It was a quiet evening, the sky filled with stars and the moon full shining its light down on the Earth below. A figure sat on a seat outside looking up at the stars. There was a sudden flash across the sky and the figure closed his eyes and made a wish. As he did so a wheezing noise began to fill the air and the light breeze that had been present was now getting stronger. His eyes snapped open and watched as a blue box marked 'Police Public Call Box' solidified into reality in front of him. The wheezing stopped and the wind died down, a flashing light on top of the box also dimming off.

The figure remained seated watching the box with a sense of what was going to come. The door of the box suddenly opened inward and another figure appeared circled by light emitting from the mysterious box.

"Come with me," the figure said in a voice that sounded very like he came from Glasgow.

The seated figure stood slowly and moved forward. He reached the box and placed his hand upon its wooden exterior. For a moment he rubbed it gently feeling the texture under his fingers.

"You better make this a good one," he said slowly to the owner of the box.

"This will be the best adventure you have ever had."

The two men walked into the box and shut the door. Moments later it began to fade out of reality with its usual amount of noise. A minute later the silence of the night settled again.

Several hours passed by and the wheezing noise returned and the box landed back into the garden on the same spot it had arrived earlier. The door opened and the two figures emerged once again, this time the owner of the box was supporting the other as they progressed slowly to the house attached to the garden.

"Thank you Doctor, thank you," the figure breathed out.

"Try not to talk we need to get you inside," the Doctor replied.

As they approached the door, the Doctor pulled out a small device from his pocket and pointed it at the lock. A high pitched noise sounded and the door clicked open. Pushing the door open, they moved inside and into a small living room where the Doctor helped the figure into an armchair beside a fireplace.

"Let's get you warm," the Doctor said.

He pulled out his device again and pointed it at the fire and it sparked into life, flames licking at the wood in the grate. he turned to see the other figure beginning to slip slowly out of this world.

"Doctor, will my family be alright with out me?" he asked quietly, his breathing becoming slower,

"I will make sure they will be," came the reply.

"And will I live on in people's mind?"


With that the figure gave a small smile and closed his eyes for the final time, his breathing slowly coming to a stop. The Doctor moved to the seat and sat down next to the figure.

"Thank you for everything you have done, you will always be remembered Alan Rickman."

With that the Doctor stood and made his way back to his box. As he opened the door he heard a crack of wood in the trees ahead of him. Glancing round the side of the box he saw a doe walking towards the house. It came to a standstill and bowed its head down for a moment before turning and running back from where it had come. The Doctor wiped a small tear from the corner of his eye and moved back into the box and closed the door. Once again and for the final time, it disappeared from reality, peace falling again.

RIP Alan Rickman 1946 - 2016

Thank you very much for reading.