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Chapter 20

Three years had now passed. Neither the traitors or the supporters had been able to get a lead on Ash. This was because he rarely went out in public. Even when he did, during those three years he was always under the guise of Ember. With his false identity and the support of the rest of Team Justice, Ash had remained hidden for the three years that had passed.

Ash had accomplished much in those three years. He had continued to master Aura, Psychic Energy, Spectral Energy, and Divine Energy with the help of his designated Pokemon who were now fully evolved. In fact, due to extensive training, all of the Pokemon on his team had reached their final evolutions except for Pikachu. To list them off, he now had Pikachu, Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, Butterfree, Pidgeot, Kingler, Muk, five Tauros, Primeape, Lapras, Snorlax, Heracross, Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Noctowl, Donphan, Swellow, Sceptile, Crawdaunt, Torkoal, Glalie, Staraptor, Torterra, Infernape, Floatzel, Gliscor, Garchomp, Unfezant, Samurott, Emboar, Serperior, Scrafty, Leavanny, Seismitoad, Gigalith, Krookodile, Greninja, Talonflame, Hawlucha, Goodra, Noivern, Lucario, who evolved from Riolu, Gardevoir, who evolved from Ralts, and Gengar, who evolved from Gastly. His team was both large and powerful, and all that had the potential to Mega Evolve could. He was ready to battle.

His allies on Team Justice had also grown in strength. They knew of the plan for the upcoming tournament and they weren't going to just let Ash take the win. The title of Champion of Kanto wasn't something that came along every day, you know. Of course, that was the whole point. It would obviously draw out many trainers aspiring to claim the title for themselves, and hopefully the members of the Evil Alliance as well, since they couldn't resist the power of the Champion position as well as the Master Balls that were the prize for first place.

Ash also knew that the traitors would be there. There was no way any of the traitors would pass up the chance to be Champion, but Ash would crush that possibility. It was time for his revenge on those who framed him and those who betrayed him.

Then, Lance called for all of their attention, as well as Goodshow and Scott. Lance began, "It is time to set the plan into motion. The Evil Alliance must fall. They've ruined so many lives, so we can't just let them continue to run rampant."

Goodshow then continued. "All of you are phenomenal trainers, and I believe that you can defeat these evil men, with the help of your Pokemon of course."

Scott finished up the speech. "It's time for them to fall. It's time for them to pay for their crimes. It's time...for JUSTICE!"

This final sentence steeled everyone's resolve. They would see this through until the end. Some of them would pay back the organization that ruined their lives, others would just do it to make sure that nobody else would ever get hurt by them. The point was, nobody was afraid, and it was time to take a stand.


Ash had gathered all of his Pokemon. It was almost time for him to reemerge into the public eye, not as Ember, but as Ash. From a mixture of Scott's intel and the experiences of his fellow Team Justice members, he knew what the traitors had done to those who had stuck by him. Needless to say, Ash was pissed. However, he and all of his Pokemon did laugh their asses off when they were told about how every last traitor was sent blasting off Team Rocket style. Lance, Goodshow, and Scott had sworn to him that when his name was cleared, the traitors would pay for their crimes. After all, a lot of them had done some very illegal things while they tried to find Ash, ranging from assault to arson. Lance obviously couldn't let that slide.

Anyways, Ash then calmed down to the point where he could sense his Pokemons' Aura. He then proceeded to speak with them.

"It's almost time everyone. Soon, our vengeance will commence, and both the Evil Alliance and the traitors will pay."

Pikachu spoke up next. "Yeah. It's been three long years, but the time has finally come."

Charizard continued. "I can't wait to give them all a taste of my Flamethrower."

This sentiment was shared by every Pokemon, until one of the calmer ones silenced them. "Enough!" Sceptile shouted. "Let Ash continue."

"Thanks Sceptile," Ash told his Hoenn starter, and then turned back to the assembled group. "We've all been training really hard, and it's all come down to this. We'll be facing those that betrayed us and those that framed us. We'll also be reunited with those who supported us."

Greninja took this time to speak. "We'll give each one of them the consequence, either positive or negative, that they deserve."

Ash nodded at the ninja Pokemon and continued. "The main point being this: it's time for us to return, and we'll do it with a vengeance!"

At this, the cries of fifty enthusiastic Pokemon were heard. Ash smiled a bit at seeing his Pokemon ready to go and help him win. Of course, there would be obstacles, but when weren't there? Ash then looked up with a new fire in his eyes. He and his Pokemon were about to take on some of the best trainers out there once again. And this time, they would win!


Location: Evil Alliance Headquarters

The six members of the High Council of the Evil Alliance were meeting once again. This time, the topic of the meeting was about the upcoming Champion Tournament.

"Alright," Giovanni said, grabbing the others' attention. "Let's begin. The current Champion, Lance, is hosting a tournament to determine who the new Champion of Kanto will be. We all know this is an amazing opportunity for our alliance to gain even more power, so it's crucial that we win."

"You don't have to remind us, Giovanni," Ghetsis stated. "We all know how important this is."

"Indeed," Lysandre added. "Let's get to the point. What do you propose we do?"

"I propose we each send one representative to enter the tournament," Giovanni suggested.

"No," Maxie said. "This is too important to risk a mere representative, or did you forget about the Master Balls?"

"Then what do you propose we do?" Cyrus asked.

"We enter ourselves," Maxie said, shocking everyone.

Archie knew Maxie well enough to know there was more to it. "Go on, Maxie."

"We'd use aliases of course. And it's likely that whoever has been interfering with our plans for the last three years, allowing the Legendaries to escape from us time and again will be there. I, personally, would prefer to take care of that nuisance myself."

Five heads nodded in agreement to Maxie's statement. They'd do this themselves.

"And what do you propose as aliases?" Cyrus asked.

"I have an idea," Giovanni said. "We can use our old organization names. Ever since the Evil Alliance was formed, there was nothing heard from any of our old organizations, so it should work perfectly."

"Alright, so I'm Flare," Lysandre said.

"I'm Plasma," Ghetsis commented.

"I'm Galactic," Cyrus stated, but then said, "No, that doesn't work. I'll just be Galaxy."

"Aqua," Archie simply said.

"And Magma," Maxie added in.

"And finally Rocket," Giovanni finished. "Very well. We shall enter this tournament under these aliases. Agreed?"

"Agreed," the other five said in unison.

Looks like the Evil Alliance is coming to the Champion Tournament.


It was almost time for the Champion Tournament to begin. It would start within the next three days, and all of Team Justice was preparing for the battle that was sure to lie ahead. Over the three years, Team Justice had even recruited one new member by the name of Jake Wolf. Now we come in on yet another Team Justice teamwork exercise.

"Alright," Zach said. "Next up I have Ash and Warren vs Jake and Ken."

The four mentioned trainers stepped into the ring and awaited the regulations for the match.

Zach then continued. "Each trainer may use three Pokemon. The battle ends when both trainers on a team are out of Pokemon that are able to battle. Now begin!"

"Alright!" Ken shouted. "Spiritomb, you're up!"

"Help out, Arcanine!" Jake added.

"Time for battle Kitto," Warren said.

"Gengar, I choose you!" Ash shouted.

Battle: Ash and Warren vs Ken and Jake

"Arcanine, start things off with Extreme Speed!" Jake told his Pokemon.

"Counter with Quick Attack, Kitto," Warren said to his own Pokemon.

The two priority moves led to Kitto and Arcanine crashing into each other, causing them to both receive damage. However, both Pokemon were still able to continue battling.

Ken decided to make the next move. "Spiritomb, Dark Pulse!"

Ash then jumped in with a call of, "Gengar, counter with Dazzling Gleam."

Dazzling Gleam, being a Fairy-type move, was one of the few moves that was super effective on a dual Ghost/Dark type like Spiritomb. The attack, although weakened by colliding with Spiritomb's Dark Pulse, was able to hit both Arcanine and Spiritomb. Warren then followed up on Ash's attack.

"Kitto, finish Arcanine with a barrage of Swift attacks!" he ordered.

Since Swift never misses, there was nothing Arcanine could do to get away from it. Swift after Swift collided with Arcanine, making it unable to battle, just like what Gengar's Dazzling Gleam had done to Spiritomb.

"Good move Ash," Ken said as he returned his fallen Spiritomb.

"Thanks," Ash replied, acknowledging his teammate's compliment.

"That was also a good follow-up, Warren," Jake added.

Warren simply replied with a nod.

"Let's continue," Jake said. "Battle time, Delphox!"

"Show them your power, Metagross!" Ken shouted as he sent out his second Pokemon.

"Interesting," Ash thought. Then he said to Gengar, "Use Shadow Ball on Delphox!"

"Kitto, Hyper Beam!" Warren told his nicknamed Persian.

"Dodge!" Ken and Jake shouted to their respective Pokemon.

Metagross and Delphox managed to avoid the attacks, and Ken and Jake then countered.

"Delphox, Psychic on Gengar!" Jake said.

"Metagross, use Hammer Arm on Kitto!" Ken told his Pokemon.

The attacks were then executed, leading to a slightly tired Delphox and Metagross and an unconscious Gengar and Kitto.

"Sorry about that, Kitto," Warren told his Pokemon. "Return now."

"Gengar, you did great. Now return," Ash said as Gengar returned to its Pokeball.

Ash and Warren then reached for their second Pokemon.

"Triton, time to battle," Warren said, sending out his Kingdra.

"Gardevoir, I choose you!" Ash shouted.

The two new Pokemon emerged from their Pokeballs and prepared to face off against the Metagross and the Delphox.

Ken then started things off. "Metagross, use Meteor Mash on Gardevoir!"

"Triton, send it back using Hydro Pump," Warren said, protecting Gardevoir from the super effective attack.

Ash turned to Warren and gave him a smile and said, "Thanks for the save."

Warren simply responded with a small smile of his own.

Ash then turned back to the battle and commanded, "Now Gardevoir, use a barrage of Shadow Balls on Delphox!"

Jake's eyes widened as he saw the attack come in at a speed that simply couldn't be dodged. What was worse was that there were multiple ones of the attack. There was nothing he could do as Shadow Ball after Shadow Ball hit Delphox.

"I'm sorry, Delphox," Jake said to his fallen Pokemon. He then prepared his third and final Pokemon. "Charizard, time to battle."

The Kanto starter emerged, and then Jake did what many were expecting.

"Show your true power! Mega Evolve!"

The usual glow of a Mega Evolution transformation occurred, and at the end, a Mega Charizard X was what remained.

"Now use Dragon Claw on Kingdra!" Jake ordered.

"Dragon Pulse," Warren told Triton.

The pulse of draconic energy was fired, but Mega Charizard X managed to cut through it and hit Triton the Kingdra with Dragon Claw.

"Once more!" Jake shouted.

However, that was when Ash stepped in.

"Gardevoir, use Moonblast."

"Dragon Pulse, Triton."

The two attacks hit Mega Charizard X, effectively taking it out, and taking Jake out of the battle.

"Guess I'm on my own now," Ken muttered to himself. He then proceeded to smirk as he realized that this would be quite the challenge.

"Meteor Mash!" Ken commanded his Metagross.

Metagross then proceeded to use said move on Gardevoir, but not before Gardevoir got off a Shadow Ball. However, due to Metagross's ridiculously high defense, Gardevoir was the only one to faint.

"Return Gardevoir," Ash told his Pokemon. "You did great." Ash then continued to size up the situation. Ken and Warren had two Pokemon left each, while he was down to his last one. "I guess it's time to use him," Ash thought.

Ash then proceeded to send out his last Pokemon. "Lucario, I choose you! Show them the power of our bond! Mega Evolve!"

Now the battle was Mega Lucario and Triton the Kingdra vs Metagross. Things were wrapping up, and it was time for the battle to continue.

"Aura Sphere!" Ash shouted.

"Hydro Pump," Warren told Triton.

"Hammer Arm!" Ken commanded.

Metagross managed to go past the Hydro Pump, but got hit by Aura Sphere. (Aura Sphere never misses.) However, that didn't stop the attack. Metagross nailed Triton with Hammer Arm.

"Now follow up with Psychic!" Ken shouted enthusiastically.

The Psychic hit as well, and Triton was now unable to battle.

"Return, Triton," Warren calmly said. "You're up, Sandra. Mega Evolve."

Warren's final Pokemon was revealed to be a Lopunny that had been nicknamed Sandra by Warren. It then proceeded to Mega Evolve and face Metagross.

"Aura Sphere, Lucario."

"High Jump Kick, Sandra."

"Hammer Arm, Metagross."

The High Jump Kick missed, damaging Sandra. This only added to the damage that Sandra then took from Metagross's Hammer Arm, leaving it unable to battle. However, Metagross also got hit by Lucario's Aura Sphere, leaving it unable to battle as well.

"Sorry Ash. Sorry Sandra. Guess I'm done," Warren said.

Ken then proceeded to send out his final Pokemon. "You're up, Lucario! Mega Evolve!"

After the Mega Evolution took place, the final battle was about to take place. It was Ash's Mega Lucario vs Ken's Shiny Mega Lucario.

"Aura Sphere!" both trainers shouted.

Two Aura Spheres were fired and then collided, creating an explosion.

"Aura Sphere again!" Ken ordered.

Then Ash got an idea. "Use Extreme Speed to get away and then finish them off with Aura Sphere!"

It worked like a charm. Ken's Lucario fired Aura Sphere, only for Ash's Lucario to quickly avoid it with Extreme Speed and hit the opposing Lucario with Aura Sphere. Ken's Lucario then fell to the ground, unable to continue.

"Ken and Jake are out of Pokemon," Zach stated. "The match goes to Ash and Warren."

"Alright!" Ash shouted as he was glad for his victory.

Warren simply smiled at his teammates actions.

"Well," Zach said getting the other fours' attention. "I guess that's some good practice for all of you before the tournament starts."

The others all nodded and then looked at Zach with determination.

"It's time," Ash thought. "I'm going to win, I'm going to become the Champion, I'm going to get my revenge on the Evil Alliance and the traitors, and I'm going to reunite with those who stood by me."

Pikachu looked at Ash and smiled as it also had a thought. "Look out world, Ash Ketchum is back."

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