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Seconds… minutes… days… years… They pass by me like seconds would to anyone else. The world ever changing, a cycle of life and death that never stops, never slows down. A newborn baby is held by his mother but just a moment later is running among friends. He is then meeting that special girl and eventually has a child of his own. Then he grows old as he watches first his children and then his children's children grow up. The cycle never ends, never stops for anyone or anything.

Except for me.

I have watched the endless centuries pass by: frozen, stuck in time. Unable to move on.

Ah, immortality; the thing everyone wishes for. If only they knew the true cost of this seemingly wonderful 'gift.'

Gaining eternal life but being surrounded by death. Attaining youth while watching as everyone around you grows old. It is lonelier than anyone can truly imagine; watching the ages pass by in this world: a lone spectator.

Yes, sometimes people visit, but only shortly; it never truly lasts. And sometimes, even solitude is better than the visitors you will receive. Especially when the only thing they know how to do is point out what you are doing 'wrong.' Pesky Eyeballs.

Why I put up with them I will never know.

And then, once in a millennia someone will come by who, despite everything, will put a smile on your face.

I stood there now observing the screens in my tower, watching the flow of time as if it was my own personal parade.

Even I couldn't help but smile a bit when I caught a glimpse of one of the screens. On it was a young boy with raven hair sitting in a gaudy red booth with his two best friends: a dark-skinned boy wearing a red beret and a Goth girl with half of her midnight hair up in a ponytail. He was speaking with his friends animatedly, waving his arms around as they spoke about the new version of Doom coming out that weekend.

I turned away as a blue wisp of air escaped his lips. I knew what was going to happen in his upcoming battle with the self-proclaimed Ghost Zone's greatest hunter. And even about his fight with Valerie afterwards; the girl who loves one half of him and hates the other. And I knew every last word of the witty banter they would exchange in their short battles.

After all, I know everything.

But there was one thing that I did not ever expect to happen again; not in my lifetime. After all, when you live a life that is as long as mine, it takes a lot for something to grab your attention. However, this young boy has done the impossible.

Without realizing it, or even trying, this boy has had a huge impact on me. He has accomplished so much in his short lifetime, much more than most men could even hope to accomplish if they lived ten lives. He has stood up to bullies to protect others, saved a town time and time again that only gives him hate in return, faced dangers head on that would make a grown man break down and cry. He has the heart of a warrior and the soul of a true hero. A boy who is destined for far greater things than anyone can imagine. But most of all, this mere child has accomplished one thing that I thought was impossible after all of this time. He has touched the heart of a being that has existed since the beginning of time.

I have seen many things in my lifetime but nothing, in all of my years, has come close to comparing to the likes of this boy.

Danny Fenton, you will never know exactly how special you are.

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