So, I'm really on a roll! Well, best to hit the ground running. I've already hinted at the crux of the third installment of Star's Journey, but none of the details. I've leaked very little of what happens in this one, and I'm very proud of myself. :D

This time, I've got this opening blurb where it's supposed to be on the first try. You are welcome.


The Story Thus Far…


13-year-old Star of Rin once lived a normal life, though she has always known without a doubt that she is destined to do great things in time. Her father, Rowan, was once an unlikely keeper of the bukshah; he is now a famous hero, and the Titan of Earth—one of four keepers of deep, Dragon borne magic. Her mother, Zeel, was once captain of the Traveler forerunners, and a lost child of their people's feared and ancient enemy, the Zebak. Star is their only child, and a brilliant writer. She has tasked herself with writing down the adventures her parents shared as children, and hopes to write of their land's great histories.

One year ago, Star's mother was abducted by the Zebak, and taken to Habaharan, their capital city. With the help of her three cousins—Alanis, Forley, and Leah—and a Zebak boy—Zan—Star was able to journey to the walled city in the hopes of finding and rescuing her mother. Instead, the companions found themselves trapped without escape, and swept up in the tides of a brewing rebellion.

The Titans of Fire, called Dragon Lords by the Zebak, have ruled over their people with cruelty and malice for years without number, enslaving and conquering without mercy. For many years, the people have grown more and more restless; whispers and rumors of rebellion have spread like wildfire among them. Now, Zan's oldest brother, Zamiel, has taken charge of those whispers, and begun putting them into action.

Star and Forley have been able to disguise themselves as Zebak common folk, and help Zamiel by passing out secret messages to his followers. After several months of hiding, they were discovered by Vivi and Zizi, a pair of thief children who had once tried to rob them. It was thanks to Vivi that Star and Zeel were reunited at last. The four cousins also found a new, safer hiding place in the house of Thora, a local healer, who is determined to be of help with the rebellion.

Through the power of the Earth sigil, which she took with her by accident, Star was given a prophecy. It led her to the place called Rin—a sealed off part of the city, where much of its food is grown, where her father's people were kept as slaves long ago. Forley, Zan, and Vivi agreed to go with her on her quest. There, they learned the true name of Star's people: the Arin, which means the same as gold. This knowledge had been taken from them by the Dragon Lords of old, and lost to the ages until now. Filled with hope and courage by all they learned, the four friends returned to their families and to the rebellion, looking forward to spreading their great feeling to all they meet.

But now Central Control is searching for them; forces are on the lookout for two young men, a young girl, and a ragged child. Zamiel knows this, and is watching them more closely than ever before. And General Azan, the wretched man who owns Zan and his brothers, is always lurking somewhere nearby.

Now, read on…