Harry Potter looked around fearfully at his surroundings. It was dark...Barely lighter than his cupboard. It was cold and wet and scary... He had no idea where he was and he kept hearing scary noises.

He stood with caution, keep his eyes and ears open for anything that might attack him. His already timid and heavily traumatised mind was barely able to work without going haywire the longer he went on.

This was not how he expected things to go.

Having gone through another of his Uncle's lectures on doing things right, accompanied by the criket bat this time, Harry had been thrown into his cupboard with a warning that the fire place iron was next if he didn't straighten up tomorrow. It hurt, every second of it. He just wanted it to end. He just wanted to be loved. Why was life always so cruel to him.

As far as Uncle Vernon was concerned, he was a freak.

His thoughts were cut off by a snapping sound, and dread soon followed at the noise that followed. Turning to his right slowly, he saw what was possibly the scariest thing he saw yet.

A pair of yellow glowing eyes in the dark forest night.

He tried to convince himself that it was all in his imagination. But that became impossible when the low, guttural growling began. He whimpered and stumbled back. He had to run...And so he did just that, disregarding the pain entirely as he sprinted. Despite his toddler-like appearance and tiny legs, he was actually a fast runner, having had practice from running from Dudley. However, he was not fast enough. The wolf was catching up fast...


While the dark forest would be an intimidating, and even creepy place for most, there were some that called such a place home. In fact, one such resident was currently enjoying the sights.

It was rare for her to take time to herself, sometimes she couldn't even say hi to her favorite genie girl all the way in Scuttle Town, but she couldn't complain. Rottytops was usually care-free anyway.

As such, when the opportunity arose, the zombie girl would take as much time as she could to enjoy the dark, danky forest that undead like herself could find peace in. She just hoped that something didn't occur as she relaxed on her walk.

But little did she know, fate didn't like to be tested.

Her ears happen to catch a distant sound in the almost black forest depths.

It sounded like a wolf. Huh. No biggie. Wolves weren't so tough, she could take one with just one swing of her arm. She was a lot stronger than she looked. She wasn't gonna track it down, not worth it.

However, another sound changed her mind. A scream of terror and despair...

She wasn't normally one to jump into things; to save people that probably wouldn't even thank her in the end. But if hanging out with Shantae has taught her anything, it's that you can't ignore someone that needed help.

The fact that scream earlier came from a child only fanned the fire.

With her decision made, Rottytops made a break for the sound. She didn't have to travel far to see about five wolves clawing and biting at a small hollow in a tree.

Within the hollow was a terrified Harry. One of the scary doggies had been enough, but as soon as he took shelter several more had taken an intrest in what was happening that they joined their friend. The snarling had been scary enough, but seeing the dogs bear their teeth had made him snap. All he could think about was hiding. All he could DO was hope it would all end soon. He couldn't even stop his cries, and that only seemed to make the angry dogs angrier.

He was crying so hard he couldn't hear the yelps of one of the dogs being hit. He didn't even see who came to his rescue.

"Hey, ya stupid, mangy, smelly mongrels!" A voice sounded out, getting the wolves' attention. "Why don't ya pick on someone your own size, huh?" Rottytops stormed out of the bushes, ready to use her disembodied arm as a bludgeoning weapon. The wolves snarled as they approached her. "Oh, you wanna fight me, huh? Okay, flea bag! BRING IT ON!" Rottytops let out a battle cry and charged at the wolves. One tried to pounce, but she managed to knock it aside with a swing of her arm. "Chew on that, Fido!" She said cockily.

The fight between zombie and beast lasted for a good few minutes. Rottytops managed to knock a few of them out, but some of them were too stubborn to quit. One even managed to bite her leg, but it felt sick as soon as the undead girl's blood touched it's tounge.

Eventually she came out on top, with all the wolves unconcious at her feet. After catching her breath and reattaching her arm, looked down to the leg that was bitten and let out a low groan.

"Not again. The thing that makes it worse is the fact I can't hide it."

Just as she finished her complaint, her ears registered the crying in the tree. Deciding to do what she can, she went to the hollow trunk, only to feel as if her heart was ripped out..again.

"Aw geez..." She moaned at the sight. The child was in the tree. He was bleeding, his bare feet were cut up and scraped, he was cold, he was stick thin, he was crying his little heart out... The sight would have brought a tear to the eye of even Risky Boots

"Hey, are you okay little guy?" The girl asked as she reached out to the child. As soon as her hand touched the boy, saying he flinched would be an understatemen. He yelped and went as far back as he could in the tree to get away from the one who touched him.

He wasn't ready to die. He didn't want the monsters to get him! He needed help!

He was unaware that his savior had just tried to help him. Said zombie was left stunned at what happened, but soon regained her senses as she tried to defuse the situation.

"Heeey, c'mere, squirt. I'm not gonna hurt ya." She assured him gently. "Heh...I haven't eaten anyone's brain in well over a month now!" She joked, trying to lighten the mood. The boy responded by squeaking in terror and curling into a tight ball. '...STUPID!' Rottytops scolded herself, smacking her forehead.

"H-hey, forget that last part, I was just kidding." 'I hope..' She could never really keep track of when some unfortunate soul lost their life in this part of the wood. Hey, zombies gotta eat too, and she wasn't gonna let a fresh set of brains to go to waste.

Now that she thought about it that probably would explain the rise in brainless undead around here.

Unfortunately, her words weren't heeded. Not even heard. The boy was still crying, and by this point he started hiccuping. Now Rottytops was at a loss on what to do. She needed a way to assure the child that he wasn't in any danger. Going out on a limb, she reached out to him and began to gently rub his messy black locks.

Harry flinched at the contact. This was it. This was his punishment for crying! Freaks weren't even supposed to make noise!

...He was confused when the pain never came.

Rottytops sighed with relief when he didn't flinch away. "There ya go, kiddo. That's better. See? I'm not so bad, right? I'm just your average, run of the mill zombie out on a stroll. I don't hurt kids, so no worries." She hesitated before continuing. "Okay...I'm gonna pick you up now, okay? I just wanna get a better look at you."

Harry was hesitant when she told him she was going to pick him up. What if she didn't like what she saw? What if she decided to hurt him like his family did?

Then again... she sounded nice. And she was kinda pretty, too.

He gave a short, shy nod, and that was all the answer Rottytops need.

Gently, so as not to hurt him more, she removed the child from the tree. Once she had done so, she realised just how tiny he really was. He was also really light. That raised several flags in her head. She may not remember much from when she was alive, but she could tell a child was malnourished with a good look at them.

She grimaced when she looked at him, and he flinched. She didn't look happy to see him. However, he was pleasantly surprised. She didn't hit him. She held him against her chest instead. He blinked and looked up at her in confusion. She was...holding him nice? It was...very, VERY comfy... Sure, she was a little bit stinky, but she was also warm and gentle...

Giving the boy a small smile when looked to her, she couldn't help but notice his wide green eyes. She giggled quietly at how adorable he looked.

"There ya go. I'm a nice zombie, aren't I?" She asked playfully.

While Harry was confused as to what a zombie was, it was the last thing on his list of things to ask. What was on the forefront of his mind was why she was being so nice to him.

"Wh-Why-" She interrupted him by putting a finger to his mouth. "Less talky, more resty." She said calmly. "You're pretty badly hurt there. You need to relax, kay?" She pressed his head to her bosom gently. "There ya go..."

If Harry wasn't confused before, he was now. But he didn't have time to think about it as earlier events caught up to him. Finally feeling tired from everything that happened that day, he let ou a sof yawn and nestled into Rottytops' chest. Despite the smell, it was soft.

Rottytops let out another giggle when the child fell asleep. She then saw how peaceful he looked, deciding he was absolutely adorable the he clutched to her clothes as he slept. Shaking her head slightly, she set off back to her carrige so she could set the boy down on a soft bed.

"Alright kiddo." She began as she walked on. "Time to find out where your home is."

She just hoped her spider web picked up gossip of a missing child.