Fallen heroes and rising enemies tear at your drive to fight. Whether or not you continue, is your choice.

Those who have fallen shall not take away your voice.

The future is in your hands. Fight for it. Let nobody control your fate.

Internally, Cinder was practically singing a happy tune. When she woke up, Ruby had called her 'mom' for the first time.

In truth, she hadn't intended to replace Summer, but Ruby was the small light in this otherwise bleak world that she lived in.

Despite Emerald's assurances, Cinder had no confidence that Ruby would ever see her as a mother figure. Emerald had joined in on the hug, and Mercury was busy piloting the airship.

After everything, Emerald went back to the cockpit to let the two finally work out some things.

"So, what do mothers usually do with their kids?" Ruby awkwardly asked, "It's been a long time, and I had always thought of you as a superior so…"

Cinder cut Ruby off with a hug. "It doesn't matter. We're a family. That's all that matters."

Ruby managed to finally choke out some tears as she hugged back. "I always wanted a mom…" She cried.

"I love you…" Cinder cried softly.

"… Love you too." Ruby replied, almost scared that she had actually said it.

Salem looked on in a solemn manner at the new family. It reminded her of the one that she had lost a long time ago.

The day that the moon shattered as the true legends told.

The ones from the propaganda had instead chosen to name that day as the time that she swore vengeance on humanity.

'Funny how none of the legends say why though.' she thought bitterly.


The Queen turned to see her herald, and most trusted companion for the last dozen years, Yang Shi Long standing at the doorway.

"What is it? How was your mother?"

"She's fine. Found Summer-"

"Summer was alive?" Salem was stunned. In all her time governing the underworld, she had never seen Summer's soul. She had assumed that either some of her creatures' blood had destroyed it completely, but she would have known about it the moment that the soul was being eaten away at.

"Is." Yang clarified, "I was surprised as well. Raven seemed to be excited to reunite too."

"Whenever I saw Raven travelling, I always saw that she would carry a picture of your other mother with her. Always looking at it fondly, as if she missed her." Salem said, "Was it nice to see your other quarter?"

"Pardon me for my language, but what the fuck are you talking about?" Yang asked.

"Oh…" Salem chuckled. 'It seems that Raven did not tell her about this involvement. This should be… interesting.'

Qrow walked slowly among the wreckage. Having dropped off Jensen at an airship a while ago, he was going to try to make sense of what happened while he was busy fighting his sister.

First things first though, he was going to get himself a gods-damned drink.

He walked into a bar, or at least, what remained of it. The place had been ransacked and was practically down to the frames in most areas, but by some miracle, there was a bottle of scotch left.

Taking a swig of it, he sighed. "What a day…" He thought back to the day's events. First he had seen Yang, his Yang, fighting in a tournament when she was supposed to be dead.

Then he had seen his sister controlling her daughter of all things. Or maybe that was part of the plan? - To make it seem that Yang's actions weren't her own. He didn't have time to think about any of it. Not after the more startling revelation.

Summer was alive.

He couldn't believe it. He hadn't seen her at all in over a decade, and she was presumed dead.

Despite the elation that he had in knowing that she was alive, he figured that maybe it was better to let the dead lie. All those days of trying to do the right thing, and she was apparently not on the side of humanity.

Just his luck.

His scroll started vibrating as he saw it was from Jaune Arc of team JNPR.

"Yeah," He asked, "What is it?"

"We need your help."

"And so, it is the sins of my past that I wish to be remembered along with what little good I did." The recording of one Adam Taurus said, "It is on my last act of death that I choose to lay leading the White Fang to Sun Wukong, respect him more than I deserve."

Sun turned off the monitor, and got up to address the audience.

"Okay, I know that I may not be as effective as Adam, but we're all that's left right now. Atlas has effectively made it so that all faunus are either complacent in their position, or are afraid of the White Fang. We're all that's left to fight against oppression. It sucks that we have to be the guys who have to tell people not to mistreat us, but it's the unfortunate truth."

"He's right, you know." Neon pointed out to the audience, "It is fucked up that we have to be the ones to do this. But the oppressors will never see us as anything more than second-class citizens at best until we do something about them."

"Whatever." Sun replied, "We have bigger fish to fry. The Umbran group has gotten us the information that the Menagerie 'military accident' wasn't an accident. All we have to do is get that information out there."

Neon nodded before walking away to place a single thorned rose at Adam's improvised grave. A small token from Blake.

Fox drew the ritual symbols on the ground using Blake's sword. It was a simple, but complex circle.

"Do we have the dead animal?" Fox asked.

"Right here." Blake showed the squirrel with an arrow in it, "Will this be enough?"

"Plenty. Toss it on."

"Spectres of vengeance, hear my cry. Tell us where the Schnee's fates lie." Fox chanted as he made several hand gestures.

"Is the rhyming really necessary?"

"We've found that it's best not to question him." Coco said.

The Squirrel Corpse started to rise as a light shone from its eyes.

"Λευκό. Λευκό."

"What the-"

"Weiss. Weiss. Where is my sister? Why can I not feel her?"

"Ren's armor must have done a number on her. Weiss is on the other side." Fox said.

"But with Winter's spirit still here, she must not be fully dead, right?"

"Yes, but for now, all we can do is wait and hope she can find her way back."

"What now?" Nora asked. The school was destroyed. Most of the students were either Noctis spies, and the rest were either dead or scattered. For them, they had no real goal in mind.

"I… I don't know." Jaune admitted, "But we can't just let this go on. Maybe… Maybe we should get to Atlas. They might be able to help."

"Okay then, fearless leader, how do we get to Atlas then?" Ren asked, irritated.

"Ren, come on. I know we just lost everything, again, but this isn't Jaune's fault." Nora said.

"Right. Sorry. I'm just… I'm just tired of losing everything." Ren sighed, "Jaune, think one of your family members could help us find General Ironwood?"

"Doubt it. Some of them don't exactly have the… best opinion on him." Jaune rubbed the back of his head, "But I can get us Lien to get to Atlas."

"Assuming that we aren't stopped by security." Pyrrha muttered, "After what just happened, I doubt that anyone would be at all willing to let just anyone on board to go to Atlas. Especially if they came from Beacon."

"Those Noctis members really made this hard for us, didn't they?"

"Well, they aren't exactly on our side, so it doesn't really surprise me." Ren muttered, "Either way, we should keep moving. There's no telling what's in this place… Or what's coming in."

"And this weapon will neutralize semblances?" Ironwood asked.

"Indeed, sir. It will. However, the issue is power, so it is not portable, and must be attached to a substantial power source in order to be used."

"So, it's a vehicle-mounted weapon then." Ironwood deduced, "Shame, I could handle a weapon like this in my hay day."

"Well sir, it is not your hay day anymore." The scientist shrugged, "Now, we have determined a few vehicles that can either carry the power supply or has a sufficient amount of its own power to do so on its own. Would you like to take a look?"

"Okay then. Show me."

"The first is the only vehicle we found that could potentially have the power within it on its own. It is called the Quartermaster. Known for its excellent maneuverability despite its size and shape, this vehicle is also equipped with some light auto-guns that can be programmed to open fire on anyone whose aura signature is not already registered as an ally, or grimm." The scientist paused for a moment until Ironwood gave the nod to continue.

"This vehicle is also well-shielded from the elements, but that is where the downside comes in. Because of that shield, it would have to be dropped to fire the weapon, and the vehicle must be moving while firing, and you can only fire in the opposite direction of where you are moving, or else you would tip the Quartermaster over."

"Understood." Ironwood said, "What are the pros?"

"Well sir, aside from the aforementioned self-power source, the maneuverability and auto-guns would make this vehicle a difficult target to hit, and the detection on the auto-guns would allow you to track Subject S' signature as her aura is in our database already."

"Yes… But then we would also run the risk of it open firing on our drones or the armors that we gave to those kids."

"Understood General. Shall we go over some of the other models?"

"Yes. Lets."

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