DONT YOU EVAH DREAM OF SUM PLACE BETTAH WERE THE LITE SHINES BRIGHTER?!" Adakias shouted as he ran down the halls with a bag of sugary sweets in his arms.
It was the thirtieth of May, and for the city of Razia, it meant a magical reunion for all the lineage of royalty.

Adakias, the young prince of darkness, was part of the lineage of royalty, and he was super excited and also on a sugar rush because his amazing grandpa gave him a bag of candy for being such a good little boy.
Pallas, Adakias's older brother, saw what Adakias was doing and scowled. How immature! Pallas thought grumpily. It was Pallas job, as the heir, to act as mature as possible and to stop his younger brother from doing anything idiotic, like marrying a girl from the Light or running around shouting.
"SHUSH UP ADAKIAS!" Pallas shouted over Adakias's shouting. Adakias stopped in his tracks and sniffled.
Pallas snatched the bag of candy from Adakias. "Who gave this to you?" He demanded.
Adakias looked up at Pallas with teary eyes. "Grandpa ded."
Pallas grimaced. "Why that ol' man—" Pallas muttered to himself before dabbling eyeshadow onto his eyelids.
"Pallas, ur my brother, u cared and watched over me, but thars somethin bigerastic, my purpose is those candies." Adakias said, crying.
Pallas was not moved by Adakias's weeping. He stood, stone cold. "Adakias Whateverourlastnameis, candy is bad for you and you don't even know what 'bigerastic' means."
"BROTHER NOOOOO!" Adakias cried out as Pallas threw the bag of candy into the abyss.
"Now then," Pallas said, "It's time for us to get ready for our annual reunion. Come on."

Pallas dragged his brother down the dark and gloomy hall into the dressing room.
Here was where Pallas spent most of his time trying to look emo. Adakias, on the other hand, spent his time trying to mimic the outfits of the Light. Since he only read books about the Light, Adakias's outfit mostly included face paint on his cheeks, an oversized tunic, and twenty light bulbs strapped around his waist.
"Are those lit bulbs really necessary?" Pallas said, his eyes twitching from the heavenly glow the light bulbs displayed.
"Yussss," Adakias replied, starry eyed.

Finally, the dinner bell rang, and the two princes rushed to the dining hall for the reunion feast.