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Tala paced around the apartment, worry etched into his features, as he waited for his lover to return home. Bryan had been gone for a week already, and there had been no word from Ian in over a month. The only reason the redhead knew anything was because Bryan was gone. Usually the lilac haired man would check in to at least say where he was, but this time when he left he hadn't called or informed Tala of where he was or how long he'd be gone. That could only mean one thing: Bryan was about to perform the hit on the younger versions of Kai and Tyson and didn't want Tala to worry about if he would succeed. The lack of communication was understandable, but it greatly annoyed the Russian regardless. He didn't know what was worse, knowing what was going on, not knowing at all, or not being able to stop it from happening. Usually Tala didn't mind not knowing what Bryan was doing, but when it came to Biovolt he couldn't stand it. Of course, given who he was currently working for, Bryan refused to tell the redheaded anything. He heard more about what was going on from Ian than he did from his own lover.

He just wanted to be done with Boris and Biovolt. Just when he thought they'd gotten out for good, Kai dragged them back in. Tala cared about Kai and Tyson, way more now than he did when Kai first told them about his experience traveling into the future and the part Bryan played in it, but there was only so much Tala could take from the two. He had thought they were trying to pull some elaborate prank on him or that they had finally gone insane when they told him and his team that Biovolt was going to come after the two of them later on in their life, right down to the month and year of the attacks. He had almost forgotten the conversation until a year ago when Ian informed them that he had been approached by Boris's son, Aleksandr, in search of help to revive Biovolt. And then six months later they recruited Bryan. Neither Ian nor Bryan was actually there to revive Biovolt; they were there to keep Kai and Tyson safe. That was the only reason Tala hadn't freaked out when Kai had informed him that the hit Bryan was getting ready to carry out, the one he refused to mention to the redhead even though the death of their friends would be rather important to know, was on his and Tyson's younger selves. He just hoped that Bryan didn't actually kill them…

Bryan would never forgive himself if he killed his friends.


He had to be quick, but do this carefully. He couldn't leave a trace of this message going out and he couldn't let himself be caught. Otherwise Aleksandr would know he was the spy; or at least he'd know he was one of them. He had yet to suspect Bryan wasn't completely on his side, even with the failed hit on Tyson and Kai's younger selves Bryan wasn't under suspicion. Unlike Ian who had many close calls with being caught. Their plan had been to let Ian be caught as the spy and allow Bryan to remain with them under the guise that he really wanted to kill two of his best friends, but the longer Ian could keep from being discovered the easier Bryan's job would be.

As soon as the email went through, and he was certain that the recipient had received the message, he went in and deleted every trace of the message being sent. Even if anyone did discover the message, they wouldn't be able to decode it easily. Emily spent years working this system out and another six months teaching the shorter blader how to use it and understand it just in case someone did see it. It looked like a bunch of gibberish to anyone who didn't know the code. Once the last trace of the message was gone, Ian got out of there as quick as he could without drawing attention to himself. It wasn't time to be caught yet.

Emily and Older Kai

After the initial attempted hit on Younger Kai and Tyson, Emily and Older Kai had set up a base of sorts in an empty office building that an acquaintance he used to work with owned. He had been able to convince the man to allow him access to it for their use and in return paid the man a hefty sum of cash to keep quiet. Emily had been working on her laptop while Kai tried to figure out how to keep everyone safe long enough for Emily and Kenny to figure out how to get the two teens back to their time. His struggle was keeping things quiet and not drawing too much publicity about what was going on. No one needed to know about the fact that the two people Kai was protecting were from the past. That didn't mean he wasn't drawing on every resource he had at his disposal to protect his and Tyson's younger selves, he was just doing it as discreetly as he possibly could.

"We need to send someone to watch over Hilary and Tyson as soon as we can." Emily explained, the sense of urgency in her tone not escaping the elder Hiwatari. He wasn't sure what the contents of the email she received were, but judging from the fact that she was just now bringing up the two worried him. Biovolt wouldn't go after two of the people he loved most would they? Of course they would, he chided himself. Who could he send though? If Aleksandr even thought they'd sent someone to look over those two he'd change plans just as quickly. They needed someone who was able to blend in and was lethal when needed. Kai smirked. He knew just the person.

"Does anyone have a way to contact McGregor?" Johnny knew how to blend in, both by being stealthy and using his loud mouth to his advantage, and he was skilled enough to kill an enemy if he had to. He was the perfect person to send to watch over his lover and practical sister.

Johnny had spent most of his teen and early adult years learning to defend himself and protect others, under the nose of those closest to him. Kai had only found out about those skills six years prior when Robert's only son, Erich, was Boris's target. Robert had requested Kai and Tala's help with dealing with the deranged man and protecting his son. During an attempted kidnapping Johnny had helped Kai not only keep Erich safe but had gone the extra step of permanently incapacitating the kidnapper. He was the one Kai trusted to watch his back when he had gone to stop Boris once and for all. If only Biovolt had crashed without Boris around to lead them, this wouldn't be happening right now.

"Let me see if I can contact Robert. He should be able to get in touch with Johnny." Emily responded, pulling her phone out to contact the German Nobleman. Kai nodded and moved away from her. Robert should have no problems contacting the Scottish blader.

"I'm going to call Tyson to give him a warning. And I'm going to keep our guests from leaving just in case Biovolt goes after them again." With that, Kai turned and left the building. His drive home was quick and as soon as he had parked in front of the dojo Kai was on the phone with Tyson. He had to warn the blunette about the potential threat of an attack. He needed to be on alert in case Aleksandr made his move sooner than Ian had predicted. Tyson swore that he would do his best to keep Hilary and himself safe and that eased some of Kai's worries. He left out the part about Johnny following them. It was better for Tyson not to know about the fact that he was going to be followed by anyone he knew, that way Johnny could do what he needed to keep the two of them, and their unborn child, safe.

As soon as he got off the phone with his Tyson, Kai got out of his car and entered the dojo. Younger Tyson and Younger Kai were sitting together in the kitchen when he walked in, while Ray was preparing dinner. Max was nowhere in sight but he was probably at work. Kai placed his briefcase down on the coffee table near the front door before walking into the kitchen and taking a seat at the table opposite of the two teens.

"We need to talk." The look on his face told both of them that what he wanted to talk about wasn't something to be taken lightly. Younger Tyson had seen that same look on Kai's face only when the situation they were in was so dire that he couldn't afford to be anything but serious. Younger Kai knew that whatever was wrong it was extremely important. He nodded for his future self to continue.

"Until further notice we need to keep you here. We need to keep you safe in case Biovolt comes after you again. So until we can finish this, you aren't to leave the dojo. Don't go outside and avoid being too close to the windows for extended periods of time."

Kai knew that the two teens weren't going to be happy with his order. Both of them were so used to being outside to train and simply enjoy themselves and now they were being told that they couldn't do that anymore. Kai was doing this for their safety and that was all he cared about at the moment. Any complaints he received would be well founded and worth the oncoming headaches.

Protests from both teens fell on deaf ears as Older Kai's phone began to ring. He answered it quickly, standing up and walking out of the room as he did so. It was Emily informing him of Johnny's agreement to watch over Tyson. Hearing that the two would have someone watching over them made him relax some more.

Younger Kai

Not long after Older Kai finished his phone call with Emily, Ray announced dinner was ready. The elder Hiwatari returned to the kitchen and took his seat again as the raven dished out the curry for each of them, making sure to set a bowl aside for when Max returned home. The four ate their dinner in silence and when he was finished Younger Kai excused himself and made his way back to the room that he was currently sharing with Tyson. On his way down the hallway he heard the house phone ring. It cut off quickly as Ray answered it, before he called out to Older Kai that it was Emily. Curious, Younger Kai paused at the phone that was sitting just outside of Grandpa Granger's old bedroom. As quietly as he could he picked up the receiver and listened to the conversation secretly.

"– In it he said the reason Biovolt is still after you and your younger self is because you killed Boris. He wants revenge and according to Serpent he got creative. That's why he had the time machine built. I think if we can get the blueprints to it Kenny and I can build another one and we can send yours and Tyson's younger selves back to their correct time." Who was Serpent? Did they give their spy a code name? It made sense to do so, but he couldn't think of who it could possibly be.

"How long will that take? It's not going to be easy keeping the two of them inside the dojo and there's no place I know of that is any safer. Not to mention Tyson and Hilary being so vulnerable right now." It was a bit strange listening to himself speak knowing that it wasn't actually him.

"It depends on how quickly Serpent can find the blueprints and send them to me. The issue is going to be that Biovolt isn't in Russia like we thought. They're situated in a warehouse here in Japan just outside of the city. You'll have to do your best keeping them there. If Aleksandr finds even one of them he'll use that to get you there. And if it's your younger self there's no saying he won't kill him then."

If there was one thing that Emily should know about him, as well as his older self, it was that Kai did not run away from anything. If Biovolt wanted him, Kai was going to give them what they wanted. He was not going to allow anyone else to get hurt when he was the main target. Carefully Kai put the receiver down so that his older self didn't realize he was listening and continued on his way to his room. For the rest of the night he planned his escape from the dojo. He wasn't going to let his older self keep him there.

Later that night, after Tyson had joined him in the bedroom and began preparing for bed, Kai struggled not to tell the blunette his plan. He knew he should, Tyson had stuck by him for so many years as it was and had helped him through a lot as it was, but this was something he needed to do by himself.

He waited until Tyson was asleep next to him in the bed before he made his move. With a glance at Tyson, admiring his beauty once more, Kai left the bed as quietly as he could. He climbed out the window after checking to make sure Tyson was still asleep and made his way out into the night.

Younger Tyson

Tyson hadn't quite fallen asleep when he felt Kai move off the bed. At first he assumed he just needed to use the restroom, but the second he heard the window open he knew that wasn't the case. Kai was up to something, and Tyson decided that it was up to him to make sure he came back safely. Thankfully, Kai was unable to close the window from the outside, so as soon as Kai was far enough away Tyson slipped out of the window and ran after him. Kai wasn't going to do anything without him by his side; that was a promise he had made to them both after their first championship together.

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