Recruit Name: Grovyle?

Species: Grovyle

Type: Grass

Gender: Male

Fighting Style: He is able to control plants telepathically to an extent that is unheard of in any other grass-type. He can bend vines to his will, grow plants from nothing in even the harshest environments, throw leaf blades like daggers in the blink of an eye with pinpoint accuracy, and can move with unparalleled speed. Somehow, he is able to move as fast as a Ninjask and attack simultaneously.

Preferred Moves: Leaf Blade, Magical Leaf, Razor Leaf, Seed Bomb, Low Sweep, Agility

Preferred Items: Unknown

Notes: It is unknown whether or not he is a recruit or some other ally of Team Firestorm. It is presumed that he is the same Grovyle responsible for stealing the time gears two years ago, and if those rumors are true, he is able to battle Legendary pokémon such as the Lake Guardians and win without using a great deal of effort. Face him with extreme caution.

Danger Level: Presumed Extremely dangerous