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Sonic woke up very early the next morning. He wanted to leave so he can prepare for what he was going to tell Amy today. As much as he didn't want to tell her, he knew it was the right thing to do. He carefully slipped himself off of Amy and set her in a comfortable position on the couch. Once she looked comfortable enough for him to leave, he looked around her house for a pen and paper. As soon as he found a pen and pencil, he quickly wrote on the paper, leaving a message. He read the letter over and over again until he was convinced it was perfect. He set it down on the coffee table and quietly exited her house running towards Tails' workshop where he would meet up with the guys. He saw the workshop and casually walked inside without knocking. As he assumed, all the guys were sitting in the living room, watching TV.

"Hey guys." Sonic greeted, making his way towards the couch.

"Hey Sonic!" Everyone replied in sync.

"Alright guys…I need advice." Sonic nervously spoke.

"Uh oh. What did you do?" Knuckles asked.

"N-Nothing. It's about the dare."

"No way! You actually did it?!" Knuckles yelled in shock. Shadow was just as surprised as Knuckles but didn't say anything. Sonic nervously nodded and looked down in embarrassment ashamed of his red cheeks. Knuckles laughed making Sonic even more embarrassed. Finally the laughing stopped when Silver punched Knuckles on his arm. Tails rolled his eyes and made his way next to Sonic.

"Ignore him. At least you had the guts to ask her out unlike someone." Tails referred, looking at Knuckles.

"Today I have to confess to Amy about our relationship…"

"Oh…I forgot about that…" Silver muttered.

"I don't know what to do. I want to tell her in the nicest way as possible. I don't want to hurt her."

"Okay. Obviously she'll get hurt but we understand you don't want to hurt her in that kind of way. Just be honest and hope for the best." Knuckles advised.

"Eh…no." Sonic shook his head.

Shadow sighed and got up. He faced Sonic and looked at him straight in the eye. Sonic awkwardly shifted his feet not comfortable of Shadow's presence.

"Look, Do you love her?" Shadow asked.

Sonic was surprised at the sudden question and wasn't sure how to respond. He put his right hand on his chest and thought back to the good times he had with Amy. He loved how she was into so many things he was such as running and the love of nature. He also loved her personality. So friendly, kind, honest, unique, funny, childish, and so much more. Maybe…just maybe he had always loved her but he never understood it. Somehow, it was hidden somewhere deep within him and until now his true love for Amy had been released. After a while of thinking, he finally found the answer that was always with him.

"I do." Sonic firmly replied.

"Then my work here is done." Shadow exclaimed, sitting down.

"Okay. I know what I'm going to do. See ya guys!" Sonic dashed away, leaving the workshop.

"He better pull it off…" Everyone muttered.

With Amy

Amy woke up a couple hours later after Sonic left when she didn't feel him near her. She sat up and rubbed her eyes looking round her surroundings. She was upset when she figured he left without telling her goodbye but she found a note on her coffee table that was from Sonic. She took the letter and read it slowly.

Morning sleepy head! I had to leave early for certain reasons but I just wanted to let you know that I have something very important to tell you and I want you to meet me at the park at 6:30 alright? No need to wear anything fancy. Just wear whatever you'd like to wear. See ya soon! – S.T.H

Amy set the note down and frowned at the note. What did he want to tell her? Why couldn't he just have told her yesterday? Why at the park? Is it something good he wanted to tell her or bad? So many questions swarmed around her head that she started feeling nervous. She looked at her clock and she had 7 hours to do something before she would meet up with Sonic. She didn't want to be alone so she decided to call the girls over for a serious girl talk that Amy desperately needed. She got up and went upstairs into her room to get dressed into something she would wear to meet up with Sonic. She opened her closet and found her favorite black layered lace top with a pair of white jeans and a pair of black braided strappy sandals. She put on a charm bracelet that Cream had given her for her birthday last year and walked to her mirror to make sure she looked fine. She went downstairs when her doorbell rang and ran downstairs to greet her friends.

"Hey Amy!" Everyone greeted.

"Hey girls. I'm so glad you guys could make it. I have so much to tell you." Amy sighed, letting everyone in.

"Sure. We're here to help." Rouge exclaimed, sitting on the couch.

"Okay," Amy said nervously. She sat down on the couch and looked at everyone. "Sonic and I are going out…"

"WHAAAAT!?" Everyone yelled in sync.

"Yup. This is our third day but Sonic wrote me a note saying he has to tell me something important and I'm really nervous that I have to meet up with him at 6:30 today…"

"Uh oh. You have to meet up with him? That's never good." Blaze muttered.

"He could have just told you right?" Cream asked.

"That's exactly my point. Why couldn't he have told me when we hung out yesterday? Instead, he tells me today." Amy replied, confused.

"Something fishy is going on here. How did Sonic ask you out?" Rouge asked, rubbing her chin.

"He just randomly asked me out. He said he was taking a run until he saw my house and decided to stop by. After that, I was going to close the door and he stopped me and that's when he asked me out." Amy explained.

"Hmm…that is certainly not the way to ask a girl out. I believe this relationship is fake." Rouge pointed out.

"W-What? Why would you say that?" Amy asked in disbelief.

"I don't want to be mean or anything but think about it. Someone just randomly asking you out isn't normal. Did he ever tell you why he asked you out?" Rouge asked.

"Well, no but maybe that's why he wants to meet up with me today." Amy replied.

"Sonic can be like the ocean." Blaze pointed out.

"Huh? What makes you say that?" Amy asked.

"He's a boy full of mysteries. Just like the ocean…we don't know what mysteries are under the ocean but we only know so little that it isn't enough. Sure he sparkles and glimmers on the outside but deep down, it's dark, cold, dangerous…who knows." Blaze ended. The girls looked at Blaze silently not knowing what to say. Soon they all clapped.

"So poetic… so beautiful!" Rouge cried, wiping fake tears.

"So deep." Cream remarked, clapping.

"Blaze that was amazing! You should write poems!" Amy suggested.

"Oh that's nothing. I'm just pretty good at these things…" Blaze shrugged.

"Sonic is like the ocean though. Not to mention that he's blue." Amy chuckled. The girls laughed and rolled their eyes at Amy.

"Amy, I believe you have nothing to worry about with Sonic. You're just going to have to wait until you meet up with Sonic. Whatever it is, let's just hope he didn't mean to do it." Cream advised, hugging Amy.

"Thanks Cream. I guess you're right." Amy smiled, hugging back.

The rest of the day the girls spent their time hanging out at Amy's house playing board games, watching movies, and writing poems that Blaze wanted to do. They were all having so much fun that they didn't notice the time and Amy was already 5 minutes late. Once Amy did notice the clock, she gasped and slipped on her sandals and put on her coat. Her friends had already left by then and Amy dashed her way towards the park.

"I guess I'm the late one now." Amy remarked, sighing. Sonic was sitting on a bench looking off into the distance waiting for her. She managed to stop and walked towards him, controlling her heavy breathing. Sonic looked up to her and smiled. He got up and hugged Amy which she hugged back.

"Sorry I'm late. I didn't notice the time." Amy apologized.

"That's alright. I'm glad you came…" Sonic exclaimed.

"So…what did you want to talk about…?" Amy asked, hiding her nervousness.

"Well. You see…" Sonic trailed off not knowing what to say.


"Promise me you won't hate me?" Sonic asked.

"Depends. But sure. What is it?" Amy asked.

"Okay…here goes nothing." Sonic thought.

"This relationship all started off as a dare."

Amy stood in complete silence looking at Sonic blankly with no emotion showing. Sonic looked down not wanting to see her eyes. Before he knew it, he saw a tear splash on the ground. He looked up and Amy had tears in her eyes. The sight of her crying killed him.

"W-What?" Amy asked, her voice cracking.

"This relationship was originally a dare by the boys…" Sonic replied.

"Why?" Amy asked.

"Why what?"

"Why did you have to do it?" Amy replied.

"Well…the boys threatened to hurt me…"

"So you would rather break someone's heart than for some friends to hurt you when you can defend yourself like the hero you are? You're no hero…you're a jerk!" Amy yelled, wiping her tears away.

"N-N-No! Let me explain!" Sonic begged, trying to take hold of Amy's hand.

"Don't touch me. Don't get near me. Don't talk to me. Don't even bother to befriend me again. I hate you Sonic." Amy angrily remarked, running away. The hurtful words Amy had yelled at him broke his heart and himself all together. He knew this wasn't going to turn out well but it was better than for Amy to live a lie. Sonic knew he wasn't going to leave things like this between Amy.

"This w-won't end like this…I'll give her some time to think but after that, I'm talking to her again." Sonic muttered, dashing away.

3 hours later with Amy

After Amy ran away back to her house, she went to the top of her roof to see the stars. She laid all by herself thinking of what Sonic told her. Luckily the night sky was so clear that every star was visible all twinkling down on Amy. She still couldn't stop crying for her heart was shattered. She felt bad for what she had told Sonic as well. She really didn't mean what she said but she was just so mad that she needed to yell something out. She knew she messed things up with Sonic and it really wasn't his fault. She should have expected this. Boys play games like that because boys do that. She did appreciate his honesty but she wished he didn't have to say it to her so soon. What was she going to do now? For once she was actually super happy. But, all of that is gone now.

"I'm sorry Sonic…I d-d-didn't mean what I said…" Amy whispered, whipping her tears.

"I know you didn't mean what you said…" A voice replied.

Amy gasped and sat up. She was surprised at whom she saw. Never would have she thought he would be the first person she'd want to see right now. She simply looked at him not saying anything. Sonic sighed and sat next to her. He avoided eye contact with Amy looked up into the sky.

"Look Ames…let me explain everything alright?" Sonic asked. He heard a soft hum from Amy which meant she was alright with it. He took a deep breath.

"Tails, Knuckles, Silver, Shadow and I were all playing truth or dare and well, the bottle landed on me and I chose dare not really knowing what to expect. I knew it had something to do with you but never would I have thought I'd have to ask you out and stay together for 3 days. The point is…before the game, we made rules where if you pick dare you have to do it. If not, you get punishment and I really didn't want that so I chose to ask you out. But you know what was weird? I wasn't scared of asking you out. I was actually quite excited and happy. As the first two days went by, I started realizing how amazing you were. I saw a different side of you that I had never seen before. After our second day of being together, I realized the third day was soon coming up and that's where I had the choice to either break up with you or stay together with you. I wasn't sure what to do so I asked the guys for advice and thanks to Shadow, he helped me realize how much I had always loved you. It was somehow locked somewhere deep within me and it unlocked when we spent our days together. I really didn't want to hurt you Amy. I'm not that cruel and you should know that.

I honestly didn't want to tell you it was a dare but Silver told me that if I kept it as a secret, the guilt would eat me alive and I really didn't want that. I knew you were going to react like that and I understand but you know what? To sum all of this…I really love you Amy and I actually want to give us a real shot at this relationship thing. I actually liked hanging out with you. I understand if you still hate me but as long as you got to hear my story, it gives me hope. So, I'll be leaving now." Sonic finished, starting to get up.

"W-W-Wait…I guess I overreacted…I can't blame you either. I guess I'm sorry as well. It's just that when were kids, you broke my heart so many times and I guess my love for you was so strong that I didn't get as mad as I do now and all the mean words I said to you today were all the times you ditched me or lied to me. But I don't hate you Sonic. You were one of my best friends since kids and I can't afford to lose someone like you. Will you forgive me?" Amy asked.

"Not if you forgive me first." Sonic replied.

"Alright. I forgive you."

"I do as well."

"So, you really want to give us another shot? But for real this time…?" Amy nervously asked.

"Of course I do. Why Do you think I came back for you?" Sonic asked. Amy shrugged and smiled.

"You are amazing Sonic. Out of all the girls out in the world…you chose me."

"Fate knew all along you and I were meant to be together," Sonic replied wrapping his arm around Amy. Amy laid her head on Sonic's shoulder and Sonic softly laid his head on Amy's. Both hedgehogs looked up into the sky admiring the beauty of the stars.

"Funny how a 3 day dare would make us go through all of this huh?" Amy asked.

"You got that right." Sonic replied.

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