The Birdflash Chronicles

Title: Getting Freaky On The Floor

Summary: Unhappy with his fiancé's constantly busy schedule and their lack of intimacy, Wally managed to drag Dick out clubbing one evening. But when the acrobat gains some unwanted attention, things take a turn for the unexpected... or do they?

Genres: Romance/Drama

Rating: M

Warnings: Alcohol, Alternate Universe, Anal Intercourse, Bathroom Sex, Dancing, Dirty Talking, Exhibitionism, Flirting, Forced Orgasm, Fluff, Grinding, Groping, Handjobs, Humiliation, Jealous!Wally, Language, Oral Sex, Possessive!Wally, Public Sex (Sorta), Rutting, Seduction, Smut, Voyuerism, etc.

Pairing: Established Nightflash

"Diiiiiick!" Wally had addressed one evening as he threw himself into the brunette's lap, knocking the case file he'd been studying from his hands and peering up at his partner with bright green eyes. "I'm booooored!"

The young man gave a long suffering sigh and frowned down at his significant other, who had been annoying him nonstop for nearly three hours while he was trying to work. "So you've been saying for the last week now." He said disinterestedly, and when the redhead made no move to get off of him, he simply spread the folder out on his torso and used him as a table, "It's getting kind of old."

Because he was once more fixated on the case file, Dick didn't see the pout on the older male's face, even though he knew it was there. "So... maybe you should take that as a hint and alleviate my boredom." He offered, suggestively, but that gained no response from his betrothed. Preferably in the bedroom...

Dick merely grunted when he playfully head butted his arm.

Frowning for a moment at the lack of attention, Wally suddenly had an idea. He made himself more comfortable in the brunette's lap, curling up against his fit, toned body. "You know, that cop uniform looks really hot, almost as much as your Nightwing suit, makes me wanna jump on you every time I see it." He purred.

"What? Oh... thanks." The acrobat gave him a distracted smile without even looking away from his work.

A hint of sadness flickered across Wally's face.

He knew how busy his fiancé was, and he understood, really! The man was a superhero by night and a law enforcement officer during the day. He totally got that, but it didn't mean that he wasn't upset by their lack of time spent together these days. It had been lonely in the apartment since he'd stopped filling in as the Flash for his uncle, so he didn't have a lot to do.

Plus they hadn't had sex in nearly three weeks.

Despite what others would say, the Metahuman was not a hormone-crazed maniac, alright? But he was a twenty-three-year-old red-blooded man and he had needs. Not to mention being a speedster made time seem to come to a stand still whenever he was feeling particularly bored. He also really hated how often he was going to bed and waking up alone these days.

Plus, jerking off could only sustain him for so long, especially when he was engaged to someone as drop dead gorgeous as Richard Grayson.

Unfortunately his lover seemed to have no interest in him these days, sexually or otherwise. Okay, maybe that was a little unfair, but he was so occupied that he didn't even notice the dark way Wally was eyeing him or the hand slowly creeping up his upper thigh.

Then, the brunette glared at him, "Wally, not now."

Oh... so maybe he had noticed.

"But Diiiiiick," he sat up and pressed his body right against the former Boy Wonder's, "I want you so much right now..." He started to kiss the younger man's neck, and grinned inwardly as Dick tossed the folder down on the table, seeming to finally show some positive reaction from what he was doing.

The speedster's excitement was short lived when the brunette grabbed him by the upper arms and shoved him off of him and onto the other side of the couch with a scowl, "I said not now, Wally! Can't you see that I'm busy? God, I don't know why you have to be so needy all the time..." His tone was bruising, but he was really just aggravated by his pain-in-the-ass superiors.

He thought Wally would understand that it wasn't him he was upset with, but sometimes the younger man forgot how his lover's mind worked, and that he tended to get overly emotional at times.

Dick certainly didn't anticipate seeing his fiancé's eyes fill with tears all of a sudden as he abruptly jumped to his feet. "Well sooooorry!" He replied sarcastically, visibly hurt and angered. "I didn't realize my wanting to spend time with you was so fucking inconvenient!" He turned and stormed out of the living room, and a door could be heard slamming shut moments later.

Shocked, the younger man stood up and started to follow him, but hesitated, before reluctantly sitting back down and reaching for his files. He had a lot of reports to finish by Monday, and even though he honestly hadn't meant to upset Wally, the Meta was being unreasonable by getting so worked up over nothing.

Why does he have to keep pestering me when I'm working? He thought tiredly, ignoring the voice nagging him in the back of his head. It's because he's lonely, dumbass. He misses you.

He'd make it up to him, Wally would understand... he hoped.

Roughly an hour and a half later and Dick had finished filling out nearly half of his reports.

There were a couple of times when he noticed how quiet it had gotten since Wally had locked himself in their bedroom (aside from hearing him get in the shower a little while ago), but he did his best not to think about it. If he finished everything today then the two of them could have all weekend together, uninterrupted.

He had stopped to take a small break and was debating getting up to put another pot of coffee on when he heard the click of a door opening, followed by soft footsteps. Only hesitating for a moment, he stood up and called out, "Wally, we need to talk about—what the hell are you wearing?"

As the young man came into view, he couldn't quite contain his stunned disbelief.

Wally was dressed in an outfit that practically screamed sex. He was wearing a slinky, sleeveless black silk turtleneck that bared his muscular arms and shoulders, which he'd matched with some dark, tight gray jeans that hung very low on his hips, flaring out near the knees and emphasizing his already impressive height. He'd also put on a pair of black lace-up combat boots, accessorizing with a few silver necklaces and bracelets. All of the dark colors made his deep, messy red hair, viridescent green eyes and creamy pale skin stand out in contrast.

"Huh? Oh, this?" The speedster looked down at himself and smiled brightly, looking to be in a far less sour of a mood than he had been earlier after their fight, "I'm going out tonight, Batgirl invited me to join her at this cool club she found downtown, called Pulse."

The raven-haired man openly gaped at him. He was going out with Barbara? Why? He felt a flare of jealousy at the thought of the other man hanging out with his ex-girlfriend, and in that particular outfit. Christ. "And you're going dressed like that?" He managed to get out, and Wally gave him an odd look.

"Yes... Why? What's wrong with it?" He frowned self-consciously.

Did he really need to ask that question? "What's wrong with...?" Dick shook his head in disbelief, "You look like you're begging to be a victim of sexual assault, that's what's wrong with it!"

His reply elicited a snort and an eyeroll from the redhead, "That's ridiculous."

Wally headed for the door, but his fiancé's voice reply stopped him in his tracks, "You are not going anywhere wearing that!" As soon as the words were out, both men seemed to freeze.

The Metahuman spun around, his eyes blazing, "Excuse me?" He turned and stormed over so he was right in Dick's face, "What the fuck gives you the right to say that? If you haven't noticed by now I'm twenty-three Goddamn years old and can take care of myself, thank you."

Oh man, he hadn't been looking to start another argument.

Hoping to calm the situation before it escalated any further, he took a step back. "I know you can, that's not what I meant." He began, softly. "Look, if this is about our fight earlier—"

"Right, because everything has to be about you, doesn't it?" The redhead hissed angrily, "Well, news flash, Grayson, it's not! Yes, I'm pissed at you, but it sure as hell doesn't mean I'm about to go out and fuck somebody else just to spite you!"

Dick put his hands up in a surrendering way, "I never said that, I know you'd never cheat on me, Walls."

That didn't seem to make his fiancé feel any better, "Good, because I wouldn't! But what I am going to go out and do is get blackout shitfaced, dance and have fun, and hopefully forget how much of an idiot I feel like for thinking you might actually want to spend time with me!"

He turned to run off, but the ninja grabbed his wrist with lightning fast reflexes, which was impressive for a non-speedster. "Wally, wait!"

The redhead whipped around, "What?!" He asked icily.

"I...I'm—" I'm really sorry. "—I want to go with you."

...and that was why Dick was currently in a hot, packed nightclub, leaning against the bar, nursing some crappy, overpriced, watered down beverage and watching as his tipsy fiancé danced among a group of equally sweaty, inebriated men and women who all looked like they would eat him alive if they could.

Unsurprisingly, there was no sign of Babs anywhere in the massive crowd of writhing and grinding bodies. She'd probably up and bailed the moment Wally told her he'd tagged along, since their breakup had been less than amicable. He was confident she'd forgive him...eventually.

An unfamiliar voice addressed him suddenly from behind. "Hey there, Sexy." He turned and found a young athletic man leering at him. He was tanned with hazel eyes and short honey blonde hair. "I'm Blake, and you are?"

"Unavailable." Dick told him flatly, flashing his engagement ring.

The man, Blake, seemed startled, but he recovered rather quickly, "I see. Where's your fiancé, then?" He questioned, noticing the way the brunette's eyes towards the dance floor. "Well, that was irresponsible of him, leaving a pretty little thing like you all alone." He grinned.

Stiffly, the acrobat replied, "I can take care of myself."

"Oh, I bet you can..."

Ugh, couldn't the guy take a hint already? "Look, I'm sure there's plenty of hot single guys in this club, but I don't happen to be one of them, so—" He cut himself off when Blake abruptly groped his ass, whispering huskily in his ear, "Doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you, Sweetheart."

Before Dick could decide if breaking a couple of the man's fingers would be worth possibly getting kicked out of the club for, the blonde was suddenly being ripped away from him by an infuriated Wally, who growled out, "It bothers me, you creepy fuck!"

"Chill out man, we were just talking," Blake said defensively.

The redhead got right up in his face like he had with Dick earlier that evening, only this time the threat in it was real, "Yeah, that's exactly what it looked like. But he's clearly not interested in you, asshole! So scram before I kick you in the balls hard enough to make you sing soprano for the next month!"

Blake's eyes widened and he actually did back off this time, muttering 'psycho' under his breath before disappearing into the crowd.

Surprised by his lover's actions, Dick turned to thank Wally for defending him (even though it meant threatening bodily harm), but stopped short after one look at the expression on the speedster's face, which was glistening with sweat from all the dancing he'd done. His cheeks were flushed pink, but what caught his attention was the possessive jealousy shining in his eyes.

"Are you okay?" The older man questioned, curling his arms around Dick's neck and pressing against him. He smelled like vodka and many different people, which was slightly annoying, but he set his drink down and gripped him back just as tightly nonetheless, and the redhead murmured in his shoulder, "I missed you. I don't like other guys flirting with you."

He gave a breathy laugh in response, "Funny, because I don't like you dancing with all those other people."

Upon hearing that, Wally pulled away and gave him a tenative smile, "Come dance with me, then." He suggested, biting at his lower lip shyly which really only distracted the brunette, because he looked ridiculously hot whenever he did it. "No one else will touch me if they see me with you, you know..."

Oh, what the hell...

Seeing the resignation flicker across Dick's face all of a sudden, the redhead lit up and grabbed his hand, dragging him out onto the dance floor excitedly and finding a place for them among all of the gyrating bodies.

It was horribly awkward at first because, well, the raven-haired man could do a lot of things, but dancing really wasn't one of them. Shame all of the lessons that Bruce paid for when he was growing up had been a hopeless attempt at teaching him. He imagined he resembled a baby deer trying to walk for the first time, and he didn't feel nearly as confident as Wally looked, but then, his fiancé could dance.

He settled for holding onto the Metahuman's hips and attempting to keep up, watching the drunk man as he somehow still managed to sway back and forth with a grace that he never seemed to possess while sober. Mostly though, he was staring at the outfit, because he looked absolutely delectable in it, and judging by the looks they were getting, Dick wasn't the only one who felt that way.

When the music turned more upbeat, the redhead suddenly looped his arms around the younger man's neck, their bodies closer together as they worked up a rhythm together that wasn't half bad.

He was actually having a good time.

At least until Dick realized how turned on he was all of a sudden.

The speedster's eyes blinked open when his dancing suddenly faltered, but Wally continued moving against him which didn't help his problem in the slightest. "What's wrong? Aren't you having fun?" He asked, leaning closer to be heard over the music, but it only resulted in him blowing hot breath in the acrobat's ear, and he had to suppress a shudder.

"Of course, I just... Uh..." Damnit. He was having trouble keeping a clear head because Wally was still moving in time to the song, abruptly slipping behind the brunette and winding his arms around his waist, coercing him into continuing where he left off.

He was grinding and thrusting against him, practically fucking Dick through his clothes on the dance floor, and God, the arousal was now almost painful as he tried to keep his breathing even. There was no way that Wally wasn't doing it on purpose at this point.

If the redhead kept it up he was going to need to take a step back and let himself cool down pretty soon. He hadn't been turned on that easily since he was fifteen and still a virgin.

Wally rubbed his own straining erection up against his ass, and the acrobat gasped, "M–Maybe we should take this somewhere private?" He suggested, trying to think of available places. There was the bathroom, a dark corner near the booths, or even their car. He didn't think he could wait until they got back to the apartment.

"Mmm... why would we do that?" The speedster whispered in his ear, nibbling gently at it while running his hands over the other man's well defined chest. "I'm having so much fun right here..."

The brunette gave an accidental moan as Wally openly molested him on the dance floor, desperately clinging to the last shred of his composure as he teetered dangerously close to the edge, their bodies continuing to undulate against one another. "Please, Wally... we need to go, p–people are watching!"

Just then, one of the hands slipped lower and palmed him through the straining fabric of his jeans, and he whimpered, "Wally, I mean it," he choked out, his heart pounding in his ribcage. "I-I'm gonna come in pants if you keep this up." He squirmed where he stood as a tongue and lips ran over the sensitive skin of his neck and the redhead rolled his hips against his buttocks with a little more force.

When he tried to pull away, the younger man simply held onto him tighter, refusing to let him break the hold he had around his waist. Fuck, Wally seemed to determined to make him lose it in front of everyone. Dick knew from experience that if that happened it wouldn't be subtle.

"Please..." He groaned under his breath, "Wally, I..."

By now everything was starting to blur together, the music and people seemed to melt from his vision as he thrusted involuntarily against that delicious pressure. Still, he thought he saw Blake somewhere in the crowd and would swear later that he caught a glimpse of red hair among their audience.

"Shhh... I know," the Metahuman purred out, seductively. "Do it. I want everyone here to see just how hot you get for me. Then everyone will know you're mine. I know how much of an attention whore you secretly are, Babe. You're a performer, right? So let's give them a show they'll never forget..." He pressed his hand harder against the younger boy's crotch, and began vibrating his fingertips, too lightly for anyone to see what was happening. "Come for me, Richard." He commanded softly.

Oh God no, please don't...

Dick couldn't stop the orgasm that rocketed through his body despite his best efforts to contain it. Stifling a cry, he went weak at the knees from the powerful rush of pleasure, and probably would have collapsed right then and there were it not for his fiancé keeping a tight grip on his waist.

Taking in the lustful gazes of the men and women watching them, the brunette felt his cheeks burn hot with humiliation, and he turned around, burying his face on Wally's shoulder to avoid the stares.

"I–I can't believe you just did that..." He said shakily.

How drunk was Wally?

"Relax, Babe, you looked ridiculously hot." The redhead grabbed him by the back of the neck then, forcing his head up and pulling him into a long, sizzling, passionately hot kiss that took his breath away. Only when he did that did Dick realize it was the first time they'd actually done so in nearly a month, and suddenly he was returning it, desperately, his lips moving back against Wally's with an almost feverish need.

When they eventually had to part for air, it was with extreme reluctance on his part, and he was about to suggest they head back home for the night, but Wally beat him to it:

"Bathroom. Now." The speedster's eyes were so dark they were nearly black, but his voice was loud, and he didn't seem to care that nearly everyone was watching them and would know exactly what was going on if they headed in there, not to mention the reactions for when they would inevitably have to leave it.

The blush on Dick's cheeks deepened, "Wally, maybe that's not such a good idea. Why don't we go do it in the car?" He offered, distracted by the way his fiancé's eyes kept raking over him as he licked his lips.

"No." Grabbing him by the front of his shirt, the young redhaired man pulled his lover close and looked him right in the eyes. "You're going to meet me in the bathroom so I can suck your cock and then fuck you up against the wall or we go home now and you can jerk off like I've been doing for three weeks now." He gave him a sinister smile, "Your choice."

Oh, fuck.

Practically nothing could stop Wally when he was feeling vengeful, not even publicly lewdness laws or common sense. The brunette had no doubt that he'd follow through on his threat, so he swallowed his pride and muttered, "O–Okay, I'll go."

It was mortifying feeling the stares of dozens of people as he slunk off to the bathroom, knowing they knew exactly what was going on. Once he got inside, he thought about splashing cool water on his face to calm himself down, but never got the chance because moments later Wally stepped in after him.

Dick swallowed hard when he turned the lock on the door and stalked over to him, his expression predatory.

He didn't get the chance to say anything because the speedster's lips were covering his in an instant as warm, strong hands shoved him up against the bathroom wall, both men groaning in pleasure when he rutted their hips together almost violently.

Even through their clothes, the friction was incredible.

"You want me inside you, Dickie?" Wally whispered breathlessly as he attacked the younger man's neck, shoving his knee up between the acrobat's legs and pressing hard, eliciting a sharp whine from him as he craned his head back to give him more room, hissing when teeth nipped at his skin. "Well?"

Those hands were all over him, and Dick was quickly becoming nothing more then a helpless mess under his skilled, buzzing fingers. "Oh God, yes. I need you so much." He whimpered quietly, arching his back, eyelids fluttering.

His shirt was soon yanked open by the elder of the two, and the brunette moaned when Wally began kissing down his chest, licking and pinching at his nipples, causing them to harden, and then he was dropping to his knees suddenly. He grinned at the sight of the flushed and panting younger man, running his tongue down over his abs and dipping it into his bellybutton, mimicking sexual intercourse with a thrusting motion.

The acrobat's knees were shaking.

Damn it, Wally.

Trembling with desire under the all out assault of sensations on his body, Dick struggled to remain standing as the speedster began slowly, teasingly, unzipping his jeans, frequently brushing his hand against the bulge with a knowing smirk. "Baby, please hurry up! I can't take this!" He pleaded.

At this point he didn't even care what Wally did with him, so long as he did something soon.

He hissed as Wally finally managed to force his vibrating, drunken hands to cooperate and pull his jeans down enough to expose his hard, leaking member. The redhead moistened his lips and leaned forward, licking just the head before pulling the tip of the cock into his mouth and sucking.

Dick felt like he was going crazy from the teasing actions, his hands tightly gripping the edges of the yellowy-white porcelain sink on either side of him. He barely held back a sob when Wally took him deep and ran his teeth over the sensitive side, an action that had him thrusting his hips forward desperately before they were soon pinned up against the wall.

Oh God... oh God, he was so close already, a tight coil winding up in his stomach, caught in between of blissful and painful. He was just seconds away from orgasming when Wally stopped suddenly, "Not yet, Love. Turn around and bend over the sink." He ordered, chuckling at his expression.

"Y–You're such a bastard..." He whimpered pathetically, but did as he was told nonetheless, shoving his jeans and boxers down around his knees and leaning forward, bracing his hands on the sink and hoping that his legs wouldn't decide give out on him.

The acrobat jumped when he felt something cold prodding him there, and realized with a start that it was Wally's fingers, which was slick with something... lube. That was when it clicked, "You planned this?!"

Lips pressed against the back of his neck, licking up a drop of sweat there, and he bit his lip when the redhead's fingers entered him, gasping at the feeling that he hadn't realized he'd missed until now.

"Guilty as charged." Wally murmured as he prepped the younger man.

Considering it had been awhile, he was more careful than usual despite his and Dick's impatience. "Had to get you out of the house somehow, Babe." He scissored the fingers, feeling the brunette wince at the stretch, and he quickly curled his fingers up to massage his prostate, relaxing him and making him thrust back. "You mad at me?"

"N...No," The raven-haired man managed in a strangled voice, "I don't care, just please fuck me Wally! I'm ready!" He begged, his entire body quivering and aching with his need to reach that second release.

"Okay, okay. I've got you." Wally assured, squeezing his shoulder as he slipped his fingers out, struggling a moment to get his own tight pants down, ripping open the condom packet he'd shoved in his pocket before leaving and rolling it on, guiding his throbbing erection to the acrobat's hole, and entering him with a long, slow press of his hips.

A deep shudder ran through Dick, and he relaxed his body which had begun to tense, feeling the Metahuman's arms curl around his torso as they both took deep, calming breaths so it wouldn't be over in just a few seconds. "I-I think I'm good," he managed to say, glancing up and catching Wally's eyes through the reflection of themselves in the mirror, which was actually kind of hot.

He didn't see the slow smirk curl up in the elder's face until he was grabbing onto the brunette's hips and pulling out before thrusting forward sharply, drawing a strained cry from him at the liquid pleasure that surged up his spine. "Nnnnnghhh!"

Wally started moving hard and fast, because he needed this far more than he cared to admit, too. They could always go home and be slow and romantic later, but right now he wanted Dick mow more than he could ever remember wanting him in the past, and that was definitely saying something.

Fuck, he's so damn beautiful.

His little tease had clearly done it's job, because his fiancé was quickly devolving into needy whines and moans as the other man took him apart with his thrusts and words and lips.

When Dick reached down with shaking hands, the speedster slapped them away and grabbed his wrists, trapping them against the sink counter as he speeds up the desperately brutal pace, "No! You come when I tell you to!" He snarled at him, still feeling possessive after watching that douchebag touch him, "Or you don't come at all!"

"Ahhhh... Wally." The brunette squirmed in place, his hips moving back against the deliciously sinful rhythm, "It feels so good. Harder, please!"

Seeing their reflection sent a thrill through him, and he leaned forward to nibble at the brunette's earlobe, "Watch yourself in the mirror, Babe," he instructed softly but firmly, "I want you to see the look on your face when I make you come for me." He rested his chin on the young hero's shoulder, fixing his gaze to the glass, and allowed the tremors to take over his body.

"Oh God," Dick found himself unable to look away from the sight before him, seeing the dark concentration on his lover's face as he vibrated his body in the way that never failed to leave the brunette a helpless trembling heap beneath him. His own eyes were glazed, mouth hanging open in pleasure, sweat plastering his face to his hair even as his body's begged him for a release.

"Wait until I tell you," the redhead ordered, giving him a light slap on the ass that nearly sent him over the edge. "Or I'll have to take you home and punish you."

He shivered at his tone, "Wally..." To Dick's current lust clouded mind that sounded like a pretty good idea. Then his partner suddenly started hitting his prostate, and he was screaming. "Do it, please! Fuck me, punish me, spank me—I don't care! Just please let me come!" He tugged at his trapped hands uselessly, his breathing and heartbeat so fast it hurt, "I...I can't take it anymore!"

The redhead grinned at the sight of his lover, who was on the brink of falling to pieces. He was so beautiful, intelligent, perfect and... and he had suffered enough for one night.

"Okay, Baby." He ran a hand through the wild black hair, still striking his oversensitive sweet spot with each hard slam into his passage. He released the brunette's wrists and let a vibrating hand drop down to curl around Dick's member, stroking quick and hard, "Come for me!"

Dick's whole body tensed up, eyes still locked on the image of Wally pounding away inside him, pale fingers quickly working his length, and it was too much. His climax swept him away like the waves of a hurricane, drawing a hoarse shout of pleasure from his throat.

The speedster gritted his teeth as the younger man tightened up around him, giving a few more desperate thrusts before he shuddered to an orgasm, leaning against the acrobat's back and panting for air.

"...Wow." His raven-haired fiancée murmured, still holding onto the sink, trembling in the aftermath of what had to have been the most mindblowing sex they'd had in months. "That was, uh, unexpected..."

Feeling happier than he had in weeks, Wally kissed his shoulder blade, "For you, maybe." He chuckled, carefully withdrawing himself from the vigilante and discarding the condom and its wrapper.

A thought occurred to him, and he grinned, "Hey, Dick?"

The younger male hummed in response as he tried to fix his hair and clean up to make himself look less like he'd just gotten thoroughly fucked in a sketchy nightclub bathroom. "Yeah?"

"...Am I still too needy for you?"

Dick faltered at that, turning around to see the redhead smiling, but his eyes were stil uncertain, in a way that he recognized as how the Metahuman looked when he was feeling self-conscious and vulnerable about himself and trying to hide it from the world.

Instantly, he enveloped the redhead in his arms and kissed him; soft, slow and sweet. "No, definitely not." He promised, "You always have and will continue to be absolutely right for me in every way." The silent worry disappeared from Wally's face upon hearing that, and he hugged him a bit tighter, "I love you."

"Love you too, Rob."

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