against outrunning Wally West (this was a man who had managed to escape death itself with his incredible speed), the sheer absurdity of his actions were enough to stun his boyfriend, leaving him standing there for several long moments.

Meanwhile, Dick was sprinting down the hall and managed to get within inches of the apartment door before the older male snapped out of it and went after him, reaching him in less than a millisecond. He grabbed the acrobat by the shoulder and spun him around fast enough to make the boy dizzy, shoving him up against the door, making him wince due to the bruises covering his back.

Wally instantly loosened his grip, but the glare didn't leave his face, "You little brat." He hissed out, green eyes shining dangerously. "You think you can run away from me? When I'm done with you, you'll be lucky if you can even move, let alone run anywhere." The younger boy shuddered at the mere implications of that statement, knowing the speedster meant every word of it.

"I hate living with you!" Dick snapped at him, further playing up his role as the partner that felt like he was being smothered. "I wish I was still with Batman, at least he didn't treat me like I was a child!"

A strong hand closed around his bicep, and Wally's face was inches from his, "I'm very sorry you feel that way, but the fact of the matter is that you do live with me, not Batman. You live under my roof and as long as you continue to act like a petulant child, I'm going to treat you like one."

Before the acrobat could come up with some sort of retort, the young Metahuman was marching him towards the bedroom, whacking the brunette harshly on the ass whenever he dared to stop and try to reason with him, making him try to skip ahead of the man, but the grip on his arm kept him from escaping again.

This time, when they arrived at their bedroom, Wally forcefully shoved the younger boy down onto the mattress, turning and locking the door afterwards.

Dick gulped, gripping the sheets as he stared back at the angry red-haired man.

"I want you to put the pillows in the center of the bed–" he said calmly, "–and pull down your pants."

"No way!" The teenager replied, crossing his arms, stubbornly. "You already freakin' spanked me, you really think I'm gonna take off my pants so you can hit me with a belt? Not happening!"

Wally's lips curled into a sneer, his patience finally worn thin, "We'll just see about that."

He reached out for the boy, but Dick quickly rolled away when the man went after him. Unfortunately, all he managed to do was accidentally trap himself between the bedroom wall and the redhead. Before he knew what was happening, the speedster flipped him over onto his stomach and pulled him over his knee so his ass was stuck angled upwards, using his other leg to secure the boy in place, keeping him from being able to get free.

"S–Stop it! Get your hands off of me!" Dick panicked, twisting and jerking in an attempt to get away. The brunette had one arm pinned between his own body and Wally's. Taking advantage of that fact, the young man once more grabbed his lover's other arm and pinned it to his back, leaving him completely immobilized. Realizing this, he doubled his escape efforts, but it was fruitless. "No!"

"Yes." Wally replied, as calm as could be.

Completely ignoring his partner's frantic struggles to get away, the speedster reached underneath the acrobat and unsnapped the button on his his jeans effortlessly. One swift tug had them down around his knees, and his vulnerable, underwear-clad behind pushed up into the air.

A large palm came down hard, striking the flesh that had already been tenderized from before. Warmth instantly spread upon impact, and Dick gasped, momentarily going still. "Hurts, doesn't it?" The redhead questioned, before delivering several more hot, stinging slaps to the boy's already aching backside, taking no pause in-between them. "It's going to hurt a lot more by the time I'm done with you, Richard."

The nineteen-year-old whimpered, jumping with a yelp at a particularly painful hit, "Wally, stop it! Please! I'm your boyfriend—you can't just do this to me!"

Soft lips pressed against the nape of Dick's neck, as though to reassure him, "Oh? Looks to me like I can..." He mumbled, his words muffled by the pale skin, "Just remember, Baby, this is for your own good."

Dick squeezed his eyes shut and gritted his teeth together to keep silent as Wally's hand rained fire down on his backside. Every inch of his ass burned with pain. It was nearly unbearable, but at the same time... he could feel tiny sparks of pleasure ignite inside him with each hit, and he hadn't even lost his briefs yet.

His face was also red and hot with embarrassment at the situation. Every part of him wanted to hate it, because it was absolutely humiliating. But he couldn't. It was too good. Even now his stomach was tight with arousal, adrenaline pumping through him harder with every spank. He loved the pain, the feeling of helplessness and submission, the vulnerability...

Out of the seemingly endless list of exes in his short life, Wally was the only one he would have trusted to do this to him. The fact that he was also the only male who had ever been on the list, and was - due to the mending of their relationship over the past two years - the only one that managed to capture his heart enough to be removed from said list, felt pretty huge.

"You'll eventually learn to listen to me. I know what's best, Dickie. If I have to do this every single night for the next year to drill that into your thick skull, I will. If that means putting you over my knee and doing it three hundred and sixty five days in a row, so be it. I don't give a fuck how old you are."

Every night... The brunette nearly groaned out loud at that thought. He really did have the best boyfriend ever. Wally hadn't been too keen on the whole spanking thing in the beginning, especially with a belt, but he'd reluctantly tried it at Dick's request. Neither could have predicted he would actually enjoy it. But even now, he could feel the redhead's member hardening beneath him, he was in his lap after all. Which reminded the acrobat that he wasn't meant to be submitting so early into their game...

With that thought in mind, he renewed his struggles against Wally's hold, and by grinding himself down against the other man's erection, he managed to distract the Metahuman long enough to wrench himself free.

"Hey!" The young man grabbed the back of his tank top and yanked violently at it, nearly strangling Dick as he pulled. In a clever manoeuvre he managed to wriggle free of the white cloth, leaving him shirtless. He thought he'd gotten the best of Wally until strong, muscular legs snaked around his waist and yanked him back into his lover's lap, making the boy cry out as he was forced to sit on his inflamed ass.

Wally quickly wrapped his arms around the teen's body, pinning his hands to his sides in a mock hug that was used to restrain rather than show affection.

"NO!" The acrobat fought wildly, but was unable to break the hold, "Let GO!"

His lover was rocking him then, which took him by surprise, he hadn't used their safe word yet. What was going on? "Shhh, it's okay, Dickie. Everything is alright..." Eventually, the teenager stopped struggling, and Wally rested his chin on his shoulder, winding both of his hands with the brunette's, resting them on his knees. In the struggle, his pants had fallen down around his ankles before slipping off all together. "There... You calm now?"

"I guess..." Dick mumbled, confused and a little bit disappointed. Was the redhead giving up just like that?



Eyes snapping open, the teen jerked his hands up to see a matching pair of shiny silvery bracelets locking his wrists together in front of him.


"You bastard!"

Wally had tricked him, for real.

This hadn't been part of their original game plan. It was brilliant that he'd managed to do it without him noticing. A gentle hand ran through his hair, as if to comfort him, "Sorry, Baby, but I'm not letting you off so easily." There was a smirk in his voice. It was the sound that got Dick back into the swing of things. Their game wasn't over until one of them finally gave in.

"And I'm not gonna let you use that belt on me!" He said childishly, throwing his head back suddenly and drawing a startled yell from Wally as he made impact.

It loosened his grip enough for Dick to break free, and remembering that the only door was locked, he quickly dropped to the ground and rolled under the bed, as far in as he could, ignoring the sting of carpet brushing against his bare back.

"—the hell? Dick! You get the fuck out here right the fuck now!" Wally bellowed, swearing up a storm when he realized where the brunette had gone to.

The acrobat laughed nervously under his breath. He'd never made Wally sound that honestly angry before during one of their games. It was exciting and scary at the same time. Was his pride wounded because the younger boy was being more stubborn this time around than usual?

"No!" Dick yelled back, grinning. "Go away!"

He heard shuffling, and then saw Wally getting down on his stomach so he could peer beneath the bed. For a moment he looked insanely amused at the sight of his nineteen-year-old, five-foot-ten, one-hundred-and-seventy-five-pound boyfriend huddled under their bed like a little kid who was hiding from imaginary monsters. Then, he got back into character, his face hardening. "Richard John Grayson, you get your fucking ass out here this instant!" He growled out ferociously, his voice sounding positively dangerous.

Dick felt a small thrill go through him. The redhead never used his full name—ever. Things were really starting to heat up for them now.

"I don't want to, and you can't make me!" He sang childishly.

Wally scowled, and started to reach for him, and then stopped. A small smile appeared on his face, and that was terrifying, because it meant he'd just had an idea.

"Fine, Baby. Suit yourself. But for every minute you stay under there and make me wait, that is another five lashes I'm adding to your total, which will be delivered consecutively. If you're gonna act like a spoiled, disobedient little brat, then that's exactly how I'm going to treat you." With that said, the young man stood up, dusted himself off, and left.

Dick laid there for a moment, stumped by the redhead's plan, trying to do the math. Five lashes per every minute he stayed under the bed, so one per every twelve seconds... in addition to the thirty he typically received if he broke a promise.

That was...a lot more than usual.

What should he do? Speedsters were generally highly impatient people. Everything felt slow to them because of their extraordinarily fast minds, like waiting at the end of a never ending line. Wally also loved sex as much as any healthy man in his early twenties, so the brunette doubted he could hold out very long before coming back into the room and trying to tear apart the bed to get at him.

Still, as the seconds ticked by, he heard nothing, not even a peep. Then there were voices all of a sudden.

Is... is he watching TV?!

Eventually, Dick couldn't take laying underneath the bed anymore. Having his wrists cuffed in front of him was becoming uncomfortable even if he knew how to pick the locks, and being on the floor was hell for his back.

He inched out carefully, looking around, but not spotting the red-haired speed demon anywhere. Still hearing the television going, Dick made his way to the bedroom door, but found it locked...from the inside. Maybe Wally used his intangibility to escape the room? But... that usually caused things to explode. There was no way he'd risk it, so the only other explanation was that—

"AHHH!" Dick screamed when the older boy burst out of the bedroom closet and pounced, tackling him from behind and pinning him onto the bed, on his stomach, their legs tangled together and dangling off the side.

The brunette twisted his head around to look at his assailant, wide blue eyes stared up into triumphant green ones, shocked. "You... hid inside of the closet?!"

Gazing back at him triumphantly, the speedster offered his younger lover a crooked grin, "Hey, that's where I spent, like, the first fifteen years of my life, so it's pretty much a second home to me at this point."

"You're insane," The acrobat blurted, trying to get up but finding it a difficult task to accomplish with his boyfriend essentially mounting him.

He laughed, "True. I was starting to think you'd never come out. You ready to accept your punishment now?"

Pretending to grimace at the thought, the younger boy asked, "How many?"

"Well, you were under there for more than ten and a half minutes, so... Eighty-four."

Dick sucked in a sharp breath upon hearing that, his heart immediately began to pound. He'd never been hit on the ass that many times in one week before, let alone in just one day. It was going to hurt like a bitch, and judging from what little he could see of Wally's face, the redhead knew it, too.

His eyes were silently asking, are you okay with that?

The teenager made sure his expression responded in the affirmative, even as his words contradicted it, "Wally, no... I can't take eighty-four. I can't. Not all at once. That's way too many."

"I'm sorry, but that's how many you've earned, Baby." Wally stroked the back of his head, gently. Comfortingly. "Are you going to fight me? I can always cuff you to the bed."

A whimper left the younger boy, "You can't do that." But he could do that, and if he wanted to, he would. There was nothing Dick could do to stop him. Butterflies were dancing in his stomach at the thought. He wanted that more than anything else right now, so he was going to have to give Wally a good reason to get really forceful with him. "I-I won't fight..." He said, shakily, laying his head down against the mattress in a show of surrender.

Wally relaxed on top of him, about to praise his lover for being a good boy, when Dick took in a deep breath, and suddenly shoved himself up off the bed with his elbows, the abrupt movement knocking the redhead off of his back and sending him crashing to the floor. Heart hammering against his ribcage, the brunette leapt to his feet and bolted for the door, fumbling with the lock, but he never even got a chance to leave the room this time around.

A hand suddenly buried itself in his hair, tugging harshly, and Dick cried out in pain, stumbling backwards. He was quickly flung back down on the bed.

"You just had to make this even more difficult, didn't you?!" Wally snarled in his ear as he sat down on the other man's ass, drawing a pained whine that was simply ignored. He grabbed ahold of the teen's wrist, undoing one of the cuffs and connecting it to one of the iron bars on the headboard, before grabbing a second pair and doing the same thing to his other wrist. They were both taken from the collection they used on actual criminals, making them one hundred percent genuine. With nothing to pick the locks, the acrobat had no chance of running from his punishment this time around, or even trying for that matter. He would just have to lay there and accept it. "Always have to make me out to be the villain..."

Dick knew he should keep his mouth shut. He'd gotten what he wanted, after all. But the opening was perfect. "Well, maybe that's because you're so good at it!" The Metahuman fell silent for a moment, and the brunette wondered if maybe that hit too close to home (all heroes had that worry, the one about turning down a dark path), but a chuckle changed his mind.

"One of us has to be. I guess I'll just have to show you what a real bad guy looks like..."

Wally climbed off of him then, and the acrobat held his breath, knowing he was getting the belt, and probably the things they'd need for afterwards...

Meanwhile, Dick tugged at the cuffs, licking his lips as he watched the shiny, silvery metal move up and down against his wrists. They weren't tight enough to bite into his flesh, but it still wouldn't be possible to slip out of them. He jumped slightly when Wally set a box down on the floor, by the bed, and turned to him. The speedster glowered and didn't speak, reaching over and yanking his underwear down roughly until they went passed his knees, before coming off all together.

The boy shivered at the cool air ghosting over his already sore skin, and bit his lip when the redhead picked up his belt.

"Stop that," Wally immediately reached forward to tug his lower lip from between his teeth. "That's a terrible habit. Bite on the pillows if you have to, but we both know you deserve this." He tapped the leather against Dick's thigh, making him go rigid. He began to raise his hand and—

"Wally, wait!" He pleaded, twisting to look up at him. "Don't, please. I'm really sorry, I won't lie anymore, I promise! You don't have to do this!"

His lover met his gaze without a hint of remorse, folding the belt on two and taking ahold of both ends, "But I do, Dickie. Just close your eyes and it'll be over with soon." He murmured, before stepping back and raising the strap up and over his head. THough he was expecting it, Dick was not prepared when the belt came down on the center of his bare ass. He howled in agony at the sharp, searing sting, jerking against his cuffs.


He'd forgotten how much that hurt.

The ginger didn't speak, but merely repeated the process, and the second lick came down across the backs of his thighs, so hard that it knocked the breath out of him, but it was just the beginning... Lash after hot lash rained down against his buttocks, making it burn powerfully. At first it just felt like individual stripes, but eventually they blended into an overall pain. A ferocious, violent sting that cleared everything else from the acrobat's consciousness. Eventually, Wally stopped to catch his breath, wiping the sweat on his brow, and told him, "That's fifteen down."

Only fifteen? H...How is that even possible? Dick could barely think over the haze of pain that had settled in his brain. He held his breath as he sensed the redhead once more taking aim. The belt whistled through the air before sizzling against his ass a second later.

The brunette gasped and gulped in as much air as he could before the next swat landed. It was just as hard, but somehow hurt almost twice as much as it did before. It was getting to be too much for him. On the thirtieth lash he shrieked and began thrashing on the bed, unable to control his physical reactions, and by the fortieth he was openly begging.

"Please stop, Wally, please! I'll do whatever you want from now on! Please!"

There was a deep intake of breath behind him, "What I want..." Wally began, panting from his efforts, "Is for you to take your punishment like the big boy you want to be treated as." He rose the hand that was clutching the belt, then brought it back down.

Then again, and again, and again...

"OW! Son of a—Wally, please!" Another hit. "It's too much! Oh God, it hurts!" Dick was shaking at this point, but his lover was undeterred. He continued to lay down lash after lash across his naked flesh. The burn increased exponentially with each cruel swat. He didn't know how he would take it. He couldn't take it, not eighty four. The teen couldn't possibly endure even one more hit, and yet Wally made him.


"Stop! This isn't... I'm not a child! I'm nineteen years old for God's sakes!"

Wally just tuned him out, delivering a furious series of whacks across his ass cheeks and the backs of his thighs. By now he tried switching tactics, pleading and bargaining had both failed, "Just stop it already!" He tugged viscously at the cuffs with no results. Making him wonder what the hell they were made out of, as he was a fairly strong individual. "Oh God, when you let me out of these I'm gonna fucking kill you!"


His threats were completely ignored.

Soft whimpering sounds escaped Dick's lips despite clenching his teeth in an effort to stifle them. With each whack of the belt he grew more and more desperate to soothe the scorching hellfire, but he was completely helpless. The speedster was in charge and he was not going to cut him anymore slack. Still, despite the pain, the acrobat didn't call out their safe word, even knowing it would end it all. Why? Because despite the fact that it was a game, and that Wally wasn't really angry, some small part of the teen felt he still deserved it. He had promised to stay inside and let his back rest, and he'd broken that promise. He also knew it scared his boyfriend shitless when he put his own well-being in danger. Physically, emotionally and mentally. He had to be punished for that.

The young brunette sniffled, trying his hardest to swallow down the lump in his constricted throat, but the bitter tears kept streaming down his face. When had he even started crying? Bats weren't supposed to cry... He took in a deep, shuddering breath and released it in the form of a tortured sob that quickly turned into a sharp wailing.

Finally, he slumped forward and simply cried into his pillows as the belt continued to mercilessly come down on his throbbing behind. He was giving in, no longer begging or fighting. He couldn't do it anymore. It hurt so fucking much, but despite that all, he could feel the aching, swollen erection between his legs, which was somehow infinitely worse because now he was sexually frustrated instead of just regularly frustrated. He couldn't help how much the pain turned him on.

Every time they did this, there was always a heavy feeling in his heart after, and sometimes during. Despite the pleasure, sometimes the shame, guilt and humiliation actually felt real.

It was usually quickly taken care of after they finished, though, because then Wally would fuss over him for awhile, bring him into his warm, strong, protecting arms and comfort him, whispering sweet, loving words in his ear, and he'd remember that all of it was a game, just the grown up version of playing pretend, and nothing more. Out of nowhere, the whipping stopped, yet the scorching pain thrived on. "Are you going to keep your promises from now on?" Wally asked softly, brushing the sweat-soaked raven hair from his lover's face.

Dick, feeling exhausted, gave a nod, but he didn't speak.

The redhead frowned slightly at his silence and flicked the belt warningly against his tender bottom, and that alone was enough to send fresh tears pouring down the teen's cheeks. "Yes, Wally," he croaked out, brokenly, "I won't lie to you anymore, I swear."

"Good boy."

Sitting down beside him, the young man began rubbing his neck, shoulders, and even his back, but was careful not to aggravate the healing bruises. When the speedster's hand traveled down to his burning ass, he sighed softly at how nice and cool Wally's usually warm hands felt. He gave the teen a gentle pat, and the boy flinched involuntarily.

Because the "scenario" was now over, Dick really expected the Metahuman to just uncuff him so they could get on with the fun. He was quite surprised when Wally ruffled his hair affectionately and said, "Try not to move." Twisting his head so his cheek was resting against the pillow, the teenager watched as his best friend reached into their box of...playtime stuff, and pulled out a familiar bottle of organic coconut oil. It was something they always kept a supply of, since it had a multitude of different purposes.

Pouring some of the clear liquid out into his hands, Wally proceeded to vibrate them, warming it slightly with the friction so it wouldn't be too cold against the boy's hot, sensitive skin. When the older male spread the liquid over his backside, Dick still jumped a bit at the coolness of it, blinking hard.

The tears had stopped...for now. He tried to relax into the gentle massaging, because it was actually helping, the scent to calm him and the oil to soothe the welts. "You did such a good job for me, Baby," the redhead praised as he tenderly rubbed and pressed against the sore skin. "I'm so proud of you..."

As he inspected the marks, Wally realized the younger boy would be sore for quite a while, at least a couple of weeks, and he'd be badly bruised, too. The belt hadn't broken any skin, though some places looked redder than others, and he wasn't bleeding. Laying there with his eyes closed, his lover caring for him and the smell of coconut filling the air, the brunette found himself starting to get kind of sleepy.

That all went out the window when he felt a wet, slippery finger thrust into him.

"Oh!" Dick gasped and tried to look back at the man, but Wally was now straddling his lower legs, and he couldn't turn his head that far. The finger pushed in deeper, wriggling around inside of him, and he groaned, burying his face in the damp pillow.

It felt good, especially when the redhead slipped a second one inside and started stroking his tight inner walls, pumping them in and out. Suddenly, the digits expertly curled up against his sweet spot, drawing a strangled moan from the teen as he tried to shove back against them to no avail. The speedster's weight on his legs kept him from moving. When the fingers abruptly began to vibrate inside of him, he yelped in shock at the sharp, shooting pleasure that ran up his spine.

"Nnnngh! A–Ahhh! Fuck, oh God, Wally!" The brunette squirmed in delight as the fingers twisted inside of him, pushing harder and deeper until they were being pressed directly against his prostate, and then the acrobat was screaming as he yanked against the restraints, coming hard onto the bedsheets without any warning.

Dick collapsed on his stomach, shuddering, panting for air as the fingers withdrew from his pulsating channel. "Wow, that might be a new record. I didn't even need to touch your cock." He heard the speedster comment behind him. Normally, the Nocturnal Avenger would have been rather embarrassed, but he felt way too fuzzy in the head after everything else that had occurred that evening.

Brilliant blue eyes blinked open as Wally reached over to undo the handcuffs, and he sighed in relief, rubbing at his wrists, which had begun to ache from being restrained at such an odd angle.

The redhead smiled at him, "Are you ready to go to bed now?" He asked jokingly when the brunette yawned.

Dick scowled, "As if!" He turned over and, without letting his sore backside touch the bed, shoved Wally down and climbed on top of him, kissing the older male long and hard. If the speedster thought that he was even close to being done, he had another thing coming. The spanking had left him horny as hell and the brunette was honestly aching for a nice, hard fuck.

Lifting a hand to cup the back of his lover's head, the speedster kissed the acrobat back passionately, running his tongue teasingly over Dick's lower lip, drawing a soft moan from him as he plunged the hot, wet appendage into his mouth, imagining it... elsewhere.

The teenager easily surrendered control of the kiss to his boyfriend, arching his spine with a whine when long, pale fingers deftly snuck up to tease his nipples, gently pinching and twisting and massaging them. "Oh, fuck!" Dick threw his head back, gasping in pleasure as the Metahuman began to vibrate his hands again while simultaneously thrusting up against the younger boy, causing their cocks to rub together torturously.

God, did the teen ever love Wally's powers.

Well, that along with absolutely everything else about him.

Leaning forward, the dark-haired acrobat braced his hands against the Metahuman's shoulders for support as he grinded down against him, bending his head to meet him in another fiery kiss. "...Wally," he whimpered when the young man reached behind him to teasingly thrust just a fingertip into his hole, and he tried to rock back against it, mumbling a strained 'please' when the speedster pulled away.

"Aww, Dickie," Wally caressed his lover's cheek, continuing to drive him further up the wall by gently palming at his balls, tracing his sac. "You want something from me, hmm?"

Dick glared darkly, and snapped out, frustrated, "What the fuck do you think?!"

Those deep green eyes flashed at his tone, and before he knew it the redhead moved his hand up and delivered a sharp smack to the center of his bruised ass, drawing a pained cry from Dick, who buried his face in the speedster's shoulder.

"I-I'm sorry," he breathed, shuddering with heated desire when a featherlight touch ran up the length of his bruised spine. "I just need you so much right now."

Humming at his words, the older male caught Dick by his hips and thighs, centering him right over his hard, throbbing length, smirking when he tried to thrust himself down on it, but was being held too tightly to get what he wanted, "Tell me how much."

"H...How much what?" The brunette demanded shakily, squirming restlessly, because Wally's cock was right there, pushing against him but not entering, and he needed it inside of him now. Oh God, damn him and his stupid games. Chuckling at the desperation written across his beautiful bird's face, Wally let the teen press down slightly, and the acrobat gasped as just a couple of inches of the swollen organ slipped inside of him, but not nearly enough for his liking. He wasn't sure how much more of that teasing he could take tonight.

Lips were against his ear all of a sudden. "How much do you need me to fuck you right now?"

"So much..." Dick groaned helplessly, his whole entire body was quivering with anticipation and lust. His asshole was clenching greedily around the tip of the redhead's cock, craving so much more than what he was getting. Please Wally! Fucking hurry up already!

"I see."

Before the teenager could demand to know what he meant by such a short, cryptic response, Wally was flipping his lover over so he was on his hands and knees, briefly taking a moment to admire his perfect (and at the moment, very red) bottom. Then he grabbed the brunette by his hips and thrusted himself completely into him from behind. Nearly choking on the sudden feeling of being so fucking full, the acrobat hung his head, taking a few slow breaths to calm his racing heart. With both of their insane schedules and him having been unable to do anything for a good three days after his fall, it had been far too long since they'd done this.

"You can move now..." He urged, softly.

A smile lifted the corners of Wally's mouth, and he leaned forward, pressing his lips to the small of the younger male's back briefly, before straightening his posture. Gripping the teen's hips, the redhead slowly drew back, then bucked into him hard, and their twin moans of pleasure began to fill the room.

Their rhythm started out as a slow, none-too-gentle rocking. But as they had found out a long time ago, you had to be in the mood for certain types of sex in order for it to work out. Not even five minutes into their activities, Dick was burying his face in the pillows and gripping the sturdy metal headboard, trying to muffle his screams as the Metahuman took him rough and fast from behind, his pace brutally effective.

Oh fuck, it was way too good, and the last thing they needed was yet another noise complaint to the landlord about them.

Wally wasn't fairing all that much better.

The difference was that he could touch the younger boy to occupy himself, could pepper kisses all over his hips and back and neck or caress him with those hands. All the acrobat could do was grit his teeth and try to endure the supernatural levels of pleasure washing over him, feeling shakes going through his body that had nothing to do with the rocking of the bed and everything to do with how precise his lover's thrusts were.

"Are you almost there, Babe?" He heard the speedster pant in his ear. "Wanna keep going for a while, or would you rather I come inside you right now and let you fuck my mouth until we're both full of each other?" Lips skimmed over his collar bone, teeth leaving behind marks that would definitely last longer then any of the others on his body. "You know how much I love the taste of you..."

"Oh, Christ, Wally." The brunette could barely breathe properly at this point, he didn't understand how his boyfriend was still coherent. Must have been a speedster thing. "Do it, please, God. Just come inside me! I–I want to feel it—" He was babbling, and he knew it, but it couldn't be helped, he was so close that it hurt. "Hnnngh!"

Although he wasn't sure how he was able to accomplish it, the teenager managed to hold out against the onslaught, forcing himself not to go over the edge when Wally sped up the powerful thrusts. By the time a familiar, wet heat flooded his body, he was trembling violently, his entire body aching with need.

He could feel it slowly dribbling out of him when the Metahuman withdrew slowly. Dick always appreciated the care his lover took in treating him, before and after the sex, but the teenaged former circus star was in no mood to be handled with caution right now. Ignoring how much his body would probably hate him for it by morning, the raven-haired boy flipped over and flopped down, barely registering the hot pain that the sudden movements sent through his throbbing back and his ass. He was way too close to his climax to care.

Wally was staring down at him with wide eyes at his actions. Deciding the man might need a hint in his post-bliss haze, he spread his legs as far apart as he could manage and arched his back, groaning out an impatient,needy, "Come on!"

Seeing the urgency written across his boyfriend's face, the older male smirked slightly, unable to resist the idea forming in his mind. He couldn't help it, his little bird was too cute when he was frustrated. Hearing him plea was just the hottest damn thing he'd ever witnessed in these moments. Moving down so his face was hovering over the nineteen-year-old's groin, the redhead made sure to keep a good grip on his hips before getting to work. He tenderly kissed his way up each of the brunette's inner thighs, taking his sweet time. Dick squirmed as the lips made their way upwards, gasping when a wet tongue licked at his balls before gently sucking them into his mouth.

He begged Wally to please stop teasing him, but a chuckle was his only reply before the speedster tickled the tip of the boy's cock with his soft, vibrating tongue. It was driving the acrobat absolutely wild, and he knew it.

"W–Wally! Please!" The younger boy now had tears in his eyes, his chest heaving as he threw his head back and forth, desperately trying to thrust up into the hot, moist mouth that was tormenting him in the most horribly fantastic way ever. "Don't do this to me, not now! I can't take it!" Finally deciding to show his lover mercy, Wally quickly dipped his head down and took the boy's straining, leaking member into his mouth, releasing those strong, pale hips and encouraging the brunette to move of his own volition.

Dick didn't need to be told what to do twice, he bucked up violently, nearly sobbing in relief as his cock completely disappeared down the young man's throat.

The wet heat tightened around him and started buzzing with energy, prompting sounds that neither knew he could make—certainly not at that pitch. The sensations that swept through him completely robbed him of his ability to properly breathe, and the Nocturnal Avenger was left shaking in the aftermath of his orgasm, unable to move even his fingertips afterwards.

He was completely and utterly exhausted.

Chuckling as he realized that, the speedster's cuddled up to him, and Dick instinctively relaxed into the familiar warmth. He was already nearly asleep, his head lolling to rest against the Meta's shoulder. "That good, huh?" Wally kissed the boy's lips in a light, loving caress, reaching down to rub his thigh. "You gonna behave for me from now on then?" He asked, mostly serious. "No more sneaking out to beat up mobsters?"

Dick only half-heartedly saluted the redhead, eyes fluttering shut with sleeping looming over him, not bothering to answer since they both knew he would end up doing it again eventually.

But, then again, with Wally punishing him like that...

Could you really blame him?

To those that are confused about this new "story," it's going to be a series of semi-related oneshots featuring Dick and Wally. How it works is, if I can find/think of a meme, prompt, or idea that I can work with, I'll write a short story about it. You guys can also submit ideas on what you'd like to read about! I'll do smut, hurt/comfort, friendship, fluff, gooey romance, drama, etc. I prefer my work to have happy or at least bittersweet endings, so I probably won't do "death fics." For people wanting to suggest something, I'll do stuff based on the actual comic books, or even AUs, too (for example, I plan to write one about Nightwing getting assaulted by Tarantula and turning to Wally to help him get through it). As long as it's got Robin, Kid Flash, Nightwing or Flash III in it, I can probably write something around it. As you can probably tell, I adore Birdflash/Nightflash. I'm also open to writing shots involving the Bat and Flash families. If I end up doing your idea I'll be sure to credit you!

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