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Kai looked around the yard at his old teammates. Ray and Tyson were battling each other while Hilary and Max watched them, cheering both on. Kenny was sitting on the porch recording the battle and talking to Dizzi. The simplicity of the day was almost mocking him. After all of the team has been through in the last three years the fact that they were all together practicing like they used to, amazed him. They had been through so much: dealing with Boris and Voltaire in the first World Championships, saving their bitbeasts from the various groups trying to take them away, splitting into separate teams for the third tournament, and then coming back together to stop Boris and BEGA. No matter what the team went through they always seemed to bounce back. It seemed nothing could ruin the bond they had created. Each of them would do anything for anyone else on the team. Kai himself would do anything and everything that was needed to keep his friends safe. He had sworn that when they pulled him out of the water back in Russia three years ago.

"Alright get him Dragoon!" Tyson shouted, causing Kai to tune back into the battle. Ray had already called out Driger and was on the attack. But Tyson was just a little stronger and managed to overpower Ray, knocking his blade out the dish. Tyson cheered in victory, catching Dragoon in his hand. Ray picked up Driger before congratulating Tyson on his win. Max and Hilary congratulated both Tyson and Ray for a good match. The two shook hands laughing. Kai pushed off the wall of the house and walked over to them. He gave both quick congratulatory words with a quick smile. Kenny ran over to them with his laptop.

"Alright guys we need to determine if we are going to enter this year's tournament as a team again or on separate teams. We have to make our decision by the end of the week so that Mr. Dickenson can plan everything accurately." Kenny explained looking between the four teens. They all looked around at each other, no one wanting to ask the question that was on their minds. Would they be a team again? Or would they become opponents.

"Whatever you guys choose I will stand behind it" Tyson finally stated looking between Kai, Ray, and Max. Max nodded looking at Kai and Ray. Ray nodded back, knowing what the blonde was thinking. The two looked at Kai, who stood slouched with his arms crossed and his eyes closed. Everyone watched him, waiting for his answer.

"Tala has offered me a place on the Blitzkrieg Boys again" Kai said without even looking at everyone. Max and Ray groaned, thinking that Kai was going to leave them again. Hilary held her breath with anticipation, not sure if Kai was simply stating that he was offered a position or if he was telling them he was leaving. Tyson stared at Kai with an uneasy look. While he would support Kai if he decided to leave he wouldn't be happy about it. Kai was his rival, and he got better by battling the older male, but he was also his best friend and he did not like having to view him as an enemy. He didn't like seeing any of his friends as enemies.

"So then you're going back to Russia Kai?" Kenny asked quietly, not wanting to come to terms with the team being split again. Kai grunted and started to walk away.

"I'll let you know tomorrow" he said before disappearing around the corner. Ray and Max turned to Tyson, trying to decipher the look on his face. It was a mix of emotions as the bluenette stared at the spot that Kai had disappeared from.

"Tyson?" Hilary asked after a moment. The bluenette continue to stare for a moment before smiling at his friends.

"No worries guys" he said simply his smile widening. He made his way inside, calling out that it was lunch time and they should eat. Max shrugged and followed after Tyson. Ray, Kenny, and Hilary followed suit, heading into the kitchen where Tyson was raiding his fridge.

Kai took his time walking back to his apartment. He knew he would have to make a choice soon. But it was a hard choice to make. Stay with the Blitzkrieg Boys and get a chance to face Tyson, his rival in everything, again? Or return to the Bladebreakers and be able to see Tyson as much as he wanted, because he couldn't deny that even seeing the world champion made him happy and excited him. But no one on the Bladebreakers knew about his feelings for Tyson, and he didn't want to chance them finding out. At least the Russians knew and he wouldn't have to hide his feelings as much. Sure they had all teased him when they found out but, as Spencer stated more than once, that was what brothers did. It had taken a lot of time for Kai to come to see the three Russians as his brothers but eventually he gave in. Tala, Bryan, and Spencer knew him better than anyone else, even Tyson himself. Kai stopped walking near one of the park benches and sat down. He ran a hand through his hair, sighing deeply as he continued to debate with himself on what to do. It seemed like it should be an easy decision. He did miss the Bladebreakers and while he loved the Blitzkrieg boys, he wasn't sure if he wanted to go through another tournament with them. He barely made it through the last one. Kai loved the idea of being able to see Tyson all the time, unlike the last tournament where he only got to see him when he bladed. Though Tyson did look incredibly hot when he was at the dish, watching him blade from the crowd was not as fun as watching him from behind. Kai couldn't deny that his eyes had been glued to Tyson's ass more often than not. It was almost surprising that no one had discovered his feelings for the younger bluenette. Kai was snapped out of his thoughts as his cell rang. He pulled it out and checked the ID of the caller. He resisted the urge to groan when he saw the ID.

"I haven't made a decision Tala" he stated, answering the phone. He heard the redhead snort. No doubt Tala expected that answer already.

"I hadn't expected you to. I was calling to ask why you were even debating it" Tala stated from the other end. Kai sighed again fully expecting more teasing to come from the redhead. It was Tala's favorite thing to do, since Kai was the youngest out of the four.

"Tala" Kai started but was cut off. He should have known that Tala wouldn't let him talk.

"I offered you the place on the team as a curtesy in case Max and Ray weren't going to return to the Bladebreakers. But if they are, you had better go back too" Tala stated causing Kai to groan slightly.

"I don't know if I want to give up to the chance to battle against Tyson again" Kai replied ignoring everyone around him. He knew it was just an excuse, and Tala did too.

"But you know you'd rather be around him more. The only thing fueling you through the last tournament was your desire to beat Tyson. Don't put yourself through that again Kai" Tala countered. Tala could be the voice of reason when he wanted to. This was a time that Kai was both thankful and upset that Tala had that ability. He appreciated Tala being the tough team captain he is, but he didn't want to hear the obvious.

"I…" Kai was a loss for words; he couldn't really argue against that. Tala was playing devil's advocate by stating all of the arguments Kai had thought of for returning to the Bladebreakers.

"Kai you know we would love to have you back on the team but you need to do what is best for you. Go back to the Bladebreakers, ask Tyson for a serious match, and have fun in the tournament." Tala stated before hanging up. Kai put his phone away before standing up again. It was getting colder, not surprising since it was mid-February. Kai looked up at the setting sun, wondering how he had lost so much time thinking.

Kai wasn't ready to go home. His apartment was empty and uninviting. He should have taken Tyson up on his offer to stay at the Dojo. But he also wasn't ready to go back and see Tyson just yet. He couldn't give him a solid answer. So Kai made his way down to the river. It was a calming place for him, especially when the setting sun met with the water. It was also where he had first met Tyson, the memory of that day etched into his mind permanently.

"Kai?" he heard Tyson ask from behind him. The older teen turned to look at the bluenette. He looked like he had just finished running, his face was flushed and his chest heaved as he panted. Tyson walked up and stood next to Kai. The Russian nodded for him to sit down.

"What're you doing out here?" Kai asked looking across the river again. He had to tear his gaze away from Tyson's face before he was caught staring.

"Hilary and I got into another argument and I didn't want to deal with her." Tyson replied leaning against his knees a bit. Kai gave a short laugh; Hilary and Tyson always fought and usually Tyson would leave when he got angry at her or at the argument.

"What about this time?" Kai usually wasn't one to care about their arguments, but he had never seen Tyson react quite this badly to their arguments. He heard Tyson sigh and turned to look at him. Tyson had tilted his head to look at Kai, forcing the two teens to stare at each other's eyes.

"You" Tyson said angrily. He wasn't angry at Kai, he was angry that Hilary had such little faith. "Hilary said that we should cut our losses and not allow you back on the team in case you betray us again."

Kai grew angry at the words, but he knew that he had deserved it. He had betrayed Tyson and the team three times already. But he didn't plan on betraying Tyson again. He loved him so much and it would break his heart if he caused the bluenette any more pain. In the past he had been selfish in working towards what he wanted. He had wanted more power so he agreed to do what his grandfather wanted in order to use Black Dranzer. He wanted to have a chance to battle Tyson so he followed Max and Ray's lead and went to another team. He wanted to be the best beyblader in the world so he ignored his hatred for Boris and joined BEGA. Using Black Dranzer had back fired when he realized how much he was connected to Dranzer and how much he cared about his friends. He got his match with Tyson and he was happy with that, but he couldn't handle being away from Tyson so much; he had grown to miss the world champion. He was defeated by one of BEGA's members and he had lost his beyblading spirit. It was Tyson who had pulled him out of his rut.

"What did Ray, Max, and Kenny say?" Kai finally asked, not sure if he could promise to not betray Tyson again. Tyson smiled and looked back at the river.

"They agreed with me. You are our friend and our team captain. We will support you in whatever you choose, just as we know you would do for us" Tyson said confidently. It brought a smile to Kai's face; the confidence that Tyson had was what had first attracted Kai to him. He was no longer the chubby young teen that Kai had meet three years prior. He had grown up and his body had matured. He was more than just attractive, he was gorgeous. And the fact that he was so confident in himself and his friends made him even sexier.

Kai went to say something in return, but before he could he felt something prick his neck. He reached up to the area and pulled out a small dart. Next to him, Tyson slumped down asleep with a similar dart sticking out of his neck. Kai tried looking around to see who was around but he was too drowsy. He slumped over next to Tyson losing consciousness.