I'm going to try to take part in LaLu week, however I have been rather busy so I might not be able to finish. I recently started to get my masters and the school runs on the quarter system, so I'm not getting much free time. Also I have been going through some emotional issues for about six months now and I'm having work trouble.

I decided to do an AU universe, I'll be jumping around in their lives.

Chapter One: Aquarius

Lucy watched as people cheered and drank at the guild's annual Halloween party. Every year since the defeat of Zeref the guilds would meet more often. Natsu was still alive and Zeref hadn't bothered the country for a while. The real reason they had this party ever year was because…

"Mommy look it's Wes!" a little boy in a yellow dragon costume yelled, his blond hair poking out from under the costume.

"Alexei be careful," Lucy yelled as the boy nearly made Mira, who was dressed like she was going to a masquerade ball, down.

A little boy with white hair and blue eyes greeted Alexei, mostly called Alex with a smile. Wes Eucliffe was dressed as a white tiger. Lucy smiled and waved at as the Sabertooth mages entered. Sting was dressed as a demon and his pregnant mate, Yukino was dressed as a nun. Rogue was dressed as a fly, probably for the amusement of his daughter, Sky, who was dressed as frog.

All the kids gathered around the new arrivals.

Everyone started pairing up as soon as the whole event with Zeref was over, seemed they realized they wanted to be happy with the ones they love. The dragon slayers all mated and next thing they knew everyone was starting families.

Bickslow and Lisanna had yet to actually tie the knot and yet were working on their fourth kid. Grant it the first bunch had been triplets, all boys no less, though they were still babies.

Ever and Elfman, Gajeel and Levy, Juvia and Gray, Freed and Mira had all been expected. Sadly Mira and Freed, whose outfit complimented each other, found out they couldn't have kids and were in the process of adopting. While Ever, dressed as first master, refused to have kids at the moment. Juvia and Gray had a son Rin, who was dressed as some superhero, and a three year old daughter Silver, who was dressed like snowman. Lucy also noticed that Juvia wasn't drinking tonight.

Gajeel, dressed like a wolf, and Levi, dressed as a bunny, had their second child on the way. Their older son, Gale, was dressed like a rock star and was the spitting image of his father with his mother's brains.

Erza and Jellal, dressed as knights on a chest board, had made everyone happy when they finally got together. Their daughter Rosemary and son Simon where much loved. Rosemary, who had her mother's hair, was a puppy, and her two year old brother was a pawn.

Other couples had been rather unexpected, which had been set off by her own mating. Laxus and Lucy had been dating in secret since she had gone to Blue Pegasus for Sorcerer Weekly. When they declared themselves a couple it set off mixed reactions. They had gotten married with a big wedding and then Laxus had been made master.

Crime Sorcière had merged with Fairy Tail after Zeref had been defeated. Except for Meredy, who left and joined Sabertooth with her mate Rogue. Their daughter, Sky Ultear Cheney, was the same age as Lucy's son Alexei and rather shy.

The big surprise for Lucy was Cobra's mate, Brandish. Brandish and Lucy had become best friends since the whole trying to kill her thing. Laxus joked that was how Lucy made all her closest friends. They had a little boy, who like his mother wasn't here yet.

Another unexpected union, if not the most unexpected, was Natsu and Minerva. Lucy smiled as she looked over at her best friend as he held his three year old daughter in his arms. The little girl had her mother's hair and father's eyes. Her name was Ophelia and she was dressed as Plue costume.

"Luce get down here!" Natsu yelled as he sat with the other slayers and their mates.

Minerva, who was dressed as a belly dancer offered her a kind smile as she joined them, Cobra offered a nod.

"You look nice," Meredy smiled. She was dressed as a nymph.

Lucy blushed. She had dug up and altered one of her old heiress dresses and found a crown.

"Princess and a dragon," Minerva chuckled.

"Alex insisted on dressing up like dad," Lucy giggled as she watched Gramps, he had pestered him into calling him that, made the kids laugh. He loved his great grandchildren so much. "I'm the queen actually, Laxus is the king."

"I'm guessing the king is escorting the princess in?" Levy asked with a smile.

Lucy smiled. Lucy had found out she was pregnant a month after he became master and the man almost fainted when they found out it was twins. Layla Anya Dreyar and Alexei Yuri Dreyar.

They were rather quiet, some people outside the guild thought they were slow. They were fiercely protective of each other though. Both had shown that they had their father's eyes, though Layla definitely looked like her mother otherwise.

Alex was the most outgoing, even though his sister tended to do things first. She said her first words and walked first, but he had already opened a gate first. His first gate had been Virgo. Layla had opened Plue's but didn't seem to open the gold keys.

Alex was definitely a mama's boy. He always seemed to gravitate toward Lucy's team and loved her spirits. In many ways he was like Lucy, always smiling and talkative. He loved everyone and was always by Lucy's side.

Layla on the other hand was definitely daddy's little princess. She always seemed to gravitate to Laxus and he was wrapped around her finger. She was the more selective and reserved of the twins. She only talked to people in the guild, even they were limited. She loved Laxus' team though. When she was a baby she would scream her head off if a member of Team Natsu tried to hold her, though she loved Cobra and Brandish.

Layla often watched people and Lucy had been concerned at first. Cobra had recently told her that Layla was studying people more than anything. She had been rather sickly for the first three years of her life, though the doctors told her it was nothing life threating as far as they could tell. At times she still had times were she was bed ridden.

Lucy was worried, Layla showed that she didn't want to be a celestial mage. Yet she didn't show any other kind of magic. She only seemed able to open silver keys, which had upset Capricorn because he wanted to belong to her. One of her favorites was Draco, a gift from Brandish for their birthday.

Layla had been very secretive when it came to this Halloween. She had only told a select few what she wanted to be: Alex, Laxus, Brandish, Juvia, and Ever. Cobra had found out from Brandish and laughed. Juvia and Ever had helped make the costume. While Laxus and Brandish were helping her get ready.

"You're going to love it," Cobra chuckled.

"You know Wes was asking about the baby and guess what he asked?" Yukino smirked at Lucy.

Lucy raised an eyebrow in question.

"He wanted to know if he and the baby were going to get necklaces like the twins." Yukino laughed.

Lucy gave a sad smile. For their fifth birthday she gave the twins each a necklace with one half of Aquarius keys. Even though she had found the new key the Mustache man had made for the beloved spirit, that broken key had still meant so much to her. She still remembered when she gave them the key.

The twins stared at the two halves of key in their hand, Layla with the handle and Alex with the key.

Layla looked at it with serious look on her face, her eyes showing a great amount of weight.

Alex smiled, "The water bear? As in the mermaid!"

"The one she had to break," Layla whispered so soft that Lucy almost missed it.

She had told them the story a few times. Tears came to Lucy's eyes as she thought of her old friend.

Alex hugged his mother and jumped around excitedly, while Layla looked at her mother. She gave Lucy a small nod, "Thank you. Can you help me?"

Lucy smiled as her daughter handed her the necklace and turned around. Lucy moved her daughter's long hair aside and carefully clasped the necklace around her neck. As Lucy headed down stairs to start the party she noted Layla placing a hand over the half of her key and give a smile.

Lucy often wondered if Layla realized how hard it was to give that key up, something that had belonged to her mother and been so important to Lucy.

"Where are Layla and Laxus?" Natsu asked. "I want Iggie to get to see his future bride."

Lucy shook her head. Natsu insisted that his son and Layla would get together; Minerva and Lucy just rolled their eyes every time. Laxus didn't deal well with it, he insisted that his daughter deserved better than a dragon slayer. Yet all the dragon slayer's kids tended to gravitate to the her. Gajeel joked that Layla was like her mother, just Slayer Tamer.

Lucy had to wonder about the habits of the first generation slayers naming their kids after their dragons. Something Layla had asked her about a year ago.

"What did Viper decide to dress as?" Sting asked Cobra.

Only Midnight and Lucy knew Viper's real name, because the families had spent so much time together that Lucy viewed Cobra as a brother.

"He wanted to match Layla's costume from what I heard." Natsu smirked.

"A snake?" Levy giggled.

"He thought about it, but instead he decided to go as a vampire." Midnight said as he and the little purple haired, tan skinned and green eyed boy came downstairs in a black cloak. Viper ran over to the other boys.

Lucy guessed he must of gotten bored with helping them with Layla and decided to join the party.

Lucy looked up at the master's office, where her daughter and husband had been for the last hour.

"Uce, Uce!" Lia said reaching for Lucy. She had developed her father's habit of calling Lucy by his nickname for her.

"You look adorable Lia!" Lucy smiled picking up her goddaughter.

"Are you and Laxus going to try for another baby?" Minerva asked.

Lucy sighed. She and Laxus weren't sure if it was good idea, considering Lucy's writing career was taking off even more than it was before and he was often busy. Still she loved kids, just as much as Ever did. Then again Laxus' team dotted on Layla.

"I'm having a girl," Yukino smiled, sensing Lucy's discomfort and attempting to change the subject. "We were thinking of naming her after my sister."

"I'm sure she'll love that." Lucy smiled. She looked over at Angel who was being fond over by some Blue Pegasus boys.

"Is Layla feeling better?" A soft voice asked as Lucy felt a tug on her dress.

Lucy looked down at the little girl with black hair and red eyes. Lucy smiled at Sky, the girl was such a sweet heart. Layla had gotten sick last month, ending up in the hospital again. When they asked Wendy and Porlyusica to look at her they had insisted that things were fine.

"Layla is feeling much better," Lucy smiled.

Brandish smiled as she came down stairs. "Layla is ready."

Lucy smiled and pulled out her camera. She noted her husband dressed in a crown and robe like coat standing atop the stairs. "Why is Laxus at the top of the stairs?"

"He's going to give her the signal," Brandish kissed Cobra on the cheek. Cobra and she had dressed as a warrior and a goddess. "Summon Aquarius; she'll want to see this."

Lucy raised an eyebrow and pulled out a glass of water.

"What do you want brat?" Aquarius hissed.

Lucy shrugged. "Brandish said you would want to see something."

Lucy and Aquarius got along better since she had gotten the new key. Lucy liked the fact that the mermaid couldn't make fun of Lucy for not having a boyfriend. Lucy got to make fun of the Aquarius though because she was married and had children.

"Tch, what would you have to show me?" Aquarius flipped back her hair.

"It has to do with Layla," Alex smiled as he came over.

"Sorry if we interrupted a date." Lucy apologized.

"Wasn't on one," Aquarius sighed. "But make it quick, Scorpio promised to take me on one later."

Aquarius did have a soft spot for Layla, though Lucy wondered if it had more to do with her name than the child. She still acted mean toward the little girl.

Lucy noted that Laxus disappeared.

"Open gate of the Scorpion! Scorpio!" Alex smiled. Lucy frowned; she hadn't given him the key.

"Alexei Yuri Dreyar!" Lucy yelled. "When did you take that?"

"While you were talking Uncle Cobra grabbed it for me," Alexei looked down. "Sorry but we need him."

"We are going to make you two smile!" Scorpio pointed at Lucy and Aquarius. "It's a surprise!"

"Surprise?" Aquarius smiled clapping her hands together.

"Draco told him the plan." Alexei smiled.

Lucy couldn't help but wonder what the spirits and her imp of a daughter were planning.

"We are ready!" Scorpio yelled as he backed up toward the bottom of the stairs were everyone could see.

There was a flash, the ground shook, and the sound of thunder made everyone go silent. Everyone looked at the spot. Laxus moved to be out of the way.

Lucy felt tears cloud her eyes as she looked at her little girl. She looked over at Aquarius, who stared with shock, till a small smile appeared on her face.

Layla stood there with a blue fish tail with three piercing on her tail. Her long blonde hair now fell to her waist and was light blue. She had on a dark blue bikini top, though she had no bust because she was only five. On each arm was a golden armlet and bracelet.. She wore a headband and light blue crystal earrings. Under her collarbone was a dark blue Aquarius tattoo and tuck under her left arm was a silver urn.

"I am the royal blue mermaid Aquarius! I have a boyfriend and you don't!" Layla smirked, rather similar to Aquarius herself.

Lucy laughed and took pictures loving her daughter's imitation.

Not bad." Aquarius smiled. She moved over behind Layla and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Take a picture brat."

Lucy nodded and smile, she did as she was told then frowned. "The hair?"

"Cancer helped earlier with that," Laxus smirked. "And Midnight helped with the makeup."

"Auntie Ever and Juvia made the costume," Layla smiled. She looked at Aquarius. "Do you like it?"

Aquarius smiled. "Not bad brat."

Layla ran and hugged her mother. "Mommy, do you like it?"

Lucy hugged her daughter tightly. Perhaps her daughter realized how much her Aquarius' key met to her after all, despite being five.

"You did good brat, you're raising some good kids."

This came into my head and I couldn't help it, I just thought it would be cute. As I've said before, I can't help but feel Lucy would name her daughter after her mother. Also I felt the MeredyXRogue and MinervaXNatsu were ships people don't use as often.

Also does anyone else want a Lucy and Jackal week? Someone please plan this.