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Warspite was wondering why there was a big briefing, she just got back from Operation: Bunkershot roughly a month ago. However, she always obeyed orders but something told her that this had something to do with the last known Abyssal Stronghold in the South Atlantic: The Falkland Islands.

When she walked into the briefing room with her sisters, Hood, Duke of York and Anson, plus the Carrier Formidable, two escort carrier girls, roughly ten cruiser girls, fifteen destroyer girls, a handful of frigate girls, two minesweeper girls, and six submarine girls. As they all sat down Valiant leaned over Queen Elizabeth to ask Warspite a question. "What do you think this is about? I mean, I wonder why they haven't assembled the entire force of ship girls here at Scapa Flow. It makes me wonder." She said.

"I dunno, I am just as curious as you are about this Valiant." Warspite replied, wondering why all of these ship girls had been assembled. This wasn't the entire fleet at Scapa Flow, not by a long shot.

At that moment the commander of Scapa Flow as well as the overall commander of the British Ship Girl Corps walked in, High Admiral Dufrane. "ADMIRAL ON DECK!" Zulu one of the destroyers barked, everyone came to attention in an unorganized thunder.

"As you were." Dufrane said, everyone assembled save Dufrane sat back down.

"Alright, you are probably wondering why I have assembled only a few of you when normally I would assemble the whole fleet. However this is because the Royal Navy are giving us heavy support, plus we can't take islands can we? Our mission is to retake the Falkland Islands." Dufrane said, he had to wait while the roar of approval died down, because the Falkland Islands were a British Overseas Territory.

"However, since we can't do it alone we will have major surface support. The Aircraft Carriers HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Ark Royal both are Queen Elizabeth-class Aircraft Carriers also accompanying us will be the Amphibious Assault Ships HMS Ocean, HMS Albion, and HMS Bulwark carrying 830 Royal Marines and 405 Royal Marines respectively each will also be carrying 40 vehicles and 67 vehicles respectively. For destroyer support we will have HMS Duncan, HMS Diamond, HMS Daring, and HMS Falcon which means we will have three Type 45 Guided Missile Destroyers and a Type 50 Guided Missile Destroyer, for frigate support we will have HMS Mammoth, HMS Lancaster, HMS Richmond, HMS Iron Duke, HMS Portland, HMS Tallyho, HMS Titan, and HMS Tallboy. Which means we will have 5 Type 23 Frigates and 3 Type 26 Frigates. For submarine support kind of low in terms of that, granted our submarine service has taken a beating but we will have HMS Ambush and HMS Talent an Astute-class and Trafalgar-class respectively. The RAF will be helping as well, as we are using Avro Vulcan IIs to help with our bombing campaign in North Africa and since they have the legs we will be using those to pound Abyssal Ground Positions." Dufrane said that was when a hand went up. "Yes Loyalty?" Dufrane said calling on the Algerine-class Minesweeper girl.

"Sir, I understand the reason that the Falkland Islands are a priority, but doesn't all of this support, I mean the size of the fleet we are throwing at them seem a bit much?" Loyalty asked.

"That's because Loyalty the orders to retake the Falklands came not from RN HIGHCOM but the Prime Minster himself. We are to retake the Falklands at all costs; failure will not be accepted." Dufrane replied. Another hand then went up. "Yes Jaguar?" Dufrane said calling on the J-class Destroyer Girl

"Oh, I see. But how are we going to get their? I mean while we can tag along with the regular ships and amphibious assault ships, there really isn't that much space aboard for us. How are we going to get to the Falklands? I mean not all of us have the range to get there on one full set of bunkers of fuel." Jaguar asked.

"The ship we will be using will be the floating command center and dock for the British Ship Girl Corps: HMS Fearless; she had been languishing as a museum simply because of all the history on her, well when the Abyssal War started just like HMS Belfast she was put back into active service originally as a Transport ship, but when the British Ship Girl Corps was formed in late 2015 the Fearless was set aside as a Command Ship/Transport Ship for our Ship girls. Thus you will be catching a ride with her." Dufrane said.

"Thank you sir for clearing that up." Jaguar said.

"This force will arrive on the Fearless in three days' time when she arrives to get a full load of Bunker fuel Oil for her boilers. Alright, you are all dismissed." Dufrane said.

The gathered ship girls got up and left in a throng, talking about their new mission. "I got to say, they really know how to put a fast one on us. I mean I think we all knew that the Falkland Islands is on the to-do list. However now that we have basically broken the back of the Abyssal Navy as an effective fighting force; but I didn't expect this. Holy crap HIGHCOM isn't messing around." Hood remarked. Hood was one of the oldest ship girls on base in terms of what day she was commissioned which was 1920. As such she appeared to be around 21 years old, she had a slightly weathered look to her. With dark blue eyes and brown hair, she stood roughly at five feet eight inches tall and she wore long Royal Blue slacks with red double stitching along the seams with a bright white and starched button up shirt that said over the breast pocket "Hood" she also wore a black Glengarry.

"To tell you the truth Hood, I have no idea, why the Prime Minster ordered this. However then again the Falklands are an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom. That might be the reason." Valiant who appeared to be around 18 or so, with chocolate brown skin, flowing blue-back hair that ran halfway down her back and brown eyes said, however she dressed almost exactly like Warspite did. She was also roughly 6 feet in height.

"It certainly brings something unique to the table. Let's roll, I can't wait for this Operation to begin rolling." Jaguar a J-class Destroyer who was roughly five feet tall and appeared to be around 11 years old said. Jaguar also had Jasmine colored eyes and black hair with splotches of goldenrod in it, making her short military cut hair look like the big cat that is her namesake. She wore Royal Blue Slacks like almost every British Ship Girl did but she wore a dark purple shirt, and thin rimmed glasses.

"Same here" Valiant replied.


The rest of the assembled girls continued talking with each other while Warspite went down to the club to boot up Skype on one of the computers there to talk with Kongou. While Warspite pretty much knew of Kongou's exploits as well as those of her sisters; she had heard that each of the Kongou sisters had taken a pounding during Operation: IBS. However, even with the changes that Kirshima had gone through, the Kongou Sisters were still close if anything they had grew closer together.

It took roughly five minutes for one of the Kongou sisters, Hiei; Warspite realized to pick up. When she saw who it was she called for her sisters. Like usual it seemed that her sisters were there almost instantly. "Hey Warspite, how are you doing?" Kirshima asked.

"Not bad Kirshima, although I don't recall that you ever had sandy blonde bangs. How did that happen, did they get dyed somehow?" Warspite asked.

Kirshima's face grew somber. "I was separated from my sisters with Yukikaze, while we were moving past Plum Pudding Island my stamina just gave out. The wounds I had suffered were just beginning to overwhelm me. That was when we ran into a Benson an American Destroyer. It was thanks to her, that I am still alive. She-she gave up her life spirit to make sure I could live on. However as a result I got several attributes that Benson. Mainly the sandy blonde bangs." Kirshima said, her eyes still somber.

"Oh, I see. Kirshima if you are thinking that you shouldn't be around still. Well you are wrong, Benson knew that it would likely shatter your sisters if they found out you bought the farm. So she did that so the Kongou sisters could stick together." Warspite said.

"True that" Kongou said with a smile.

"So, Warspite what's going on in your neck of woods?" Hiei asked.

"Well, I am going to be having a hectic month or two. For the British Ship Girls Corps, Royal Navy, Royal Marines, and Royal Air Force are going to be working together to re-take the Falkland Islands from the Abyssal." Warspite said looking Hiei directly in the eyes.

The Kongou sisters all let out a low whistle. "So, who's going to be on the Operation in terms of British Ship Girls?" Haruna asked.

"Let's see, myself, Queen Elizabeth, Valiant, Malaya, Hood, Duke of York, and Anson for Battleships. We are only bringing one Carrier Girl: Formidable. Two escort carrier girls they are: Tracker and Chaser However we are bringing ten cruiser girls as well they are: Cumberland, Hawkins, Trinidad, Jamaica, London, Glasgow, Ajax, Achilles, Despatch, and Kenya. For destroyer girls we are bringing along fifteen, they are: Jaguar, Zulu, Dunkirk, Gurkha, Comet, Bulldog, Hyperion, Electra, Escort, Express, Musketeer, Legion, Rocket, Rapid, and Agincourt. We are also bringing roughly five frigate girls they are: Zanzibar, Carnarvon Bay, Cawsand Bay, Loch Ard, and Loch Gorm. Two minesweeper girls they are: Loyalty and Scott. And finally seven submarine girls they are: Unity, Unbeaten, Turbulent, Venturer, and Amphion. However since we can't take islands, we are tagging along with the Queen Elizabeth-class Aircraft Carriers HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Ark Royal, the invasion force itself will be composed of the HMS Ocean and HMS Bulwark each carrying a full load of Royal Marines and vehicles. Also for support we will have three Type 45 Guided Missile Destroyers HMS Duncan, HMS Diamond, and HMS Daring. We will also have a single Type 50 Guided Missile Destroyer HMS Falcon tagging along. For frigates we will have five Type 23 frigates tagging along they are the HMS Mammoth, HMS Lancaster, HMS Richmond, HMS Iron Duke, HMS Portland. We will also have three Type 26 frigates coming along as well, they are the HMS Tallyho, HMS Titan, and HMS Tallboy. We will also have two submarines with us as well HMS Ambush and HMS Talent. But since none of our destroyer girls, submarine girls, minesweeper girls, or frigate girls can make it across the Atlantic on one full load of fuel, we will be using the HMS Fearless which has been converted into sort of a mobile dock/command ship for our ship girl corps. On a side note, she is the last steam powered ship in the Royal Navy, and thus that makes her special." Warspite said.

"That's a lot of ships, the British aren't messing around that's for sure. Well, we are being deployed soon to Freemantle Australia, to help clear out the major Abyssal presence there. However we have no idea where they could be basing out of. It's entirely possible that they have several bases scattered throughout the Indian Ocean. But I have to say, I didn't know that the HMS Fearless was steam-powered." Haruna said.

"So how are things going on your side of the world?" Warspite asked.

"Well, Kirshima finally got permission to walk without her crutches but they don't want her running just yet, but they still haven't given her the go ahead to deploy on sorties I guess they still want her wounds to finish healing." Kongou replied.

"Yeah, however I have to admit; Pope, she's an American Destroyer Girl by the way has grown really close to Yuudachi, you can pretty much guarantee now that when you see one, the other is usually close by. However given what happened to Pope during Operation: IBS, I am not surprised. If reports are to believed it was thanks to Yuudachi that Pope didn't kill herself while she was being held as a POW. They managed to form a bond, she has also managed to bond with Inazuma, Hibiki, and Akatsuki. Mainly because they all went through some sort of trauma. In fact the Admiral is organizing a new unit based around the five of them. They are to be joined by the Cruiser Yasoshima and her sister Ioshima." Hiei replied. That was when Warspite's Skype chimed.

"Give me a second, I need to see who this is." Warspite said with a slight frown as she clicked on the notification, it was Fubuki. Warspite quickly went back to her conversation with Kongou and her sisters. "Sorry guys but I have to go. One of my mates from when I was in Task Force Savior wants to Skype with me." She said.

"Okay, Warspite. Guess we will see you soon." Kirshima said and then the call ended.

Warspite then accepted the thing to allow her to Skype with this new person. She had been expecting one of the other battleship girls who had been in Task Force Savior; she was not expecting to get a Skype call from a worried looking Fubuki. "Fubuki! What's wrong?" Warspite exclaimed, not expecting to get a Skype call from the seemingly little Destroyer girl who could.

"Warspite, I don't think if you have heard the news. But Sverdlov, Kirov, and Balch are missing in action." Fubuki said.

Warspite was taken aback in shock, but she quickly recovered. "How long have they been MIA?" she asked.

"About roughly five days, I just found out from my admiral." Fubuki said.

"I see, what is Sverdlov's and Kirov's admiral doing about it?" Warspite asked.

"Let's just say after he listed them MIA, he then went to Russian Minster of the Navy and when he heard he got so pissed, he ordered an 'All Hands Search and Rescue Mission' whatever that is in the Northern Fleet Operating Area, mainly in the Arctic Ocean. It's currently getting pretty crowded up in the Arctic Ocean." Fubuki said.

"Fubuki, it's alright they will find them. They will okay Fubuki, they will." Warspite said.

"Are you sure that they will? I am worried for them, just because of all the things we went through together." Fubuki said.

"Fubuki, even if they don't find them or if they only find debris; they will launch an investigation to find out what happened. Even if they do find any of them, they will still launch an investigation to find out what the hell delayed them." Warspite stated.

"You sure?" Fubuki asked cautiously.

"I know it, trust me okay. Now, if anything I now have a Seabag to go pack." Warspite replied simply.

"Okay, thanks Warspite. Should I tell the others? That you know, Sverdlov, Kirov, and Balch are missing?" Fubuki asked.

"Yes, Fubuki you should do it. They need to learn from someone who was in the Task Force and not their admiral." Warspite replied looking Fubuki in the eyes.

"Alright, thanks Warspite. I am just really hoping that they are okay." Fubuki said.

"Same here" Warspite said before sighing and continuing "I have to go and pack my Seabag so that I am ready to go." Warspite said.

"Go? Go where?" Fubuki asked curiously.

"The Falkland Islands; the British are going to retake them from the Abyssals. The force we are sending is quite the force to reckon with, being composed of six Battleship girls, one full-sized Aircraft Carrier girls, two Escort Carrier girls, one Battlecruiser girl, three Heavy Cruiser girls, seven Light Cruiser girls, two Minesweeper girls, fifteen Destroyer girls, five Frigate girls, and six Submarine girls. For the regular navy, we are sending two Queen Elizabeth-class Aircraft Carriers, one Landing Helicopter Dock HMS Ocean, two Albion-class Amphibious Transport Docks, four Guided Missile Destroyers three Type 45s and one Type 50, eight Guided Missile Frigates; five Type 23s and three Type 26s, and two Submarines HMS Ambush and HMS Talent one Astute-class and one Trafalgar-class. We also have roughly 1,600 Royal Marines and an Armored Company, a close Recon Company, an Anti-Air Company, and a Logistics Company tagging along, plus who knows how many Warriors. Also being deployed is the Mobile dock/Command Ship for the British Ship Girl Corps HMS Fearless.


Warspite walked into the Battleship Barracks a few minutes later and marched straight to her room to begin to pack her Seabag. Mainly just her day clothes and night clothes, once she was done packing her clothes, she grabbed her small pistol belt with clip on holster and tossed it in the Seabag, followed in short order by her Browning High Power Pistol chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum, its safety on, hammer down, no magazine inserted, and no round in the chamber. No way in hell that thing was hurting anyone.

Warspite, then sat down on her bed with a good book. The book she was reading was called The Trident Deception By: Rick Campbell she liked it, the book was a solid read and griping as well.


A feeling of weightlessness surrounded her, she didn't know what it was or where she was for that matter. Was she dead or dying, having been sunk in an ambush where the enemy had so much firepower that before she could even so much as curse, she had been sunk? Something told her it was her time to rest, yet she didn't want to rest right at that moment not for good anyway, still she felt like she had forgotten to do something. However what was it. Another thing she felt seeming to push in on her to the point that it made her claustrophobic; was darkness. She had never really been one who liked darkness, she always had a sense of sinking dread whenever she went into a night battle for fear that something would go drastically wrong. What's more, if she was dying why was their no pain? Certainly if she was dying she would be in absolute agony right now. Yet she wasn't, what on Earth was going on?


A/N: Yeah I know it's a little short. However I went on a break for a month. Plus I didn't want to give too much away. Also before I forget I received a message in Morse code. In case you are wondering Morse code is a system of communication using dots and dashes to represent letters and numbers. You hear this at the some point in several Episodes in the Kancolle anime.

Note I am not the best at decoding these things so in roughly a few chapters you will see this message in Morse code completely decoded. Anyway here it is.

- .- -.- -.. .- -.- / - .- -.- -.. .- -.- / - .- -.- -.. .- -.- / - ... .. ... / .. -. -... - ..- -. -.. / - .-. .- -. ... ..-. . .-. / ..- -. .. - / - -. . / -.-. .- .-.. .-.. ... .. -. -. / - .- -. .. -.-. / .- . / .- .-. . / ..- -. -.. . .-. / ... . .- ...- -.- / . -. . - -.- / .- - - .- -.-. -.- / .. -. / ... . .- ...- -.- / ... . .- ... / - ..- .-. / ..-. -.-. ... / .. ... / .. -. - .-. / .- . / -.-. .- -. .-. - / ... . . / -. - .-. / ... .. - / - ... . / -... .- ... - .- .-. -.. ... / - ..- .-. / .-. - ... .. - .. - -. / .. ... / -.-. ..- .-. .-. . -. - .-.. -.- / .-. .. -. ... - / .. -. / - ... . / - .. -.. -.. .-.. . / - ..-. / - ... . / ... - .-. .- .. - / -... . - .- . . -. / -... .-.. - ... ... . ...- .. -.- / .. ... .-.. .- -. -.. / .- -. -.. / - ... - .-. - ...- / - .- ... ... / .- . / .- .-. . / .. -. / -. . . -.. / - ..-. / .. - - -.. . .. .- - . / .- ... ... .. ... - .- -. -.-. . / ... - - . - -. . / .-. .-.. . .- ... . / .-. . ... .-. - -. -..

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