Everyone got their sleeping bags and pillows out, ready to do the traditional Razia sleepover.

"BRO NUUUUHHH!" Shrieked Adakias for the seventy-fourth time today. He wrapped his hands on his light bulbs as Pallas tried to take them away.

"It's time to sleep!" Pallas shrieked over Adakias's shrieking, "those lit bulbs are reelly brit!"

"Wait a minute bruh!" Ahrima shrieked over Pallas's shrieking over Adakias's shrieking, "Lemme use my hair yo." At once, Ahrima's magical, lush hair made the light bulbs magical for the night.

Pallas let go, knowing he was foiled. Pallas took out his knife that was hidden in the eye shadow on his face, ready to stab Ahrima for being 2cool4him.

But suddenly, King Malka thundered in, "U LIEK PLUSHIES TOO?!" He said to Adakias who was also holding a stuffed bear.

"YE!" Screamed Adakias happily.

King Malka smiled, "mah boi, u can marriage mah daughter cause ur soo cool ;D"

Princess Ahnura screamed happily because she knew her father allowed marriage to Addie.

After a few minutes, O came in to turn off the lit bulbs. Suddenly, Nidria stubbed her toe.

"BAKAAAA!" She cried at the wall she stubbed her toe on.

O turned on the light, and signaled Doctor Dumaya to the rescue. Doctor Dumaya was a kind doctor who helped everyone, but he also liked animu so he was really happy to help Nidria with her toe because Nidria spoke Japanese.

"Arigatou." Said Nidria and Doctor Dumaya blushed.

Before Doctor Dumaya could ask Nidria to marry him, Ahrima's hair touched him and burned all the animes out of the Doctor.

"Okey, tiem 2 sleepy every1." O said.

"Can I have my nite lite?" Ahrima asked.

"Yea sure." O responded as he turned on Ahrima's night light and shut the door.

Today was a very good reunion day.

The End.