Last chapter. I was at work and I thought of something that would include Layla but she is not the point of this week or this chapter. Hope you guys like it.

Lucy sighed as the Tri man flocked her. She honestly she could do without this place and their little host club. Jason however thought that a girl would get more out of them than a man. So here she was about to enter Blue Pegasus to see the changes they had made and if there was a story. For the second day.

After Bob told the boys to leave her alone and that she followed him in. She looked around for her prey, she was a reporter and the story was her prey. Maybe she shouldn't listen to Loke anymore.

Her eyes finally landed on something interesting, Jenny with a client. That wasn't what was interesting though, it was the fact that Evergreen was sitting next to her. Lucy smirked.

She looked at her drink when she heard a familiar voice say, "Cosplayer?"

Suddenly Bickslow's babies had surrounded her. "Cosplayer! Cosplayer."

Lucy giggled, "Hello babies, hello Bickslow."

"What are you doing here?" Bickslow asked sitting down.

"I could ask you the same thing," Lucy smirked.

"Bickslow, that young lady at table six would like to request you." Bob smiled.

Bickslow gave her an apologetic smile.

Lucy smirked and gestured for Bob to come closer and whispered her scheme to Bob who smiled evilly. Looks like trapping her prey would be easier than she thought.

Lucy waited in the private lounge room that Bob sent her too. She heard growling and yelling and then her prey walked in.

"Hello Laxus." Lucy smiled.

Laxus blinked at her. "What are you doing her Blondie?"

"As I told Bicks, I could ask you the same question." Lucy smiled. "Sit down please."

Laxus frowned, he had heard she was working for Sorcerer Weekly and he wanted no part in it. Hell he had seen her pictures, she looked great. He turned to leave.

"Please don't leave," she said weakly.

Laxus smelled salt and fear. He turned to see tears in her eyes.

"Everything will be off the record. I haven't seen anyone in the guild for so long. I've heard things on where they are, but I've been alone." Lucy admitted. Laxus moved to sit down next to her. "Natsu left, then the guild was disbanded. Then there's Aquariu-"

Laxus frowned, "What happened to her?"

Lucy told him everything, she didn't now why and he held her. He comforted her as she cried.

"So what are you guys doing here?" Lucy smiled. "I mean a few people went to other guilds, but why this one?"

"Bob used to be a part of Fairy Tail and it felt right." Laxus admitted. "Honestly I hate the whole entertaining thing, so I'm not here that much."

"According to Master Bob the other members have become popular." Lucy smirked.

"It is weird," Laxus muttered.

"I'm sure you would be popular. I mean you're handsome, smart, a good kisser, and powerful." Lucy blushed.

Laxus smirked. The two had shared a kiss during the Grand Magic Games when he had been drinking too much. Perhaps there was something there, perhaps he could do more train.

Bob smiled as he watched as Freed asked where Laxus was and became confused when he found out that Laxus was entertain a young girl.

He turned and gave an evil smiled. He didn't dress like Cupid for nothing. When he found a couple he knew was supposed to be together he let an arrow out. He always hit his prey.

Laxus stoked through the island looking for his prey. It was the S-class trials and while the first half had been like all the years before, choose a path. The remaining group and their partners were to take part in a game of hunter. The S-Class mages would hunt them and the last group of prey standing won.

He was just notified that there was one pair left and he was about to congratulate them. This year Layla, age thirteen, had taken part with her partner Viper. Laxus smiled as he appeared in a spot where they wouldn't smell him.

He saw Layla and Viper stop for breath.

"I can't believe you just beat up Natsu," Viper smirked.

Layla shrugged. "I wasn't going down without a fight, not all prey runs and hides."

Viper smirked and then suddenly his lips were on Layla's. Layla's eyes widened then she slowly closed them.

Laxus watched for a minute, trying to decide if he should interfere. He always wanted Layla to be happy and wasn't sure a slayer was good enough for her. At the same time he really hated this little punk for touching his little girl. No man would ever be good enough for her and she was too young to be interested in boys.

The little slimy snake probably knew he was here too and was doing this to mess with him. He was going to kill him.

Layla pushed him away and growled. "That was my first kiss you jerk! Listen I know you, Igneel and Gale have this little dick measuring contest going on when it comes to me but don't ever do that again."

Viper sighed. "I know what you think, but I do like you a lot."

Layla rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "Well you just pissed me off. You don't kiss a girl when her dad is nearby. Show it some other time."

Laxus smirked and jumped out of the tree. "Good job Imp, you're the youngest S-Class in Fairy Tail history."

Layla beamed. Laxus glared at Viper. "Never touch her again."

Viper gave a challenging smirk. "Sooner or later, you can't stop her from mating with one of us. Preferably me."

Laxus rolled his eyes and walked off. He whispered low enough that only she would hear, "Stay away from Bob."