Chapter 1: A Bright Sunny Day

It was a bright sunny day. One would assume, in a literary sense anyway, this was a pathetic fallacy representing the joy and happiness everyone felt on this beautiful day. For Kim Possible however, it symbolized what was lost that faithful day. How could such an ordinary day have gone so wrong? They were only supposed to be in Japan for 4 hours! She sighed, as she continued to make PB&J sandwiches. Her cooking had improved a whole lot since that faithful day. Maybe, it was to pay tribute to that faithful day. She continued being lost in her thoughts, reminiscing about the old days, days where everything was less complicated. She missed being a free lancing teen heroine. She missed the laughter, which she so dearly associated with the missions. She missed being, "The Girl Who Could Do Anything".

Now, all she was just a shell. A shell of her former self. She wasn't Kim Possible, The girl who could do anything. Instead, she was a sad trophy wife, a women put on display for their spouses need for eye candy. She remember a time when she could have truly loved her spouse. Of course, this was before "That Day". Actually now that she thought it, she had lost that potential love many months prior. However, this didn't mean she didn't admire her spouse. Her partner had done her a huge service. They had taken here in at her lowest point. However, despite all the solace they had displayed. Despite all the love that they had shown her, she just couldn't love them back. She couldn't forget "That Day".

In a hurry she wiped away her tear, as she heard the door slam shut. It was her son, Jonathan, or Jon as he liked to be called. With all the courage that she could muster up, she spun around to face her son. He looked just like him, only be it a bit smaller in age. He had the same freckles, the same goofy unkempt blond hair. But most of all he had his happy go-lucky attitude. Without showing her sorrow, she began to speak.

"How was your first day at middle school, sweetie?"

"It was great mom, Jessica and I went to all our classes. All the teacher there are so funny. They made us do introductory exercises today. I even introduced Ruff to everybody." Ruff was his naked mole rat. She was so distrait when he had brought it home after winning the creature at Middleton Days. As she was about to get lost in her thoughts, he continued. "I think I am going to try out for the school mascot, just so I could hang with Jessica when she becomes a Cheerleader. I love junior high!" exclaimed Jon. "Although I did run into a little snag." He quickly mutter, just barely audible by the human ear.

"What kind of Snag?" ask Kim in a confused and slightly irritated tone.

Jonathan flinched at her cold, yet soft tone. "Weeelll" Jon started, "Mr. Barkin caught me in the halls after the bell rang, and he kind of gave me a warning." He stated.

While Kim was slightly angry at this revelation, she just could stay mad at that face. A face, that brought back the good old days.

"I didn't know Mr. Barkin still taught, let alone taught middle school?" asked Kim.

"Well he is teaching at Middleton Middle School now, and he's out to get me. I mean can't a guy be 5 minutes late to class, without being threatened by detention?" snarled Jon.

"Don't worry sweetie, he was like that when both your father and I were kids as well. Now go clean up, while I finish making this PB&J sandwich for you. And remember no video games until you finish your homework."

"Aw man, well this tanks." huffed Jon. To Kim, it brought her back when all was right with the world. She mentally tuned it out, trying not to cry in front of her son.

"Now go get cleaned up!" exclaimed Kim with a hint of sorrow.

When he had left to go get cleaned up she broke down. Sobbing lightly at first, gradually increasing the intensity of the Sob. Why was Fate so cruel, taking away the one thing she loved more than anything in the whole world. Why, did she have to convince him to go to Japan with her? She suddenly found herself in Jon's room. There lying on the bed was one of the two simmers of sunshine left in her life, and it was her Pandaroo. She had given this to her other simmer, in the hopes that it will allow her happiness to live on through him. She remembered the day she had received this.

"Faster KP, were going to be late. And, I so can't handle another one of Mrs. Trudy's detentions again!" said the scrawny blond as he tugged his best friend to class.

"I'm sorry Ron, I'm just really tired today. I haven't been getting much sleep lately" said the auburn headed 6th grader.

"Why have you not been sleeping much", questioned the boy. "Up all night thinking about Rick Nash?" he teased.

Ah, Rick Nash, adult Kim remembered her 6th grade crush. Again, those were the days, just her and Ron facing the world, together.

"No!" proclaimed the now agitated red head.

"Fine you want to know the truth, will that shut you up!" exclaimed the red head.

Noticing the scared look on Ron's face, the girl quickly went into damage control mode.

"I'm sorry Ron! I am just irritated due to the lack of Sleep."

"Do you forgive me?" enquired Kim with a bit of guilt in her eyes.

"S'AH, why wouldn't I forgive my most bondiggest friend" Ron stated.

"Best friend" corrected Kim.

"Right Best friend. Now why don't you tell me why you haven't been getting any sleep lately, Best friend" Ron asked her.

"Ok, but first you have to promise not to laugh" stated Kim a bit agitatedly.

"I promise"

"OK, Lately I have been dreaming that one day, you're going to leave me. I don't exactly see how, but all I know is that the thought of you not being my best friend scares me. It scares me enough to wake me up in the middle of the night" uttered the red head in a hush tone.

"Aw, don't worry Kim I'll never leave you! I promise. And if by accident I do, then I promise to always comeback to you." said Ron, as he pulled her into a hug.

Adult Kim sobbed in remembrance of this statement. That was one the one promise he couldn't keep.

Later that afternoon, Ron Stoppable stood at the door to The Possible Residence. He knew that the talk with Kim wasn't going to be enough. The girl had been genuinely scared that he would leave her. With a little bit of courage he knocked on the door. Mrs. Dr. Possible answered the door.

"Why Ronald, what brings you by?" asked Ann Possible.

"Eh, Hey Dr.P, I heard that Kim was having trouble sleeping. So, I decided to get her something"

"Well then, why don't you just go right up ahead? She should be in her room. Thank you for being so supportive" stated Mrs. Dr. P.

"No problem Mrs. P "proclaimed Ron as he walked up the stairs.

Just then, Kim Possible heard a knock on her door. She went to open it, really hoping whoever it was would leave her to her sleep. To her surprise, when she opened the door she saw Ron.

"What are you doing here, not that I'm complaining?" she asked.

"I know you had trouble sleeping at night, so I got you something."

"You didn't have to get me something" proclaimed a slightly surprised Kim.

"I know, but I wanted to. I know you're scared that I would leave you. Even though I promised I wouldn't leave you, I got you a reassurance gift." Ron explained as he handed her a bag. "It's a Pandaroo, It's so you will always have something to remember me by, even when I am not here."

A tear shred from Kim's eye. She jumped the unsuspecting boy with a hug.

"Thank you, Ron! You're the bestest best friend ever!" exclaimed the grateful red head.

"No problem KP! Now you should get some sleep, you look like you just went ten rounds with Muhammad Tyson"

"It's Muhammad Ali Ron, and thank you I will." Kim notified.

Kim, who was now crying profusely, was clutching the Pandaroo with all her strength. In her mind the same question kept repeating itself, how could this happen? Ten years ago, she was on cloud nine. She was married to Ron. They were going to have a baby. He had just recently started his own restaurant. But all that changed when they went to Japan. He was killed by a ninja. Before the ninja could be apprehended, he committed suicide. Emotionally distraught to an extreme, she quit crime fighting. It was a full 2 years later that she reluctantly married her current spouse. Her parents had forced her to remarry, sighting that a kid needs 2 parents. Her current spouse had been consoling her right after Ron' Death.

Just then she heard the door open again. Was it Jon? No, he's getting washed up. Then who? Then suddenly she here her spouses voice.

"Honey I'm home!" her spouse stated.

Wiping away the tears, she went downstairs' to greet her spouse.

"How was your Day, Shego?" she asked her paled skin Beau, hiding her emotions.


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