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In the large city of domino city, is where we find a young Jaden Yuki walking down the sidewalk with his backpack on. He was currently making his way down to the nearest card store for his newest cards. He had seen duels when he was a little baby and had been eager to get his own deck as soon as possible. Now his parents had finally let him go out and get his very first deck.

Jaden finally made it to the store and proceeded inside. He was astonished from all the cards that were either hung on the walls or were sitting in the display cabinets waiting to be purchased. He walked over to a special section which contained special cards. These decks had already been created with certain archetypes of monsters with supporting magic and trap cards.

He saw that each deck had a picture of the best card of the deck in front of each one. Jaden looked past several ones that looked cool, but just didn't seem to suit him. He finally stopped and stared at a certain picture. It was a picture of the deck''s best card. The card depicted a blue-skinned female shaped monster, the monster had a long serpent-like tail instead of a pair of regular legs, with an orange underside of it leading up to the monster's waist. It had two large blue serpents with orange undersides as her arms. She also had blue serpents as hair instead of regular hair. She didn't have a mouth, but had golden jewelry around her neck, and as a headdress for her forehead. The area around her chest had red spots that indicated her 'assets'. The one thing that really attracted Jaden's sight was her pure red eyes.

Jaden raised his hand and waited til an elderly man walked over. "Yes young man, what can I do for you?" asked the man looking at the young child.

"I'd like to purchase that deck." replied Jaden pointing at the deck behind the serpent goddess.

"Ah, I heard that one is a little tough to master." replied the man taking the deck out of the case and putting it on the counter. "Who knows, maybe you can master it." Jaden handed the money to the man and took the deck and headed home.

(Jaden's room)

Jaden had been shuffling through his deck the moment he got home and he was already coming up with strategies for different ones. He was shuffling through his cards again when he came across the one that had a picture in front of the deck. He pulled it out and stared directly into its eyes, as though they were beckoning him.

He pulled away for a moment and saw that the card was glowing the same blue color as the female's body. He instinctively dropped it and stood back a few steps. A small orb appeared out of the card and levitated to Jaden's eye level. It then began to take shape and coil around the young duelist. The light it was emanating finally dimmed down to reveal a shocking scene to a young Jaden.

There coiled around the youth's bed and the youth himself, was none other than Vennominaga, the Deity of Poisonous Snakes. Her long serpent tail was spread out around the bed and Jaden's feet. Her two serpent arms gave a few flicks of their tongues before turning to Jaden. Vennominaga herself seemed to be gazing at Jaden with an odd glint in her piercing red eyes. The kind of glint a predator would have in the presence of their prey.

Jaden suddenly found himself lifted up close to Vennominaga's face, due to his legs being wrapped up in Vennominaga's large tail. He could feel himself shake a little on the inside with fear from being in her piercing gaze. Any moment he was waiting for her to crush him with her large and powerful tail. He had closed his eyes just encase it happened soon. He didn't want to witness the end of his life.

"What is wrong, little one?" came the soft voice of Vennominaga as the duel spirit looked at the young brown haired child as he closed his eyes. 'He must be scared.' thought the serpent creature as she gently put him near her chest and wrapped him up in what was her version of a hug. The two serpents that were her arms gently sniffed the boy before giving him a few licks, causing the youth to giggle a little.

Jaden finally had enough giggling from the two serpents licking and looked into the sharp gaze of Vennominaga, and was mesmerized by how she looked up close. He could actually feel the scales at his touch from her hug. The young lad finally heard the question at looked at the duel spirit. "Nothing. I was just caught off guard. That's all." replied Jaden with a cute pout someone his age would make.

Vennominaga found it incredibly cute and gave him a tighter, yet still gentle hug and set him down on his bed. "Sorry if I scared you. I just wanted to get out and stretch." she emphasized this point by rolling out her large tail. "I can already tell you're confused by what's going on, right?" Jaden just gave a simple nod and waited for her to continue. "Well, I'm what certain people would call a duel spirit. There are thousands of duel spirits, most of which either live in the duel monster world, or have a human partner."

This sounded interesting to Jaden, so he crawled closer to hear more about it. "Duel monsters that have a human partner are known to be called spirit partners. Which brings me to the point I'm trying to make here. Would you like to be my partner?" came Vennominaga's question as Jaden let the words sink in.

He felt completely overjoyed that a real live duel spirit wanted to be his partner. He couldn't say yes fast enough before he found himself engulfed in another gentle hug and felt her scaly skin warming up a little.

"I had waited for a while before anyone bought the deck I was in, but I didn't know my partner would be this cute." replied Vennominaga causing the young duelist to blush in embarrassment for the compliment.

Jaden let out a small yawn and sadly had to get out the warm hug and crawled under his bed sheets. Vennominaga coiled around the bed and layed herself down on the other side of the bed and let her piercing red eyes go over Jaden's cute face before she let sleep overcome them both.

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