Ahrima's magical lush soft hair made the oxygen on the Moon magical so everyone could breathe nicely.

Adakias wore a neon green tuxedo with a neon hot brown tunic. He was super excited to get marriage to his best friend Ahnura!

Toba the Tura was going to be the guy who says "you may kiss da bride."

Barayas was going to be the guy that gets all the flowers because Barayas is everyone's waifu.

Adakias was excited. O made a cake. Ahrima accidentally burned the cake down. Toba banned Ahrima from the cake. Ahrima sang a song. The Oracle starting singing to.

Anyways, it was ready for wedding marriage time!

Ahnura jogged out wearing a pretty neat dress made of candy. When Adakias saw it, he whispered to himself "that's a pretty neat dress!"

The Broken Bride and then Here Comes The Bride was playing as Ahnura jogged up beside Adakias. Toba the Tura started speaking in ancient language called English.

After Toba the Tura accidentally summoned a dragon with English, it was time Adakias and Ahnura to kiss. The gravity of the moon made it really hard so instead Adakias gave Ahnura a chocolate kiss. How sweet!

Everyone clapped. Even Pallis clapped! Barayas did not clap because he was a spider and spiders cannot clapped.

After cake time and giving flowers to Barayas time, it was time for Ahnura and Adakias to fly away in. Rocket ship Ahrima built for them. Yay!

Adakias and Ahnura flew away into the sun.

What a fantastic awesome Valentine's Day!

The end.