I'd like apologize of the lateness of this chapter. RL took over...

Cam's P.O.V

I'm at work, where I'm currently talking to a pretty woman. She was here for flower day yesterday, I'm just glad she hasn't left town yet without giving me her name. The woman had brown hair with gold eyes, and she was wearing an red Kerchief with a yellow flower on the side of it. The outfit she was wearing looked like she could be a farmer, which coincidentally, she is. She told me that she's from a town named Oak Tree Town and just wanted to visit the two towns for the festival. It seems someone had told her about the festivities in these two towns. Unfortunately, she had to leave before I had a chance to ask her anything else. Oh well, at least I gotten her name.

"Who was that cam?"

I turned around to see Cheryl and Rahi. "I don't know. She just wanted to buy a flower." I lied.

"You've been talking to her for five minutes." Rahi stated.

"We've been watching you," Cheryl added with a smirk. "Who is she?"

I sighed. Of course she's been watching me. "Her name's Annie, happy." You nosy brat. I thought.

"Annie huh?"

Oh no. I don't like that look she's giving me.

"Cam you should ask that girl out, it looked like you enjoyed her company."

I groaned. "I wish you'd keep your nose out of my business Cheryl. Every time you see me talking to a young woman you always want to fix me up or something. God I swear you're worse than Lillian."

"Says the guy who's almost thirty and still single." Cheryl smirked once more.

"Was there something you two wanted?" Besides being all up in my business?

"I did, actually." Rahi smiled innocently, "I wanted—"

"He wants to buy a flower. For Ying." Cheryl finished Rahi's statement for him with a smirk.

Rahi looked annoyed, which was amusing. "Sure thing," I faked innocence for once, even I know about the kid's crush on the girl who works at the tea house with her grandmother.

Lillian's P.O.V

I amuse myself sometimes. I was the one who sent Annie to Cam. Yes on purpose. In my defense, Cam's very lonely. I know he is. Ever since I've known the guy he hasn't liked anyone other then Laney, and well, she married Dirk. That didn't sit so well for the florist. And there the whole me marrying Ash thing. I've broken Cam's heart without realizing it. To be fair, he didn't tell me until it was too late. Thankfully, he had recovered and he's now my best friend. I know I married Ash years ago but still, I feel bad for Cam. As for Annie, well, I've met the girl last year in a town I've never been to before, just wanted to visit a unknown town for a change. When I met the girl, she seemed sweet and thought she and Cam would be great together. And she's single, which is a plus.

"So?" I've asked Annie once she walked away from Cam's shop and had met up with me in the café.

"He's cute but he doesn't seem to be interested in dating." She gave me a look, "Lillian, I may not know you very well, but maybe you shouldn't play matchmaker with a guy who's isn't ready for romance, even though he's so cute."

I giggled, "Something tells me that you've fallen for the cat loving florist."

"He's into cats?"

I nodded with a giggle.

"You do know that I need to go back to Oak Tree right? I shouldn't leave Miss Eda with the farm for too long. Especially since if Fritz isn't helping her like he should be."

"Right," I hugged her. "Come back soon okay? And don't worry about Cam, he's interested in dating, trust me." I winked.

Isaac's P.O.V

I'm at the tea house with Ying. I told her about my crush on Cheryl. I wasn't planning on telling her, it sort of just happened I had walked into the tea house this morning because I wanted to try something new for breakfast and,, here I am, telling this girl who I've met days ago my love problems. However the girl who I have a crush on I also just met. And I'm not great with romance. "I'm scared, Ying." I admitted with a sigh. "Cheryl has been nice but what if she doesn't want to go out with a guy who she just met? It'll be like the city all over again."

"You don't have to worry about a thing, Cheryl's isn't the type to turn anyone down, however considering the you're the first guy who likes her and it was just the three of us before you moved in, anything is possible. I say you should tell her, at least she'll know?" She sighed a bit. "To be honest, maybe I should tell Rahi my feelings, before it's too late. He'll be leaving for college soon, seeing that he's two years older than me and Cheryl." She looked at me, "I'm scared too. But in a different way. I knew the guy ever since I was six, he's my best friend. What if he doesn't feel the same way."

"I don't know, I know nothing about romance. I also don't know Rahi very well either. But I'll tell you what. I'll help you with Rahi if you don't mind helping me with,, well, I want to work on my social skills with people, well, mostly with girls."

She gave me a small smile, "I don't think you need help with that, but, okay, I'd be happy to help."

"Thanks. I just hope you're right. I just get uncomfortable when I'm in situations like this."