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I was inspired by the works of GoldGuardian2418 to make my own one-shot story collection on Oc alien characters! Now there will be some cameos with the Ben 10 characters, but most of the stories revolve around the Ocs.

So without further ado…

Summary: A small story introducing the first pair of main characters in the series! How can a Celestialsapien male deal with an Andodite female after she runs into him in space? Find out in…

EarthBound Part 1

In the depths of space, many things have yet to be discovered. The vast amounts of galaxies and universes have yet compare to the possibility of different lifeforms that live within them. And in one of these parts of space, a lone figure is seen floating motionless in it.

The figure is a peculiar one, if seen one would question what it was. A body that was as black as space, but on it, stars dotted everywhere and it was muscular. Three horns came from its head. Its eyes were closed as if it was deep in thought, arms crossed in a frustrated manner.

This being was known as a Celestialsapien and its name was Sirius.

Sirius was in the middle of a deep debate with himself. The council had sent him out on a mission to search for new galaxies and their solar systems. Even though they were omnipotent, they just wanted him to get out for once and try to see the universe.

He didn't know what was so special about it. In fact, Sirius wished he could go home, back to his studies. He wasn't even a fully developed Celestialsapien yet and he wanted to learn more about the universe around him. His parents couldn't be prouder of their son, but he was very distant from the others and tended to his studies more than friendship.

The mission was supposed to give him a new insight on life.

Sirius opened his glowing green eyes and scanned the space around him. He was currently floating around the Milky Way galaxy, trying to see what was so important about it. When he couldn't figure out what was so special about the planets and its inhabitants.

Perhaps it's for the best that I can return home now. He thought, turning to leave.

Suddenly, he noticed something flying at him at a fast pace. He could've avoided it, but he froze in place. The mass collided with him as he and the object both fell over.

"I'm so sorry! I should've watched where I was going!" A female voice shrieked.

Sirius blinked his eyes for a sec before he saw what bumped into him. It was a being he'd never seen before. She was a deep-dark purple color with long flowing tendrils of 'hair' that were a bright pinkish purple glowing color. Her eyes were glowing pink and she was blushing. Sirius looked down to see why and he too blushed. Her body was pressed against his own.

"No problem, I will live." He replied, helping her up. She studied him, her eyes bright with curiosity.

"Wow! You have a body made of stars!" She flew around him, giggling like a school girl. "You look so cool!"

Sirius rubbed the back of his neck, embarrassed. "You've never seen a Celestialsapien before?"

She shook her head. "I've heard tales about them, how they're basically gods! I know that Ben Tennyson can turn into one called Alien X." She smiled at him. "But they looked cute close up."

She tried to lean closer towards him, but he backed away.

"I'm sorry, but your flirting is making me feel uncomfortable. Please leave me alone, I have a mission to finish."

"What's your mission? Is it important?"

"Very important…" He said in emphasis.

Unless she didn't get the hint, she sure didn't show it. Instead, her hands glowed and pink tendrils flew at him. Sirius found himself starting to laugh, making her smile grow bigger.

"AHAHAHAHAHA! PLEASE STOP!" He laughed, trying to stop her.

"No way! You seem too serious!" She kept tickling him, getting his stomach and sides. Sirius laughed so hard that the stars on his body glowed. When it seemed he was out of breath, she withdrew her hold on him.

"Now that you're loosened up, I guess I can tell you my name." She let out her hand. "I'm Ariana, and I'm a-"

"Anodite, I could tell by the mana manifested around you." He took her hand and shook it. "My name is Sirius, and thank you for loosening me up."

"Oh you're welcome! I mean, no one could be that serious. You also looked so lonely."

Sirius gazed down, making Ariana flinch a bit. She hadn't meant to hurt his feelings or anything, but he gave her a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry about me; I guess I've lived in my books so much that I've neglected the universe around me. I wish I could just start anew and tried making friends with other races."

Ariana's eyes glowed a bit before giving him a mischievous grin. "Why wish when we could start a new life together on a planet that no one would find us?"

Sirius raised an eyebrow. "Oh and where would this place be?"

Ariana grabbed his hand and flew farther into the Milky Way galaxy. While they flew, Sirius saw different planets, stars, and even an Asteroid Belt. All these wonders he could've just seen if he ever left the comfort of his own place.

So this is what it's like to live freely? I've been a strict, studying alien for the longest time. He put his gaze on Ariana. Then she comes along and doesn't bat an eye at me for being what I am. Is this what it's like to have a friend?

"Hey Sirius, can I ask you a question?" Her voice broke his thoughts and Sirius nodded.

"What is it?"

"Can we…" She stopped, sighing, before talking again. "Can we be friends?"

That question startled him. They had just met and she already wanted to become friends?

"Uh…sure of course we can." If he had a mouth, he would've smiled. "Who wouldn't want to be friends with a girl like you?"

Ariana blushed at his words. No one had ever said anything that nice to her. Being a social outcast was bad enough, making her run away from home. But here was this guy who was basically a god, telling her that he would be her friend.

Tears stung her eyes as she slowed up. When they stopped, she turned around and hugged him. Surprised, Sirius patted her back in comfort.

"Hey, tears do not suit an alien like you. Cheer up…" He brushed some of her tears away. "We can do this together."

Ariana smiled, genuinely touched by his words. Her heart was racing fast, but she chose to ignore it.

"Okay I found the perfect planet to lay low on. Are you ready to see it?" She squealed in delight. "I believe you might love this place!"

Sirius unlatched himself from her embrace and looked at the planet in front of them. It was big and blue, with green and white swirling around it. He had the sneaking suspicion that this planet was very familiar.

"Is this the planet I'm thinking it is?"

Ariana's eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas. "Welcome to Earth Sirius!"

Oh dear…poor Sirius doesn't know what he's gotten himself into! What happens to them next? Find out next time: Earthbound Part 2!

New school, new friends, new jobs, and more! If you have an idea for one of their various friends, tell me if you want them to be a human or alien species!

And this is only the beginning! ;)