Really short chapter but I'll make it up soon

Cheryl's P.O.V

Even though Rahi had slept here last night, I still had to check on the animals. I'm doing that now actually. Like I said before I took over Ash's responsibilities around here now that I'm old enough to do them on my own. It feels nice. It really does. Leaning against the fence while watching the animals eat and enjoying the sunlight, I glanced over the see Rahi leaving my house. "Ah, morning sleepy head."

"Morning." He walked towards me, "Are you working this morning? I was hoping that you'd come with me so that my mom would go easy on me."

"I told you that I had Lillian call Phillip to tell your mom that you're over here." Lillian and Phillip are the only ones who has phones in their homes. "Relax, Rahi."

"Will you still come with me? Please?" He begged.

"Scared of your mom or something?" I teased, "Yes, Rahi. I'll go with you as soon as Ash gets here to take over my shift."

"When would that be?" He questioned.

"I don't know," I shrugged, "He's married now with a child of his own Rahi. He'll be here soon."

"You don't think that I already know that?" He paused, actually sitting on the fence next to me and sighed. "We're changing, aren't we?"

"What?" I looked at him curiously. That was a random question.

"I'm talking about our lives, Cheryl. Everyone's moving on with their lives, including us. You're working more now, my mom's starting to talk about college's with me, and Ying's even busy at the tea house now. Our group of three just changed now that Isaac's here." He looked at me, "Do you think that we'll stay the same?"

"Um, probably not?" I told him honestly, "I mean, we're moving on, yes, but perhaps that's a good thing? At least we're still friends, Rahi. And we always will be friends." I reassured him. As for Isaac, he's really sweet, Rahi. I don't know why you're jealous, I'm sure Ying won't fall for him," I teased. I had no idea that he felt this way.