Dark Protectors

April 11, 2016

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Part 24

Dexter and Hans headed out of the cities' main offices dusting off their hands as they went. It had been rather easy to get in and find what they needed. They had to only dust one vampire and the rest fell into line quickly enough. In fact they turned out to be quite pleasant. While they did not have souls per say they did seem to think eating people was gosh.

Sunnydale city hall provided them with either animal or human blood for a small sur charge. Dexter supposed that serving Sunnydale for over 100 years made the clerks rather possessive of the people in Sunnydale citizens and given the slayer was about they tended to stay on the straight and narrow. They all even had amulets to protect them.

The head clerk had been happy to help them once the situation had been explained and once their over seer was dust. It seems that the former mayor had put the worst possible person in charge of the staff. While Fanny Abener was highly efficient she was a bitch. She had turned her staff so not to have to pay them as much by forcing them onto the night shift and by threatening to stake them if they got out of line. She had only gotten the job she had because she had been the younger sister of the Mayor's late wife and he did value family even when she was turned.

He also valued the savings he could get by having sunlight allergic staff. It helped balance the city budget for years. However there was no need for a supervisor now and her demise would of course increase the staffs pay to a living wage. Well unloving and her allotment of blood could be divided between the staff allowing for greater comfort. They would continue on and probably be even more efficient. Hans and Dexter saw no reason to dust these vampires.

They did a public service and were not hurting anyone. Of course they were warned if they stepped out of line then the next visit would not be so pleasant. The two men headed out they wanted to check on Buffy and her friends. While the two men knew they might stand out a little at the Bronze they could always claim that Dexter was eager to see his godchild which had the benefit of actually being the truth. So they walked along the city's main street without a care in the world. They walked with such confidence that none of the city's under-life even considered trying to eat them.

However they were being watched which they were ok with.

"Hey Pete those two look good." A young vampire said to his older brother and sire.

"No way, I don't like the look of them. Besides Hetty in the mayor's office just called you know she sweet on me. She said those two are bad ass. They staked Fran without a wink of care. Then threatened the rest of the cities night staff so we will wait for easier prey better to be hungry then dust."

"Yeah ok, but they don't look so tough." Kenny said.

"Yeah well the slayer five foot nothing and 100 pounds soaking wet and she kicked the Master's Ass, Ended Glory and turned Spike and Angelus into fluffy lapdogs so looks can be deceiving."

"Good point Bro. I'm just hungry enough even eat a dog."

That was the last thing Kenny said as a stake came flying through the air. It turned him to dust.

"You killed Kenny; hey we weren't doing nothing wrong here." Pete complained. He followed his brother and became a dust bunny as Hans gave them both a dark look.

Dexter looked at him and said. "He had a point.

"Yes he did but I intend to buy Elaina a dog. We can't have vampires trying to eat her protection."

Dexter shrugged and they walked on neither caring that they racked up three dead vampires in less than an hour. It was just a way to pass time and get the information they needed to help Elaina/Buffy survive the upcoming battle.

Of course neither man was finding much satisfaction in slaying the vampires. Both men liked their prey to be a bit more proactive however their deeds would help the slayer which was in and of itself a reward of sorts. That did not however mean that they would not look forward to a more personal battle if one should come their way.

Derek Morgan headed toward the men's rest room he wanted to call Hotch and the others and let them know they had made contact via Penelope's mistaking Xander for Kevin. That could have gone so wrong. It seemed fortunate that Alexander "Xander" Harris found it so amusing. Then there was the fact that maybe Penelope's interest in the young carpenter may have helped his love life a bit. If that was the case Derek could see why Xander was being so forgiving the woman with him was very pretty.

Who was he kidding she like the others with Harris were all smoking hot! Too bad he was here to work and that they all were probably a bit young for him. While he had a feeling this town aged its people relatively fast the group was probably only in their early 20's. Way to young for a man of his experience even if he was only a few years older. Hell even Reid was far too old in experiences on the darker side. He decided to use the facilities first then step out to make his call.

This club was packed and given there was no line he take advantage. As he expertly weaved his way through the crowd a pretty lady slithered on up to him. She was decked out in club cloths that could have been from the late 80's but she made the look work. She smiled at him and ran her hand over his chest.

"Hey handsome care to take a lady out to the dance floor or better yet I could so use a drink."

"Ah, sorry I'm with some friends." Morgan stuttered shocked at the boldness this woman was displaying and she was a woman clearly closer to his age then Xander's group. Her eyes glittered and he felt a flare of lust.

She grinned and leaned in. "Ok then sweet stuff let's get to the main event then, come on sugar let's just step outside. The night is lovely and you can show me the stars." The dark haired woman who looked like a bleached out Cher said as she pulled him toward a back door.

Derek felt mesmerized and let her drag him out a side door. She was so lovely all he could think about was going with her. Suddenly looking out at the stars sounded like the most brilliant plan ever. He followed her out all thoughts of calling the senior members of his team gone. The woman took his phone and pocketed it. No point in letting him get distracted. She had plans for this tall dark and good looking man. She dragged him out.

Buffy and Faith both felt their slayer senses go wild. Both their head jerked up as they spotted several people come into the club all were dressed like refugees from the 1980's punk rock scene.

"B do you feel that?" Faith said looking at her sister slayer. Buffy nodded and looked over at Spike. She hoped he had a clue to what was going on.
"Spike what the frilly heck is that?"

"Bloody hell, this is so not good." Spike said. He was clearly annoyed.

The BAU members looked at the blonde in the leather duster with questions on their face.

"Buffy those are some right nasty gang bangers. You should get the kiddies out of here." Spike said using code to warn Buffy and Faith that the new comers could be dangerous. "Last time Dru and I saw them they tore up a club in Liverpool. It was a right nasty mess, caused a riot they did, about a dozen people got trampled and it took the bobbie's weeks to clean up the mess."

"Well we should get you all out of here and kids from school." Anya said in a rare time of human compassion. "Xander we should warn the high schoolers."

"Yeah, we will. I'll go warn the Dingos they can sound
the alert." Xander said getting up. "Anya be careful and I'll see you later ok?"

"Yeah, keep your head down. You still owe me you know." It was as close as she would come to saying she might forgive him and let them try again.

Xander grinned. "Yep dessert and a movie, I won't forget." He said with wink. He got up and left before J.J. and the others could stop him and Buffy and Faith got up with Spike on their heels.

"I got them Buffy." Willow said. "Go, see if you can find Derek too Xander."

"Yeah that be good." He said "I'll check after the Dingo's. Wills Oz is here he just jumped on stage."

"What is this alert thing?" Emily asked. "If those guys are dangerous won't they get tipped off by a warning?"

"Nope it's just a song." Xander said. "A code for the school, everyone else will simply follow."

"Yeah that is cool, I see Jordy too. Maybe it's a good thing Tara's home tonight.

"Yeah think?" Xander said. He knew that there were issues there to deal with but now was so not the time. Oz being here however was so a bonus.

The FBI agents were kind of stunned at this. Emily looked at Penelope who nodded and pulled her phone. She texted Clarice and then asked her to alert Hotch and the others. She just hoped their bosses could get here before trouble started. She knew this could be bad but she had to warn the most senior agent as she knew if she failed to she would be in big trouble.

Derek was led outside but he got lucky because as he was being led out he ran headlong into Dexter. Dexter who caught him as he stumbled and managed to spin him around away from the demon whom he spotted and decided would be an entertaining foe. He pushed the FBI analyst toward Hans and said. "Easy there Buddy you should watch where you are waking. He managed to smack Derek hard enough to break the enchantment.

He turned to face the demon and said. "No fair playing with our prey. I mean I called dibbs. THE FEDS are mine to play with."

The demon glared and growled at them. "He is mine I found him fair and square; I am so looking forward to playing with him for a while. He has such dark memories, I could feed for months. Besides who are you to call Dibbs? Humans don't get to call dibbs on our prey."

"Yeah, well you see I don't think Elaina would like that. She hates when people disappear from her favorite hang out. It makes things messy." Dexter said. "Besides this man is one of the white hats and we have so few of them about."

The demon looked stunned that a mere human would dare to challenge her. "What are you doing mortal? I have no time for your interference. Perhaps you should join us in play time. I sense darkness in you. What do you fear? I like variety in my meals you will do nicely." She sent her pheromones out confident they would lure him in.

"Interesting it smells like strawberry."

The demon was stunned and wondered how he resisted what she did not understand was he was not a normal human.

Dexter felt a wave come over him. However he was a sociopath and as such he had no real compassion for human beings no way to be manipulated by the pheromones the demon sent out. He was not afraid of anything really.

He enjoyed the darkness and he used it to work his desires. The pheromones only tickled him and made him fell pleasure not fear not pain just amusement. He cocked his head.

The fact that he only hunted evil and dark beings be they human or demon was down to his adopted father's early tutoring and his attempt to allow his son to be useful to society.

Dexter understood this and he had decided that his darkness could be used to protect those weaker then himself. There was no challenge in hunting the weak or the innocent. They were sheep and he was an apex predator. He had allowed his adopted father to mold him and create a man who hunted evil and protected the innocent not because it was right but because doing so challenged his skills. Taking out other serial killers was entertaining killing innocents a waste of time and skill. It was boring and he hated to be bored.

When he had later met Hannibal and Clarice he had found beings who earned his respect and trust because their code of honor and conduct matched his own they were like him. He had learned that he was not really human but a being but a demon who walked among the humans. He had felt Hannibal's power and accepted him as the alpha in his pack. When that happened he had found belonging and peace. He had learned that there was a code of sorts and that Hannibal and Clarice would allow him his hunts and fun if he protected the rest of humanity.

When they had placed Elaina in his arms he had found true purpose the perpetuation of their kind. It had become more vital to weed out the human monsters. This demon was hardly going to be a challenge. He hated that such being preyed on those that fought the darkness even if they were only weak humans.

The demon jumped at him her face turning as fangs grew. She was very similar in many ways to a vampire except that she fed on fear and pain and hate.

Derek of course had seen much and suffered for all he had seen. She thought he would be an excellent meal. Sadly Dexter thought that would be a waste of a good man. The irony was not lost on him as he saved one of the men who one day might well hunt him but he knew Elaina would want such a man protected. So he dove low and caught the demon and drove her back.

Hans pulled the agent behind him with amusement. He decided to let his favorite protégée have some fun. Dexter would only be contained for so long. Letting him vent on a demon was far better than allowing him to hunt humans. Derek stumbled and shook his head. He hit the wall and shook his head clear what was happening? He had to pull it together and save these civilians.

Part 25

Buffy, Faith and Spike all ran toward the crazy gang of not quite vampires. They felt the fear and panic among the dancers and club members but then relief as the song played out. A grin crossed Spike's face at the song. "Danger Zone." It was hardly a subtle warning.

The gang felt the shift as the club seemed to suddenly freeze then the mood changed as all the youngest of the patrons suddenly seemed to get that they had to leave. There was surprisingly no panic as they all collectively decided it was time to call it a night.

People moved back to back and shifted. Most of the patrons tonight were from Sunnydale or the class of 99 and they were not the normal sheep. They shifted to protect the kids as they knew something was about to go down. Most seemed to roll with this event amusing Spike to no end.

The Dingos sang out. Willow looked up and grinned as she saw Oz join them. He winked at her. He began to jam loudly and moved to the mike. He rarely sang but this time his voice was loud and clear. He then gave a howl just for the hell of it. Time to let the badies know they were outclassed.

The demons all froze. They spun around and saw the young bass player as he shifted. "Get out you lot before you make me angry."

"Yeah you would not like him angry." Jordy said. "Hell you would not like me angry either. These folks belong to us they are pack. They are not prey. We protect our own."

The demons shifted and gathered now all in the center of the dance floor as suddenly they realized the club was not panicking and that the fear they had tried to cause was being pushed back. They looked up and saw Willow and Anya chanting. They were sending a magical calm to the patrons.

"What is happening?" Penelope asked seeing the confrontation beginning. She looked at Emily and J.J who moved to protect them.

Spencer was pulling out his phone to call for back up. However he was not getting through. He suddenly had no signal and then his phone sparked. He dropped it like it was hot. It burst into flames. He looked up in shock. Emily was reaching for her purse and weapon. He cursed as he reached down toward his boot. He had only been able to hide a revolver there. However he found himself watching fascinated.

The demons tried to grab some club members but they all moved back letting Buffy, Spike and Faith in.

"We must feed." One of them said. "They are prey and this is an eatery."

"Really you are going with that?" Faith quipped. "B that is lame."

"Well he does have a point." Spike said. "It is listed on the demon guide books as an all you can eat place."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "You know Spike that would have been good to know."

"I thought the poof told you?" He replied. "So we slaying or just chatting with this lot?"

"Slaying sounds good to me." Faith said. "To bad they ain't the mini kind but at least it will be a decent work out."

"Yeah stomping the last fear demons was so much simpler." Buffy said. "They feel a bit like vamps though I don't get it."

"Well Yeah they are kind of like vamps, but not. A hybrid of some sort, I don't get it either but they are good for bit of violence, me and Dru had fun last time but it was a draw."

Buffy looked at him as if to say' really you let them live. I so can not belive you let them get away.'

"Well we got side tracked had to save the band you know. We let them go because hey the band needed our help to survive. What I told you I gave him his look and I liked the music not letting him become some wantabe's meal now could I. Sides Dru said let them go that I get them later. Took the bad to the hospital I did."

"Spike sometimes you amaze me." Buffy said with a grin. 'Once more he was showing that even without a soul inside he did good at times even if it was only to save a band he liked. Sadly that meant Dru had to. She so had to look into a way to help that crazy vampire too.'

"What you can not kill them!" J.J said shocked at the casual way they spoke of killing. Not really paying attention to the other banter.

Buffy rolled her eyes and then grinned as the demons morphed. It was time to play.

J.J and Emily screamed in shock as the demons grew by over a foot and suddenly looked like something out of a nightmare.

The younger members of the BAU team watched in shock as the gang attacked Buffy, Spike and Faith with wickedly sharp blades only to find that they were being beaten back by amazing skills.

They could not believe the martial arts moves and fighting skills the three displayed nor could they believe that there was a circle forming around them.

Over twenty club members had pulled up chairs and tables and created a wall to keep the gang members locked in. Many held pool ques or other improvised weapons. It seemed that only the youngest and weakest had been sent out to safety.

They were clearly helping Buffy and her friends but denying the gang and escape route. It was clear they expected Buffy and her friends to deal with these apparent killers. It was insane and almost reminded Spencer of gladiatorial games.

Dexter and the Demon queen began to fight. It was fun as she had some skills her form shifted and grew and horns sprouted from her head. She slashed his chest with long claw and ripped his flesh. It hurt and he smiled. Pain was pleasure and it reminded him that he had to pay attention.

He so loved it when his prey fought back it made it a bit of a challenge. He so had to thank Hans for bringing him. Perhaps he could stuff the head as a trophy? He slugged her and sent her flying into a dumpster which dented upon impact. He jumped up eager to begin again.

She charged him and using her head and horns caught him and he went flying once more. However this time he was ready and rolled his feet hitting the wall and he sprung back out rolling into a crouch.

Derek watched in shock he reached for his gun only to find Hans had taken it from him. The man was unloading it and dropping the ammunition onto the ground.

"Easy there Agent Morgan. It would not be wise to stop my nephew from having his fun. Besides you might accidently shoot him and that would be unfortunate."

Derek spun around in shock. "What, how do you know who I am? Who the hell are you? Give me my weapon you are interfering in an FBI case."

"Clarice showed us pictures of your team now please step out of the way so I can watch this should prove most entertaining. I am Hans and Clarice Starling is my wife and Dexter and I just saved your life. I do believe that that gives us the right to interfere as you say. Besides this is not exactly your jurisdiction is it Agent Morgan. This is ours and frankly you are not up for this fight as she drugged you."

"That woman is dangerous." Derek Morgan said. He tried to grab his weapon he had a back up clip he could still fight he shook his head once more to clear it..

Derek wanted to help but was held back strong hands seemed determined to keep him out of it. He tried to push away from the man who had so easily and sneakily disarmed him but as he tried he felt his own cuffs lock him to a pipe on the wall.

"I said stay out of the way. You will just distract Dexter." Hans said. He leaned back and then said. "To bad I don't have popcorn. This should be fun. It has been a while since I saw him deal with such a creature. Watch and learn Agent Morgan. It is not often one gets to see such a thing. Very few can fight as well as Dexter and he will deal with this killer."

Derek looked at him incredulously as the woman pulled several sharp blades. Or at least that is what he saw. His mind not able to admit it was wickedly sharp claws that tore into the man who had saved him. "He is going to get sliced to bits! We have to help him."

"No he won't, watch and learn Agent Morgan so perhaps you might yet survive this mission. The world is full of many kinds of killers. Some should never be taken in."

Morgan watched as Dexter slipped behind the unsub grabbed her head and twisted. He heard a crack and the woman who would have killed him with a smile on her face fell to the ground dead with a broken neck.

The FBI agent was shocked at what he saw. However his gut told him that perhaps this was the only way it could end. He looked at the two men wondering how he was going to report this?

Dexter was grinning even as he bled. "That was fun, are there more about?"
The FBI's profiler looked at him as if he was insane. He could not quite believe the look of joy and pleasure on Dexter's face.

"Inside Dexter this one travels with a gang." Hans said. "She has over a dozen followers. They feed on fear and the club will seem like a good place to stock up their larder."

"Well good, I hope Elaina and Faith saved us a few."

"Perhaps she did but Spike will likely slay them all. They lead a riot in Liverpool back in 1982." Hans said. "The gang tried to kill one of his favorite bands. He and Drucilla took offence at that. They actually saved the humans and chased the demons out."

"Oh well, we need to check on Elaina." Dexter said. "Gotta say given who the bad was Spike did us all a favor."

Hans nodded and tossed Morgan the key to the cuffs. He could follow or not it hardly mattered. "Yes I suppose if you like Punk rock you know full well I prefer classical."

Dexter chuckled.

Travers was not happy at all his first strike team had been caught. This could complicate matters. Oh well he had others and perhaps it would be wise to end the SAB unit before they could reveal the Council secrets?

Yes that would be wise indeed only it would not due for it to be traced back to him and the council. Perhaps the order of Tankra could be of some use. He picked up the phone and dialed his contact. Sometimes it was best to use demons to clean up messes. Too bad they had failed to kill Buffy Summers in the past. He just hoped that the FBI did not break his former agents it could complicate their mission.

Gideon report did not reassure either Aaron or David. All three men were now certain that the number of killers in this town were far larger then they first feared.

They also all worried that Buffy Summers and her friends had been openly battling these killing gangs and that their activities had drawn the various gangs attention. It seemed that the gangs had gone so far as to hire professional killers to take them out. It begged the question though. Why? If these gangs killed as often as they believed why hire outsiders to kill Buffy's mother?

Unless it was a warning of sorts, back off or your family dies? All three men were at a loss of why outside killers were brought in and all three had an odd feeling that Clarice knew why and that far more was happening in this town then they knew.

However they were determined to get to the bottom of it. They all also wondered who and what this council was that the men tried to hide behind. If they had diplomatic ties what did they want with Buffy Summers and did they have anything to do with the various gangs and these ritual killings? Could this Council be running the gangs and therefore be responsible for the deaths? Was it a twisted recruiting method? A way to find killers to work for them and why what did they do?


22. Part 27

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July 4th 2016

Dark Protectors

Part 27

the various demons were all dead and they were scattered out in piles on the floor. It was not the usual thing for the gang but it did sometimes happen. The various teens and young adults seem to relax as Spike ended the last of the gang. The FBI agents watched in shock.

Derek stumbled inside and went straight for his team mates relieved to see that they were safe and sound. Rossi and Hotchner came running in guns drawn only to find a pile of bodies and dust. The few vampires that had been involved had not lasted long against the slayers and the slayer of slayers and the others had all shifted back to human form. In a way it was a good thing as it would allow the BAU to process this in their minds though Clarice knew it would be a head of massive proportions to fill out the paper work and to keep her daughter and her friends safe from legal reprisals.

Of course having a room full of witnesses saying that Elaina and her friends saved them would help with that she just worried about what the FBI premiere unit would think and how they would react. She still recalled Straus' reaction. It was the one time she and her good friend had gotten drunker then skunks and it had taken holding her all night long to get her over her primal fears. Of course her beloved had not been overly happy about that but he allowed that there really had been no real choice.

That being said however he was not about to let Clarice play with Derek Morgan in the same way the man was at best a liability to their mission as he had seen too much. With luck his mind would fill in the blanks and see Dexter as a concerned citizen that stepped in as he was way out of his normal jurisdiction as a Miami police officer. He resolved to remind Clarice that he did not share his toys soon. She chuckled against his throat and he knew she been teasing him something else to punish her for. Not that she would not enjoy that of course, they both would. However now it was time to get back to business.

Hotch took in the scene. His experienced eye seeing that a battle took place but that only a few actually took part. Of course that was obvious as many of the young people were clearly not fighters. He noted his team looked to be in shock. Only Spencer seemed to have a resigned look on his face. The one that said he had an important revelation but was not sure how to share it.

Rossi sighed as he took in the scene. His mind drifted to old family stories about demons and the angels that fought them. He had never really believed in them. He had always thought that perhaps the demons were just insane people who been put down hard by an earlier times version of their unit. Of course his family history spoke of saints and watchers and agents of the Lord who fought at the Pope's command. He sighed as he noted the mess and decided that whoever had killed these gang bangers had done so to save lives. They were heroes and angels of a sort or knights the question was how to keep them from being arrested? For once he was not certain he wanted to do his job.

The demons of the town had proved most useful to Travers. He had been very happy to send them at the slayer and her friends disregarding the fact that if the slayer lost dozens of the local young adult population would become their dinner. He decided that sacrifices had to be made for the good of the council and world.

The death of a few dozen young Sunnydale residents was a very small price to pay. He also had hopes that the attack would eliminate the nosy agents from the FBI as well. He sipped his tea as he waited on the report of the incident. He had high hopes his young agent Jared Reed-white would survive to give him the report if not the body camera he wore could be retrieved and examined.

As much as he hated technology it did have its uses. He helped himself to another biscuit which was actually not half bad. He had to admit that Sunnydale had a decent bakery. If only his seers could predict with more accuracy the calling of the new slayer. It would nod due for the slayer to be called in an area where they could not retrieve her. At least Summers and Lehane had been in a place that could be reached and dealt with. Why could they simply not get a London slayer life would be so much simpler then.

"I wish we could have a London Slayer."

"Done, wish granted, " a malevolent voice said as they laughed in the shadows, laughing out loud at the fool watcher. He would live to regret those words.

Little did he know that one should be careful for what one wished for it tended to come and bite one in the arse.

As they had fought the demons Faith turned to smile at Buffy and give the all clear which turned out to be a mistake as a hidden vampire jumped out and grabbed her. His fangs sank deep before she could react. He would drain her then kill the other slayer and Spike and the Dark slayer would rise as his mate. Spike and Buffy moved as one and staked the foolish creature but not before Faith fell. She was losing a lot of blood and her heart stuttered to a stop. She would not survive without blood that was the vampires last though so at least I have ended a slayer perhaps my place in hell won't be to bad.

"Faith no," Buffy cried as she fell to her sister slayers side. She was in a panic as she felt for a pulse. "He drained her. Damn him, she is going to need blood I think?" She looked at Spike for confirmation.

"She needs blood Buffy." Spike said. He had been a vampire long enough to sense when a person was almost fully drained. The human body would go into shock and then stop if more blood was not given. It was what often killed the human and allowed the human to be turned as the vampire replaced the blood of the human with their own. He momentarily thought to give her his but decided offering would see him as a dust bunny.

"She needs a transfusion." Willow said. She looked pale and worried."We have to give her your blood maybe some from the rest of us too. We got too try she is family."

"How…who we don't have any blood. We have no way to type it. If we give her the wrong type she could die." Spencer Reid said as he joined the slayers eager to help. The Wiccan eyes darted around the club and spotted the drinks machine. "Grab that hose for the coke machine."

Xander ran to do as ordered. Disconnecting the tubing and quickly running it though hot water. It was very large and not ideal but he got what Willow was thinking. "We need a something to hook up the blood a needle or something. As for matching Buffy and Faith match. We ah got tested in school." He lied. He was not risking the Fed interfering and causing Faith to die. Buffy never survive that she now thought of Faith as family.

One of the local teens had came racing in with a medical kit. Buffy looked at him with a raised brow. He looked and was acting like a real medic.

"What I was a doctor on Halloween in 1996. A MASH doctor via 1982, I can help." As if that explained it all, there were needles inside. "Sorry I used the medical tubing last week and had to order more but maybe this could help. I got duct tape too."

Buffy rolled her eyes but decided it would have to do. She taped the needle to the tubing form the soda machine and inserted it into her arm then into Faiths.

Spencer saw what she was doing and pulled off duct tape. It was crude but perhaps it could work. He taped the needle onto her arm then hastily taped the other to Faith who had it inserted by Willow. Blood began to flow from Buffy to Faith. It was not lost on the blood slayer that she was saving Faith's life. Perhaps it was only fair as she had once tried to take it. Even as she gave her sister slayer her blood she sent a silent prayer it would work. She was just glad the doctor was not stopping them from helping.

Clarice and the others came inside with Derek Morgan and froze at the sight.

Clarice raced over and dropped to her knees in concern. Hans took in the scene and sighed. He looked at Dexter who nodded and headed out to their SUV. He had a proper medical kit there. It would take far more blood then Buffy could safely give given her size to save the dark slayer. It looked like he was going to be gaining another daughter as he would supply what she needed.

Or so he believed. When he looked up he saw that Dexter had already inserted the needle into his own arm. He dropped to the Dark slayer's other side and inserted the needle. Soon his blood also flowed into the slayer. He was going to claim her as his own. He might not be allowed to take Buffy but somehow Faith suited him. He liked her from the moment he had learned of her exploits. She was going to be his. Besides their race needed more females and few would get him. He had a feeling Faith might understand his drives and may even be willing to help him hunt. Buffy on the other had he loved but she was to intent on protecting all of humanity even those best ended for the good of all.

Hans' brow rose at this. Dexter glared at him. As if to say she is mine to protect now and you need to save Buffy before she gives to much blood. He knew his god daughter would give every drop to save her sister.

Clarice was on her knees next to her daughter. "Buffy enough, Dex will give her more blood. You cannot give too much or you will be in danger. Faith would not want that. She would never forgive herself if you perished to save her."

Buffy however felt she owned the dark slayer. Her head rose and she gave her biological mother a hard look. Hans however was having none of that. He slipped behind Buffy and using a move that the geeks of the club would call a Vulcan nerve pinch knocked out his daughter. She pitched forward only to be caught by her mother.

Xander cried out and would have jumped Hans had not Anya stopped him. "He's saving her life. Buffy was overdoing it Xander. She would give every drop to save Faith or any of us."

The carpenter glared at the new comers but let Anya stop him. He looked at Willow who nodded in agreement. He settled back uneasy. They did have a point but…Faith still held a special spot in his heart and he wanted to save her. Besides Buffy knew what she was doing right?

"That man turned to dust. How is that possible? He bit the Faith…I don't get it?" Penelope said. "Derek honey what happened to you?" She said shifting to his side as she noted how pale and drawn he looked. Her friend and coworker looked straight ahead trying to process what he had seen outside and now here. None of it made a lick of sense to his logical mind.

Hotch saw it but did not believe it. Gideon who had come in on their heels sighed with annoyance. He had some idea of the dark but tried to avoid it. He noted Rossi seemed resigned and Clarice was clearly comfortable in this world. He had a bad feeling the last of his teams innocence was going to be lost. It saddened him. It was why he had left all those months ago. Coming to terms with the idea of vampires and demons had shaken his faith and his commitment to the world of law enforcement and the BAU. Because he had come to see that some of the monsters they chased were in fact demons who even if caught still killed when in prison. All locking them up did was give them an all you could eat caged food supply something he was not sure he could condone.

A second council hit team moved through the streets of Sunnydale. They had orders to end some of their own. It was not something they would normally like doing but the duo in question had made few friends with the others and the amount the council was paying took away any reservations they might have. Besides the buggers had betrayed the council and if they started naming names well life could get complicated. They slipped into the SPD and stunned the local cops. It took them only moments to find the cells of their former associates and less time than that to gut them. Then again six on one odds tended to work out in your favor.

The headed out giving one last look of contempt at the local cops Travers really should have let them kill the buggers they were useless. It had been all too simple and easy like shooting fish in the barrel.

Of course they filed to take out the hidden cameras the Mayor had installed. It was a very useful asset that the Scooby Gang used at least they would soon know who did the killing as Faith had told them about the cameras when she came back to their side.