A/N: This idea stemmed from RPS and I thinking of what would happen if Kai had too many fans. This is the result. Please enjoy the hilarity that will ensue.


Kai couldn't believe that after the stunt that got pulled, by who he still did not know, Tyson still had the audacity to laugh at him. It all started when someone leaked Kai's address, and not just the one in Japan – no it was all of them around the country, on national television, which had then become international television. Kai was not entire sure it wasn't Tyson who had leaked the addresses out but had no definitive proof. The result of said stunt was Kai going into hiding to avoid the massive amounts of fangirls and fan boys, because Kai attracted everyone. He went so far as to shave his head because he couldn't catch a break. When the tensions finally wore down, Kai finally returned to Japan silently. Now he stood before Tyson, the guy he was madly in love with, with a bald head and an aggravated expression. Tyson took one look at Kai, and his bald head, and burst out laughing. Loud, obnoxious, annoying, and contagious laughter. Kai simply glared and pushed past the bluenette, lest he feel the urge to laugh at his own predicament.

The real issues started that night however. Kai and Tyson were watching movies on the couch together – something they did often when it was just the two of them – and it appeared to Tyson that Kai had fallen asleep. He couldn't blame him, a flight from New York to Japan with a stop in London was tiring. But his first thought was not on Kai's jet lag and lack of sleep. No, Tyson's first thought was to take advantage of Kai's shiny bald head. And he just happened to have a set of permanent markers on the side table next to the couch. So he grabbed it and started carefully drawing and writing on the smooth skin. He stopped constantly to make sure the Russian was still sleeping. The last thing he wanted was to have to explain this to the duel toned male. He drew typical teenage boy immature things like penises and wrote about being the best, and that Dranzer sucked compared to Dragoon. Overall it took him a couple of hours to cover Kai's head in ink. And not just one color, no he had more than just black. Through the entire time of Tyson drawing on Kai's head he was awake and fully aware of what was going on. But instead of stopping Tyson, Kai started formulating a revenge plan.

He put said plan in place the next day. He ignored Tyson's snickering as if he had no idea what had been done to him. He was able to explain his plan to everyone else on the team, including Grandpa Granger, secretly. That included the Blitzkrieg Boys who arrived that morning. It was perfect when Tyson suggested swimming and as Tyson went to gather his stuff for the trip Kai explained his plan to everyone separately. He refused to go on the trip even when Tyson begged.

"Please Kai!" Tyson whined, following the Russian everywhere. Tala, Bryan, and Spencer watched the two amused. They knew Kai wouldn't go even if he wasn't bad and had multicolored ink on his head. It took Bryan everything he had not to laugh at the bright pink penis that was on Kai's head. But one glare from Kai stopped the laugh in his chest.

"No Tyson. I'm not going" Kai shouted slamming the door to his bedroom in Tyson's face. He heard the younger teen groan before leaving. After a few more minutes of footsteps running around it grew silent. Tala knocked on Kai's door and told him that everyone had left for the pool. Kai waited for about ten minutes before following the group, with Bryan and Tala in tow. Kai managed to sneak into the men's changing room, grabbed Tyson's clothes from Ray – who had been the one in charge of taking them for Kai – and sneak back out without anyone noticing. He handed the clothes to Tala and Bryan who left immediately to hide them.

Once the two Russians were out of sight he returned to the dojo and started collecting most of Tyson's clothes, leaving a few of his most embarrassing ones in the closet, which he packed away in boxes for Tala and Bryan to hide when they returned. Kai had no clue where they were hiding the clothes and frankly he didn't care. It served the loud mouth right for drawing all over his head – with such bright colors too. By the time Tyson would realize that his clothes were missing Tala and Bryan would be done hiding them. And kai wouldn't even ask for the location until his head was clean of all the rainbow colored ink.

Ray sent Kai a text about half an hour after Tala and Bryan returned from wherever they had hidden everything. All there was left to do was to wait. And he did. He waited in anticipation for everyone to return to the dojo. He couldn't wait to see the look on Tyson's face when he saw the few clothes he would have to wear for the next week. Kai almost started laughing as he thought about it. Almost…but he did have a reputation to keep up.

Hilary yelled at the boys to get out of the pool so they could return to the dojo, which had practically become home to them. It was getting late in the afternoon, not that they had left that early really, and they had stuff to get done. Hilary herself only knew of part of the plan. Her job was to distract Tyson long enough for Kai to do whatever he planned. He probably knew she would disapprove of whatever it was. So when she heart Tyson scream about his clothes missing all she could do was laugh. Tyson should have known not to mess with the older Russian. He knew how to get his payback when he wanted to. And it seemed he succeeded. That meant Hilary, as well as the rest of the team, had to listen to him complain about not having his clothes. And he was getting some looks as they made the short walk home. Hilary was prepared for this, knowing how Tyson could be. What she wasn't prepared for was the loud scream he gave when they returned home. She didn't miss the smirk that came across all four Russians' faces. What the hell did they do?

"Where are all of my clothes?" Tyson shouted running into the living room. He was still in his swimming trunks and had a frantic look on his face. Immediately his face locked onto Kai's smirking one. "What did you do to them?"

"They're hidden. Until every trace of ink is off of my head you have to wear what is in your closet" Kai replied calmly. He had gotten the reaction he had expected. Tyson stared at him, which Kai returned full force, before turning and going back into his room. He came out wearing a bright baby blue t-shirt and matching pants. It was the best choice from the selection Kai had given him to work with. That didn't stop the stares though. Or Max and Tala laughing. Loudly. Tyson glared at Kai, knowing that he couldn't get out of this. Or could he? Kai liked to take showers early in the morning. If Tyson could get up early enough he could retaliate. But that meant getting up…it was worth it, Tyson decided. With that he began to formulate a plan for his retaliation.

A/N: This was originally supposed to be a one shot, but when I planned out the pranks I felt it should be more than that. So it'll be a mini-series. Please review!