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Games, Babies, and Tears

Lucy sat watching the Grand Magic Games from the Fairy Tail box with Laxus. She was eight months pregnant, but was told it would be fine to go. Laxus had wanted her to stay at home with Brandish , Levy and a few of the other mothers. But she wanted to be here to support her family and friends. Not to mention she was the only member of team Natsu not to be a part of the group. Once more they had two teams. Team A was Natsu, Erza, Gray, Wendy, and Cobra; Team B was Gajeel, Juvia, Cana, Mira, and Minerva.

It was the second day and thae battle was between Natsu and Rogue when she felt something wet. This wasn't right she wasn't due for another month. Yet she was sure that was her water just broke. She felt panic rise up in her.

She frowned and grabbed Laxus' hand. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow,

"My water just broke," Lucy whispered.

"What!" Laxus jumped up. "I need to get you to the hospital."

"There seems to be some commotion in the Fairy Tail booth," the announcer said. Lucy cringed as Laxus helped her up. "It seems Lucy is giving birth!"

Lucy was definitely going to kill that guy.

Cobra, the Thunder God Tribe, Makarov, and Gajeel winced as they heard Lucy yelling. Most of it was cussing and threats toward Laxus reproductive organs.

"Remind me to stay out of the room when Brandish gives birth." Cobra muttered. He winced as his ears hurt from the yelling.

"Has it happened yet!" Natsu yelled rushing in. Minerva following with little Igneel in her arms.

"Fuck you in the ass with a hot metal spiked dildo!"

"Clearly not," Minerva smirked as she sat down.

"I don't think Luce has ever cursed that much, not even when she was mad at me." Natsu smirked as he took his son. "You know she yelled at me for an hour when we had a talk about me leaving for a year."

"Has the babies been born yet?" Erza, Juvia, and Gray asked as they rushed in. Juvia was carrying Rin.

"Bastard!" Lucy yelled. "I'm going to rip off your legs and crush you head in with them! Then shit down your neck!"

"I threatened Jellal the same way." Erza smiled fondly as she sat down.

"Her soul is ten times worse." Cobra moaned.

"Ready to meet your future wife?" Natsu smiled at Igneel, holding his son up.

Two hours later the nurse came out and said they were allowed in.

Laxus stood next to the bed with a child wrapped in a pink blanket and Lucy was holding a child in a blue blanket. Lucy was sweat, her face was red and she looked exhausted.

"You look bad Luce," Natsu smiled.

"Shut it," Lucy growled, but the smile remained on her face. "Everyone this is Alexei Yuri Dreyar and his older sister Layla Anya Dreyar."

"May I?" Cobra moved to hold the baby, but Laxus only moved her closer to him.

"Laxus," Lucy warned.

Reluctantly he allowed Cobra to take his little girl. Ever looking over Cobra's with a smile.

"She's perfect Laxus," Ever smiled.

"Of course she's Laxus-sama's daughter." Freed smiled as Lucy handed the baby to Makarov.

Makarov looked at the children for a moment then handed the child to Bickslow and began to cry.

"Have some dignity old man." Gajeel yelled. Unknown to everyone but Lucy and Levy, he had cried when his son was born.

"The doctor says that despite being born early they're fine." Lucy smiled.

"Are you two crying?" Gray asked looking at Cobra and Bickslow.

"No," Bickslow said passing the Alex to Freed.

"Her soul sounds beautiful," Cobra said as a single tear fell and he smiled.

"A real man knows when to cry and when not to, this is a good time to cry," Makarov smiled through his river of tears and snot. Cobra had started to view Lucy as a sister along with Gajeel, seeing as their wives brought them to the Dreyar house constantly.

"I can't believe they came from a game of Twister," Natsu smiled.

Everyone looked at him in confusion.

"How have you had sex and not know what it is," Laxus muttered.

"Of course I know what sex is, it is naked Twister." Natsu smiled. "Now we have two things to celebrate at the end of the day. Us being in the lead and the birth of these two."

The Grand Magic Games had just ended and the royal family was having a ball for all the guilds to participate in the fall of the dragons and those who made it into the games that year. They had started doing this every year since the fall of Zeref. Every now and then Empress Zera would come as a show of good will. This wasn't one of those years.

Layla and Alex had always used it as a sort of birthday party, seeing as all the guilds were together. Alex was starting to look more and more like their father, while Layla had definitely ended fulfilling Cana's prediction.

Fairy Tail had won again this year, at least their A team had. This was only their second year winning again seeing as the older team had decided to pass the torch. Once again two teams from Fairy Tail. The A team was Layla, Viper, Rosemary, Gale, and Igneel. The B team had been made up of Rin, Alex, Simon, Aquamarine, and Ophelia.

When it came down to it had been Sabertooth and less than half of the B team against the A team.

"I knew it was clear that Rin wouldn't fight Rosemary," Layla explained to a few people about her strategy. She didn't understand why they were so fascinated by all this.

"Why don't you all leave Layla-dono alone," hissed James Justine. He had basically taken his father's place as her worshiper. Chucky and Annabelle, two of Bickslows six kids, helped James clear the kids way.

Lia and Sarano laughed at the dejected boys. Layla had to admit Sarano looked good in her white ball gown, white was definitely her color. Lia's was a salmon pink, matching her brother's hair. Sky was wearing a dress that reminded Layla of the night's sky.

"You must be proud your daughter has a great strategic mind," Layla heard someone say to her father.

"Layla-sama where did you get your dress?" Sarano asked.

"Ever," Layla said with a kind smiled. She had a simple off the shoulder red dress with a slit. Simple but sexy, elegant and yet daring.

She noted that Rosemary was having fun with Rin and everyone seemed to be behaving. She made eye contact with her brother and gave him a simple look. Honestly she knew that the two daughters of the slayers of Sabertooth were competing for the affection of Alex.

Alex gave a nod and he said something to Wes. Both the boys came over and asked Sarano and Lia to come dance.

"Mind dancing with me?"

Layla turned to see a rather strong looking teenage boy hair that reminded Layla of mint chocolate chip ice cream. She smiled at Zeus Nanagear, son of Sabertooth's god slayer.

"Sure," Lucy sighed as she allowed him to lead her onto the dance floor. "I see you healed up from our little spat Minty."

"Minty?" Zeus chuckled.

"Your hair looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream, so I'm calling you on it." Layla smirked.

"Our battle was rather entertaining." Zeus smiled.

"Please I would hardly call that a fight, let alone a battle." She sighed. "I beat you in less than ten minutes."

She had been informed that the fight was considered a highlight of the games.

"You should join our guild," he suggested.

Layla laughed. "Why would I do that? I am guaranteed to become guild master of Fairy Tail someday. Why leave? Plus I'm an S-class mage. Little kittens should stay out of the affairs of dragons."

Layla felt eyes being forced into her. She could tell one of them was her father and was going to bet the others were from her fellow slayers.

She felt Zeus' hands slip lower to her butt.

"Hot girls like you shouldn't be fighting." Zeus smirked.

Layla raised an eyebrow and was about to rip off his hands and stuff one up his ass.

"Hands off my girl," Igneel growled pushing Zeus away.

Layla rolled her eyes. It was easier to not correct Iggy at this point, she had been telling him that she wasn't his or anyone's girl.

"Keep your hands to yourself," Gale growled coming over.

Layla rolled her eyes and walked off as the boys started to fight, which only got all the guilds involved. Some of the older members were trying to stop it, except Sting and Natsu who were taking part.

Layla went outside to the garden, finding a nice private bench to sit on. She sighed, you couldn't even see the stars from here.

"You look nice Pretty Eyes."

Layla smiled softly as Viper sat next to her, looking handsome in his purple suite. He had ended up looking almost exactly like his father, Layla knew that scars from various missions were covered.

He handed her some white wine and sat next to her.

"You do too Snake Boy," Layla smiled taking a sip. She enjoyed talking to Viper, he was good for banter. Though insults were what they mostly gave each other, making people think they hated each other sometimes. He called her Beautiful Soul sometimes, often shortening it to BS and causing confusion among guild members.

She wondered how he found her, considering all the souls in the capital had caused problems for him since they got her, until the final day.

"I looked for the most beautiful sounding soul," Viper smiled.

Layla blushed, Viper said that her soul helped calm him. Sort of like when she let Igneel or Gale lay their heads in her lap during train rides.

"Did you enjoy your birthday dinner?" Viper asked.

Layla nodded. The boys had taken her and Alex out for sushi and sake for their 17th birthday. Layla had gotten a little tipsy, having been trained by Cana it took a lot to get her drunk. She was a rather flirty drunk, much like her mother. Often acting like a cat.

"I could do without the overprotective dragons though," Layla sighed.

Viper chuckled

"Can't blame them, we like our treasure." Viper said softly reaching out to stroke her hand with a finger.

Layla rolled her eyes. Honestly, she was starting to wonder if she was like Wendy who had two mates. Layla had found out through the older female slayer that every once in a while that happened, when there was a limited number of females. With there being only two female slayers of mating age it was likely. Three if you counted Wendy, but she was already found all her mates.

"Treasure is locked up, I would prefer to do more than be pretty and then put away in a shelf." Layla told him.

"Just don't get mad at me," Viper smirked. Layla had once electrocuted Igneel over a game of monopoly. Then again he had cheated and tried to pay incorrectly.

"I'm not the prey, I'm the hunter." Layla warned. "Remember that."

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