AN: This is the mature version of the end of chapter 11 of That Part Always Worked. I honestly have no idea where this came from. This is my first time writing a sex scene. I didn't plan on ever writing a sex scene in any of my stories, but when I saw this moment play out in my head I just started writing it and since I don't want to change the rating of That Part Always Worked, I am posting it separately. I may post more if the mood strikes to write them. Enjoy! Also, I own nothing to do with this great show!

After dinner they sat down on the couch and exchanged their gifts. Rory got him a Hemingway biography he had mentioned wanting to read, but hadn't yet purchased. Jess gave her a book as well, but it wasn't one that was published, yet.

"Jess, is this?" she questioned.

"A sequel to The Subsect. It's what I've been working on the past few months. I finished it last week," he told her, "I'd like you to read it first before I give it to Matt and Chris."

"It doesn't have a title," she said.

"No, I haven't come up with one, yet, but it does have a dedication," he said with a smirk.

"What did you do?" she questioned flipping to the dedication, "To the girl that's owned my heart since I was seventeen; My Lexi, I love you, Rory Gilmore."

"What to do think?" he asked.

"It's perfect. I love it, but wait. These pages are dated," she said.

"Yeah, I date the pages before I print them so I have a clear account of when I wrote everything."

"This page is dated from November. The day I had my interview at the paper."

"I told you I've always loved you. I wrote it after you left that day."

"Oh, Jess," she began slightly tearing up, "You're such a sap, but I love it. Thank you."

"You're welcome," he told her before taking the pages from her hands and pushing her back onto the couch cradling her face in his hands as he kissed her.

"Mmm, Jess, wait," she said pushing him away slightly.

"What? Is something wrong?" he questioned.

"No, I just have one more gift for you. Wait here," she told him heading to her room.

"Wow! Rory, you look, uh, wow!" Jess said as Rory came out of her room in a navy blue, strapless, lace babydoll that barely covered everything.

"You like it?" Rory questioned as she made her way over to his lap, straddling him as she placed kisses along his neck and began unbuttoning his shirt.

"Like it, no. I love it. You're beautiful, Ror, but you know I don't need all of this, right?"

"I know, but we've waited six years for this moment. I just want our first time to be special."

"Oh it will be, trust me," he told her as he picked her up with her arms and legs wrapped around him, carrying her into her bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and began his assault on her neck as she pushed his shirt that she unbuttoned in the living room off his shoulders.

"Jess," she whimpered, tugging at his hair as he placed kisses along her throat and placed a hand under the babydoll rubbing her stomach before moving his hand to cup her breast, "Mmm. Jess?"

"Yeah? You okay?" he questioned stopping his hand that was currently tugging on her left nipple.

"Perfect, but you are far too overdressed for my liking," she said reaching down to undo his belt and pull down the zipper on his pants.

Quickly pulling off his jeans and socks, having removed his shoes earlier in the living room he climbed back onto the bed and continued his earlier actions on her breasts, but attaching his mouth to hers this time, biting her lip before pushing his tongue inside.

Placing her hands on his shoulders a few minutes later, Rory gave them a push to flip them over so that she was now straddling his waist and pulled the babydoll up over her head. Jess groaned at the sight of her and pulled her hands away as she blushed and tried to cover herself up.

"You're incredibly beautiful, Rory. Don't ever forget that," he told her, "I love you. You shouldn't hide yourself from me."

"I love you, too Jess," she said as she began placing kisses along his chest and stomach, getting lower on his body with each kiss and enjoying the groans coming from him as she got closer to her destined area.

"Ror, you don't have to…" he told her.

"I know," she said as she tugged his boxers off, gripping him in her hand and placing a kiss on the tip before taking him in her mouth.

"Rory," he groaned as she took him in further, sucking and biting, squeezing him with her hand until he came, "Oh God, Ror, that was...Wow! Your turn."

With her still on top of him, Jess pulled her close so their chests were touching and began kissing her again.

"I need you, Jess," she told him placing kisses along his neck and then biting his left earlobe, "Please…"

"As you wish," he told her flipping them back over and removing the thong that matched her babydoll repeating her earlier actions, kissing down her chest. He took turns sucking and biting each nipple as his hand moved down, brushing his fingers along her opening.

"Jess, please. Mmm, I need," she moaned, as he continued his assault on her breasts and began thrusting a finger inside her causing her to let out a yelp, "Jess…"

Continuing his actions adding another finger after a few thrusts, Jess continued to kiss his way down her body. Eventually replacing his fingers with his mouth he pushed his tongue inside her, licking and sucking. He could feel her legs shake around him and glanced up to see her eyes closing and her fingers digging into the sheets as she came.

"Wow!" she said trying to catch her breath, "That was incredible."

"You ready for more?" he asked.

"Yeah," she told him.

"Okay and you're on…" he began.

"Yeah, we're good," she told him.

"Good and you're sure, right?" he asked as he prepared himself to enter her.

"Positive. I love you!" she told him

"I love you, too," he said as he pushed his way into her, kissing her as he did, "So much."