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Took awhile to get this out. Not sure what to do with the Olympians as they're rather young for immortals. Figure They were not always the way they were in Percy's time and that events mellowed them out.

The Darkness is kinda high in hindsight. At least that's what I experienced going from numb to feeling is like, a bit of euphoria, then balance.

Kind of rushed the end because I wanted to get on with the story and away from the Gods since I haven't decided on how to flesh them out yet.

'Life,' Evaedir mused to himself 'is a truly strange journey.'

It had been about three hours since Artemis had left him alone in the hallway, and after the first half hour of listening to the Dark's complaints of boredom, had reluctantly offered to play a game of Hearthstone with it. Fortunately he was now calmer and could no longer feel the being he was playing against.

Which meant he was now playing a card game with an eldritch being of incomprehensible power. A being of incomprehensible power and malevolence in the form of a rather cute octopus holding up several cards. The being in question was so friendly that if he still couldn't recall with perfect clarity the sheer malevolent darkness the being infused him with, he might even think it was a kind being. It was a scary talent the being had; the ability to mask its malevolent nature. 'Then again some shadows just can't be seen through.'

I win again Lews Therin.The familiar echoing voice declared smugly, octopus eyes curving in a smile. That makes fifteen wins for you to my thirty. Again?

'Who's Lews Therin? And sure why not.' The druid sighed in exasperation with the situation. 'What are the Gods doing in there that's taking so long anyways?'

Oh they forgot about us some time ago, currently they're arguing about Zeus cheating on Hera again and spawning some wretched baby called Heracles. The octopus remarked, whilst shuffling its Warlock deck with six tentacles, the other two scratched the side of its head. As for Lews Therin, he was just someone whose soul fights against me every other cycle of his world. The cyclical nature of that world has trapped both him and my fragment in endless combat. I rather like him, he is a good opponent.

'You like someone that challenges you consistently? I thought you hated Zeus for the same reason?' the druid quirked his eyebrow at the octopus while he finished shuffling his Mage deck.

Zeus challenged me knowing exactly what I was. Lews Therin knows he's facing something beyond his understanding, yet perseveres regardless. Totally different situations. The Dark Octopus declared airily, his tentacles flipping a coin to determine who had the first move.

'So you just hate being challenged when they understand your nature then?' Evaedir clarified, playing the first move. 'Not the strangest form of pride, but it is there.' He mused to himself, remembering the spike of pain the Dark had inflicted when he got too "sassy" earlier that day. 'Though it does seem friendlier now. But appearances are deceiving with this one.'

More or less, the octopus "shrugged" and played its turn. For the past few hundreds of years I spent attached to you, I have mellowed. A side effect of the euphoria of experiencing your emotions in your memories. It was… addictive. The octopus eyed him with a disturbing level of hunger that made the druid uncomfortable. Not to say the euphoria will stay. Eventually I will find an equilibrium as the metamorphosis between us continues.

That the Dark was apparently drugged on his emotions was a direction Evaedir did not want to go towards at the moment. 'So… when you "experimented", did you leave any survivors?' the druid changed the subject with a shudder, whilst playing his cards. 'Sane survivors that is.' He considered it further. 'Sane and non-monstrous actually.'

The octopus eyed him knowingly over its Hearthstone cards. Seeking allies then? I don't mind, though you are not likely to meet any time soon, there are in fact two others such as yourself, the rest I absorbed into my realm. The Octopus eyed its bulbous head as it pondered whether to share information. One is in stasis until I decide where to send it, the other is in a state of conflict for its soul. That's what happens though when you consume a Prime Evil in an attempt to strip it of its power.

'I'm not sure I want to know what a Prime Evil is. Though I am surprised you haven't chosen a side, or is this a test for that person?' The Arch Druid received a legendary card of himself and played it with a quirked eyebrow. 'Did not know I was even in this game at this point. But the card's effect is ironic…' Evaedir eyed the card that would sacrifice itself for other friendly cards. 'Annoyingly ironic.' He eyed the octopus. 'I wonder if he influenced the makers to add that card to the game.'

It was already decided that the Nephilim would win. The Prime Evil simply does not have the same drive to live as immortals have trouble comprehending death. The God of Slaves snickered at the Arch Druid legendary and played his counter. The one in stasis interests me more. They are both more eldritch than mortal, yet retain much of their sanity and memories. Once they have pieced themselves together again I shall decide what to do with them.

'So no help from that end for now.' Evaedir made a sound of agreement while he eyed the game board dubiously as he probed the Dark's defenses. 'So I have been wondering. You mentioned earlier in the day that you had a "right direction" for the Gods to move in. What exactly do you want me to be doing with or for them?'

The Dark Octopus smirked at the druid as it shored up its defenses for the next turn. My actions are causing large ripples in the metaphysical community. So for now you would best serve me if you were to keep an eye upon the demigods here to build good will amongst the fragments of my associates. Eventually I will send you to other lands to continue that effort.

Evaedir stared at the octopus with a curious expression even as he set up his own trap for the God before him. 'There are other manifestations present here? Also aren't demigods notorious for getting into insane amounts of trouble?'

The cephalopod made an acknowledging hum while eying him knowingly. Though it did show a flicker of displeasure at the druid's trap. Most will approach you, some will test you, and others might hunt you. Though I am keeping this location hidden, the ruse will not last forever. Few will actually care about you, other than to figure out what I am doing. While not the most powerful, I do exercise some of the highest control of my domains. And yes, you will come to hate demigods.

'Dangerous odds and horrid luck aren't that odd for a champion of Azeroth.' He sent in a deadpan tone, even as he began his own offensive against the eldritch octopus.

Perhaps. The octopus smiled with a malicious undertone, before narrowing its eyes on its cards. It would seem that this is your win. Just in time too, Athena finally remembered you. Apparently you being found in Athens triggered another argument between them all. The cards and board all evaporated into a black mist that faded in seconds. You won't be in fatal danger so long as you show respect.

'What about other dangers?' The druid sent the irritated thought back at the octopus, which only let out a soft chuckle as it evaporated. 'Bastard.'

Straightening the druid awaited the summons by the large ornate gates. Muffled shouting was heard through it. 'This… may take a while.'

It took about half an hour for the shouting to end, before the druid finally heard a man's voice proclaim grandly that he may enter. During this time the druid had mainly continued to gnaw upon the information the Darkness had continued to feed him. It was remarkably friendly to him, though he suspected that was in an effort to open his soul to its presence faster. It was hard to forget the feeling of the being's essence after all.

Walking through the gates into the throne room of Olympus, the druid had to admit he was impressed. Twelve thrones, each gleaming resplendently while showing the traits of the fifteen foot tall God enthroned upon them, sat in a perfectly formed semi-circle.

The room was massive in scale and was gilded in bronze, silver, and gold veins that poured across white, gray, and black marble. Every single marble tile and metal vein all branched out from a hearth in the center of the room, where a small white toga-clad girl poked the coals next to a man whose sleek form was cloaked in dark shadowy garbs.

The power gathered in this room was impressive, such as he had not seen since he was before the Titans in his own universe. Though as impressive as their power was, it was dwarfed by the eldritch being he was now bound to. A being that apparently had a father out there, a father that presumably was much stronger than the being in question.

While manifestations are present in most universes in some form or another, it's very rare that the Olympians are one of them. The Dark's familiar tone drawled languidly in his mind's ear. I would be lying if I said I had no equal. But certainly none from this batch might match me. Unless imbued with power from my counterparts that is.

'When I heard he challenged you… well I expected so much more.' Was the response, even as the druid bowed towards Zeus, the god upon the most ornately gilded throne depicting the God's domains. "Greetings upon you, most esteemed divines. I am Evaedir Tedronai, and I have come as I have been summoned."

Evaedir cautiously watched the stern face of Zeus take in his greeting. The God was dressed in an opulent storm gray toga to match his cloudy hair and beard. Both hair and clothes had bolts of lightning dancing across the surface.

Zeus watched him silently, building the tension in the room until the younger Gods shifted uncomfortably at his unblinking gaze, while his brother and sisters merely watched in exasperation at the drama. Finally after long moments of silence Zeus spoke, his voice stern and uncompromising, with a faint crackle of static.

"My daughter tells me you claim to be of other worlds. She tells me you claim to have been brought here against your wishes. That you seek a way home. Should you have been telling the truth, why should we let you go? Your claims of having fought on multiple worlds does not imply you are a peaceful lot. So answer me this. Why should I risk war with another world, when I could so easily halt the threat here and now?" As Zeus spoke his voice became more unyielding, and began to demand obedience from the druid. His clothes had lightning crawling across at an increasing pace, as well as his opulent throne.

'Suggestions?' Evaedir sent nervously to his benefactor, while he warily eyed the foreboding God.

Appeal to his ego that works most times against him. I am discussing things with a contemporary so be cautious, I won't be able to intervene directly. Came the distracted sounding response from the Darkness.

'Are you seriously doing that now?' Evaedir hissed incredulously, only to receive silence from the being.

Saluting Zeus as he had saluted Artemis the druid bowed his head. "King Zeus, I offer my solemn vow that I, and my people, are not the sort to seek other worlds to conquer. We have only ever fought against other worlds to defend our own against the Burning Legion. Furthermore, I was informed that any hope of reaching home would need the help and guidance of Olympus. I would never betray an ally, least of all one I am dependent upon."

Evaedir did the best to speak as truthfully as he could and push as much sincerity into his words as possible, while avoiding looking at the unmistakeable figure of Apollo.

Even so he saw out of the corner of his eye the Sun God nod at Zeus from where the God was seated upon a golden throne depicting arts, archery, and the sun. The fair faced God wore a toga that shone with the colors of the setting sun, and his voice echoed with a warmth that filled the room as he spoke.

"The Arch Druid speaks the truth, Father. This one means no harm to Olympus, for now at least."

The King of Olympus raked his eye over the Night Elf contemplatively before taking in how the other Olympians had taken Apollo's verification. Some nodded, others shrugged, and a few shook their heads.

The entire time the council came to a silent agreement, the elf did not raise his head. He knew he was on thin ice, regardless of the promised protection of the Dark. It was hard to trust something that corroded reality with its mere presence.

The druid was brought out of his tense thoughts as Zeus spoke again, this time his voice contemplative as he eyed the elf. "So tell me 'Kaldorei', what should be done with you? You seek the aid of the Olympians, yet favors from the Gods are earned, never given. What is it you would offer, in return for our efforts in aiding you?"

Blinking at the feeling of something shifting that he couldn't quite place, Evaedir set his eyes upon the stern visage of Zeus. "King Zeus, I would of course aid your children, protecting and teaching them as I am not bound by the Laws of the Ancients. I could also aid the nature deities manage the wilds in my nature as a druid. My skills are quite many and I would do my utmost to aid Olympus in return for the aid Olympus would offer me. You have my word."

"Your word holds little value when we know so little of your character. However… if you were to swear upon the river Styx to meet those terms, we would not be opposed to offer aid." Zeus' stern voice echoed in the room as the Gods eyed the Arch Druid with evaluating gazes.

"I would assume that the oaths sworn upon the Styx are binding?" Evaedir asked cautiously. 'If it is binding, my wording will have to be very clear.'

"Of course," Zeus scoffed as though it were common knowledge. "It is how important contracts between Gods are settled. However when a mortal swears upon the Styx, the breaking of the oath results in fatal punishment."

"In such a case then I would request that the wording be satisfactory to both parties so that neither feels taken advantage of." Evaedir eyed the King of Olympus calculatingly. Zeus was considered rather cunning if paranoid, so he would have to watch the words quite carefully.

"A reasonable request of our guest. Athena will act as mediator in the making of this contract of course, as will Apollo." Zeus declared while Athena gave a proud nod in contrast to her half-brother's lazy wave.

'This... may take a while.'

In the end it took five hours to sort through the various requests of both parties, and left each side feeling they had gained the better deal.

Granted Evaedir was fairly sure that the Darkness had been active during the meeting several times Zeus seemed to eye him with suspicions that faded soon after. Not that the druid would complain. He had had enough angry Gods of various sorts after his head to last several lifetimes.

The contract drawn between the Olympians and Evaedir ultimately came to a few simple facts amongst the dozens of minor agreements and legal jargon.

He would not interfere in Olympian policies, nor choose a side in a dispute amongst them, and most importantly not oppose the rightful king of Olympus.

He would help defend Olympus should it come under attack, and aid in the training and protection of their children.

The Olympians would aid him in seeking a (stable and safe) method of traversing worlds or realms.

The Olympians would also offer basic supplies and various other commodities that he would need to protect and defend their demigod children.

Both sides agreed to help maintain the balance of the world's nature, and to defend the wild from poachers and defilement.

In the end the list was long and signed by Evaedir and the twelve Olympian Gods, who had issued forth the first two demigods he was to watch over, Jason and Herakles. Jason was the younger of the two, a young child of three, whereas Herakles was approaching his ninth year.

He had been told that they were to be trained and protected by him until their fifteenth years of age, where they would depart from his protection to make their own ways in life.

The only thing to note of that part of the meeting had been Evaedir gaining Ares' approval when he smiled deviously at being told to train the demigods.

Cenarius had been a strict taskmaster, one that he would draw inspiration from. After all, sometimes you had to break someone in order to make them mend that much stronger.

In the end he was given a few weeks to acclimatize himself to the maps of the lands and landmarks before he was sent out.

The only problem he found was in those weeks the Darkness was silent, something that gave him a very ominous feeling. A feeling he would have paid so much more heed to had he known of the machinations behind the curtain of reality taking place.

Though only two major turning points happened while Evaedir was busy with the Olympians. One was the finding of an innocuous leather-bound book, with a clasp of two entwined tentacles that seemed to move whenever the bearer of the book looked away.

The other was the arrival of a boat bearing a traveling play onto an island, where a man dressed in flowing yellow robes stepped onto the world with a smile hidden behind a yellow cloth mask.

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