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Chapter 9- Realizations

For the first time ever, Roxy had the best sleep she has in her entire life. Roxy had woke up to Ron and Hermione sleeping beside her with Fred and George beside them, cuddling with each other. They were all still in the common room, but when they started sleeping, she did not know.

Roxy was also confused, when they fell asleep, she knew that they didn't have a blanket that was patched up too many times with different colored cloths; a blanket created by hand and was treasured for a long time with how it was worn out.

She wondered who placed the mismatched colored blanket on them. Well, she got her answer when a red head peaked came into the common room from the entrance and went back out, shutting the door when he realized he was spotted.

Roxy substituted herself with a couch's pillow and ran after Percy who was seen quickly walking somewhere. Running after him, she faced him as soon as she got right in front of him, thankful of all her training. He wasn't looking at her, looking elsewhere with a desperate concentration. She smiled at him, showing him her pearly whites.

"Thanks, Percy" Roxy spoke with all her heart. They weren't supposed to be sleeping in the common room, and yet they remained there until the sun has risen. Gryffindors were never the quietest of the bunch, so Percy must have carefully worked around them while ushering the other students to their dorm room, being as careful as possible to not wake them up.

Percy blushed, and even though it was minuscule, Roxy could spot it a mile away. He took it all humbly and claimed that it was inly right as an older brother. Roxy smiled even wider when she noticed he didn't mention Head Prefect.

Then, Roxy noticed something when they walked side by side, nobody was around.

"Where is everyone?" Roxy asked Percy. Percy examined her closely, causing Roxy to rub her eyes in effort to try and clear away the red, puffiness that comes during and after crying. "They are all gone for the holidays" Percy reminded, "It's nearly lunchtime, I thought you should know"

Then, Percy spun around and held her shoulders, looking at her dead in the eyes. "Look, I may not be the most social, but if you need anything, just talk to me, alright? You have everyone around you, so don't keep it in." Percy solemnly said. Roxy was momentarily surprised at how determined his eyes looked, but nodded.

"Thanks, Percy" Roxy gave a small smile to the red head.

"Oh." Percy took out a Daily Prophet newspaper out of his pocket and handed it to her. "Congratulations. I'll leave you to read it. You can keep it, by the way." He said before leaving, only stopping twice to check up on her.

Roxy looked at the newspaper with confusion and unfolded the newspaper. She let out a gasp of surprise and relief as she read the title. She let the tears of utter relief, clutching tightly to the newspaper, and read the whole thing.

That was the scene Ron and Hermione came to. The two stopped squabbling about their pets and rushed to their friend, fretting over her. Roxy quickly assured them and shoved the Daily Prophet to their faces.

"Look" Roxy whispered hoarsely. Ron and Hermione read the title and released a gasp of shock


"But...what?!" Ron sputtered. Roxy looked confused for a second before realizing she never told her friend about Sirius

"Oh, I forgot to mention it didn't I?" Roxy said, wiping her tears away, getting up with Ron's offered hand.

"Sirius Black is my godfather who was wrongly convicted..."Roxy trailed off in realization and groaned. Her friends stared like her like they would an alien...or muggle stuff. "I just realized. With Skeeter's tacky and idiotic name calling, I wouldn't be surprised if Sirius would be called The-Man-Who-Was-Wrongly-Convicted, all hyphenate and all." Roxy sneered. Ron gagged in disgust while Hermione scrunched up her face as if she was eating lemon.

"Sorry about that, by the way. My emotions have been out of wack these days" Roxy apologetically said to her friends. Hermione and Ron shook their heads

"What are friends for?" Hermione smiled at her as both Ron and she settled a hand on her shoulders, squeezing it it gently for reassurance. Roxy grinned and slung her arms around their shoulders. "You both are the best friends anyone would die for" Roxy commented with a wide grin, gaining a blush from both of her friends.

But unfortunately, the heart-warming moment was ruined by the ANBU who suddenly appeared in front of her, scaring the life out of Ron and Hermione. Roxy stared at Koori and Shimo with a disappointed look, hoping it would work. But alas, they were ANBU so they don't care.

"Mizukage-sama" Koori and Shimo knelt down in front of her. Roxy reluctantly released her friends to take in charge.

"I'll catch you both later." She waved off her friends who grabbed her arms, wary of the men.

"Are you sure you should be going along with those blokes?" Ron pointed quite rudely to the ANBU as he whispered harshly to her ear. "Do you want us to come with you?" Hermione fretted.

Roxy shook her head. She gave a small, reassuring smile to them and shrugged their arms off gently. "I'll be fine, thanks for worrying. I promise I'll meet you at the Grand Hall for lunch." Roxy tried to set their minds at rest. Hermione and Ron reluctantly backed down and left, looking over their shoulders several times to make sure she is safe.

Until they appeared not to be seen, Roxy gestured for them to follow her. The two and the rest of the ANBU and two of the S.S.S. (Because she was tired of saying Shinobigatana Shichinin Shū), followed Roxy from the shadows, hidden from everyone but her as she can sense them somewhat.

Roxy started heading to the stairs, intent on going to the place Sirius has told her about; the Room of Requirements. She climb the stairs, and headed her way down the Seventh Floor halls, searching for the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy. She had to talk in private with the ANBU plus 2 extras just in case anyone, i.e. Dumbledore, would listen in even if they talk in a different language. Shouldn't be hard with a translation charm.

Roxy thought of her office back in Kirigakure, walking past the door three times. A door appeared on the wall across of the tapestry. She once more gestured for the shin obis to come down as she opened the door.

To her surprise, it was the exact replica of her office. She walked behind the desk nd took out her notes on each other the jutsu she was learning. Every detail, every little notes she wrote, it was the exact same. She rather liked Jutsu more than Magic as they have logic behind it. Wizards tend to blame everything on Magic while the Shinobis would search for every little detail they can find to know what is behind Chakra. Wizard would usually say, "Magic is Magic", while the Shinobi would say, "Chakra is a mixture of Physical and Spiritual energy". That has more detail than the common sense of Wizards.

Bringing herself out her own inner rantings, she dropped the genjutsu she had on her face, unmasking the scar she bore.

Roxy sat elegantly on the seat, as she was taught to by Elder Eiji.

"Report" She ordered with firm voice.

Koori and Shimo stepped up first.

"Sirius Black insists on being a menace to the Ministry to give him a trial. He wanted to do his revenge in...a petty way, claiming it as instead, a 'Marauder Way'. But, with his methods, he was quickly ushered in to avoid more of his pranks. " Shimo's confusion was well hidden, but Roxy could spot a slight stutter in his sentence.

"We had to avoid a lot of Aurors, pulling out Sirius out of the way and often interrupted him in the middle of his set-ups. That is all" Koori smoothly said. Well, that man always had a smooth voice.

But nothing about that was written on the Daily Prophet. They only went on about how Sirius got a trial by who knows how and got compensated by getting 500,000 galleons from the members of the Wizengamot who voted for him to get kicked into Azkaban, each.


Roxy realized, that's when Skeeter has probably been bribed to erase the details of how exactly Sirius got a trial when he was supposed to get a Dementor's Kiss at first sight. Roxy face palmed at Sirius brilliant, but idiotic stupidity. If it wasn't for Koori and Shimo, he would have been caught early on. But no, because it was Koori and Shimo, he wouldn't ever been caught nor sighted except for some huge painting that obviously leads to him. Sirius would be the type to sign his name in bold and bright letter when vandalizing a property.

"Okay...Okay..." She repeated to herself to try calm herself down. Koori and Shimo took it as a dismissal and went back to kneeling down.

"Kuriarare-san. Ringo-san." She called for the members of the Triple S to make their report.

"I don't get why I should team up with them" Ringo-san was offended, Roxy understood.

"The Dementors are dangerous, they absorb all of your good feeling, your good memories, leaving you only with the bad. This is why I trusted you three with this mission to keep the Dementors as bay. I don't want any of the other students to get close with the Dementors." Roxy said to appease her. Luckily, it worked as it boosted her confidence.

"Fine, I accept. But I still don't see the need to team up with them" Ringo-san grumbled underneath her breath, to which all of the people in the room ignored.

"We managed to keep the Dementors at bay." Kuriarare-san said. Roxy frowned, she knew that all of the Kiri-nins had a bad past with the previous man who was too harsh on children, harsh enough to make them not have a childhood. So, all of the bad memories must have surfaced. Roxy searched within her pocket for the Chocolate Frogs she kept for snacks and for Dementor precaution.

"Eat this. This will help" Roxy said as she handed her boxes of Chocolate Frogs to them both and everyone else, just in case they would make a close contact with the Dementors. After making their reports, they knelt back down in their places.

"Ginsui? Amedama?" She asked the next person beside them. Ginsui and Amedama stood up, Ginsui only making his report.

"So far, none of the Professors are acting suspicious. That is all." Ginsui reported. Roxy's eyes narrowed. He was hiding something, even Amedama, but she didn't call them out on it. She nodded for him to know that she has got the message.

The next person was Mizuyane. The ANBU who was in charge of keeping watch over Dumbledore.

"The target has been acting suspicious every now and then. He, at first, would seem like he's scheming, but when one of the members of the staff comes to visit him, he would act his Grandfatherly act." She said. Roxy's eyes narrowed in irritation for that man. It seems like he would always be in her way, and would even more when he learnt of her status. But, this was for the best. For every year, she dread that she would have to face through the trials Dumbledore had been throwing her way even though he was competent enough.

"Keep watching him carefully. And watch out for that phoenix of his. Nobody would ever know whether or not that bird is on our side or on his side" She said.

"Dismissed." She said, watching them get up and bow again, before heading outside of the door. Too bad for them that the windows are not real, so they could not go out that way. She came out of the Room of Requirements, thanking it in her mind, and headed towards the Grand Hall for lunch


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