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Duel Academy Red Dorm

"Cock-a-doodle-doo!" a rooster crows signaling the sun rising.

In one of the rooms, two of the boys groaned while Jaden sat up and stretched his arms out. "Man, I haven't slept that good in a while." Jaden said as he got out of his bunk.

"How can you be awake this early?" groaned Chumley.

"It's because of me." Vennominaga said as she appeared from the Deck alongside Winged Kuriboh who was trapped in her arms again.

"That doesn't mean we need to get up, does it?" Syrus asked.

"If you got up now you stay up, the day is early and that means we have time to ourselves, also I lost our bet Vipes." said Jaden.

"I told you I could go one night without cuddling you while we slept." Vennominaga said.

"Yeah, but you snuggled with Winged Kuriboh instead of me, so I'm not sure if that means I actually won or I lost still." Jaden said with a questioning look while he thought about that.

"Well then I better consider it my win just to be sure." Grinned Vennominaga.

Winged Kuriboh tried to wiggle his way out of Vennominaga and her grip on him, but all he managed to do was make himself more tired.

"Well you guys can sleep in if you want, but I'm going to get breakfast." said Jaden as he stepped over Des Koala to get to the door. "And let go of Winged Kuriboh before he suffocates."

"But he seems fine."

"He's trying to escape." Jaden deadpanned.

She looked and saw the spirit halfway out of her grip. "Oh, fine, if he doesn't like my hugs then I won't give him any anymore." she said as she let go of Winged Kuriboh while she thought 'I will never stop cuddling you my precious.'

Jaden and his spirits walked out of the dorm and downstairs for food as he heard footsteps coming from his room.

"Wait for us Jay." Syrus said as he hurried to catch up with his friend.

"Yeah slow down, I can't run that fast." Chumley said while he wheezed from his asthma.

The three students walked down and met up with the rest of the Slifer students in the hall for food.

"Well this is nice, small, cozy, feels like a home doesn't it guys?" Jaden asked his new friends.

"You said it Jay." spoke Syrus.

"I've seen better, but this is nice." said Chumley.

"Hey look, our Headmaster's a cat." said a freshman Slifer.

"I highly doubt that." Jaden sweatdropped.

"Welcome students to your first year here at Duel Academy." said a tall man with black-grey hair and squinted eyes with glasses as he came into view from behind a curtain. "I'm Professor Banner, your Headmaster and teacher of History and Duel Alchemy. I know what you're all thinking, 'how can Alchemy be related to Dueling', and I'll explain in our class today, but first let's introduce ourselves to each other."

"This stuff is delicious." said Jaden as he was eating his breakfast.

"Not bad." replied Syrus digging into his own tray.

"I still think this is good and I've had it three years in a row, but it still doesn't hold a candle to grilled cheese sandwiches." said Chumley eating his own food.

"Wonder if we get seconds." Spoke Jaden.

"Well, since some of us can't wait let's dig in." said Banner with a smile.

The students cheered before all of them dug in.

Later Jaden, Syrus, and Chumley, along with their Duel Spirits are seen heading toward a medium sized building near the Academy, the same one, or at least similar to, the one the dueling portion of the entrance exams were held.

"I'm already dreading classes." spoke Syrus.

"Come on Syrus school hasn't even started yet, live a little and stop worrying." said Jaden.

"Won't work, Syrus is too worried over the little things, has been for a while now kid." said Steam Gyroid.

"Did ya have to tell him that?" sighed Syrus.

"Yes, you need to stop worrying but you won't." said Steam Gyroid.

"Jaden use to do that all the time." Spoke Vennominaga.

"How'd he get over it?" asked Syrus.

"I told him he either stops or I'd stop cuddling him."

"Wow, you must've really liked the attention." Syrus said.

"I didn't have that many friends, mainly because I was one of the few on my street that could see or hear Duel Spirits." said Jaden reluctantly.

"I could count the number of friends he had on my snakes teeth." Vennominaga said.

"Sorry to hear that." Spoke Syrus.

"Yeah, well I've got more now, and even better is they have partners of their own which means even more friends." Jaden said with a smile.

"Wow, look at the size of this place." Syrus said as they entered the building revealing a small circular duel arena surrounded by seats for the students and teachers.

"Hey, Slifers, why're you in here?" said someone.

They turned and saw a teen with black hair that seemed to drape over his head with the ends slightly spiky. He wore the blue uniform to show he was an Obelisk student.

"Who're you?" asked Jaden.

"Chazz Princeton, now talk. What're you three doing here?"

"I was showing them one of the Academy's Duel arenas, I'm their senior dormmate and was showing them around before class." Chumley said.

"I figured that, I meant why do you have duel spirits, I haven't met any others besides the ones in Obelisk, I was kinda hoping one of you would Duel each other."

The three stared at Chazz in surprise.

"You can see them?" Jaden asked.

"Yeah, I can see and hear them, but I don't have one personally." said Chazz.

"Well don't we have classes to get to first?" Asked Syrus.

Suddenly Chazz's PDA went off.

"That's my alarm for when classes are about to start for the day, come on I don't want to be late." he says as he jumps down from the stands and runs off.

"Huh, he seemed decent." Jaden said as he took off after Chazz.

"Wait up." Syrus said as he sprinted to keep up with Jaden.

"More running, why do I have to have asthma?" Chumley said as he tried to keep up with the others.

Eventually they reached the classroom and entered before taking some seats as the bell rang.

"Safe." Jaden chuckled as he sat with Syrus and Chumley sat down beside him.

"We almost got struck out." Syrus said going with the joke.

"But we're home free." said Chumley.

As more students arrived, Crowler entered and walked over to the desk near the bottom.

"Settle down class, as some of you already know, I'm Doctor Crowler, and I am the Vice-Chancellor, headmaster of the Obelisk Blue male dorm, and one of the teachers here at Duel Academy, this class is dueling basics, here I'll be teaching you, or for some of you reviewing what you already know, to ensure you succeed at your duels both in and out of the Academy. Now for our first question, who can name the types of Spell cards, formerly known as Magic cards, and Trap cards, how about you Miss Rhodes?" Crowler said as he directed the question to a blonde headed girl in the Obelisk section.

"Yes sir." Alexis said as she stood up. "Spell cards can be grouped into normal, ritual, quick-play, field, continuous, and equip, while Trap cards can be grouped into continuous, counter and normal Trap cards."

"Well done Miss Rhodes. Nothing short of what I'd expect from an Obelisk student." praised Crowler.

"Thank you sir," Alexis said as she bowed then sat back down.

"Now who can describe a Field Spell card, you Slifer, what's your name please?" Crowler said while pointing at Syrus.

"Oh! Um, I'm Syrus Truesdale, and a field spell is used to effect monsters, like increase or decrease attack and defense."

Very good, but it's more detailed than that Mister Truesdale, a field spell card can affect the attack and/or defense, and on some occasions a monster's level, or it affects their summoning conditions, but only monsters of specific types or attributes will gain these bonuses, or setbacks in a few cases, you may sit down now Mister Truesdale." said Crowler.

Syrus sat back down with a sigh.

"Don't look so down Mister Truesdale, not everyone can remember everything there is to every card or strategy, even dueling prodigies needed to keep studying to get where they are or where they hope to go." said Crowler.

"Yes Mister Crowler." said Syrus a little happier.

"Now would anyone care to name a field spell and it's effects?" Crowler said.

Later we see Syrus, Chumley, Chazz, Alexis, and Jaden in Banner's Dueling Alchemy class.

"Now students, those that were here this morning when I introduced myself, I said I would explain the connection between alchemy and dueling, but first Syrus could you please bring me Pharaoh?" said Banner.


"Yes, my pet cat at your feet, unless you'd prefer to minor as a scratching post." he said with a small chuckle.

Syrus looked down at the large tabby cat who let out a yawn.

"Here we go." said Syrus as he lifted Pharaoh and gave him to Banner.

"Thank you, now class, what do you see here?" Banner asked as he held up two vials of chemicals.


"You could say that, or you could say I was holding parts of a powerful concoction, because just as you can fuse two or more monsters you can also mix different chemicals together to get something incredibly powerful." Banner said as he mixed the two vials together which resulted in a miniature explosion. "And just as deadly." he said coughing from the unexpected explosion.

"So what was that about?"

"It was supposed to be a small chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda water, but I think I may have mixed up my chemicals on accident."

"Was it meant to symbolize dueling?" asked Jaden.

"In a way, because even in dueling accidents or mistakes can happen, for example, you could have cards necessary for one fusion monster but accidentally summon a different fusion monster, for example, Cyber Twin Dragon requires two Cyber Dragons but those same materials could be used to summon Pair Cycroid which requires two machine type monsters that have the same name." said Banner.

"Huh, I never considered that."

"And that is just one example of the similarities between dueling and alchemy."

"What else is there?"

"Well, there's-" Banner stopped when his PDA rang which signaled the class to switch, mainly because they were having the lesson in a small house similar to the Slifer Dorm. "Perhaps next time. Right now it's off to your next class."

All of them nodded before heading to their next class, a class which many students dreaded, gym class.

"I really don't like this." spoke Chumley.

"Why, because of your asthma, or because of your size?" asked Jaden.


"Well cheer up, you've gone this long without dying." said Jaden trying to lighten the mood.

"Bad choice of words." groaned Chumley.

"Hello everyone, for those new to the Academy, my name is Miss Fontaine and I'm the nurse, gym teacher, and headmistress of the Obelisk Blue girl's dorm." said a woman with red hair and wearing a female Obelisk Blue outfit.

Half the guys there thought she was pretty since some of them were blushing, although it was mainly from the new Obelisk Blue dorm members.

"Today we'll be starting off with a few laps to get the year started."

"Yes ma'am." said some of the students as they began to walk, jog, or run laps around the gym. Some stayed ahead, but the rest either went slower or outright were struggling.

"You okay Chumley?" Jaden asked his friend.

"Yeah….just…..tired….." He panted.

"Be glad we're allowed to do something other than run." said Syrus jogging alongside them.

"Just try and pace yourself."


"Wanna sit down?"


"Okay. Miss Fontaine, would it be alright if we stopped for now, Chumley's chest is starting to hurt."

"Go ahead. If need be, let me know if it's getting worse and I'll take a check on him."

"Thank you." Jaden said as he helped Chumley to a bench. "You gonna be alright?"

"I...think...so…" Chumley said as he started to catch his breath.

"Well, it's a good thing Miss Fontaine's also the nurse." said Syrus

"We're lucky." spoke Jaden.

"That's..what..I..thought..on..my..first..year..here.." said Chumley who was having an easier time talking.


Jaden, Syrus, and Chumley are in their dorm room talking about new strategies when Jaden's PDA goes of. He picked it up and hit the button.

"Hello?" asked Jaden

"Hey Slifer." said a familiar voice.

"Oh, hey Chazz." said Jaden.

"Listen, I want you to meet me at the Obelisk Blue dueling arena, the place we met at, and bring your disk and deck." said Chazz.

"You sure? Isn't it a little late to duel in the arena?"

"It's fine as long as we don't get caught, and even if our battle gets interrupted we can duel again later." said Chazz.

"Alright, meet you there."

"Are we really going this late at night Jay?" Syrus asked.

"Yup." he nodded with a grin.

"Why do I think this will end badly?" Vennominaga asked herself.

"Cause you're a worrywart."

"Well thanks for the complement Jaden." Vennominaga said sarcastically.

He just chuckled before they walked out of the room.

A short while later the three of them and their partners are at the designated place.

"So you made it." said Chazz with a smirk.

"Yeah, and this is gonna be sweet." grinned Jaden.

"Hold it." a feminine voice said.

The four of them turned to see who had said that and saw Alexis Rhodes.

"Hey Alexis." said Chazz and Jaden.

"You all might want to start running to your dorms, security's on their way here right now!" Alexis whisper-yelled.

"Seriously? I wanted to duel." Jaden complained as he and the others started to run.

"We'll just have to have our duel later, see ya." said Chazz as he and Alexis headed off towards their respective gender specific dorms.

"Well that was a waste." Spoke Syrus.

"Yeah, but at least I know he'll keep his word on a rematch." said Jaden.

"Can we go back to bed?" asked Chumley.

"What do you think we're going to be doing when we get back to our dorm room?" asked Syrus.

"Then I'm good."

"Now let's at least try to get to our dorm before we're caught." said Jaden who started to speed walk towards the Slifer dorm.

The rest followed while luck was on their side and they reached the dorm.

Crowler's Office

Here we see Crowler sitting at his desk going over the latest scores for a few of the freshmen students, namely Jaden, Syrus, Chazz, and Bastion.

"Hmm, they really are good students, especially Mr. Yuki, maybe I can have an old friend test him to see how he does under extreme pressure, perhaps it's time to call in Timothy, or Titan, as he calls himself while he's working."

Crowler looks toward a picture on his desk which shows a much younger Crowler and a young boy with him smiling and waving at the camera.

"It'll be good to see my little brother again."

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