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The rest of the afternoon and evening seemed to drag on for Kai. Tyson had yet to come out of his room again so Kai wasn't sure if he had found the fake Dragoon yet or not. The extra time allowed him to explain what he had done with the real Dragoon to Kenny so that when Tyson did discover that his beyblade was different than it was the day before, the younger teen didn't freak out. He wasn't happy about it, but Kenny calmed down when he heard that Kai hadn't harmed the blade in any way.

When Tyson finally emerged from his room, wearing the new clothes he had bought with Kai's money, it appeared that he hadn't noticed the swapped blades. It irked Kai on two levels. One because his revenge was going unnoticed; two because Tyson was supposed to be a champion beyblader and should have been able to notice the difference immediately. Dragoon should have been like a second hand to him, and always be on his person.

"So Chief, when are you gonna be done with Dragoon? I wanted to get some practice in tonight." Tyson asked when he came back from the kitchen with a plate of food in his hands. Kenny shot a quick look to Kai before turning his gaze to Tyson once more. He forced a surprised expression onto his face, which wasn't hard since all anyone could see was him mouth. One day he needed to get a haircut.

"Tyson I don't have Dragoon. Are you sure he's not in your room?" Kenny asked, even his voice sounded confused. Kai genuinely was confused; he knew he put the fake Dragoon in the same spot as the original. It had to still be there.

"Did you let it fall to the floor?" Tala asked his tone held a mocking undertone. Bryan snickered and Spencer's lips twitched in an amused smile. Max's shook his head with a smile while Ray let out a mix of a snort and chuckle at Tala's way of making fun of Tyson.

"I think I would have realized if Dragoon was on my bedroom floor." Tyson retaliated with frustrated. He was not happy that Tala, of all people, was giving him hell for losing Dragoon. If it had been any of his teammates he would have been more willing to accept the criticism. But it wasn't; it was the captain of the Russian bastards team.

"Are you sure? When was the last time you actually cleaned your room?" Ray chimed in with a devious smile of his own. Tyson groaned dramatically, almost dropping the half-eaten plate of food as he exaggerated his movements.

"What are you, my father?" Tyson asked sarcastically as he set the plate down to save the rest of his food. Unfortunately for him, Grandpa Granger heard the entire conversation and ran, or rather jumped, into the room with his kendo stick and nearly hit Tyson. Said teenager was able to get out of the way just in time, tossing his plate onto the nearest stable surface to save it.

"Tyson! Go clean your room homie! I wasn't have you living like a pig!" Grandpa Granger shouted, unnecessarily loudly, in Tyson's ear. Tyson responded by screaming and fell onto his side. All three of the Russian bladers and Kai laughed at the interaction.

"But Grandpa! My room is clean enough!" Tyson tried to convince Grandpa Granger that his room was clean, and that there was no reason for him to clean it more. The elder however knew that Tyson's definition of clean was vastly different than the actual definition, and he wasn't about to let Tyson get out of cleaning.

"Tyson if you don't go clean your room this instant I'll ground you and make you help around the dojo for a month." Grandpa Granger insisted, moving to hit the blunette with his kendo stick again. That encouraged Tyson to move away and run into his room. Grandpa Granger gave a satisfied nod before walking out of the room again to go do whatever he was doing before.

For the next couple of hours Tyson remained in his room actually cleaning, with Ray and Kai coming in to check on him a few times to make she that he was doing what he was supposed to. Kai mainly wanted to see how long it took him to find the toy Dragoon and raise hell about it. His answer came shortly after the second time Kai had checked in on him. The shocked scream he gave out rang throughout the entire dojo before the world campion ran out of his bedroom and into the living room with the fake Dragoon in hand.

"Alright you guys who took my beyblade?!" He shouted, showing the fake beyblade to the room. Since Kai had built it so well at first glance it was hard to tell the difference. It wasn't until Tala started laughing that those closest to Tyson took another look at the blade. There were two big differences between the fake and original and once small. The first was the size; the toy was larger than the actual Dragoon blade was. The second was that the weight was vastly different. The minor difference was that the attack ring was a slightly different shape than the original. Since Tyson and Kenny were the two that knew Dragoon so well, the differences were hard to spot.

"Damn he noticed. How long did it take?" Tala asked as his laughter died down. He and Kai had a bet going on to see how long it took for Tyson to notice the difference. Kai's eyes were locked onto Tyson's face as he waited for a response.

"As soon as I picked it up. It's obviously not Dragoon, the attack ring is wrong." Kai let out a sigh at the fact that Tyson noticed the attack ring before he noticed the size. He had made the size obvious, but the attack ring was only off by a few centimeters at the most. Kai shook his head at Tyson's observation skills. Had that been any other blader they would have noticed the most obvious change first before the smaller details. Still, at least Tyson noticed something was off about Dragoon. Though it was disheartening that he didn't notice the weight difference, it was a toy after all.

"Did you notice anything else different about Dragoon Tyson?" Tala asked, an unamused expression on his face. He had hoped that Tyson would have noticed more than one difference. It wasn't like Kai had only changed one thing between the actual Dragoon and the toy. Even an idiot like Tyson should have noticed the differences.

"Well the size is wrong and it's a bit lighter than it had been before…" Tyson's eyebrows furrowed as he looked down at the fake Dragoon thoughtfully. Kai let out another sigh before deciding to end Tyson's misery, somewhat at least.

"It's a toy Tyson. It's much lighter than Dragoon is because it's plastic." Maybe Tyson was as dense as he had thought originally. That was a pity really because there was a time when he thought that the blunette was actually getting smarter. He was apparently wrong.

"Well of course it is. Why would you build a new beyblade just to trick me?" Tyson laughed, trying to act as if he had noticed the plastic toy rather than the actual beyblade he was used to. In his anger at having Dragoon switched he hadn't realized all of the differences right off the bat. Max laughed as well as he shook his head.

"Maybe he thought that would be too hard for you to figure out the difference." He commented causing the rest of the room to erupt in laughter.

"Whatever!" Tyson huffed before crossing his arms and turning to look at Tala directly, who he believed had switched Dragoon out. He knew that their comments were all in good natured fun but that didn't mean it didn't have an effect on him. "Give me Dragoon back now."

"I'll give you Dragoon back as soon as you finish cleaning your room. Get to it." Kai replied, taking Tyson's attention off of Tala and onto himself. He was not going to let Tala take credit for his work, even if the redhead had helped him. Tyson huffed again but said nothing as he turned around and returned to his room. He was no longer in the mood to argue with Kai and instead would use the time to think of his next prank. He'd get Kai back for taking Dragoon; he just needed to figure out what to do next.

He spent the rest of the evening and much of the late night cleaning his room and thinking up a plan to get Kai back. He wanted something creative and something that would anger Kai as much as he had angered Tyson by switching Dragoon. Stealing Dranzer would piss him off but it wasn't creative enough. He needed something just as important to Kai…

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