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This will be a story on how superman live with the waynes. A slow build up before he finds out their secret because.

Chapter 1

"dibs." Tim declare after a few minutes of awkward gawking at the unconscious guy who is lying flat in the middle of the crater just a few miles off the wayne manor.

"Not if i get to him first." Dick said as he began to slide down towards the target. He had decided that maybe whatever is it is worth something after all, i mean Tim wants it right? And tim is like a genius.

"Oh come on! -tt-" Damian whine hurriedly chasing after Dick to noone's surprise. "Grayson, drake stuff is utter garbage! Why are you doing this?!" he complain.

"Because-" dick explanation was cut short and with a yelp he let go of grabbing the arm of the stranger and look at his palm in pain. Suddenly the twenty five year old transform into a child, as tears pooled into his eyes.

"Grayson-sama dont cry." Damian immediately starts to tear as well as he grab for his big bro hand and tenderly give it a kiss.

"You farts are so gay for each other." Tim declare with a roll of his eyes as he cut in between the two and give them both an upside down smack in the head.

Dick sensing that damian was about to launch himself into tim and give the older guy a beating snatch the kid by the collar.

Tim meanwhile was squatting beside the man and test prod the skin with a finger. He made a face "hot!" and then he brighten. "but i bet he could be manageable in 5 minutes time."

"wake up." In that span of time both big d and lil d had made themselves comfortable and had fallen asleep and tim prod them with a foot to wakefulness.

Wih a yawn, damian help the two navigate the way with a flashlight as the two older boys carry the stranger back to wayne manor.

Much later in the morning…

Jason flick the engine of the bike off before he remove his helmet with a grunt.

"Jaybird!" Dick sang as he run towards his brother with both arms forward to a hug.

Tim and damian chooses to hang back. They were playing a game of kicking the ball earlier with dick before they heard and saw jason coming in.

Jason brace himself for a hug but to his surprise dick had stop and shove a hand to his face. "I want you to kiss my booboo."

"W-what?!" Jason said confuse, he focus on the hand and sure enough he saw the bandage.

Dick harrumphed as he step back and mock glare at the taller man. "Bruce is better at kissing than y'all. He even kiss it with his tongue."

Before that awful image came to roost on jason's brain, dick went inside the house saying something about telling bruce that the black sheep is back.

Pure reflex save jason from getting a concussion as the soccer ball flew straight at him.

Damian had a disappointed ook for not being able to catch jason off guard. "You lil shit." Jason growl but before he could pummel their littlest brother.

"Ill take care of the cargo." Tim said as he saunter towards the gate where a huge truck was park. He was already thinking five steps ahead in covering jadon's tracks with the goods.

Ten minutes later…

Jason hurried towards the kitchen in desperate need of a drink. He slowed down when he caught bruce reading the robe and bed hair a telling sign that he just woke up.

"Good job jason." Bruce said without looking up at jason.

"Whatever." Jason muttered under his breathe as he open the froze when he saw a neopolitan icecream. "Thanks dad." He squeeled like a girl.

"Whatever." Bruce smirk.


"Soooo." dick look at bruce searching for reassurance as the entire family hang out in the quest bedroom. Tim was shamelessly using superman as a support for his back as he sat cross legged on the bed with jason beside


"Pass." jason said bored before he resume nudging tim with his shoulder playfully.

Alfred and damian were wearing identical scowl at their cards. Alfred was sittung on a chair while damian was sitting on dick's lap.

"Superman will be fine." bruce assured his eldest seeming to read his mind. "In fact you could wheel him to the yard by tom i bet."

"Joy." Dick groan.

They all freeze when the quiet sleeping alien woke up with a groan. Blue eyes look groggy for a second before a raspy whisper "im not in kansas anymore am i?"

Tim was laughing between teasing bruce about adopting superman if the alien is 15 years younger because he have the same black hair that all of his adopted kids seemed to have sport mUch to bruce's embarassment.

Jason immediately jump into the drum set and enthusiastically belt aud lang syne with gusto.

Damian was doing anaccompaniment with a guitar and his howl blend in harmony to the music.

Alfred went ahead in fetching the man a glass of water while superman listen with a throbbing headache at the ruckus the boys are making.

"Its their way of welcoming you back to earth considering it looks like you miss new year." Bruce explain with a smirk as he easily pull superman to a sitting position. "Courtesy of my personal trainer,mia with the longggg legs " he explain with another smirk when clark seemed amaze at his display of strenght.

The boys exchange looks not sure if theyre happy or dismay because it looks like bruce wont reveal that he is batman.

"Welcome to the wayne manor superman."dick yelled causing superman to cough while drinking the glass of water.

Bruce glare at jason and damian with enough intensity their singing cut off abruptly.

"Youre wayne." superman whisper as he gawk at the robe wearing, scotch breathing guy.

Bruce was impress."so im famous even in outer space." he let out a laugh at that.

Superman gape at bruce. "What i meant was i already know of you before my adventure in space ." he said uncomfortably.

"Call me brucie." bruce said.

The boys were giggling meanwhile much to clark's confusion. Boy, the game is on especially if bruce insist to be called "brucie" which he absolutely detested.

Damian eagerly jump on both feet on the plan as he asked with saccharine innocence. "Daddy is Superman goin to be okey?! Can we keep him huh?!"