By Laura-chan

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So three years passed in loneliness: without Yasha I was feeling empty again. We used to write to each other every week, and everytime I received his letters I was certain I could feel my heart burst in happiness, hoping to see those wonderful four words 'I'M COMING HOME!' It never happened (he hadn't even been able to get back home during holidays... damn University!).

But another word made me joyful : 'AISHITERU!' He always wrote it.

I was happy when I read his letters, feeling like he was near me, like our first night together.

I missed him very much: I wanted nothing more than bury my face in his chest, breath in his wild scent and kiss him. But I had to wait: and it made me suffer.



Kagome's letters were always happy: she told me what was happening in Japan, what she was doing, but she said also that she was feeling hopeless without me and... totally alone. I wasn't surprised, I knew that before meeting me she was alone, and by one hand I was extremely sad and a bit guilty, while in the other I was feeling really proud...

Then happened something who changed once again our lives, but especially Kagome's.

One day I was walking in the crowded and misty streets of Chicago, going towards the University and my manager lessons: I wanted to succeed because Kagome told me to not waste this opportunity and our separation... I didn't want to disappoint her.

Suddenly I bumped in another person: this made me remember of the first day Kagome and I met each other. I lifted my stare and saw Kagome.

"Kagome!" I yelled, hugging her, my heart so happy it was feeling like it'd burst.
"Oi, what are you doing?" asked an unknow voice. The girl pushed me away, her hands on my chest and I looked at her.

"'re not Kagome!" This girl had grey eyes, while Kagome's were blue, and had hair longer than hers: but she was undoubtedly japanese.

"G-Gomen!" I muttered, really embarassed. "I've mistaken you for a friend of mine!"

"No problem." the girl smiled, a cold smile that freezed me on the spot, then she continued. "I was a bit taken aback. My name's Kikyou. Yours?"

"Yasha. I'm really sorry Kikyou-san! Excuse me, I should go..."

I ran away from her a) because I was late b) She was creepy. But I could still feel Kikyou's stare on my back.

In the following days we met often because we were in the same University (Kikyou had just transferred) and we became friends: but everytime I saw her I remembered Kagome (as if I didn't thought all the time about her) and my heart cried.

A day, while we were in the park during the lunch break, Kikyou asked me who Kagome was. I told her she was a friend, not wanting to say too much; unfortunately, Kikyou was quite smart.

"Only a friend? I don't think so. The first time we met each other you mistook me for her and you were... happy is an understatement. And sometimes you look at the sky with a small smile on your lips and you murmur her name. C'mon, tell me who she is."

I sighed, but nodded, knowing this time I couldn't escape.

"Kagome's my girlfriend: I left Japan three years this three years I hadn't see her... we send letters to each other every week, but I can't call her..." I decided to stay silent, noticing I've already said too much. "Why?" Kikyou asked, her curiousity growing. Oh, I knew it! I sighed again.

"Because...she's...mute." I whispered.

We remained silent, then Kikyou raised her head and stared at me. "Is she...mute from birth?"

"No...she became mute because of an accident...a drunk driver crashed in the car where she was with her father, who died."

Kikyou smiled. "Then we can try to give her her voice again."


"Yeah...there's a project, a sperimental project, that consists in an operation to the vocal chords of people who became mute because of a shock or something similar..." Did I already told you that Kikyou was studying medicine?

"And if the operation fails? There are consequences for the patient?"

"Absolutely not."

I thought about it for a second, then nodded. "I'll talk about it to Kagome." So, for the first time, I decided to call Kagome. "Moshi moshi?" her grandfather answered. "Hello Higurashi-san, this is Yasha Inu: I think I found a way to..."



I had a big surprise when I read Yasha's letter:

"My Dearest Kagome,

I've a beautiful surprise for you! My friend Kikyou (you know, that one who is studying medicine) told me about a sperimental project that consist in an operation to the vocal chords. . . if it succeeds, you could talk again! I've already talked to your grandfather about it: what do you think? Do you wanna try? It'd be wonderful to hear your voice, koi!

With love,


Talk again? It was my dream! I wrote a quick letter to Yasha and then I left my room to talk with my family.

Chicago's mist was there to wait me at the airport: with the eyes I was searching for Yasha.
"Kagome!" I turned towards the voice and I saw my boyfriend running towards me: I smiled widely and hugged him to me, his arms around me. We kissed long and hard.

"Hello, Kagome-chan..." he whispered for my ears only. He was even taller than I remembered and he was so...manly.

He picked up my bags and then entered in a blue car. There, there was a woman very similar to me, we looked like lost twins or something! "Pleased to meet you, I'm Kikyou." She offered her hand and I took it. Then I wrote a greeting on the note-book.

Kikyou and Yasha brought me to the hospital: the doctors gave me a sedative and I started feeling a bit drowsy.

Then it was all black.



I was a bit worried, who knows what could happen, but I had a feeling... 'Everything will be ok.' I thought. My Kagome would be speaking again... if it was a dream I didn't want to wake up.

Kikyou and I waited for four hours; when finally Kagome was operated, the doctor came to us: he was smiling and told us the operation had succeeded and Kagome had her voice again.

I was so happy! HURRAY!

I went to Kagome's room and stayed with her, alone, stroking her beatiful raven mane. When she finally woke up, she smiled and said, with a very husky voice, rough and raspy for the lack of use "Yaaaa-Yaaaashaaa..."

She. Could. Speak.


I kissed her, over, over and over, frantically. "M-mmmyyyy...vooooiiiceeee..." her voice cracked and I gave to her a glass of water. She, like me, was joyful, solar. Now she was like all the other people.



My voice! I could speak! I started crying and Yasha hugged me, holding me close to his chest. Finally nobody could joke about my 'problem', I could speak normally with people... I was free from my curse.

I asked Yasha if I could stay with him in Chicago: he was a bit surprised, then nodded, smiling softly. Kikyou entered my room and said I needed first of all to exercise my new found voice, so I had to stay at the hospital for a few weeks.

Then we returned to Japan to take my things and my family was really happy for me: Yasha insisted in saying that my voice was like the voice of a heavenly bird. I blushed everytime he said that.

That was five years ago: now Yasha is a manager in his father's society and I'm a social assistant.

We got married today in Japan, in the garden of Yasha's mansion.

Today was the most beautiful day in my life...for now. Now I'm waiting to have children with Yasha, but they can came later. I'm happy and I'm married to man who taught to me the meaning


"Have you finished?" her husband asked her.
"Yup." Giggled Kagome. "And you?"
"Me too." Smiled Yasha.

He took her in his arms and kissed her hard, feeling the lust and the love he held for her rising on the surface. He led her to the bed and then stroked her cheek, staring at her with love. "Aishiteru Kagome."

Kagome sighed. "I love you too, my husband."


Author's Note 08/15/2007: So, after two years, I finally edited this story - I loved it very much, there's a long story behind this fanfiction, but I was horrified when I re-read it two years ago! Such horrible grammar and no spaces at all! I couldn't recognize this as a work of mine.
I was really embarassed, and I still am, that I wrote something that was so gramatically incorrect.
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