Challenge 8036: My Daddy's a Villain

Sunday, January 03, 2016

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Dark Protectors

Chapter One last act of Love

He sipped his wine and looked into the fire. It had been years since he had thought of anyone with any real fondness outside of his soul mate. He knew full well that he was considered Evil and perhaps even the emetine of the worst of humanity. Yet for all that he had a code. It was strict and it was considered twisted by the so called normal society but, it had been forged to save his sanity. Not that most would ever see it nor understand his motivations. He set the letter down and complicated how he would address the situation. It had been many years since he had been to the United States and going back was full of complications. Not the least of which was what the love of his life would think when she learned that their daughter really was alive. He sighed to think that he had been fooled by the so called protectors of humanity the Council. That they had kidnapped his daughter was bad enough but to leave a broken and burned body had almost broken him and his beloved souls. Rage burned deeply and he knew that one day soon he would visit London and remind them that humans could be far more Evil then Demons. No it would not be evil to end the council it would be justice for every family that ever had a daughter stolen and murdered by being forced into some old men's idea of destiny. While humanity had to be protected surely he and his mate could have helped forge their daughter into a warrior. Then again the council had no idea who they had taken. Well he would remind them soon that it was foolish to be ill informed.

With a deep sigh he looked back into the fire and said a silent prayer for the woman who had been tricked into raising his daughter and for the love and care she had given her. Joyce Summers sounded like a remarkable woman and he was sorry he would never meet her and be able to thank her for her care of his beloved Eliana Arella when she had been stolen. The Council's memory charms had broken and Joyce Summers had learned the truth and loved Eliana enough to ensure that this letter was sent magically to her biological father. Learning of the trouble she went to almost made him believe humanity was worth saving well at least parts of it because she had to use the last breath to empower the spell. It took a lot of magic and the price had been her life when not sending it may have allowed her to get well. He did not even mind it had taken years to catch up. Because frankly those years had been needed to help him be calm enough to now be in a position to help his daughter and it had allowed his wife and he to find many new allies and friends both above, below and within and without the law. They would help her and keep her safe and bring down the bastards that took her.

His mind drifted and he reflected on his daughter who now was called Elizabeth Anne Summers or "Buffy" but he found he quite liked the American name and no one would ever connect it to him as he would never have chosen such a name the one he had picked out had been because he had in his deep desire to connect with his lost friends named his beloved daughter for his most treasured family members. A foolish mistake upon reflection, under normal circumstances perhaps his beloved would have stopped him but they had been so intent on living a "Normal" life. He even given up hunting and killing and had planned on raising his daughter with his beloved wife in a quiet out of the way place. Then she had been kidnapped and he had been powerless to find her or save her. How foolish was that when he still had so many to punish for their sins that and because of who he was he had not even been able to seek the help of the police of FBI when it became clear she had been taken to someplace in America by the Council. It had almost crushed his beloved so no more "Normal" it just led to issues and endangered his family. Now he would be the hunter and protect his beloved family and he could and would keep her true name private between he and his wife. It seemed he that they would both be returning to the United States.

At least his beloved wife could go to his daughter openly and perhaps offer some small protection for her as her former team did know she had a child kidnapped she had told them once she had returned to her career in the FBI. Normal was done and they would never return to it as it had lead them to being fooled once and it had almost destroyed them as a family and he would never allow that again. It had of course destroyed both their desire to be "normal" and they had dove back into their "real lives" which now would turn out to be a nightmare for those bastards in London he smiled darkly as he considered how the Council would deal with a decorated American FBI Agent who now had a multitude of international connections as well. His Wife was certainly not going to be happy with them. Perhaps she would finally lose her desire for the quick kill? One could hope because the members of the council were going to scream and bleed for what they did to them. Well that could wait for the moment revenge after all was best served cold. This Travers character would one day soon be invited for dinner. Hannibal Lector rose and went to the desk and picked up his secure phone and dialed his wife. She had to know what was going on and that their planned meeting place had been changed. One the plus side the Hell Mouth had a rather large weekly death toll so getting Clarice assigned to looking into it would now draw any undue attention. Yes it was time for a family reunion. He briefly wondered what his beloved would think when she learned their daughter had an even higher kill rate then they did? Demons or not he was quite proud. He smiled when he considered his daughter's name inspired fear and her title well that was enough to make him smile. Buffy the Vampire Slayer or "Slayer" yes it was a fitting name for his heiress. His thoughts rambled as a million details and plans began to form. He had a daughter to save and for once the idea of being a white hat was pleasing.

Part Two Someone is going to die

Clarice Starlings mobile rang in the middle of a meeting of the latest gathering of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) based in Quantico, Virginia. She had just returned from an exchange program in South Africa and was reconnecting with some old friends. Aaron Hotchner, Jason Gideon, Derek Morgan, Dr. Spencer Reid and Jennifer "JJ" Jareau along with David Rossi had all met to discuss the latest in profiling serial killers. She missed them all and it was important that she touch base. She had a role to play as the new nominal head of the BAU. Her new role and job was vital to help end those that preyed on the weak and helpless. She would help them hunt down the true monsters those that killed for sport and did unspeakable evil. Then there was her other role not by any means the least of which was to ensure that no new leads had come up on two of the most wanted Serial Killer of all time Hannibal and Dexter not that any in the BAU knew of the latter's true identity. It certainly would not do for them to find leads on her beloved after all Hannibal and now Dexter only hunted the perverted the evil the true monsters and she had no problem helping either man remain free to do their work. She also knew both men would be eager to help protect "Elaina" Hannibal because she was his daughter and Dexter because the snarky Miami detective was her godfather. She picked up the phone and frowned deeply.

"Has something happened Dr. Starling?" JJ asked. She was not as familiar with the senior Assistant Director and was still deeply in awe of her this showed in her almost worshipful speech.

"Yes, a contact of mine has just sent me some data. Hotch have you ever heard of a small town called Sunnydale in California?"

Aaron Hotcher frowned he had heard of the town. Rumors had been ongoing for years. He looked over at David Rossi who looked positively pale. It seemed his collage had heard the rumors and been warned away as well.

"Yes but we have never had a chance to investigate. Each time we were warned away by the local police and mayor as you know we must be invited in."

"Well it looks like we might get a chance now. I just got an email from a Dr. Shelia Rosenberg it seems several of her daughters friends have gone missing. She is listed as a police consultant on the case so there is the invite." Clarice smiled at her beloved ruse. If questioned Shelia and Ira would of course say they had sent the email. They would never risk being exposed as being poor parents as it would damage their careers. Sometimes it amazed her at how ahead of the curve her Hannibal could be. "She had her husband were asked to begin a profile for possible kidnappers but it has turned into murder as several young women have been killed. They both are now asking for backup from the BAU."

"Well that certainly changes things." Rossi said. He leaned forward clearly interested in the possibility of investigating Sunnydale. "Has Garcia begun gathering data for us?"

Hotchner looked over at Morgan who called Penelope Garcia "Hey baby girl we have a bit of a challenge for you."

Clarice brow rose at the almost patronizing tone Derek Morgan seemed to use with the BAU resident technical advisor. She was about to call him on it when the main computer screen showed the tech.

Penelope Garcia was not what one would expect from and as she was an addition since Clarice had gone overseas on assignment.

"A challenge from my dark god oh how fun, hit me Morgan."

Derek chuckled and said. "We need statistics from Sunnydale California police department dealing with missing, and dead people."

"No problomo I shall have it in one second for you." There was silence as her hands flew over the keys then out of now where they heard curses.

"What is it baby girl?" Morgan asked.

"This department has some ridiculously high security system. Heck it's almost as complex as the DOD."

"How would you know about what kind of security the Department of defense has Ms. Garcia I am not certain it is something you should know?" Clarice asked.

"Garcia has done some work for NCIS and the Army CID so she had interacted with their networks." Jason Gideon said defending their resident hacker. She was a vital part of their team and he did not want the by the book Clarice Starling worry about her. Clarice had developed a reputation as being tough but fair and after several close calls she had become a very by the rules agent. While Gideon understood the reasons after her having been betrayed by Paul Krendler he understood her near obsession with following the rules. That fact had saved her career and made her one of the most celebrated profiler in the history of the FBI and law enforcement in general. Other than a brief sabbatical in the early 1980's Claris Starling had spent her life serving the people of the United States and world and he had no desire to have her run afoul of all the team in any way.

Clarice smiled at the tech. "Well I suppose your skills will make our investigation far easier. Can you find the information we need without breaking into the system?"

Jason smiled back he had always been close to Clarice and was glad that she still trusted his judgment.

"Yes Doctor Starling it was just a bit of a surprise. I did not expect such security on a small time police forces site. I am now sending you the details. Wow this is a bit of a surprise. There is no way these results are right. I mean it looks like… no it's not possible this town looks like the perfect place to live except…except it has the highest rate of death I have ever seen. How is it we never checked this place out before it makes every other major city look like Utopia that includes L.A., Detroit and Miami and New York combined as the murder rate is five to ten times higher! Hell you could even add in Boston and not come close percentage wise and that includes figuring in the "Saints" hunting down the mob."

"How is that possible?" Dr. Spencer Reid asked as he looked at the data Garcia sent the team. "This is Impossible? There are no reports of PCP being found in the town yet the rate of gang related deaths to PCP is over 25 percent?"

"Well we will be looking into it. We have a case. "Aaron said as he looked down at his phone it seemed that this was now his team's case with the assistant director assigned to help them. Someone had called in the big guns.

"Then perhaps we should all get ready to go. I have a go back in my SUV." Clarice said softly. She also knew that Hannibal would have a house ready for them as well as all she needed. On the positive side with the turnover in the town few would take notice of strangers so he should be able to blend right in. He was most certainly going to go hunting the ones that threatened their daughter and for once she planned on joining him such a high death rate would prove most…helpful in disposing of the bodies even if the BAU was with them. He would enjoy the challenge which also would be a good thing because as much as she loved him a bored Hannibal Lector was never a good thing.

Part Three Protector

Buffy felt stressed. She could not believe that Giles had brought all the potentials to Sunnydale with the First Evil acting up. How was she going to keep these children safe? She had a hard enough time with keeping the gang together and uninjured. Buffy sighed deeply and wondered why the Powers hated her so? What had she ever done to be forced to become the slayer? Surely she deserved some rest she had saved the world a dozen times and she was tired. Buffy almost wished she could just stop… maybe pass the job on to Faith but she was in jail and could not defend the hell mouth so her lack of being here would be a problem and the world would end and she knew her mother would be disappointed if she ever gave in. Besides she had promised to keep Dawn safe and that meant the world had to keep on turning. Leaning forward against the counter in the kitchen she felt like the weight of the world was once again on her shoulders. Suddenly two powerful arms reached out to her and pulled her back against a solid chest. Buffy took a deep breath and inhaled smelling leather and smoke and the raw savagery that was Spike. Spike who she knew was there because of her.

"Hello Slayer how's my girl?"

Buffy found herself smiling despite everything. She leaned back and let Spike pull her close. For a moment she would lean on him. She needed for a moment to let someone else hold her up.

Xander walked into the kitchen and spotted the scene. A red hot anger flared and he slipped back out. No point in starting a fight. It could wait. He went to let Giles know his slayer was once again hooking up with the undead. Xander's hate flared and the First smiled the human was so easy to wind up. Xander once again began to question Buffy sanity and judgment.

"I am better now. I …thanks for coming over. I could use the help with patrol as I want Xander and Willow to stay in with Dawn and the potentials. Giles is doing research and he could use her help. Anya will be by later to help as well. With them here I think I can do a quick sweep. However I admit to being glad you are here I could so use the back up. That uber vamp was…was a bit much so back up is of the good right now."

"I promised to help Buffy; I'm a vampire of my word. Sides I always like a bit of violence and it's been a slow week. Plus not so sure I want to hang about with that principal poof around. I understand why he wants me dead and maybe I deserve it but, I promised your mum Joyce to help keep the niblet and you safe and maybe killing the bads is the best way to do that. I'm not sorry for being a vampire but I am sorry I took his mum so maybe helping keep Dawn safe will make up for some of the bad things I did. Not that I am not bad now but..."

Buffy turned into his arms and kissed Spike hard to shut him up. Yes he was the "Slayer of Slayers" but he was more than that to her now. He was more. Spike was her Dark Knight and he kept her and Dawn safe and despite everything they had been through he had gone and gotten a soul for her. She had hurt him, beat him and ridiculed him yet he had taken a beating more than once to keep her and Dawn safe. He had endured pain and hell itself to prove he was more than a demon. It was what made him an exceptional man/vampire. She trusted him with her sister and with her life. Hell she trusted him with her soul because she knew that when she slept he could turn her. Yet he had never tried. He only took what she offered and he was her rock her protector. "Thank you Spike now we had better go. Wood is due in about ten minutes and all things being equal maybe we should be somewhere else. No point in you two getting into it again. I promise that you will always be welcome here."

"Not we ; me but point so let's go the night is burning." Spike said. "We got badies to slay."

He took Buffy's hand and led her out the back even as Anya let Robin Wood in through the front door. It was time to remind Sunnydale that there were apex predators around protecting Sunnydale and its people and that no Johnny pretenders come lately ghost was going to take them down.


Giles cleaned his glasses as he listened to Xander rant about Buffy and Spike. He did not like the situation but he had tried and failed to dust the vampire. He knew full well that if he made another attempt Buffy would lose it. She was barely hanging on to the will to fight now and he was really worried that if Spike was slain she would simply grab Dawn and run or worse lay down and die. They needed her if they were to survive so he let the issue of Spike go for now. While he understood Robin's pain and his desire to dust Spike now was not the time.

"Enough Xander I thought you were over your Buffy lust." Dawn said giving the carpenter a harsh look. I guess maybe you really did intend to leave Anya hanging."

Xander stuttered and glared. "What…no… I mean what does Anya have to do with Buffy bonking Spike?"

"Nothing except maybe you are just pissed because Anya bumped uglies with Spike. Plus you seem to have an inferiority complex where vampires are concerned." Dawn was pulling no punches. "We don't need your jealous crap right now. Buffy doesn't need it we have bigger worries."

Xander glared Anya blushed ashamed she had fallen into bed so fast with Spike. Now that had been a mistake. Not the sex as it had been stellar but rather because both she and Spike had hurt Buffy. She could admit she had used Spike to score off on Xander but Buffy had so not deserved that even if she had been bouncing Spike off the ground and walls.

"So you are ok with this shit. I mean what if he loses his soul?"

Giles winced.

This time it was Willow who jumped in on Xander.

"Not a soul curse Xan; Spike got his soul on his own fair and square he won't and cannot lose it in a moment of happiness. His soul is probably anchored more than yours or mine."

Xander turned red not believing Willow would defend the bleached blonde reject from and 80' video.

"Willow does have a point and so does Dawn we really do not have time to discuss Buffy's love life." Giles said. He was no more thrilled about the situation than Xander but it had no bearing on the here and now."We also need the extra muscle he supplies. If we go against her wishes again I fear she won't so understand toward us."

"Fine but when he betrays us again I will say I told you so." Xander said childishly. "He is an evil bastard and will prove it sooner or later."

Willow sighed and Giles simply put his now clean glasses back on his face. Dawn however was not in a mood for Xander's bull shit. She glared and said. "Well he won't be the first one to do that now will he."

Xander looked like Dawn had slapped him. However the youngest Summers was far from done. "Spike's not perfect but he was an evil souless being and before you say anything about that what was your excuse?"

Xander looked puzzled when Dawn let him have it. "Willow says kick his ass. I get you hated Angel and wanted him dead and even that maybe you thought Buffy needed some extra support to do so. But you knew Willow was trying the soul restoring spell but did not care. Regardless you betrayed not only Buffy with that lie but Willow too. It's why she left she felt she had no support here anymore. Well Xander you betrayed her so you could feel good and get one over on Angel. Yeah he might have been Angelus then and if the soul spell failed Buffy would have had to end him anyway but the thing is it was Angel she had to kill and maybe is she had known the truth she'd have been spared that. She has never forgiven herself for that. She felt she betrayed her love. Something she would not have had to do had you not lied to her first so maybe you should watch what you say about betrayals. You wanted to kick her out too because she not toeing your line what gives you the right to run her life?"

Dawn got up and gathered her things. "I am out of here I am so not in a mood to discuss any plans now. Besides it is not like you three listen anyway to anything Buffy or I say it's not like you are using our house or anything I mean what does Buffy care that she now has to support a dozen other people on her double meat job." Dawn stormed out. "Not like you lot are helping pay any bills or anything. Maybe I can go to janise house for a bit she invited me for dinner and since the pantry almost empty I am taking her up on it maybe then Buffy might actually get a meal in her own home. "

Giles winced at that and made a note to go buy some groceries. He really had not considered the costs of having so many people here but the potentials had to be protected.


Buffy and Spike took out several normal vampires reducing the ranks of the undead who could rally to the First's call. Buffy sadly noted she knew several of the fledglings. She felt a pang of guilt that no matter her and Spike's effort there were still too many new vampires made. When the last fell to dust Spike was grinning with glee. He noted Buffy's sad expression and went to gather her close.

"Don't feel too badly love. I know you think of yourself as the human's protector and guardian angel but baby you not everyone can be saved. Those last three might have been from here back in the day but they all moved to L.A. so they did not get turned here. L.A. The poof's hunting ground."

Buffy nodded and wondered once more how one girl or even two could be seen as balance in a world full of monsters?

"Surely the world deserved more protectors maybe hunters, slayers or something." She said sadly.

"Yeah but we do the best we can luv and in Sunnydale the odds are always good. I mean you saw Red's spread sheet the death toll is down well it was until the First and even now it is a lot better than before you came here. Hell back in the day me and Dru take three or four people a night."

Buffy glared at him which was what Spike wanted. He hated to see her look defeated even the slayer being annoyed with him was better than that. He grinned a little glad his being bad was helping for once.

Part Four

The team landed and headed to the Sunnydale Police department. Buffy saw the sleek black SUV pull in. She was really not happy with this at all. Only the fact that the people getting out of them looked tired helped at all. She had a long patrol with Spike and had just left him at home. She had decided to do one last sweep and pick up breakfast as she did not need to be into work until noon so much for maybe getting a short nap in. She took off the holding the thermos and bag of goodies tightly. She just hoped Willow's hacking of the trio's bugs in the SPD still worked. Something told her they were in for some more trouble.

Clarice Starling led the way into the SPD she was followed closely by SA Hotchner who was a bit surprised at her near run. They were all tired but it seemed that this case or something about it had set Clarice off. That worried him. So far they had come up with several possible un-subs one of which had Clarice stiffing in nearly growling at Agent Rossi. He had not had a chance to ask her about it yet but he would if it became an issue.

Detective Stein looked up and saw the gaggle of Feds walk in like they owned the place. He scowled but could really do nothing about it. He glanced over at noted the chief was there early and looked no more happy about the FBI being here then he was. Then again they both had a lot to lose if the Feds ever figured out how deeply they had both been in the former mayor's pockets. Bob Munroe was a long time friend so Stein had no worries about his chief protecting his back and he would do the same. However it still did not feel good to know that officials of the FBI were investigating Sunnydale. Plus given they were profilers and high ranking ones their normal bull shit stories about the crimes and perps would hold no water. Then again the town's denizens might just be useful for once and end the FBI investigation. Something to hope for at least if they got to close to the truth; then again maybe they FBI might prove useful and eliminate Summers and her little gang of misfit thugs.

"Can I help you?" Bob Munroe asked. He walked over to the Federal agents curious to why they had come to his town uninvited.

"Chief Munroe I am Assistant Director Clarice Starling and this is the team of the BAU as requested by Shelia Rosenberg; SA Hotchner, SA Rossi, Dr. Spencer Reid, SA Derek Morgan and JJ Jareau our public liaison. "

"Ah welcome. Dr. Rosenberg mentioned you might be coming however we did not expect so rapid a response." Bob said trying to cover he had no idea that they had been called in.

"We tend to take such events as highly important and time sensitive." Hotchner said giving the police chief a hard glare. "Failure to do so often leads to a higher body count."

Chief Munroe flinched clearly they had found the official real statistics of the town. This could be a problem. "Of course of course do come in we will offer all our resources and assistance to you and your team."

Derek whispered to JJ. "Come in come in said the spider to the fly."

JJ giggled but could not disagree there was something just oily about the chief of police and this did not bode well for their investigation.

"I am sure you will be of the upmost help." Clarice said her tone showing no give."We have killers to catch and I am certain you want them apprehended as much as we do."

Detective Stein swallowed hard that glare scared the shit out of him. The last time he had seen one so dark and cold was when Buffy Summers glared at him over that Frat house fiasco. Maybe it was a good thing Summers never did follow up and become a cop. He still had nightmares about that when he had learned she's scored high in that area on the school job fair applications. Maybe he could point the Federal agents her direction that would certainly solve a host of problems.

"Well if you could show us a place to work?" Rossi said breaking in to prevent either Hoch or Clarice from throttling the chief. They needed him and his people at least to get a lay of the land. The chief quickly lead them to a small conference room which was set up to be their office while in town. Rossi and the others were pleasantly surprised to not that there was an internet connection and several computers and other needed office equipment there as well as a small refrigerator and coffee machine.

Clarice gave the Chief of Police a hard look one that clearly demanded an explanation of why this room seemed ready for them at so short of notice.

"Well I got the memo from Dr. Rosenberg. I called in the techs to set this up. I hope it is ok for you all. Shelia is demanding in her specifications and since she so good at her work we tend to let her guide us in this area. She said you all would need this equipment so here it is. I hope it helps you catch our killers." Munroe explained.

Clarice smiled at this. Leave it to her beloved to see that she was set up properly. She shook her head at his thoughtfulness. His having corned and forced Shelia Rosenberg to be his point of contact with the SPD had been brilliant. Not to mention it did actually work to both his and her benefit. The doctor got another shining star on her Resume and Lector received a steady legitimate paycheck. Ironic that he had helped catch half a dozen serial killers in the past few years. It seemed they were drawn to Sunnydale believing it the perfect killing ground however they always been profiled and caught by "Shelia". Not that Clarice thought the normal Sunnydale evil ones would not have dealt with them if they became an issue. In a way it might seem out of character for Shelia to ask for help then again they never had this many bodies show up at once either. Of course Clarice knew many were council members but she weep no tears for those bastards. "Well it looks lovely we must thank Shelia for her thoughtfulness."

"I am afraid the Doctor is out of town. I think that's why she asked you all to come. She had to attend a lecture with her husband Rabbi Rosenberg in New York." Detective Stein said preventing his boss from saying she was gone again in a way that might make them wonder why the woman was listed as a consultant when she was so rarely in town.

"I am sure this will work fine." JJ said eager to prevent a more challenges. She had no idea why everyone seemed so on edge. Then again this town just gave her the creeps. It seemed to sunny and to cheerful it gave her a Steppford vibe.

The chief of police was no fool so he took the olive branch and quickly directed everyone to their places and motioned for Stein to hand out the folders with what little information they did have.


Lecter watched from the shadows as his beloved Clarice lead the elite BAU team into Sunnydale's police department. He snorted at the idea that the SPD would even have a clue to what was really going on. He sipped his hot coco and smiled as he watched his daughter race off. She was as sleek and as agile as a jaguar and probably just as deadly. She was clearly a hunter and that pleased him. The question was how was he to introduce himself without getting arrested or killed. Hannibal leaned back and smiled. He supposed that perhaps one of unknown dinner mates might be of use. The former watcher had become a recluse and since he had maintained the man cover perhaps he could use it now. It was a bit of a problem as he had no potential then again perhaps not as this one's potential had been killed by a serial killer. One he his associate Dexter had so gleefully taken apart. Playing watcher was not something he wanted to do but needs must and to keep his daughter safe he could become a watcher if only in name. With that Hannibal Lecter headed toward 1630 Riveollo drive to meet his daughter. It was time she met the long lost cousin of her first watcher. The bastard had none of his cousin's redeeming features but perhaps Buffy would not know that or Giles as Hans Merrik had vanished long before his cousin had taken up the family trade. It was fitting that this disgraced watcher would now be his way in. He flexed his right hand and smiled grimly. This could prove interesting indeed besides he wanted to test if his new finger prints would stand up after all the witch had promised his new hands would register as Hans. He walked to his SUV and climbed in it was time to meet his daughter. With practiced ease he headed toward his daughter's home.


The team settled in. They had no time for petty turf wars.

Hotchner pulled Clarice aside."What is wrong?"

She glared at him. "Aaron it is personal, it won't interfere with the case. If it does I will step down. It just my daughter is in this town."

Hotch was not happy with that answer but nodded. He looked over at Gideon who nodded he would have a more private chat later. For now they had work to do. If he was shocked by the news he said nothing. He wondered if maybe this could become an issue. Then again he did his job when his family had been on the line so maybe he was over reacting. Then again it was hardly going to make this a simple case. Of course his respect for his boss made him hold his objections as he had no idea she had another child.


Their patrol had been successful and Buffy was glad to be home. She had just gotten out of the shower when

she heard the bell ring and went to the door. Her hair was damp but she was dressed and feeling slightly better the shower helped. It had been a trying few weeks her mother's illness and near death was taking a toll on them and she really needed some good news. The fact that she had almost died after the surgery meant Buffy was still tense. The fact that Joyce had died after appearing to get better almost broke Buffy. However the fact that she had still been warm was enough. Buffy had immediately began CPR and for once fate had been kind and her mother had revived. Well at least enough to be taken to the hospital. She was currently in intensive care but alive and that was all Buffy really cared about. She just hoped the doctors could find a way to remove the returned tumor. She had very little faith in their skills but one could hope. Buffy pushed that thought aside as she went to the door.

Opening the door she spotted a man who was perhaps a few years older than Giles standing there. He smiled and suddenly Buffy had a feeling that everything was going to be all right. There was just something that screamed safety to Buffy. A part of her somehow instinctively knew this man was here to help and that he would could, kill to keep her and Dawn safe. However she simply said. "Hello can I help you?"

Lecter smiled at his daughter and said. "I am sorry to disturb you so early but I was wondering if a Ms. Joyce Summers is available?"

"Ah, mum in the hospital. Maybe I can help you Mr… er?"

"Oh, I am so sorry I did not know. I am Hans Hector Merrick. I received a letter from Ms. Summers and thought it important to follow up. I had no idea she was ill." In fact he had believed that Joyce Summers had died. What was going on here?

"Well ah… oh how rude of me." Buffy said she stepped back." Mr. Merrick I ah…. Would you like some coffee maybe we can discuss this." Not of course inviting the man in but Hannibal/Hector got the point and followed her into the house. He had to admire the bumbling way his daughter did the invite or lack there of in. It showed she had brains as well as a keen situational awareness. Her actions would look like those of a confused young person only his years of psychology training showed the truth. Somehow he got the impression she played off her blonde hair to seem foolish or stupid. He wanted to snort at that. How American's thought blondes as stupid was beyond him. Some of the most devious bastards in the world had been blonde haired blue eyes Gestapo. Then again maybe it was simply a backlash against the Aryan agenda. He had no way of truly understanding it.

"Merrick did you by chance know Robert Merrick?"

"He was my younger cousin. I am afraid I lost touch with the family many years ago. I think it may be why Joyce contacted me." Lecter said with a sad smile.

"Maybe, he was my ….ah tutor for a while. " Buffy said not sure what to tell this stranger. "I'll get the coffee if you want to take a seat." She motioned to the small dining room table.

Hannibal/ Hans Hector nodded and sat down. He had no desire to spook his daughter. Just then Dawn came running in with Xander and Willow on her heels.

"Come back here you little snot." Xander shouted. He could not believe Dawnie had stolen the bag with the Twinkies in it.

Dawn ran behind the stranger and grinned. Taking Xander's snacks was petty but it was a fitting bit of revenge for his being such a bastard of late.

"Mine, besides Buffy bought them." Dawn said with a grin. Xander skidded to a hault as he saw the strange man who shifted to protect Dawn. He glared at Xander feeling suddenly protective of this teenage girl. His memories shifted but as he was well aware of his own mind he saw the manipulations. He growled low and glared at the youth. Dawn was his daughter now in as much as Buffy was. He wondered what Clarice would think of this. Perhaps it would make up for some of the heart ache?

"Xander we have company please try to behave like the adult you are supposed to be." Buffy said annoyed. "Go get yourself some more snacks and while you are at it some other food." Buffy said pulling out a fifty.

Xander glared at the stranger his gut screaming something was wrong. "What who is this?"

"Dr. Hans Hector Merrik I received a letter from Mrs. Joyce Summers she asked me to come here and help tutor her daughter as my cousin did before me."

Xander froze. This guy was a Watcher damn…Merrik he knew that name how the heck did he know it? Well Giles had to be given the head up. He snatched the money and headed out. "I'll go grab some food." He was not happy about being sent on such a task but he did need to give Giles the heads up. "See yeah latter. Maybe Giles would know? He and Wood had headed for the Magic Box so Xander could meet them there.


Clarice Starling looked around the town it looked so perfect. She almost snorted at that. It felt evil. Without hesitations she reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone they would need back up. Without hesitation she typed out a message.

In Sunnydale C.A. E.A., Here need backup.

The text went out to Miami Florida to the one man who probably had as high a body count as her beloved but the one man she knew without a doubt would drop everything to come and help. He was a serial killer but for all that a man of honor and they needed him. Besides Dexter should really lie low for a bit his bodies had been piling up for a while now and it was starting to draw attention. Here in Sunnydale he could hunt to his heart's content and no one would notice. Clarice had a feeling he would enjoy the challenge of hunting Demons. Who said being a serial killer was not a useful skill set?

Challenge 8036: My Daddy's a Villain

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss and the challenge to Raxidain I hope I make it interesting.

A/N: Timelines have to be adjusted to make this work so please just go with the flow. Spell and grammar checked but not betaed so read at your own risk.


Dark Protectors

Part 5

Dexter Morgan picked up his phone. He noted the text and then replied.

On my way

He then hung up his phone and looked down at his "Patient"

"Today is your lucky day."

The struggling killer glared at him.

"My Niece needs me so I don't have time to indulge myself. However that does not mean I can be sloppy. So that being said good bye." He stabbed the man on the table with a long thin blade gutting him. He then turned the table up and allowed the man's guts to fall out. He hummed as he worked. Picking up his work tools and moving them to be cleaned. He turned away as he considered what to do

"I wonder if I should take your liver for Hannibal. What no comment, he likes to eat them with favava beans and Canati you know. Never liked beans that much myself. Not to mention I do prefer a decent Merlot. Oh well perhaps a few rib steaks would be better?"

The Serial killer screamed but his gag and the duck tape over his mouth stopped any sound from coming out as Dexter sliced him open peeling the flesh and ribs back. "You know I have to gut you or else the meat will go bad. Then again it is so hard to take food on a plane now days. Oh well the sharks will enjoy you."

He pulled the gag off wanting to hear the screams no one else would his lair was deep and sound proofed.

"You are sick a monster." His prey cried.

"Am I…perhaps but I never hunt innocents. I have never raped or sodomized young girls and women nor did I ever dare post such things on line. Really you should thank me. Because if you had been sent to prison….well I am at least using clean tools and will end you now. The Convicts in prison…well even they have a code with children you know." His eyes darkened and he then reached down and sliced off the part of the so called man that had hurt so many then he pulled it up having enough of the screaming and stuffed it into the killer mouth. Re-tapping it he smiled as he choked to death. Not that he would have lived long anyway but Dexter was not in the mood for mercy. Too bad this one would never be found as he had no time to stage a crime scene. Oh well the sharks would not care and Hannibal would understand. He could always go out for dinner later after all Sunnydale had plenty of killers to play with.

Twenty minutes later the sharks were feeding and he was on his way back home. As he neared the shore he drove the police boat into the dock. Stepping out of it he grabbed a hose and cleaned the deck. His bandaged hand being enough to account for any blood anyone saw. Being cut by that idiot Hues last week was proving most useful. Even if he had been a bit careless in allowing that idiot close with a knife he just hoped Debra stitch him up again without a lecture.


Giles cleaned his glasses shocked at who had shown up. He had not believed that Hans Merrik was still alive. However it was welcome piece of news having another watcher here would help with the research and training. Not to mention it would provide another voice of reason that perhaps Buffy would listen to. He shook the watchers hand and smiled as he spotted the ring. It was all the proof he needed as those couldnot be faked the magic wouldnot allow for it.

"It is an honor to meet you Mr. Giles." Hannibal said with a smiled.

"Likewise, we had been told you were lost I am glad that for once the Council was wrong."

"Indeed, I simply retired; I needed a break but learning of the First and the danger to the Slayer Line I could not stay away. So I came here to help. My Wife will be arriving soon as well. Between us we will do what we can."

"I am very grateful."Giles said. "It has been a strain and the Council cut us off. I am afraid accommodations are tight."

"That won't be a problem. I have purchased the house next door and the one on across the street. We should be able to help with the overflow. I heard young Wydome-Price was here as well perhaps he could help as well."

"Wesley is in L.A. However perhaps we could ask for his help." Giles said reluctantly. He hated the idea of calling in the L.A. group but it was resources might be needed. He considered the possibility of asking Angel and his group to come in and perhaps try to get Faith free. However he had yet to propose that to Buffy not sure she would agree or see it as a resource to be used.

"I will be able to help, we will see. I have some contacts and some associates that maybe able to come and help. They are skilled hunters of a sort." Hannibal said with a smile.

That sent a shiver down Giles back but he nodded even experienced human hunters might help at this point. He would have to bring it up to Buffy later. "Help would be welcome."

Hannibal nodded at least the idea was set. Giles would soon learn that the Apex predators were coming to Sunnydale and the Undead would soon wish it was the slayers that were after them. He smiled happy at the thought of being able to kill without annoying Clarice.


The house was lovely. Clarice tossed her bag down on the bed as she headed for the shower. She hated dealing with locals. She was amused that the BAU was shocked that they would be put up in a house. However they had no rooms in the local hotel or motel thanks to Hannibal renting them all for the next month and besides it was cheaper and safer to be in a house that was a home. She had given the team the keys and told them it was their home for the duration.

Rossi's mocking home sweet home had invoked the protections needed and her team would be safe. She however was glad to be next door. They had all been shocked to learn she had a house here but her story of it belonging to an old friend was true enough. She would explain about him being her husband later. Maybe they could sorta pretend to be normal even if raising Buffy was not possible. She wondered if they could come up with a believable cover. Oh well that could wait until after her shower.

Hannibal Lector walked into his house. It was done up rather nicely. Amazing what money could do. It was too bad the owner had to rush to take custody of her grandchild but the boy's parents had been abusive assholes. The world was far better off without them and it gave her reason to sell quickly. At least the decorators had done a good job. He heard the shower going and headed upstairs to see if it was Clarice. He had missed her so.

Entering the shower he pulled his beloved to him. She turned into his arms and kissed him hard. Bitting his lip drawing blood punishing him for staying away for the last few weeks, while it had been needed to set this all up she was not being forgiving and he smiled at that. He loved her aggressive side. Picking her up he carried her out. No one would guess his age nor that he was not even fully human. At nearly 68 he should have been aged and decrepit but he was still as strong and powerful as a man half his age as was his beloved Clarice. Clarice who was now 41 looked almost as young and beautiful as Buffy. He loved her with all that he was and would allow her punishment of him for neglecting her. She kissed him hard dragging her nails across his chest and licking the blood from him. In some ways it was similar to the vampire but he would never dare say that to her. Because like his daughter Clarice hated the undead with a passion, however her taking his blood renewed her and made her strong and powerful. His blood had altered and changed her just enough, how he loved her violent nature converting her making her as dark and demonic as himself, he smiled grateful she had bit him back when she hunted him it had allowed him to spare her. Only he was allowed to see her in this way.

However enough was enough and he was in charge and she had to remember that. He caught her pulled her up to him gripping her throat and leaned down bitting her shoulder drawing blood to remind her they were mated. He then tossed her on the bed. She tried to roll over to face him but he was not having it. He caught her and pulled her down to him. Her naked body trying to use the wetness from the shower to escape but he was in charge. He ruled her. Hannibal smacker her ass hard knowing it would turn her on even as it reminded her he was the one in charge he was her master. His kind ruled their women. She cried out and tried to pull away annoyed wanting pleasure from him however first she would be punished for not waiting for him as he had commanded. Her backside was soon covered with hand prints and she was moaning despite her anger at his taking over.

"I am your master Clarice. You do not choose when we are together I do."

"You were not here." She cried out petulantly. "I did not see you here."

"AH but I texted you beloved gave your orders, orders you ignored. While I love your power and your spunk I rule when we are together." His hands pulled her down to him and he kissed her neck making her shiver even as his hand caught hers and forced them above her head. "Submit and perhaps you shall find pleasure this night instead of pain."

She laughed and struggled a little. "I love pain ….from you. Give me pain."

Hannibal laughed and taking her at her word drove into her. She cried out in pleasure and pain knowing it had been far too long for both of them. Gentle loving would come later now they needed this. The darker love the painful love the love that made her forget he was a serial killer and she and FBI agent the love that made them one. "More, More beloved more," She demanded as he took her taking his pleasure and forcing her to her own. She cried out as her peak came and she fell forward glad to be with her soul mate once more and wondering if perhaps it was this dark passion that had created the slayer. If so well then perhaps another would be gifted to then soon.

Hannibal cried out as he came catching her last thought and smiling. However he had two daughters and hoped this time it would be a boy. He had a family line to rebuild after all. He kissed her neck lovingly. Sometimes he wondered which of them had the darker passions. Goddess he had missed his wife. He rolled her over and looked into her eyes they were flashing a deep dark black. The demon sitting near the surface, he just prayed his beloved daughter would not try to slay them for being part demon. Then again she too carried that demon inside as did all slayers. One more reason to kill the watchers for stealing their family's power and twisting it causing many of their lines to be forced to fight alone and die alone never again he was soon to take power and do what his family should have all along. Reclaimed their blood and rebuild their house. His distant kin Dracula was right about that they should rule their families not the damned Council.


Challenge 8036: My Daddy's a Villain

Monday, January 04, 2016

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss and the challenge to Raxidain I hope I make it interesting.

A/N: Timelines have to be adjusted to make this work so please just go with the flow. Spell and grammar checked but not betaed so read at your own risk.


Dark Protectors

Part 6

Spike and Buffy walked along the graveyard it was actually kind of quiet and that had them both on edge. With the First playing around the vampires of Sunnydale had retreated a bit. They were still out there but the normal everyday vampire was not siring new ones unless they were being hidden. While in some ways the idea of fewer vampires was good neither Buffy nor Spike believed it. No both of them had a feeling it was like the Harvest when the Sires hid their young. Which meant the numbers they would eventually face would be quite large. That along with the Bringers was not good at all. They walked in silence Buffy still feeling angry at Giles and the others and feeling more and more trapped. She was frustrated and worried and still reeling from losing Heaven. Just then several vampires jumped them. The two went into fight mode and they worked out their rage and frustration the vampires all six were soon dust. Buffy shook out her hair and sneezed a little. Spike chuckled at that. It was amusing to see so skilled a slayer get dust all over herself by making a rookie mistake. Of course he had to laugh. There was not much to laugh about lately and he take what he could get. Of course laughing at his mate was not wise. Buffy glared and got into his face.

"Hey no laughing it's not that funny."

"Yeah slayer it is. He was a fledgling and he goosed you."

She glared that had been a cheap trick his grabbing her jeans and goosing her. However she had staked his not so funny ass for it. Buffy stalked over to Spike and pushed him with her finger. "So not funny Mister that was a cheap trick and juvenile. You so should not laugh at me for it. I mean he was like 7 feet tall and had reach on me."

"Yep almost done in by a basketball player, I thought he was going to slam dunk you." Spike said laughing.

Buffy pushed him annoyed and turned to leave. Angry he was laughing at her. While a part of her got they needed some humor she hated being laughed at. It felt like Spike was mocking her skills.

Spike watched her stalk off and suddenly was annoyed. How dare she ignore him. He ran after her pulling her around. Buffy not realizing it was Spike decked him and sent him falling down. He rolled and came up full game face pissed. Buffy looked at him and glared. "Serves you right for getting all grabby, no one grabs me."

Spike growled at her and rose angry that she was rejecting him. Buffy felt the slayer rise and her eyes flashed. She did not realize it but the slayer was near tonight. It was annoyed and angry and wanted a fight and more. Spike was there and his vampire demon growled at her. Buffy felt something stir inside her as she looked at Spike he seemed different somehow. He began to stalk her and she backed up if only to gain a better position. Then with a wicked grin turned and took off racing away from him. Spike saw this and took off after her. His demon was rising to the surface and he was angry enough not to force it back. Something else stirred. He felt his blood almost burn inside him. He wondered if that last batch of blood was bad. He was starved all of a sudden and only Buffy would do. She ran running toward Spike's crypt by instinct. The slayer knew what it wanted and it wanted her mate. It smiled as it considered the changes her vampire was going through. She could feel and smell them soon soon Spike would be her equal. Her mate her love and Buffy and William would just have to learn to deal with it. Their dancing around each other ended tonight.


The members of the BAU all sat around the table. The house that Clarice Starling had gotten them for their use was rather large. It was a six bedroom four bath near the one she said she borrowed from a friend. Of course they now had learned that the house she was in actually was hers. Garcia had done some checking and the news had unsettled the team a little.

"So Hotch why did Dr. Starling not tell us she owned this house and the one she living in?" Derek asked. "Not to mention the fact that the friend is listed as her husband Hans Hector Merrik."

Aaron Hotchner sipped his coffee trying to find an answer to that. He was just as worried as Derek but had no answers.

However it was David Rossi who did answer it for him. "Derek Clarice is a very wealthy woman. This house and the others she owns in this town are all rentals. I say she being very generous letting us use them. I am also rather certain she might not have realized they were hers. I mean if these homes are a part of an investment portfolio then she may not know exactly all she owns."

"How is that possible?"JJ asked.

Rossi looked away. "Well she probably has accountants take care of a lot of her investments. I do, I mean I have a general idea of where most of my funds are but I don't check it daily. I am far too busy working at the BAU. Clarice likely the same in that respect, I have a general account for daily use but my larger portfolio is handled by others. I check it weekly or monthly and get quarterly updates but unless I plan on using the funds I really don't pay much attention to them. I live on my salary most of the time. As for her being married well I've knew she had been but thought she was divorced. She has always used her maiden name in her work."

"Well that does make sense." Emily said "She is rather famous for her work. I would do the same in her place."

"I understand that too. It was one of the reasons I did not want to get married. I love Will but he wanted me to take his name and while I am proud to be his and love him dearly I have worked hard to prove myself and I am proud of my own family name. I am my father's only child and the last of his line. I just did not want the name to end with me."

Emily nodded at that. The men did not seem to get it but they did not comment either.

"I would say whatever her reasons we have a secure place to stay and it is comfortable. We will just move on from it but be cautious. I am afraid there is far more going on then we know." Hotchner said.

"Yes, this town has an unusual high death rate. I am rather surprised we have not been called in before. Of course I had heard rumors….when I lived in Las Vegas. Many people came from Sunnydale to there and said the city was nice and normal. Vegas that is, which is not something even a native of the city would believe." Spencer said.

"Yes that sounds strange."Emily agreed. "Well we are here now and we can check the city out. At least it is not overly large."

"We should be able to check the records now that I have access."Garcia said over the open computer connections. "Kevin looking at patterns, he had an idea and it sounds crazy but here it is. What if there is a group of serial killers. A lot of killers but they don't work together. I mean if they see this town as their killing field then there be no one killer and then the locals might mistake it for animal attacks or maybe they use animals to cover the kills."

"Garcia that is actually a very interesting theory, it would explain a lot and it would also explain why the locals did not call us in. They likely worry that the town would empty out fast if people were afraid of a gang of serial killers." Rossi said.

"I told Kevin it sounded crazy but…he has family from there and said that the local high school used to have an obituary column. No joke I am sending a copy of the high school paper to you from the class of 1999. Oh yeah the high school blew up that year." Garcia explained.

"Really, how did we not hear of that?" Emily asked.

"You would have been undercover at the time." Spencer said recognizing the dates and we were dealing with Gideon leaving. I would say we were all distracted."

The group fell silent hating they may have missed something vital.


Willow read the books and sighed. Nothing was coming up. Nothing nada no way to stop the First, it was so damned frustrating. She leaned back and wished Tara was here or that Oz was. She needed them. Kennedy stroked her back offering comfort. However as much as Willow liked Kennedy she was wary. She did not want to hurt the potential because she needed someone to hold. Willow had never been the kind of woman to love them and leave them. Both her lovers had been the kind of people she wanted forever. The fact that it did not work out hurt but she had never just used them. She was afraid if she got involved with Kennedy she would be using her. She caught her fingers and kissed them lightly. "Thank you but no."

"Why you need to relax and unwind."Kennedy said holding Willow's hand tightly. She really liked the red head and wanted to see if they could make it work.

"I'm not ready, I lost someone dear to me and I am still heeling. I think you are beautiful and I could enjoy taking you to my bed but I would be using you to forget and to feel better. That would be a betrayal to my Tara and to you. I have had two lovers in my life Kennedy and each was someone I saw as a potential life mate and partner. I won't betray their love and I won't use you. You are a woman who deserves to be loved for herself and to be someone's one and only. Right now I am not in a place to be that for anyone."

Kennedy sighed and a tear fell but she nodded. "Friends then, maybe someday?"

Willow laughed ruefully, "Maybe when this mess is over and I can think properly and grieve. Then maybe I can move on but not now not yet. I would however like a friend."

Kennedy nodded and decided it would do for now.


Xander watched Anya count the money and prepare the deposit for the magic box. She did it so efficiently and skillfully. He loved her still and wondered if he had the courage to ask for a second chance?

Anya saw Xander watching her his lust barely contained and the sadness in his eyes. He had hurt her deeply and he was damned lucky she was not a demon again. She had almost taken her amulet back. However she liked being human once more. Who was she kidding she still loved Xander even if he was a son of a bitch and ripped her heart out. She filled out the deposit slip glad that money at least was simple to make and use.


Challenge 8036: My Daddy's a Villain

Monday, January 04, 2016

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss and the challenge to Raxidain I hope I make it interesting.

A/N: Timelines have to be adjusted to make this work so please just go with the flow. Spell and grammar checked but not betaed so read at your own risk.


Dark Protectors

Part 7

Buffy headed to check on Joyce. She was still very worried about her mother. However she finally seemed to be doing a little better. Of course her saving the doctor who was in charge of the Neurology department of Beth El L.A. helped, she smiled when she considered how lucky a break that had been. He was visiting to give lectures to the local staff and made the mistake of heading out to grab a bite at the Double Meat. That in and of itself was taking one's life into your own hand because of the food but vampires in Sunnydale had used that place as their own fast food place or they had until Buffy had begun to work there. However she had saved Dr. Bronson and he had been so grateful he looked in on her mother. Her mom was now on the mend after nearly dying. So all in all for once Buffy was glad to be the slayer. She headed to her mother's room and was surprised to see someone there talking to her.

She knocked and Joyce called her in. "Buffy come in please. I have someone I would like you to meet."

"Hi, ah sorry to cut in on your visit Ma'am but I thought I would stop by before work."

"No problem I just got to town last night and thought I would stop by and see Joyce." The stranger said smiling.

Buffy cocked her head and looked at the woman. She was blonde and just a little taller than herself but she carried herself with grace and confidence. She was well dressed but armed which caused Buffy to tense a little bit.

"Mom is everything all right?"Buffy asked.

"Yes Buffy," she held out her hand and pulled Buffy to her. "I love you baby girl."


"Remember when I told you that you were adopted?"

"Yes, I remember but what has that to do with anything?" Buffy said suddenly a little worried.

"Buffy this is Dr. Clarice Starling we have been corresponding for the last few months. She was not able to come to the west coast until now. We decided to wait given what has been going on until she could come in person to explain that she is your biological mother."

Buffy froze in shock. She looked back at Clarice Starling and suddenly saw the resemblance. It also explained the feeling of connection she was getting. The Doctor felt like Dawn or her mother. She was not sure what to think. It had been a little surprising to learn she was adopted but that revelation had explained a lot of how her so called father's behavior. He moved on when he had a chance at his own biological children and ignored his defective adopted daughter. Or at least that is how it had felt to Buffy. Of course she could not forgive his treatment of her mother or Dawn. His cheating had hurt her mother and his rejection of Dawn pissed her off. While she knew that Dawn was the Key he did have memories of adopting her and so he had no excuse to not be there for her and them. However she pushed that aside to look at the woman who chose to come from South Africa to meet her and to claim her as a daughter. Not that she would ever think anyone other than Joyce was her mom but it gave her a warm and fuzzy feeling to know she mattered to someone other than Joyce and Dawn as family.

"Why now?"

"I am so sorry it took me so long to get here Elizabeth. Had I know about Joyce's illness I would have been on the first plane. However I got involved in a case and she got sick so a month went by before we reconnected. I am so sorry you had to deal with this alone. Your mom and I have I think become good friends and I don't want to take anything away from her love and care for you. I guess I am just hoping to be a part of your lives. I told Joyce it was like getting a whole new family. A sister and her children whose lives I may get to share."

"Why did you give me up?" Buffy asked however seeing her age she had a feeling it was because Clarice had been too young to be a parent. She was not expecting what she was told.

"Buffy please sit down, Clarice has told me everything and frankly I was lucky to get you. She did not give you up baby." Joyce said.

Buffy looked at her mother in confusion. "What do you mean? How could I be adopted if she did not give me up?"

"The adoption was illegal, not that Joyce knew or perhaps even your father though that maybe debatable. You were kidnapped from my home when you were 15 months old." Clarice explained.

"Kidnapped who would do that and why?"

Clarice looked away then at Joyce who sighed. "The same bastards that almost killed you and I on your birthday, they wanted to control all potentials."

Buffy's eyes grew wide and she began to curse. Her vocabulary would have impressed Spike but got her smacked by both her mothers.

She stopped. "Really, I say I have a damned good reason to be pissed. How did I end up with you and Hank mom?"

"We don't know." was the reply.

"So what now I mean I am an adult and I have a mom." Buffy said.

Clarice flinched as if that hurt her deeply. Joyce took her hand and gave it a squeeze. "Buffy Clarice has looked for you for years. While it is true you are almost grown that does not mean you can't give her a chance."

"Yes Mom, but what about the danger? Dr. Starling could become a target for the remains of the council and the night life. It is hard enough to keep you and Dawn safe and the others too."

Joyce began to chuckle as did Clarice. It was clear they had become good friends over the last few months.

"I'd so like to see them try!" Clarice said her eyes growing hard. "If that Damned Council and its head show up here I will end them."

"Doctor they are wickedly connected."Buffy said suddenly worried for her new mother. "Some were killed in the explosion but Travers damn him got away. They will kill anyone who gets in their way. The only reason I am still alive is because I am so good at keeping the Hell mouth closed. They have tried to kill me, mom Dawn and even Faith. I think if they knew who the next girl was to be called they would kill both Faith and I. Only the fear that she may be too far away from the Hell mouth and the current situation is keeping us safe from them for now. Once this is over we will have to do something about them but I don't know what we can do. In some ways the First did us a favor but it also took out a lot of the neutral or good watchers as well not to mention resources we need."

Clarice reached out and shocking Buffy pulled her to her. She hugged her hard. While it was not a slayer level hug it was a strong one. "I am not without connections of my own Elizabeth and neither is your father. Though I dare say he will likely kill Travers and company for their stealing you in the first place. They are dead men walking for that alone and each other transgression you have stated merely means they will have no reprieve from me. In fact I may well help him make it slow and painful."

Buffy looked on in shock. She had been drilled over and over that Slayers did not kill humans and then a greater shock came when Joyce agreed and stated," You and Hans had better be prepared to share Clarice."

Clarice smirked."Oh there will be enough to go around. I hear I have another daughter as well, well perhaps two as I believe you were considering adopting Faith?"

"Mom, we cannot kill them." Buffy said."Killing humans is wrong. Slayers don't kill humans only monsters do."

Clarice looked at her daughter incredulously. Then at Joyce "Really Joyce how did she come to believe that insanity, while killing is not always ideal it is sometimes necessary when they are evil and unredeemable even the law allows for that. I take it you raised her to be pacifistic and flower child like?"

"I was naïve, no one wants their child touched by darkness, I used to think all people deserved a chance at redemption that souls made the difference and choices as well."

Buffy winced at that remark but knew what her mother meant. Her own feeling on that subject had changed due to Angel and Spike both with and without the soul. A soul did not make a good person their choices dictated that. It was a lesson Spike brought home like a kick in the face.

"Yes men can be the worst monsters and even monsters can sometime do good work." Clarice said softly.

Joyce brow rose at that, however she knew the truth about who Clarice was married to; and that oddly enough that thought made her happy and brought her comfort. Buffy would soon have someone very powerful to keep the Watcher's Council off her back. The idea of Lector inviting them to Dinner made her smile. "I'll supply the wine does he prefer white or red?"

Clarice began to laugh at that. "I think I like you Joyce and he was right we will be a family together. Are you still dancing around Rupert?"

Joyce blushed at that. She did like her daughter's watcher but he had been infatuated with Jenny and that had not ended well. Of course to be fair to him she had shut him out and cursed him and driven him away after the band candy thing but it had scared her. Scared her that she liked his Ripper side as much if not more than his civilized Rupert side, so she reacted not to mention Buffy and Dawn had been a little freaked at the idea of them dating or more. However now, things were changing and Jenny was gone so perhaps it was time to revisit that attraction. Besides Clarice and Hans were right it would take all four of them to keep Buffy and Faith on the right track. "Yes, I am thinking about it."

Buffy was shocked. First both her mother's wanted to Kill Travers and company. The Joyce wanted to adopt Faith and snog Giles what rabbit hole did I fall into?

Seeing Buffy's confusion and near panic Clarice said."Your mother and I along with your father want to end the council. They hurt too many people. The ones who ordered the evil will be put down like the rabid dogs they are or locked away forever. Either works for me. The latter will only happen if we get proof and do so before your father finds them. He is not the forgiving sort. As you can see Joyce and I know each other well and we are friends and I consider her family. As such I like to see her happy and Rupert a good choice."

"Ah, watcher Mine and so ….no it's weird."Buffy replied.

"Do you want him for yourself? Clarice asked thinking that could complicate things.

"Ewww, no he's like my dad….oh shit…so not helping the case on keeping him away from Mom I…not dark enough and human not a match." Buffy Babbled.

"You need a bit of monster in your mate. That dear one is a family trait." Clarice said with a smile.

"Ah huh…so Dad's a monster?" She asked looking worried.

"Yes, he is and Yes he has a soul and is working on redeeming it a bit but he has no tolerance for evil."

"Ok Clarice, that is kind of scary." Buffy replied looking worried.

"Yes I know but he does love you and me and has claimed all of yours as his so the council will pay." She crossed her arms and smiled. "He will help you hunt your enemies and they will run in fear."

"Good then." Buffy said looking a little confused. At least Clarice wasn't freaked about her hunting monsters. Nor about the fact that such men drew her. Hell if what the doctor said was true then dating monsters was a family trait. So maybe it was all good. Nature, nurture it seemed in this case it did not matter as both her mothers were drawn to tall dark and dangerous. She smiled and thought of Spike. No wonder Joyce had approved and Buffy wondered if Clarice would like her vampire as well?


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Dark Protectors

Part 8

Giles was pleasantly surprised at the depth of knowledge Hans Merrik had. It was good to speak to another adult watcher who was so well read. He found himself enjoying their discussion over tea. He did not notice that his fellow watcher glared at him as he told him about Buffy having to face off against the Master and Angelus alone. Nor did he see the man's hands flex into fists when he learned about his betrayal of her to the council.

Hannibal watched Rupert Giles and mentally went over the various ways he could dismember him for daring to endanger his daughter. He kept a smile on his face as he listened to the many near misses she had had. He then had to force himself not to gut him when he learned about Buffy's death at Glory's hands.

"So you left Dawn alone to deal with her sick mother and ran off to England?"

Giles froze and looked up from his tea. When it was put that way it sounded bad.

"I….my heart was ripped out."

"Really and I suppose the slayer's mother needing you and grieving did not cross your mind? Nor the fact that Dawn is a child and even if Spike and her friends were around they were not really the kind of adults to take charge and pitch in to help Joyce and Dawn survive. I mean Joyce has been in and out of the hospital from what I have been told."

"My work was done." Giles said defending himself. Though realizing now he had screwed up badly.

"Yes I suppose it is to be expected as you are Travers man."

Giles flinched as if slapped and jumped up his cup hitting the floor. "How dare you!"

"A slayer's watcher is not freed from his duty just because she dies. Especially since Buffy had a family that needed support." Hannibal said not pulling punches. "You let her remain in their lives it was your duty to step in and help them grieve and move on. Not run away like a damned coward. I now wish John had survived at least then Buffy would have had a reliable watcher. However since you are back and she seems to have forgiven you I won't end you."

"What right do you have to say such things!" Giles demanded. "I love Buffy like my own daughter all of those children are mine to protect!"

"Then get your head out of your ass man and step up. None of them are in a good place Buffy least of all. I dare because it's about family. Jon died so Buffy could live that makes her mine to protect. I am the head of my family and Jon's last letter to me demanded I take Buffy Summers and her family into ours. I would have done so sooner but the letter only came recently then I had to get here. Know this however Rupert Giles if you endanger her or her sister or mother again I will kill you. I will rip you to little pieces and you will pray for death."

Giles glared but knew that he could do little as the watcher had that right.

"I made a mistake, I won't do so again. Buffy is not your typical slayer."

" Indeed I suppose that is true enough. If Buffy did not speak fondly of you and claim you as her watcher I would kill you for your betrayals, don't make me break her heart by killing you."

Giles nodded. Suddenly not so sure that this was the kind of watcher they needed around. He sounded almost as dark as he had been in his Ripper days. Then again if he felt this protective it would help Buffy survive and that he could live with. He saw the darkness in Merrik and smiled. Well that could only be good as Buffy needed someone darker to help keep her safe. He just prayed she did not fall for this watcher as he seemed to be the kind of man Buffy was drawn to.

Seeing that thought made Hannibal smile. "Buffy is in love with the blonde vampire."

Giles snorted at that. "I suppose she is at that. She likes vampires for some odd reason. Angel, now Spike, the darker the man/vampire the more she likes them. The Scourge of Europe brought low by loving a vampire slayer. I so do not want to write that in the diaries."

Hannibal laughed at that. "Well it would be interesting to see if she tames William."

The conversation turned away from his betrayals made Giles relax a little. He reached into his desk and pulled out a bottle of scotch. "She has him wrapped around her finger but doesn't know it yet."

"It's a good match." Hans/ Hannibal said with a grin. "He will keep her safe and his soul is anchored."

"There is that. He is far more likeable then the brooding Irish prick. He was also a son of a nobleman." Giles said showing a bit of favor for Buffy's lover.

Taking the drink Hans Merrik nodded and said. "A good match as a mortal would never be able to keep up."

Giles nodded not liking that fact but admitting Merrik had a point.


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Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss and the challenge to Raxidain I hope I make it interesting.

A/N: Timelines have to be adjusted to make this work so please just go with the flow. Spell and grammar checked but not betaed so read at your own risk.


Dark Protectors

Part 9

Spike cam up the back stairs in the hospital. He had come in via the storm tunnels underneath the hospital and was carrying a thermos full of homemade chicken soup. He knew that Joyce loathed the hospital food and she had to eat. He had the soup slow cooking for over six hours and it smelled divine. It was times like this he wished he could still eat food not that he would be stupid enough to say that out loud. Anya might be a reformed character of sorts but too many of the bints friends were hanging about. If only he could figure out a wish to get rid of the damned First. He bounded up the stairs and grinned as he walked by the windows. He had to hand it to Angel he was an ass at times but his donating the money to replace all the windows on this side of the hospital was well done. Ok maybe Angelus had done it but it still worked. Thank God for vampire protecting Glass or he would only be able to visit Joyce at night. He walked up toward her room when he heard Buffy and several others talking to her. He frowned at that. The slayer should be home getting some sleep.

"Mom I don't want anyone else involved they could get hurt." Buffy said. "Doctor I appreciate you wanting to help me and I guess I get you care but…I got a mom." Buffy said folding her arms over her chest.

"Yes you do, I don't want to take away from that Elizabeth but you are my daughter, I have searched a long time for you and so has your father. I know you are not happy he introduced himself like that but, he just wanted to meet you before springing this all on you. It is the truth too you know. He did promise John Robert to look after you. That was even before we both knew the truth. He would have come for that alone. However knowing you are our daughter means that we will protect you from the council and anyone else who is a threat to you. The fact that you have another loving family changes nothing other than that ours has now expanded."

Buffy looked stubborn and Spike came in knocking "Good morning Joyce, Buffy. I thought you were going to go home and get some sleep?"

"Yeah well something came up and I had to talk to mom and then it got even weirder." Buffy said. "I think I fell into one of your Passions episodes without getting the rich serial killer daddy out of it." She crossed her arms looking put out. Clarice seemed nice enough but no matter what she and Merrik thought they would become targets and she was already exhausted from protecting those she loved. How could she keep them safe too?

Clarice who was sipping a cup of coffee choked. "Ah…well he is rich." 'I wonder if that is the boyfriend Joyce wrote about? He is kind of cute.'"We can help support you and we do have access to John Robert's books to help with research." She offered up that carrot. "Your father and I have the resources to help make our families lives safer and provide the equipment you might need. I also have several connections that can make the Council think twice before daring to move against you or us."

"Ah huh and I so cannot believe he is a watcher so maybe Serial Killer would have been better, watchers outside of Merrik and Giles are all useless or evil or both." Buffy snarked. "If he was a watcher how come the council stole me and put me with mom?"

Clarice set her cup down and pulled out a hankie to clean up. 'Well at least she won't mind her father and godfathers' hobby …much. However that we will have to discuss somewhere more secure.' She looked away and then went to the bathroom to clean up a little. "We don't know and we will eventually be asking them that but for now we came to help. London's a mess and we did not want to hang around on case there were more attacks there. We flew in to check things before coming here. I was able to stop there on my way back from South Africa. I know it seems like a strange thing but, my job had sent me there to do some work for our embassy. "

"That letter freaked me out mom. Why did you not tell me you wrote them?" Buffy asked Joyce. She looked away and at the bathroom waiting for Dr. Starling to come out and hopefully give her more answers. "I kind of understand why you wrote her and everything but why ask them here? I can barely keep you all safe and we are packed in like tight at the house. I hate it because Giles just moved those girls in and we are barely hanging on even with my job. I know you said they could stay but mom how can we afford to help more people live?"

"You needed someone here to help you and Dawn and they have the right baby I trust them to take care of you." Joyce said as Buffy came to her side for a hug."I love you Buffy but if something happens I needed to know someone would be there for you. They also had the right baby, they did not give you away you were stolen and I wanted Clarice and Hans to have a chance to get to know you. Plus they could help you if Giles did not come back."

"Giles would be." Buffy said."He promised to help."

Spike shook his head."Not so sure about that Buffy. He did a runner the last time. He bitched and moaned when you left for one summer but he left the day of your funeral. Yeah he is back but really not so sure I trust Rupert to stay for the long haul anymore. Plus he's brought all those potentials they need looking after too. So he would be having his hands full you know. Look how much he has already dumped on you. He means well I suppose but Buffy those potentials need looking after by you or him and that means he could not be there only for you, then there Willow, and Xander."

Buffy felt her mother stroke her hair and she shivered with cold. Spike had a point one she hated to admit to. However she was trying hard to forgive Giles and he had to save some potentials. So maybe he had to go. He was back and that was all that mattered. Learning she had a father and mother who wanted her and loved her was crazy enough. Learning one was a watcher crazy and a FBI agent that was just weird. 'I guess I can't tell her about Willow's hacking or our stealing that rocket launcher.'

Clarice came back out. "We will work it out Buffy. I am not going anywhere and neither is Hans. We help you. He is a watcher and I am pretty good at solving crimes myself. In fact we are here because of those weird killings. A bunch of guys with no eyes and mouths stitched up. That is not even counting the other bodies that piled up."

"Well that easy enough Clarice. Those guys are Bringers, the First's Minions." Buffy said. "As to who killed them well…it's kind of…hard to say."

"Why is that?"

"Because special agent lady me or the slayer did it; maybe a few to Rupert and the dumb ass." Spike said proudly. "We had to as they keep attacking us. The other bodies well that is just Sunnydale on a typical day or night."

"Well then we will have to find a way to cover that up." Clarice replied. "I texted your godfather he will be here in a few days to help."

"Hum maybe I won't have to kill you then." Spike said "If you plan on keeping Buffy, Joyce and the Nibblet safe. So where are you lot staying?"

Clarice rolled her eyes then backed up when Spike vamped out. She looked over at the window. The sun was out how the hell was a vampire standing there. She reached for her gun thinking to blow out the glass.

"Spike behave," Joyce demanded. "Don't worry he a good vampire but he is over protective of my girls. The glass is to protect vampires thanks to Angelus. He was an ass but he put it in so he could come here to the hospital."

"I am not a white hat." Spike whinned causing Buffy to giggle as she went over and kissed him on the lips fangs and all.

"Poor Spike no one takes you seriously, it's your fault for being so sweet, now hand over the soup I can hear mom's stomach growling." Buffy hugged him shielding his body on case Clarice decided to blow out the glass. "I won't let her hurt you baby."

"Sure slayer." He said morphing back to human form but glaring at Clarice who was clearly not happy her daughter was dating a vampire. 'I guess she got my taste in men…killer…he is however nice looking, I wonder if Hannibal will turn him into ash?'

"Don't worry Clarice and Hans will learn to love you just like I did."Joyce said. "I trust you Spike so they will too in time."

"Better keep you safe, I brought chicken soup. It's homemade. Made it in that crock pot you got me. Hope you like it Joyce."

"That is sweet of you William. Pull up a chair Buffy I will pour you some too. You need to eat."

"I'm fine mom." Buffy said. "I ate earlier."

"Spike go get her some coffee and a fresh one for Clarice. The Starbucks should be open now."

Spike made a face "Will do I'll grab some other snacks too." He slipped out of Buffy arms and went to do as Joyce asked. 'He had a feeling that his Summers ladies had to convince Clarice he was perfect mate for Buffy. He sighed he must have been an evil bastard in his last life to get two mother-in-laws. Then again he loved Joyce and she was a great lady maybe in time Clarice would be too. Too bad he had to meet Buffy's father that was going to Suck. He had looked forward to scaring the shit out of Hank but if this one was a watcher….he'd have to be careful or he'd end up dust.'


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Dark Protector

Part 10

This time it was Clarice who looked annoyed. "Buffy you do realize that your father is a watcher and that you are a vampire slayer?"

"Yeah well, when I first met Angel I did not know he was a vampire. I fell for tall dark and broody and he saved me several times even killing his sire to do so. Plus he had a soul and was looking for redemption. I also have to admit he was smoking hot and could fight with me side by side. I overlooked his past because I loved him."

"Ok I can see that happening but I don't see William the Bloody as being one to hide what he is." Clarice said glaring daggers at the door where her daughter's vampire had left through. She could not believe Joyce was all right with Buffy dating Spike.

"No you are right in that. In fact I hit Spike over the head with a fire ax before I knew or rather before I accepted the truth." Joyce explained. "However that being said he did try to kill Buffy and the others several times. However he also saved the world and Buffy from Angelus. I know for a fact he dusted several vampires who had been stalking me at the gallery as well."

Buffy looked at her mother in shock. That she had not known about. "When did he do that?"

"The week of your 18th birthday I honestly think if he had known what Rupert was doing he would have stopped it. Oh I know he came here to kill Buffy but he the kind of vampire that wants to win in a fair fight."

Clarice nodded deciding that did fit what their research showed. It did not make her happy but it did show he had some character and standards. "What changed, how did he go from wanting to Kill you all to helping?"

"Well at first it was self preservation, then respect and a government project that did unspeakable things to demons. I may have to slay them but what Maggie Walsh and company did was evil."Buffy explained her mind going to that time when the chip had been put into Spike. Even now she hated that it had caused him such pain. "I needed help keeping Dawn and mom safe and I guess he kind of grew attached to mom and the brat."

"Buffy be nice Dawn is your sister. Spike saved her several times as well. It seems that if it's a Tuesday Dawn is kidnapped. She has a worse Record then even Cordelia, Willow or Xander in that regards." Joyce said. "Of course Buffy and the others stopped the project but we are still dealing with the fallout from it."

"I'll have to look into that."Clarice said. She frowned and wondered if Buffy knew that the commando's were back in town? Hannibal had seen them patrolling last night. She had thought they might be some local police special taskforce but given what Buffy and Joyce explained she was not so certain that they were not trying to revisit the project.

"It was messy a lot of people died."Buffy explained. "They even kidnapped Oz at one point."

Clarice nodded at that worried about what could happen to Buffy if she was caught off guard. "Are you certain they are gone?"

Buffy frowned at that. "Maggie Walsh was killed as was the Army guy in charge. The Frat house is empty, that is where they were living. I saw Riley Finn and his people leave. Why?"

"Hans saw some men in black outfits last night when he came in. He thought they might be a special police unit that deals with the dark side of things but given the numbers of murders here in town it seemed unlikely."

"Great more problems, they could also be council goons or the firsts minions." Buffy mused. She was not certain why she was being so open with Clarice but her gut and heart told her she could be trusted. She had the same feeling of safety with her that Hans had given her. It was weird but it felt good to be cared about. She was still trying to wrap her head around the fact that Clarice was her biological mother and that she wanted to be involved and that she had a father that cared. The fact that they were offering to help and support them was just an added bonus. Funds were tight but Clarice seemed to wave off the costs of supporting so many teens as if it was nothing so Buffy had to hope she and Hans were really wealthy enough to help at least until he mom got better. Her assistant was keeping the gallery open but she lacked her mom's sales skills.

Clarice's phone rang. She picked it up. "Excuse me a moment." She stepped away to take the call.

Buffy took that opportunity to sit down by Joyce's side once more. "Are you sure about this mom? I don't need anyone but you and Dawnie as family."

That touched Joyce deeply. "I know Buffy, but there can never be enough love. Your parents were wronged here too. I love you and you will always be my daughter as will Dawn but, I think you have enough love to give them too. I meant what I said to Clarice in my letters as well. I firmly plan on adopting Faith. She needs a family too. I know what you two have been through but she deserves a second chance."

"Yeah, I guess, I gave Angel several and he deserves it less then her. I messed up bad when she got here and I could use another sister, maybe then Dawn will steal her cloths and stuff and not mine." Buffy said. "So then we are all going to be one big happy family you, me, Dawnie, Giles the gang plus assorted potentials; you going to adopt them too and then we are adding Clarice and Hans as what?"

"As whatever you want them to be. Honey I think they deserve a chance and I know they love you. Clarice was happily stationed overseas but came back for you. Your father had stepped away from the Council but is willing to come back and try to take it over to keep you and Faith safe. He lost his family to the fight but he still came here to the Hell Mouth. Clarice is a decorated FBI agent as well and she pulled strings to be here for you. So please give them a chance. I honestly do think of them as family now. Yes I also include Giles in the mix, I know he'd made some serious mistakes and that he brought those girls here without asking, but I don't think he had any other choices to keep them safe. You know it and so do I. I like him Buffy a lot….I need him too, he makes me feel alive and complete."

"All right mom, but he is still grieving over Jenny."

"I know Buffy, I'm in no shape to rush into anything anyways, but I just want you to know that when I am well I am going to do my best to see if we can make it work. As for the Potentials, I will foster them if needed. I am sure some have families still. However I won't leave anyone out in the cold. They don't deserve that and frankly we can't risk the going bad."

Buffy nodded and knew that her mother had a point about the potentials and a decent chance of catching Giles as he always asked about her and had been to visit several times. He was worried for Joyce and not just because she was her mother. There was a spark of something in his eyes when he spoke of her so maybe…maybe it could work. Who was she kidding she had all ready forgiven Giles and if her mother was willing to overlook all his mistakes too then he would make a fine step-father.

"Ok, I'll try to treat them like family." Buffy said as she considered her mother's words.

Clarice came back into the hospital room as Spike returned carrying the coffee.

"I have to head into the station now. I will be back to check on you later Joyce."

Joyce nodded and smiled at Spike who handed her a cup. She toke a sip then glared. "Hot chocolte Spike why did you get me Hot chocolate I thought you were getting me some coffee?"

"No coffee Joyce remember what Dr. Bronson said."

Joyce glared at the vampire and Clarice laughed. Perhaps she could grow to like him a little, he was taking care of Joyce. Maybe just maybe this strange vampire was worthy of Elizabeth.

"I won't ever do anything to cause you harm again on purpose. Sides I figured I owed you a cuppa or two." Spike replied.

Joyce shook her head then winced. Ok that hurt. Thankfully no one commented.

"Take care, Spike if you hurt Joyce, Elizabeth or Dawn or anyone in the house Hans or I will end you." Clarice said.

"Sure thing Doc. Now you best be off before you are late."

She glared but Spike had a point so she left. Thankfully it was only two blocks to the police station.


Xander headed off for work. He was glad that the job or rebuilding the school was almost over. He hated the feeling of being back in high school even if it was just to rebuild the place. On the plus side it construction had given him a lot of valuable experience and a steady pay check. That pay check had allowed him to upgade from his apartment to a really nice condo. His new home was now in a much nicer area of town and he had to worry about the demon population a bit less. This time his home was his own. While it might not be a very large place it was his. It was worth a fair bit and showed he was investing in his the one he got this week he was going to buy a new couch and lazy boy. He wondered if he could get Anya to come over and help him decorate it and make it nice. He wanted to show her he had grown up some and could not provide for her. That he had gotten over his worries about providing for her and seeing she had a nice place to live. Xander had been thinking a lot and he knew he messed up and he wanted to make things right. He still loved her and he knew it had been his own insecurities that had made a mess of things. He hoped that if he started slow maybe he could win her back. As he headed out he called the flower shop to send her flowers. It was time he apologized and tried to make things right. He had been an ass and maybe if he admitted that and worked hard she would marry him. Only this time he decided he take her to Vegas. She could have a nice time spending his money and he would not feel so pressured because he was on display. Yes that idea could work. Then later he could set up a nice reception here for the gang and his family. Yes he had a plan and with luck Anya would agree to be Mrs. Alexander Harris once again.