Today was the night of New Years Eve, and everyone in the agriculture of Razia were off the hook. They were very excited. They loved New Years!

Adakias, the righteous, pure, innocent young prince, was especially excited. New Years was the time he got to eat candy from the lit bulb lamps Ahrima makes.

"MERRY NEW YEARS MERRY NEW YEARS!" Shrieked Adakias as he ran back and forth from the dark halls in the Dark. Yeah, he was really hyped!

Pallas, the misunderstood pretty emo, on the other hand, was very grumpy. He strongly disliked New Years. In fact, he hated New Years.

"AGH." Pallas grumbled as he watched Adakias run through the halls. Pallas wished New Years Eve could get ruined. "STAHP IT." He screamo'd to Adakias

Adakias stopped in his tracks, his starry-eyes looking deeply into Pallas's brooding eyes. Pallas was blinded by Adakias's innocence and righteousness. So blinded, he had to put the darkest of black eye shadow.

"UGH. YOU DONT UNDERSTAND ME." Shrieked Pallas as he stormed off into his secret lair of emo.

Pallas slammed the door in his room of pure gothic darkness. He bought everything at Hot Topic. Here, he laid complementing how terrible New Years was. He would've just moped in his emo-ness if a binky little spider didn't rest on his shoulder.

"EW SPIDER EW!" screamed Pallas, "WHUT DO YOU WANT?"

The binky smoll spider was Barayas the mastermind behind arsonist.

"Hate Everyone," Barayas said. Barayas could only Say Anything, so his words were always really weird.

"Ya of course I do," Pallas emo-ly agreed.

Barayas leaned awkwardly closer, "I Want to Know Your Plans," and lowered his voice to a whisper, "Six Six Six."

Pallas's eyes widened to much he had to put more eye shadow. "Are you suggest you wanna destroy New Years?" he quietly screamed.

The spider nodded 'ya'.

"Let me think edgily about this." Pallas said as he applied more eye shadow in preparation of thinking.

Pallas brooded in thought for a very long time. So long its gonna be in the next chapter hahaha suckers.