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Danny: No you do not, Random!

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On the Brink of War

"You know that I always win, Daniel"

"Not in your dreams, Plasmius!"

"Oh really? But I've already won!"

"No you have not. You're just bluffing!"

"You cannot call a bluff if there is not one."

"Yes I can if the person is a LIAR!"

"Calm down, little badger. We both know who the victor here is."

"Yes, and it is me, Fruitloop!"


"Yes you are! You and all of your fruitloopiness!"

"Ok. THAT'S IT! I am going to beat you into next week! And then you will join me and become my apprentice. You can learn so much from me!"

"Says the crazed up fruitloop!"

Vlad glared at the boy before suddenly calming down and smirking to himself.

"Ooh, a sore loser, I see?"

"I am not a loser!"

"Tut, tut Daniel. When will you learn that you can never defeat me."

"That is not true! I have already defeated you several times! And why would I ever want to join a Cheese head like you anyway!"

The two glared at each other at their places across the table.

"Ok then. May the best ghost win."


A silence fell across the room as the two readied themselves for battle. Finally, Danny broke their tense silence.

"Got any threes?"

"Go fish."

*Random shows up bruised and battered*

Random: Owwww…

Danny: I told you not to touch that!

Random: But it was so pretty!

I never did catch Desiree. :/ Maybe someday…. ;)

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