Chapter 2: April Showers

"It was fine. Being the head of Middleton Ninja, sure is tiring" exclaimed her green coloured wife.

"So I take it, you had fun beating down on the new recruits? "Joked Kim.

"They got what was coming to the, I mean No Pain No Gain, right princess." Shego indicated. Unbeknown to Kim, a small smirk found its way onto Shego's face.

"How about we get Jon to go to a friend's house, and we play a game of doctor" Shego asked seductively.

"My, you're awfully suggestive today! Although I can't. I was supposed to meet Monique today." a wistful Kim proclaims.

"You know princess, I feel like every time I want to get close to you, you simply push me away by bringing up some excuse!" blustered the green (former?) villainess.

"Shego, you know that isn't true!" protested the red head.

"You sure have a way of showing your love to me!"

"Fine, I'll stay in. Will that make you happy?" flustered Kim.


Kim sighed. It had been 2 years since she had last seen her friends. It was times like these she felt as if she was stuck in a tower. A tower made of cobblestone, one where her evil step mother kept the keys. However in this case the step mother just happened to be her wife. She hated feeling this way, feeling like a helpless princess forever trapped up there. All, she wanted to do was be Kim Possible again. However, she knew that those days were over. She was now Kim Possible, trophy wife. She really hated bright sunny days.

Shego, on the other hand, was battled to keep a smug look of her face. She really loved Kim. She just hated sharing. Ever since they had gotten married, she tried making it so it was just the two of them.

Every year, during the week of May 6th, Shego would reluctantly let Kim go. For it was around this time that the former Heroine would venture to Japan to visit her former husband. Every year, Shego would try making an excuses. However, Kim just wouldn't yield, she just wouldn't give up May 6th.

If only she would give up May 6th!

No matter, the plasma powered women was happy. She had Kimberly all to herself.

April came by in a hurry. While Shego had never been one for sayings and quotes, she couldn't argue with the one that came to mind. 'April Showers.' The amount of rain that Middleton had received over the last 2 weeks had certainly made this statement true. Now that she thought about it Kimmie was the happiest in this month. Leave it to the girl, no women who adopted the saying 'Never Be Normal!' to find happiness in the most depressing month of the year. Suddenly, Shego found her life approaching a dreaded day, May 6th! How will she attempt to stop princess this time? The pale skinned lady had no clue.

As the days got closer Shego finally made her move.

"Hey princess the Middleton Ninja are holding a festival in honour of the late Sensei Idainaru Shi (Yes, this is Master Sensei), I was hoping we could go together" Shego mustered hopefully

"Sorry, but I can't. I am going to go visit Ron. I really wish he could be here" Kim said softly on the verge of tears.

Noticing the change of emotion in Kim's voice, Shego decided she didn't want to push the issue any farther. While some may say, she had Kim wrapped around her finger, she knew the importance of the occasional outing. Every year despite Shego's many attempts, she would let Kim go for exactly one week. Oh well, what harm could letting her go for one more year do, right?

"Shhhhhh, He's in a better place now. Do you want me to come with you?" she asked, while gently rubbing her hand down Kim's back.

"No, I want to go alone, with Jon." She said in between sniffles. "I am leaving for Japan tomorrow, so I could be there by there in two days."

"You will have the house to yourself while I am gone, while I also go visit his parent" Kim continued. She just couldn't help but wonder what kind of horrendous monstrosity the house will look like when she gets back. Sometimes she wondered, who makes a bigger mess Jon or Shego.

"When will you be back?" questioned a slightly concerned Shego.

"In about a week and a half. Thank you for all you have done for Jon and Me." said Kim. While she wasn't in love with Shego, she was definitely grateful towards her.

"Your welcome. Well I guess, I could invite the Lipskeys over and see what they have been up too" Shego stated, in a slightly sad tone. She didn't like it when Kim went away. Why did she have to be so stubborn when it came to this part of the year?

"Don't worry, I am sure you could handle a week without me" reassured Kim.

While Kim left to go pack. Shego made her way to the living room and turned on the TV. Sitting down on the couch, she began to ponder. 'Why couldn't she and princess not have the same relationship they had before their breakup? ' 'Could Princess ever get over Ron? ' Then in her mind entered a question she didn't want answered. This question brought a whole lot of pain every time it was asked. The question that must never be answer was, 'Why had she chosen him over her? '. To this day, that question haunted her. Too preoccupied with her thoughts, she never noticed darkness slowly came over her as she fell asleep.

Shego in her dream state found herself in Middleton 12 years ago. That year was the best year of her life, one filled with absolute grace and love.

She distinctly remembered that evening in June, 2 year after the Diablo events. It was a misty night. To a literary artist it might seem to represent suspense or even mysticism. But for Shego, it represented one thing and one thing alone… love. She remembered trying to find her iZUM (yes, I know another iteration of the remarkable apple product) in her remarkably TARDIS like Purse. While she wasn't looking she bumped into some one

"Watch where you're going" she said.

"Sorry! I hope you're OK" came the reply in an almost familiar tone.

"You know some like yourself, alone, by yourself, it would be a shame if something were to happen to you" Shego said in a menacing tone.

"Take your best shot, it's not like people haven't tried before" the stranger said in a doleful tone.

That had stopped Shego in her tracks for some reason. Normally she would have taken the opportunity to jump the stranger. However, for some unknown reason he hadn't. Against her better judgement she dove deep into the conversation.

"What's wrong, going through a breakup?" she questioned in a soft understanding tone.

"Wouldn't you like to know huh, Shego?" the strangers said with enough iciness to freeze hell. Apparently the stranger had found out who she was talking to. Without any warning they lunged at Shego.

"Wait, who are you? How do you know who I am?" she questioned as she blocked the lunge. She then countered with a punch of her own.

"It's funny, I never thought you would forget me that soon!" came the reply, as the hood she had been wearing came off as it caught onto Shego's fist.

"Kim? Kim possible!" asked a slightly stunned Shego.

"Yes! You ready. I really want some violence right now" came the reply from a now angry Kim Possible.

"I don't want to fight. I want to listen" Shego calmly stated. While she was good, Kim was better. Shego hadn't been keeping up with her physique nearly as much as the other girl, especially over the last year.

"But I don't want to speak! I want to fight" shouted Kim as she punched Shego's stomach.

"Oh you're going to pay for that! The gloves are off now Princess" exclaimed Shego as she charged.

The fighting had continued for 30 minutes. Both girls got in various blows to the other. While Kim was the better fighter, Shego's Plasma did its Job. She had just punched Kim in stomach hard. This had winded the troubled heroine. As she had sat the floor to catch her breath, Shego had begun spoken.

"Now that that's out of the way. Why don't you tell me what's going on? Whatever is bothering you is affecting your technique. So, tell me and we could continue fighting" Shego began to reason.

"Very well" Kim reluctantly replied.

"OK after Graduation, I started attending Middleton U. Ron was originally with me as well. I say was because a year ago he was forced to transfer to Yamanouchi Institute. He tried to stay with me, but in the end he was forced to go. He visits so rarely, that it feels like I never see him" Kim spoke with hints of sadness.

"So it was your boyfriend. So what he decided he had enough and decided to dump you?" Shego inquired

"No, nothing like that. I miss him. I miss having him with me. I miss cuddling with him. I miss his goofy sense of laughter. I just miss him! But most of all I miss…….you know." Stated a dreary and slightly flushed Kim.

"Why don't you just move on? A hot young lady like you should be able to find someone in no time" Shego smugly suggested.

"I don't think you get it Shego, I love him. I will never leave him, no matter how far he is"

"Well then why don't you allow a friend to buy you ice cream and a movie" Shego ask in a friendly tone.

"Sure, it would help keep my head of it"

Shego fondly remembered getting ice cream. She had gotten mint chocolate, while Kim had gotten a banana splits with strawberry syrup. She also fondly remembered what happened once they got home from the movies, needless to Kim didn't go home that night. She sure was frisky that night.

She loved that summer. It had been noticeably misty for the rest of the summer. Just the way she liked it!

Suddenly Shego was pulled out of her dream-scape, and into the land of the living by Kim's son, Jon.

"Can I have a dog?" asked the hyper 10 year old.

"No! Leave me alone" came a grumbled reply.

"Aw, but mom won't let me have one. Maybe you could talk her into it"

"No! And if you bother me again, I will make sure you will feel sorry you were ever born! Got that!" shouted a vastly annoyed villainess.

With that Jon left Shego. Truth be told he hated her. He often wondered why the stayed with her. But his mother always thought of Shego as an Angel. In his mother's eyes, Shego could do no wrong.

The following afternoon Kim and her son had both boarded their Bueno Aviono flight. Earlier that morning she had said her goodbyes to Shego, promising to be back in a week. This had seemed to bring a smile to the pale women's face.

Laying back in her seat, she began to ponder. She began to wonder if she was ready to go back to the remains of her old life again. But most of all she began to wonder, if she will finally learn what series of events lead to that horrible day!