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Serena: 16

Clemont: 15

Bonnie: 8

Tierno: 16

Shauna: 15

Trevor: 15

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. At all. All rights to Pokemon go to Satoshi Tajiri.

Chapter 1

"And the winner of the Kalos League is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!"

These were the words that echoed throughout the stadium at the conclusion of the battle between Ash Ketchum and Tierno. After a very close match, Ash's Pikachu finally managed to defeat Tierno's Blastoise.

"We did it buddy!" Ash exclaimed to his faithful partner. "We finally won a Pokemon League!"

"Pi Pikachu!" was the response he received. Even though Ash was the only one who could actually understand what he was saying, anyone could tell that the little electric mouse was extremely happy and proud of this accomplishment.

Then, the CEO of the Pokemon League, Charles Goodshow came down. "Congratulations Ash," he said. "Your victory here will be well remembered."

"Thank you, sir," was Ash's reply.

Suddenly, Ash saw six people running over to him. The first was the opponent he just defeated, his rival Tierno, the rhythmic battler. His main partner was a Blastoise. The next was the Pokemon photographer Trevor. His partner Pokemon was a Charizard. Next was the last of the rivals, Shauna. She appeared in Pokemon showcases along with her partner Venusaur. The other three were Ash's traveling companions for this region. First there was the Lumiose City Gym Leader Clemont. Along with him was his younger sister Bonnie and the little Dedenne she kept in a pouch that she carried. Finally, there was Serena. Serena also appeared in Pokemon Showcases like Shauna. The main difference was that she had managed to get a bit further with her partner Braixen. Anyways, these six people had now made their way over to Ash.

"Ash!" Serena shouted.

"Hey Serena," Ash replied.

"That was an amazing battle," Clemont stated. "And now you've managed to defeat the Kalos League!"

"So cool!" Bonnie shrieked with a look of admiration on her adorable little face.

"Great battle Ash," Tierno said. "But I'll get you next time.

"We'll see about that," Ash said with a determined look.

"So Ash," Trevor started. "What are you planning on doing now?"

I'm going to wrap up any unfinished business I have here in Kalos, and then I'm heading back to Pallet Town."

These were the words Serena had been dreading the most. Her crush was going to leave, and it could even be possible that she wouldn't see him for years, just like when she moved from Kanto to Kalos. She knew she'd have to act fast if she were to grab his attention before he left.

Sadly, fate had other plans. Ash's "business" was simply informing Professor Sycamore about the Pokemon he had with Professor Oak that currently had, or would have when they were fully evolved, the potential to Mega Evolve, as well as the strange new form his Greninja could take. After that, Ash headed to the airport to buy a ticket to Kanto for the next day.

However, on his way back to the Pokemon Center, Ash was stopped by a strange trainer.

"Are you Ash Ketchum?" he asked

"I am," Ash simply replied.

"Well my name is Zach, and I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!"

Kanto - Unknown Location

Giovanni was extremely pissed. His Kalos operation had been once again been foiled by that trainer who just kept getting in the way of his ambitions. He hated that boy! Then, he had an idea. An incredibly evil idea. "Yes," he thought. "That just might work." He then grabbed his phone and proceeded to dial the numbers of the other five most evil men in all of the six regions. Ash Ketchum was going to pay.

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