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A loud noise; light and darkness.

This is all I remember of the accident that changed my life.
When I woke up I was in the hospital: the doctors were talking to me, but I didn't understand. I was clearly confused. I tried to ask what was happened: from my throat came only silence.

Then, slowly, I understood my curse...a curse without cure.

I was mute. At the age of eight.

My father, who was driving the car at the moment of the accident, died before the doctors could assist him. A damned drunk driver had caused all this: he crashed with his car into ours...but he didn't die.

At the beginning I was desperate, hopelessly sad: I felt like I was out of my normal mind, like I was inside a water bubble, unable to reach the real world. I lost totally the desire of living, joking, laughing. I stared blankly before me, day after day, knowing that my life wasn't going to be the same. I was feeling empty.

Luckly, thanks to the doctors, to my parents and to my friends, I could live again.

For eight years I went out with a note-book, I attended special lessons and the people looked at me unpleasantly, warily...

For eight years I lived like that: only beacuse a drunk idiot called Jaken crashed into our car. This Jaken guy was condamned to 10 years and the society he used to work for, the Inu Corporation, gave us the money for the medical cures. But nothing helped me talking again.

The day I met him was sunny and I was walking in the streets near my house, the Higurashi Jinja. I was wearing shorts and a top, both blue: in June it's hot in Tokyo.
I was happy, due to the fact that school was finished: no more special lessons or 'jokes' from my sly schoolmates

Tsk. They believed themselves so funny, joking about me...but they didn't know what it meant to be mute: you can't speak with others, you can't defend yourself, you can't voice your feelings. They didn't know, and they didn't understand.

I suddenly turned my head to watch a poster and bumped in another person.

Then my life changed again.

I heard the person befor me whisper "Damn!". I lifted my eyes and saw a gorgeous boy around my age: he had long black hair and deep violet eyes.

I took out immediately my note-book and wrote a quick apology. The boy stared at me surprised. " 't speak?"

I shook my head and wrote 'no' on the note-book.

He watched me stunned "Are you...mute?" he asked carefully.

I nodded.

Then I wrote my name on the note-book. "Kagome Higurashi." He read.

The boy smiled and offered his hand. "I'm Yasha Inu."

I shook happily his hand with mine: it was the first time that a boy didn't looked at me embarassed or disgusted by my 'problem'...this guy was interesting - he only was carefully trying not to offend me.

"Where do you live?" he asked me. I pointed to the temple where I lived with my mother, my grandfather and my little brother, Souta. Yasha smiled again - man, he was HOT when he did it!

"It's my destination. I have to speak with the head of the family." I smiled and he followed me up the stairs that led to my house.

Okaa-san was watering the garden with a hose, while Souta was near her, playing with our cat, Buyo. From the well house exited my Jii-chan. Everyone greeted me and then noticed my companion.

Yasha introduced himself again and finally I remembered: Inu corporation. He was one of the bosses of the society where the Jaken guy worked. Also Okaa-san and Jii-chan had the same thought and told Yasha to enter in the house, I almost walked in too, but my mother told me to stay out and play with Souta. When they were in, my brother asked me what was happening, while I remained still and silent, thinking.



Mrs. Higurashi, the old man and I sat in the living room: I was a little embarassed about what I had to say.

"What do you want?" asked not unkindly Kagome's mother, but there was a certain edge in her voice.

I took a deep breath. "As you can have imagined, my father is the boss of the Inu Corporation." They nodded and I continued. "My parents feel still guilty about what happened eight years ago to Kagome. They're interested in her...and my parents would like me to marry Kagome."

OK, I said it...'Take a deep breath Yasha.'

"And you?" asked the old man.

I turned to him. "Before I accept, I would like to know her."

Mrs. Higurashi nodded and stared straight in my eyes. "Do you feel ashamed about Kagome's... problem?"

I laughed "And why? It's not her fault!"

They smiled and the old man said. "We agree with the wedding, if the two of you decide to get married, of course: we don't want to push you into anything..."

I released a breath I didn't know I was holding and exited the house. I saw Kagome: she really was a cute girl, with long black hair and grey-blue eyes. She saw me and stood up, leaving her brother and the cat alone.

She gave to me the note-book "Did you do everything you had to do?" I read.

I smiled and said. "Yes, for now...but I'll return." Her eyes widened in surprise, then a little, soft smile appeared on her face. She took my hands and shook them happily, like she had done before. She wrote on the note-book and gave it to me again. "You're always welcome!"

She was really a sweet girl.

To be continued

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