It was just another day of summer in Konoha, the birds chirped, the trees rustled in a slight, cooling breeze, the noises of a marked somewhere in the village. Everything was as peaceful as usual. And, as usual, the nice and peaceful day, which had a promising start, was disrupted by a big commotion that suddenly broke out at the academy. Hiruzen sighed in despair at the enormous headache this promised to cause him later. He closed the window, hoping to get just a few more minutes to enjoy in peaceful silence.

Naruto was on the run, once again. His brain paced through the possible scenarios almost as fast as he ran. He tried to focus on the task at hand, escape.

The mission so far had gone perfectly as planned: get in, find the target, track its habits. It had been easy. The target, a man around his mid twenties with very light, almost-white gray, neck length hair, was easily spotted after Naruto infiltrated the rather big building. He had managed to stay undiscovered while following the man for the rest of the day, first through the building and then into what seemed to be a shinobi apartment district, judging from the amount of people wearing forehead protectors and the lack of those not wearing them. This first day he had stayed over night to find out when the man would be woken uk by his alarm clock. He then had proceeded to follow the man for the rest of the week, tracking his target until it would go to bed, before retreating for the night, only to get back up at 4am so he would be at his targets location half an hour before the wake up call at 6am. He had taken notes of pretty much every information he could get, as unnecessary the information he had found may have seemed. He had learned that the man had a schedule for almost everything, from getting coffees to visiting the toilet. Over the weekend he had worked out a plan, utilizing all of the collected intel. Today he had taken action. Naruto had figured out that, as long as he would stay in his schedule, the man would never really be on his own and thus he would have been unable to complete his mission without collateral damage. That's what step one had taken care of. A strong laxative in the first coffee had bought him the time for step two, a trap. He knew that after the coffee, the man would go eat a bit in a secluded area of the building he worked in that no one else ever used. This first break though would be spent in the restroom instead, giving Naruto time to get done with step two and three, setting up the trap and escaping to a place he could confirm the completion of his mission without being noticed. But just when he started getting away, a small scale explosion went off, alarming the other people in the building, which stormed towards the end location of the noise, putting him in the predicament he was in presently.

He turned left, throwing a glance over his shoulder as he ran through the streets and alleys. He scowled, seeking his pursuers closing in. His chances to get out alive were low and still falling. 'How did everything go this wrong? The plan was almost perfect!' Naruto turned right again, then quickly dove to the left into a dark alleyway, hoping to confuse his pursuers. He was almost at the safe house now. Turning right, he sprinted down a bigger road with houses on either site. He heard a small noise, looking up to a roof, but it was too late. A heavy weight crashed into his back, throwing him to the ground. A fist connected with the side of his face, again and again. Then, he felt cold steel against his neck, stinging him. His nose felt horribly pulpy from from the rough contact with the hard ground and he could feel blood running down his face from both his nose and the area the fist had hit. He could hear his heartbeat and his rushing blood. 'Will this be the end now?' Naruto wondered, closing his eyes, preparing for what was inevitably coming next.

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