Fragile Rose


Chapter One: Summer Begins & Ends

'Whoever said when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade should fuck off', thought the jaded nine year old Yang Xiao Long. The reason why this nine year old was so bitter is due to the fact that today in her Girl Scout troupe, (which her father and uncle forced her to join, in the hopes of making friends and learning skills). Yang hated this day in her troupe even more because it was a "special mother/daughter" event and to make matters worse it was mandatory for all girls to be there. This was despite the fact that the troupe leader knew Yang didn't have a mother. Yang's mom ran away just about a month or two after Yang was born. To make matters worse on Yang's first birthday she had filed for divorce because she wasn't ready to be a mother. To help raise Yang her uncle moved in to help out. When Yang's mother, Raven, left Yang had not even had a real birthday, due to the fact that her father would get drunk and yell at Yang for no reason, but would apologize the next day. Furthermore, Yang also felt her birth should not be celebrated because she felt it was her fault that her family had fallen apart. Her uncle Qrow tried to help out, but knew nothing when it came to raising girls like Yang who were a special mix of a girly girl and tomboy.

Back to the troupe meeting though, there was a new woman there that Yang didn't know. Who she couldn't tell if she had a daughter or not. Yang's mediation though was interrupted by Ms. Peach, the troupe's leader, proclaiming "girls, mothers, I have an announcement to make. Some of you may be sad about this, but it's for the best I am sure. As I know you can tell we have a new face here tonight (Ms. Peach gesturing towards the mysterious woman) this is Summer Rose and she will be my replacement. Before any of you worry, she will be a better leader than me, as Summer herself, was a former Girl Scout. In fact I used to be her troupe leader back when she was a little girl. (Ms. Peach is 66) I am just getting a little too old to keep up with you girls, but don't worry I will come by when I can to help out so don't be too sad". Unlike Yang, the girls and mothers, liked Ms. Peach and came to her for advice or to just play games. Yang could tell that Ms. Peach didn't like her, probably due to the chip on her shoulder because of her mother's abandonment. What Yang did not know is that Summer was taking over because just like Yang, Summer grew up without a mom. Ms. Peach didn't know how to handle Yang, even though she had run this troupe successfully for many years, but she was just at her wits end with this girl. As the girls and their mothers went to talk to Ms. Peach, Yang stayed behind just looking at the clock, hoping it was time to go. That is until Yang noticed that Summer sat down next to her.

"Hello Yang, I am Summer. Ms. Peach told me all about you", said Summer. Yang then started to glare at Summer for even trying to get to know her. That is until Summer said something that surprised Yang, "I know what it's like not having a mom, mine did the same thing that yours did and left shortly after I was born. So if you ever need a friend or someone to talk to I am here for you." Summer said in a calm almost motherly tone to Yang.

Yang couldn't believe that someone had their mother walked out on them also. Yang, almost choking, saying "Prove it". Summer just smiled a warm smile and said "Sure" and for the next two hours Yang and Summer talked about almost everything. Summer even told her how she met her own mother one day, begging her for money in order to get out of debt. Summer's mother was indebted to a dangerous person. Summer turned her mother away because she never did anything for her. But Summer then got a little sad and said, "Yang holding on to that grudge and sending her away was bad (Yang looked confused). You see Yang she owed money to bad people and it was a few days later I found out she died a terrible death. Now I regret not helping her because I could have helped by being the bigger woman."

Summer's story made Yang think she would do the same too if Raven ever came back. This was a lot to take in. Just as the meeting ended Summer walked Yang out to meet her dad. Summer felt bad that Yang had been treated unfairly due to the fact that she didn't have a mother, empathizing with Yang's inner turmoil. As they were waiting a yellow and black old Charger pulled up and a scruffy looking man got out. Yang proclaimed, "hey dad" to which Taiyang replied "have a good meeting champ", but stopped mid-sentence as he saw the woman standing next to Yang. "S-s-summer" Taiyang stuttered, dumbstruck. Summer in equal shock asked "Tai is that you?" (In this moment Summer flashes back to her high school days when she was dating Taiyang before her best friend Raven stole him away. There weren't any hurt feeling in this affair as Summer believed Raven to be the better match for Taiyang. Summer was even the maid of honor at their wedding. Despite their friendship, Summer always felt like this honor was motivated by Raven's competitive streak, rubbing in Summer's face that she and Taiyang were married.) Reflecting upon Yang's exterior, Summer noticed that Yang looked like a blonde Raven from when she and Summer where kids. Seeing Summers face go from happy to pissed in 5 seconds flat Taiyang asked Yang, "Can you wait in the car while I talk to Summer?" Yang shrugged her shoulders and then made her dad lean down to her, whispering in his ear "please don't hit on her dad she's so cool." Taiyang just nodded to his daughter as Yang got into his car.

Taiyang walked with Summer to a nearby bench to catch up. Summer was the first to break the silence, "Please tell me I'm wrong Tai, but Yang's mother isn't Raven?" Taiyang looked down and sighed, but then said, "I wish I could but Raven is her mother… she just wasn't rea-". Taiyang was cut off as Summer hit him in the back of the head. Taiyang reacted and said, "Ow what was that for?" Looking at Summer's enraged face, which yelled, "You deserve a lot more for making Yang feel like it's her fault that Raven left! Fuck, if I ever see Raven again she's getting hit even worse. Raven knows what I went through growing up without a mother, I can't believe you two."

"Still as feisty as ever Summer", Taiyang said, "I don't try and blame Yang… it's just sometimes I drink and I can't help-." Taiyang stopped himself when he saw how pissed off Summer was at his explaining, "I try and make it up to her, but me and Qrow know nothing about raising girls… so Yang has been for the most part treated like a boy rather than a girl." Taiyang stopped explaining as Summer let out a sigh, proclaiming "Poor girl. Well I will just have to help out then." "You mean it Summer?" Taiyang asked. "Of course what are friends for", Summer said sweetly.

(2 years later)

"Do you Taiyang Xiao Long take Summer Rose to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold for sickness and health, forsaking others till death do you part", asked the preacher. Taiyang smiled and said "I Do!" "Now do you Summer Rose take Taiyang Xiao Long as your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold in sickness and in health, forsaking all others till deaths do you part?" "I do", Summer Rose said with a smile, turning look beside her where the hyperactive Yang stood smiling. Today was the happiest day of their lives as Summer and Taiyang finally married. Giving Yang the mom she's always wanted, while giving Summer the family she always dreamed of. Could life get any better for them?

(About a month after the wedding)

Yang looked nervously at her new mom Summer (who after they got married Yang would only call mom). Yang's dad had the same nervous look on his face because he didn't know what his wife had to say either. It was some big secret that perplexed Yang and her father that only resulted in worse case scenarios, until Summer cleared her throat and asked them "Yang, Tai, could you two check on the oven I think I left something in it? After you two come back I will tell you what the surprise is." Yang and her dad shrug and went to look in the oven, finding it preheated and cooking a single bun on a cookie sheet. Yang understood instantly, while her dad remained confused as to why Summer made only one bun. That is until Yang's hyper active outburst mirrored that of a kid on Christmas day. As Yang ran back to Summer asking, "Does that mean what I think it means Mom?" Summer just smiled and said "It sure dose sweety." Yang at this moment lost it and started jumping up in down like she was just crowned Queen of the World. Taiyang asked his daughter to settle down and why she's so exited? Yang just smiled and said "Dad don't you get it? Mom has a bun in the oven… she's having a baby!" Taiyang just looks at Summer who's just shook her head and said, "yes". Taiyang smiled while Yang asked in a singing voice "I'm going to be a big sister! I'm going to be a big sister!", while dancing around. Today was the second happiest day of their lives, only thinking that the happiest will be when the baby is born.

(Seven & half months later)

Yang and her father could do nothing but cry as they watch a beautiful cherry wood coffin descend into the ground. They both were having the worst two weeks of their lives ever since the fateful day when a drunk driver plowed right into Summer's car. Summer held on long enough for them to deliver her baby girl, which proved to be a miracle. Not long after the baby gave its first cry, Summer died knowing her baby is alive. Just a few minutes prior Yang, Taiyang, and Qrow arrived only to receive good news, bad news, and even worse news. The good news was they had a new family member, a beautiful baby girl. The bad news she was born prematurely and barely weighed 5 lbs and 6 oz. This child was on the smaller side and it remained unclear if she has any birth defects as the doctors were concerned that due to the accident there would be any lingering influences. As for the worse news, Summer was already dead and they didn't even get to say their "goodbyes". Yang and Tayang broke down to this news and cried. Qrow was about to comfort them when his phone went off and he went to find privacy. Once alone Qrow answered his phone and said to his captain (As Qrow's a police detective), "Now isn't the best of time sir… not unless you caught the bastard who hit Summer Xiao Long." The chief replied "Yes and there is a reason why I am calling you. The drunk driver was your twin sister Raven. From what we could tell even though she was drunk it seems like she was fully aware that she was hitting Ms. Xiao Long's car." Qrow couldn't believe it his sister knew what she was doing. In fact Qrow remembers Taiyang telling him that Raven came back two months ago and attacked Summer, calling her all sort of names. Accusing Summer for stealing her husband daughter away. A moment interrupted by Yang's declaration to Raven that Summer was her true Mom.

(After the funeral)

Yang was looking upon her sister in the NICU. She notieced that she was isolated, in what seemed to be a bubble. Her little sister, Ruby Rose Xiao Long (Summer before her death had made it clear that she wanted to name the baby Ruby if it was a girl) as Yang just stood there crying because not only did Summer die, but her lil' sister will never get to meet her. At this moment Yang promised to Summer's ghost that she will be the best big sister the world has ever seen. Meanwhile Taiyang was making Qrow tell him who had killed Summer. When Qrow told him this news that it was Raven he slammed his fist into the table out of rage. Taiyang growled, "No matter what Yang can never know." Qrow replied, "I feel the same way… she would only blame herself for Summer's death. Yang might think it was because of her proclamation that Summer was her true mother, when the blame solely belongs to my dumbass of a sister."

End of Chapter One: Summer Begins & Ends

To those who have read my story "the Odd Life of Ruby Rose" I just want to tell you that I am having some writer's block, but have ideas for three new stories. This is the beginning of one of them. Hopefully I will have those other two stories up soon as well as updates for "The Odd Life of Ruby Rose" and this story "Fragile Rose". Also there will be a major time skip in the next chapter as Yang will be 19 and in college, while Ruby will be 8. Soon you will find out poor Ruby's fate. I kind of wrote this chapter after watching last week's RWBY on Saturday PvP and was just depressed over what happened to Penny. I hope her AI will still be alive. All her dad has to do is repair her or put her in a new body, sorry for the spoiler if people haven't seen the episode yet.