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Chapter 1

Roxanne Potter, aka Roxy, was the only child of the deceased James Potter and Lily Potter nee Evans. Roxy was very thin for her age and was a bit too pale to be considered healthy, and to her embarrassment, is also short. Her raven black hair was always cut very short like a boy's by her Aunt Petunia as she did not want Roxy to be pretty in any way, considering herself to be the most beautiful women in the whole world and it didn't help that Uncle Vernon would compliment and brag about his very beautiful wife. If you ask her, Aunt Petunia looks like a demented short-necked humanoid giraffe.

Roxy's favorite feature is her emerald green eyes. But her most hated feature was her lightning bolt shaped scar on her forehead as it is always a reminder that she does not have parents and also, that she is famous for something that her mother did. And another thing that she was not too sure that she liked it or not, was her magic. Although, there were a lot of times ever that it saved her often from trouble ,at times, she wished that she did not have it at all, because there was a very good chance that her parents would have been alive today if they did not have magic. If she was given a choice to stay in the magical world after graduating from Hogwarts or give up magic and live in the non magical world and complete her missing education, she would probably take the second choice immediately.

Back to the present for a moment, Roxy was twitching like crazy as she glared at the huge pile of paperwork that is so innocently in front of her, wishing that it would combust and she could cackle evily like Voldymoldy. Roxy felt like banging her head on the desk that she was sitting behind. All of the things that could have gone wrong, this have to beat anything and everything that ever happened to her in the past. Roxy had somehow became a ruler like a Queen? King? to a country filled with bat- shit insane Shinobis.

Since everyone is confused on, how this happened, a somewhat short summary of how this happened, will be explained. It started when Roxy had returned to Privet Drive after completing her second year at Hogwarts. As soon as Roxy stepped through the door and into the house, Aunt Petunia had informed her that all of them, including her, were going to a place just off of the coast of Japan with a very rich client of Uncle Vernon's in two weeks. And since they were not going to waste their money on an interrupter, Roxy was given books and was ordered to learn to speak Japanese fluently and also to be able to write in kanji as well as she writes in English. (Good thing Roxy cheated a bit with her hidden books just in case she ever want to run away to another country, a translation spell that she found in a textbook about a century ago when she went into the kitchen and asked for a place to be in private. The house elves showed her happily to the Come-And-Go room. For some wizards, they sure don't have a lot of imagination)

Two weeks later, Roxy had packed everything important (like her photo album, her cloak, her bank key, letters from her friends, and other things that she would never leave behind) to her in a change purse that has a permanent expansion charm on it. And the rest of her things were put in a second hand suitcase that her Aunt or Uncle got at a thrift store, just in case so that they wouldn't notice of her having a 'freak's' stuff. Roxy also told Hedwig that if she is not back in two weeks and if she was not dead by then, to come and find her if possible, but make sure to take it easy while flying.

A couple of days later, Roxy found herself on the client's yacht, alone with her relatives and staff as company. Apparently, Gato, Uncle Vernon's very rich client, was already at the place that they will be staying at. According to the staff on the yacht, they will be stopping in a place called Mist Country. But before they were able to reach their stop, a huge ass turtle with three tails appeared in front of them and it was bigger than the yacht itself. And with one swing of one of its tails destroyed a third of the yacht.

Roxy was thrown off of the yacht, bleeding from her injuries, and into the cold water. She had witnessed through one eye as one half of her face felt like it was torn to shreds. Then everything went silent and just before she blacked out, she began to experience pain like no other pain that she had ever experienced before. It was like something was invading her body with huge amounts of force. Very soon she fell unconscious.

The next time that Roxy woke up, she was in a hospital room. A doctor came into the room after a nurse had informed him that she was awake and made sure that everything was healing properly. Even though, Roxy was unconscious for about a week, her injuries were almost healed. And according to the doctor, the left side of her face was heavily scared, but thankfully her left eye was not damaged at all and they were able to fix her sight and now she does not need glasses at all. And also they told her that she was lucky to be even alive after going through an attack like that.

It was until the next day that Roxy received a visit from someone other than the nurses or the doctor that was assigned to her case. It was a very elderly man with bandages wrapped around his head that came to visit her. He was known as Elder Eiji and he is the Honored Elder and Advisor of Kirigakure. Then Elder Eiji began to explain about what had happened to her.

Apparently, the three tailed turtle demon had attacked them, before for some reason, sealing itself away. Then Elder Eiji began telling her the history of Kiri and of the country itself. Then Elder Eiji explained what Kirigakure is all about and how it was ruled.

"Elder Eiji, may I ask you: why are you telling me all of this?" Roxy asked curiously and with some dread building up inside of her, the same feeling that she went to find the culprit who is after the Philosopher stone

Even though Elder Eiji's face was blank and showed no emotions, but somehow Roxy had a sneaky feeling that basically said that Elder Eiji wanted to smile.

Elder Eiji brake the bad or good news, depending on the person's view, to her, "You, Rokushī –dono, are the new Yondaime Mizukage."

Elder Eiji and the others could not say her name without making a mess out of it, so they began calling her Rokushī as it was closest to pronouncing her name correctly.

Roxy felt like her heart had stopped as she exclaimed, "ME, A MIZUKAGE! WHY!?"

Elder Eiji answered calmly, "The last Mizukage candidate, Yagura, something had happened to him and the Biju, Sanbi no Kyodaigame, had be freed and Yagura had died from that. He was a jinchuuriki (human sacrifice) of Sanbi and now, you are the current jinchuuriki (human sacrifice) of Sanbi. And since there are no more worthy candidates for the Mizukage position, so the council has chosen you to fill it."

So it came as a severe shock to her when she was told that she was the current vessel of Sanbi. But it came as a bigger shock for the Shinobis to learn that Roxy was a witch. This hatred of the magical people was due to someone called Umbridge, who called them half breed trash and non –humans, while asking for their help to stop their Dark Lord. But slowly the citizens and Shinobis have been changing their opinions about the magical people.

About two weeks, came the second major surprise when a small cloud of smoke appeared in her new office and it was revealed that Hedwig was in fact a summons from the Owl Clan that came from Kumo. But since the Owl Clan had no one summoning them at that moment, the Owl Clan moved from Kumo to Kiri and Roxy was able to sign the Summoning Contract. And it did help that the Owl Contract was lost for a couple of decades already. And there was a bonus and a special ability of the Owl Clan; the owls can teleport people from Kiri to England with little effort and within minutes.


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