Jon awoke in his bed just as the first rays of sun were coming in through his window. Sighing he got out of the four poster to stumble his way to the bathroom and relieve himself. He splashed cold water on his face and returned to the seventh year boys dorm which he shared with Grenn, Pyp and Sam. He smiled as he sat on his bed seeing Pyp drool out of the corner of his mouth. Sam groaned as he rolled himself out of bed and began getting dressed. Grenn was nowhere to be seen although Jon guessed by the absence of his broom he was probably flying laps in preparation for this year's Quidditch tournament. Jon dressed quickly smiling as he brushed his finger against the shi ny prefect badge affixed to the front. "Should we wake him" Sam whispered gesturing towards Pyp. "Don't worry I'm awake" Pyp mumbled from amongst the blankets, "go on without me I'll catch up."

Jon and Sam made their way down the stairs and to the Gryffindor common room, passing Arya on the way to the portrait with her two friends Hot Pie and Gendry. As he made his way out of the portrait hole Jon wondered at the name Hot Pie, as far as he could remember it was something to do with a bet and the house elves in the kitchens.

On their way down the stairs they passed Robb and Jeyne on the way down from the Ravenclaw tower with Sansa a bit behind them. Robb pulled Jon briefly to the side as Jeyne and Sam made conversation ahead of them, "Do you want to go for a run tonight" he said, there was a smile on his face much too wide for the morning thought Jon in humour. "Really?" He laughed, "we've been back less then twenty four hours and you already want to go running?" "Course don't you?" Jon had to admit he had a point and so with a smile to match Robb's he agreed. They made their way into the great hall slowing down to allow Sansa to catch up. Jon and Sam made their way towards the Gryffindor table as the other three began walking towards the Ravenclaw table.

As Jon sat down and began helping himself to dome scrambled eggs he felt a clap on his back as Grenn sat down beside them, broom in hand. "Good flying?" Jon asked. "Great, I was thinking about tactics for our first match this season." Grenn was the captain of the Gryffindor team and one of the beaters whilst Jon played chaser. The first match for this season was against Hufflepuff and Green was taking the whole affair very seriously.

Professor Tarth descended from the staff table, a large bundle of parchment in hand. She began to distribute them amongst the students and Jon quickly realised she was handing out schedules for this year's classes. As soon as he received his he quickly glanced at it to find out what his first class was. He smiled as he realised he had a free period first thing. Relaxing he finished off his eggs. Pyp eventually turned up just in time to scoff down some toast before running off to arithmancy.

Jon and Sam made their way back up to the tower to gather their things for the classes ahead, they both grabbed their history books as they had history of magic first. Swinging his bag onto his shoulder Jon left the comforts of the common room and stepped out into the hall to make his way to class closely followed by Sam.

Jon and Sam made their way to Professor Lannister's classroom on the third floor, pausing briefly outside his door to allow a small horde of first years to leave. Jon amused himself by examining a portrait of Bran the builder, supposedly the wizard who had constructed Hogwarts for the four founders, Bran smiled back at him and then promptly walked out of his painting. Jon turned back to the door which had now finally cleared. Tyrion Lannister was sitting at the front of the room his short legs firmly planted on his desk as he leaned back in his chair.

"Well then if it isn't the two fools who decided to take my class to NEWT level" he laughed. "Hello professor" Jon and Sam laughed back. "Alright lads grab a seat and we shall get started. So where were we before the summer? Ah of course Aerys the mad and his disastrous fall from power." Tyrion paused for a moment, looking at Jon he continued. "So obviously you both had family members who took part in this war so I presume you both have a solid grounding already but there is no harm in refreshing the mind. So Sam what caused the break out of war?" "Well sir it could be argued that the war inevitable due to the destructive financial policy of Aerys, but the eventual catalyst was the Manchester duelling completion." "Well put Sam five points to Gryffindor, now Aerys's son Rhaegar, your father Jon, was one of the best duellists in the country and it was inevitable that he would win the competition but the problem was that he chose Lyanna Stark as his queen of love and beauty upon his victory, where as many expected him to pick his wife Elia Martell." Again Tyrion stopped here, "Now it must not be forgotten that the dissolution of his marriage to Elia Martell was yet to be finalised and so this caused much outrage with the Martells who were some of Aerys's staunchest supporters in his position as minister. In the resulting pandemonium both Rhaegar and Lyanna slipped out of the hall and disappeared, many were convinced that Lyanna had been kidnapped. This led to Jon's grandfather and uncle to make their way to the ministry to demand that Aerys issue a warrant for his son's arrest. No one is quite sure of the conversation that ensued but all we know is that by the end both men were lying dead at Aerys's feet. He then proceeded to demand the capture of both Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon who was well known to be in a relationship with Lyanna." Jon looked down at his desk embarrassed by the amount of pain and destruction his parents had caused in order to be together. "Now the head auror at the time Jon Arryn immediately spirited the two away as they both trainees within his department, along with just under half the department and various other members of the ministry they fled into hiding. Six months later a rescue mission was led by Robert Baratheon and Jon Arryn on Azkaban where many of their supporters had been imprisoned before they could escape. This was the point where Aerys began to fear that Robert was a legitimate threat to his rule and so mustered his supporters to take on the rebels. This was when Jon Connigton, the new head auror led his men in a decisive raid on a rebel safe house where Robert was known to be hiding and rcovering after losing a duel to Sam's father Randyl Tarly. As Connignton and his men began breaking down the magical defences on the building Eddard Stark and his forces arrived. The combined rebel forces defeated the loyalists and Jon Connignton was exiled for his failure by Aerys. This was the moment Rhaegar chose to return from where he had been hiding with Lyanna. He led a huge force of loyalist men against the now formidable force of the rebels not a stone throw away from this very castle in fact." Tyrion paused as Sam interrupted him. "But why would Rhaegar have supported Aerys when many accounts claim he was a good man and not a dark wizard like Aerys." "A good point Sam and to be completely honest with you we don't actually know why Rhaegar supported his father, perhaps it was just a sense of loyalty to his family and his minister but as I said we don't know his exact reasoning for fighting against the rebels all we can do is presume." The diminutive man stopeed speaking and stood up from his desk to go and stand by the window. He looked out across the castle grounds and sighed before he began to speak again in a softer voice. "On the other side of this very lake the two armies clashed, Robert and Rhaegar met in the centre of the battle and faced each other in single combat, they fought long and hard and eyewitnesses say that the ground smoked and cracked around them such was the intensity of their magic. But then it was all over, Robert cast a blasting curse which caught Rhaegar just under the chin snapping his neck instantly.

It is said that upon hearing of his son's defeat Aerys flew into a terrible rage, he locked himself away for three days and refused to accept either food or drink. It was at that moment that Tywin Lannister, my beloved father" Tyrion scoffed, "chose his moment to declare for a side, he arrived at Aerys's mansion with two of his closest allies, Gregor Clegane and Armory Loch. At the same time as this Aerys's was ordering the young auror and my brother Jaime Lannister to face his father and kill him for treason whilst Eddard Stark was besieging the Ministry. As my father breached the defences of Aerys's mansion Clegane and Loch were sneaking into the building via a servants entrance. They made their way to the room where Elia and her children were and proceeded to kill them all to ensure that once Aerys fell there would be no figure head for his supporters." He sniffed a look of utter disgust upon his face, "for the honourable killing of children Clegane and Loch were awarded the Order of Merlin third class." Tyrion's voice dripped with sarcasm. "My brother chose the moment that my father breached the defences to turn on Aerys killing him with a simple spell, avada kedavra." "But why was he not thrown into Azkaban as a result?" Jon asked dumbfounded, "I mean surely people know about this." "Of course they know Jon but history is written by the victors and anyway Robert pardoned all who fought for his side after he became interim Minister until the elections could be held, which he quite obviously won as no one votes against a war hero."

Tyrion grinned at his two students, "and then of course we have our little celebrity here and his part to the story." Jon grinned right back at him. "So the honourable Eddard Stark went off to rescue his sister from the depraved dungeon she was kept in only for him and his companions to in fact discover her in a villa on the French coast happily married to her supposed captor with a small bundle of joy in her arms," he japed. Jon and Sam laughed along with him. "But upon their arrival they discovered the presence of the last of Aerys's disciples who had come to claim his supposed heir as their new dark lord." Jon grimaced at this, he never liked being reminded of what some people would use him for. "So of course keeping with the style of war there was one last battle between the Stark men and the loyalists led by Gerold Hightower. By the end there were only two men left standing Eddard Stark and Howland Reed, upon which point they found you Jon, your mother having been hit with an errant sectumsempra." Jon knew the rest of the story well as Ned had told it to him after his sorting many times. He ignored the rest of Tyrion's lecture on the after effects of the war and his thoughts led him to the moment when his adoptive father had explained his reasoning behind passing Jon off as his own son. The reason had been simple the magical world could not be allowed to know of Jon's true parentage until he was of an age where he could protect himself and not be used as a figure head for one dark crusade or another, Ned had fully planned to inform Jon just at much late point than the hat had seen fit.

Sam nudged Jon in his side towards the end of his class and awakened from his thoughts Jon just managed to catch the last of the lecture. "And so for this class next week I want a foot of parchment from each of you on the Night's Watch, their formation and why they failed to intervene during Robert's rebellion, alright off you go now." Tyrion turned and went back to his desk. Jon and Sam stood and shouldered their bags as they left the class room. On the way out Jon noticed Brandon hadn't returned to his portrait. "what have you got next?" Sam asked, Jon checked his timetable and then swore, "shite, I've got defence with Professor Thorne." Sam smiled, "well then would help if I told you I've got a free period now?" "You always know what to say Sam" Jon japed. Jon turned away from his friend and went off towards his next class, his mind abuzz with thoughts on Tyrion's lecture, he didn't see the girl until it was too late and he had already bumped into her knocking the books out of her arms before he realised what was going on. "Oh sorry didn't see you" he mumbled. The girl looked at him her eyes flashing in anger. It was at that point that Jon realised how pretty she was and then about half a second later he realised exactly who he had the misfortune of bumping into. It was Ygritte, a seventh year like him but a Slytherin. Her fiery red hair was infamous around the school for being involved in many corridor duels and fights, rumour had it she had defeated Theon Greyjoy in a duel when she was only a second year all the more impressive as he had been sitting his defence NEWT at the time. "Well" she snapped "are you going to pick them up or not" she said gesturing at her books strewn across the floor. Jon hastily bent down to begin gathering them up. From his vantage point he couldn't help but notice what lovely legs she had and had to quickly glance somewhere else before he gave himself away. Once he had gathered all the books Ygritte snatched them from his hands a scowl on her face as she marched off to her next class. Jon couldn't help but grin as he realised she was heading straight for the defence classroom as well. How had he not noticed her in his class last year he thought to himself shaking his in wonder. Walking into the classroom behind her he realised there was a grin plastered across his face and quickly stopped smiling lest she saw it.

Taking a seat beside Grenn and Robb he plonked his bag under the desk and focused his attention on Professor Thorne at the front of the room.

The man stood there, a scowl upon his face although he saved a particular look of disgust for Jon. No one knew quite why Professor Thorne hated Jon but Jon himself believed it was something to do with Thorne having been a supporter of Aerys the mad.

"Sit down" Thorne barked at the few students who were still standing, a complete silence settled on the room as all eyes turned to Thorne. "Now you probably all presume that this year will be easy, that you will just coast along like last year, well you're wrong. I am going to push you to your very limits this year and if you can't handle that you can get out of my class now. So if you have finished with your little chit chats its time to do something worthwhile. You!" He shouted pointing at Grenn, "get up here, and you", this time Thorne pointed at Ramsay Snow the Slytherin Prefect. "Prove to me that you are both worthy of being in my class, you will duel at the front of the class now and prove that nothing has been forgotten over the summer" he growled.

Ramsay with a sly grin on his face stepped up to the front and Jon's stomach sank, Grenn was a good duellist but Ramsay was in a whole different league, this would not end well for his friend. Evidently Grenn knew this too as he was noticeably sweaty as he stood to take his place. "Begin" yelled Thorne.

The match was overly short and Grenn had barely succeeded in getting up a shield charm before Ramsay hit him with a volley of well placed jinxes and curses, he managed to rebound a jelly legs jinx off the wall to hit Grenn's unprotected back knocking him out of the fight in an instance. Jon and Robb sighed at their friend's defeat. "Pitiful" Thorne spat glaring at Grenn.

Robb leaned over to whisper in Jon's ear as Grenn made his way back to their table, "still up for that run later." Jon turned and grinning replied "course I am." Satisfied Robb kept quiet for the rest of the class as Thorne lectured on the differences between wights and inferni. "Targaryen" Jon sighed as Thorne's attention turned to him, "what is the difference between a wight and an inferni?" "A wight is a corpse which has been animated by an other and an inferni is a corpse which as been animated by a dark wizard." Thorne scowled and began drawing a diagram on the chalkboard of the wand motion required to cast a sensor spell for undead creatures. Jon felt his eyes drift along the tables until they rested on the back of Ygritte's head, god she was beautiful he thought to himself. He quickly glanced down at his notes when she turned around briefly to take a new quill out of her bag. Shaking his head in bewilderment Jon paid attention to Thorne again.

At the end of the class Thorne set them a foot of parchment on methods used to distinguish between wights and inferni. Jon could barely believe it only two classes in to the year and already he had two essays to write. At least there was the run this evening to look forward to he thought.

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