This is a story where I write something weird because I have no ideas. I apologize.

So, once upon a time, there was a guy called Clipy. And Clipy is me. Clipy was an airliner pilot. Like that Xbox skin, ya know? So, he was walking somewhere, when suddenly he arrived to where he wanted to be.

"How unexpected." he said, a tear running up his cheek because reasons.

He walked into where he wanted to end up - which was his local Walmart - and looked around for what he wanted to buy.

Slithering through the isles to end up in the toy section, he scanned the shelves, eventually finding what he wanted, after about forty-seven minutes. You know those Minecraft surprise toy things? Like, where you don't know what you want to get? Yeah, Clipy wanted like twenty of those. Stuffing his cart (or shopping trolley if you're from England) full of them, he flew down the isles like a Kangaroo with a hang glider, when he pumped into a creepy woman with really long hair. Clipy thought her name was Bella.

"Hello," he said, dipping his head and taking his hat off. "How do you do?" He wanted to be a polite as he could, for Bella scared him. Not to mention she was a lot bigger than him.

"I'M QUITE WELL," Bella said, her teeth bared menacingly. "HOW ARE YOU, YOUNG MAN?"

"I'm well," Clipy said, before punching Bella in the gut and running off.

Suddenly, a bunch of Stormtroopers walked through the automatic doors at the entrance, and they started blasting innocent victims with their laser guns, Bella being one of them. They then started trashing the place, stealing all the Lego sets in stock. Clipy paused from putting his items on the conveyor belt; he couldn't let them do this. Frowning, he turned around sharply and killed a Stormtrooper to death. He then proceeded to dance like a boss; a disco ball came from the ceiling and the lights faded in honor of Clipy's epicness.

The music attracted Stampy Cat and his buds, along with a flock of hungry seagulls. Together, the gang (and the seagulls) killed all the Stormtroopers to death. Then, suddenly they all heard a whimper of fear come from somewhere in the store. They tracked down the wails of dismay to a corner of the shop, where Dath Vader was cowering, clearly frightened out of his pants.

"Oh lookie," Squiddeh said. "Durr's Vader's pants." he pointed to a pair of pants underneath a shelf.

"That's very mean, Squid!" Amy meowed.

"It's not his fault he's scared out of his pants!" Stampy said.

"Yeah," Clipy agreed. "And that dropper map was cool! You don't get to criticize unfairly just because you're mad!"

Squid burst into tears. "I'M SORREH MAP MAKER!"

Stampy was shaking his head disapprovingly. "You are ALWAYS like that, Squid."

"Yeah, Clipy doesn't like you very much because of how mean you are sometimes!"

Clipy nodded briskly.

Vader had stopped crying. "I'm sorry I trashed Walmart..." he apologized.

Squid stood up, wiping tears from his eyes. "I'm sorry too." he lied.

"SQUID Y U SUU LYER U LITTLE DOOD" a random T-Rex said, snatching up Squid and walking away, his cries echoing around the store.

"I'm terribly sorry about that," Stampy said when they had left. "He gets a little cranky when he's up past eight. He'll be a lot better in the morning."

Then Darth Vader handed them all forty-seven hundred dollars each, except for Clipy, who didn't get anything. Thankfully, they were allowed to take whatever they wanted from the store, so Clipy ended up getting the Minecraft surprise toy things anyway, but they all ended up being the same thing. :(


Moral of the story is; don't criticize peoples work because you're a mean squid. And, don't stay up past eight o' clock.