Fragile Rose

Chapter Nine The Lion's Fang and The Witches Bird

Arslan entered Emerald Forest Elementary more eager than normal because today she would be able to see her friend Ruby. Arslan was sadden when Ruby went away for the weekend to visit her older sister. She recently learned that Ruby's sister was in college and it was Family Weekend. Since Ruby and Arslan met, Neo also became one of Arslan friends. Originally she thought it was weird to be friends with a teacher. Something about her made Arslan's faunus senses scream danger. Neo had explained that every weekend Ruby's older sister Yang would come home and help take care of her. Ruby said, "Arslan you would love my big sissy she's the best big sister in the whole wide world." Neo then snickered, "Yeah, Yang's mane could put your whole family's to shame." Arslan got a little mad at Neo for making fun of her faunus heritage. Neo showed her a picture of Ruby and Yang that was taken just before the school year started. Now in the back of Arslan's mind she believes Ruby and Yang are really lion faunus'.

Arslan took her seat which was at Ruby and Neo's table and to her surprise Ruby and Neo weren't there. As class was getting ready to start Arslan was getting more worried. Could Ruby be sick, if so she would have to bring her a special get well present like strawberries, they're Ruby's favorite. Mr. Flowers broke Arslan's thoughts when he said, "Class I have some sad news for you today. Our friend Ruby will nob 0t be in class and won't be for a long time." One boy who heard this then knew Neo wouldn't be around either, so he cheered, until Arslan ran over and pounced on him for cheering. Mr. Flowers had to pull Aslan out of class. In the process he got scratched up bad by her claws. Mr. Flowers told the rest of the class to make get well cards for Ruby.

Mr. Flowers took Arslan outside and made her sit on a bench as he knelt down to get at eye level with his student. He said, "I know you're mad and I will be having a talk with Miles for his outburst. Please forgive him for he doesn't fully know what Ruby's condition is." That got Arslan attention she just thought Ruby was sick. In a shaky voice trying to hide her fear Arslan asked, "Then what is wrong with Ruby? Where is she?" Mr. Flowers frowned knowing how close Ruby and Arslan had become. They were good for each other. Arslan was that friend Ruby always wanted and Ruby make it so Arslan wasn't alone anymore. Arslan would only come out of her shell when Ruby was around. Mr. Flowers then said, "Arslan, I'm afraid it's worse then being sick. Ruby is in the hospital. It seems that Ruby suffered an accident and will stay at Beacon Medical until further notice. I as of yet I don't know her condition." Arslan could no longer hold back her tears as she started crying. Mr. Flowers gave Arslan a hug to try and comfort her. They stayed like that until Mr. Flowers felt a tap on his shoulder, as he turns to see Neo looking worse for wear herself. Arslan noticed Neo and pushed Mr. Flowers our of her way, making him fall as she ran to hug Neo. Neo hugged Arslan back, then asked, "Arslan, would you like to see Ruby?" Arslan looked up with tears in her eyes and said, "More then anything." Neo then said, "Well okay."

Before leaving the school Neo contacted Arslan's Aunt and Uncle to let them know what was happening. They both agreed that it was okay for her to leave school to visit her friend in the hospital. On the drive there Neo felt she should prepare Arslan for what she is about to see. Neo turns the radio down and says, "Arslan there is something you should know about what happened when Ruby went to visit her sister. She got scared by a wasp and ran off but into the hands of some bad kids. One who thought it was funny to give something to a kid." Neo got cut off when Arslan asked, "Did they give her drugs." It surprised Neo that Arslan knew about things like that at a young age. Neo then said, "Yes, they gave her drugs. One of Ruby's older sister's friends tried to save her. Unfortunately one of these bad kids didn't like it so they stomped down on Ruby's back." That made Arslan boil with rage. She would make sure they would pay. Neo continued saying, "Ruby was rushed to the hospital and the doctors did all they could, but unfortunately Ruby has lost the use of her legs." Neo didn't want to tell Arslan that there is a chance that Ruby could walk again, but she wanted to save her from that disrepair. Arslan didn't know how to respond to this. All she could think about was how much Ruby love to run around with her and her love for swimming. The two friends and Neo made plans to go swimming later in the week before all this happened.

Arslan and Neo didn't say anything else for the rest of the car ride. It wasn't long until they arrived at the hospital and Ruby's room. Neo opened the door and she saw Ruby's older sister sitting in a chair. She was picking at her breakfast. It looked like she hasn't slept for the past few days, and next to Yang was Ruby in a hospital bed. She was just laying there with the most defeated look on her face. Arslan ran over and gave Ruby a big hug. Ruby was a little surprised to see her friend and said in a weak voice, "Arslan, what are you doing here?" Arslan replied, "Because my best friend is here, why wouldn't I be?" Ruby smiled and started to cry. Arslan started to cry as she went to hug her friend. Yang looked up and started to wondered where this girl came from when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She saw Neo. Neo then says, "Arslan is Ruby's best friend. She came to see her." Yang remembers the girl now from a picture Neo sent her a few weeks ago.

After crying for a good twenty minutes about Ruby's legs Arslan, at this point climbed into Ruby's bed to sit with her. Arslan only had one thing on her mind and that was who did this to her friend. Arslan asked, "Ruby who hurt you?" Rubys hugs Arslan and says, "A bully." Before Arslan could ask who again Yang spoke up, "What Ruby means Arslan is that it was a bull faunus, named Adam Taurus." That made Arslan even more mad that it was another faunus that hurt her friend. Arslan spent the rest of the time reading to Ruby and doing her best to cheer her up. Although every so often Ruby would start crying because she couldn't do something and she would say, "I can't move my legs." Arslan, Yang, and Neo would give her a group hug each time. Neo saw it was getting late and it was time to bring Arslan home. Arslan promised Ruby she would visit a lot and that cheered Ruby up some. Neo told Yang she will be back after dropping Arslan off.

It didn't take long to bring Arslan home. Arslan ran inside and was happy to see her grandfather was there for a visit because she had a huge favor to ask him. Arslan's Grandfather is the leader of the White Fang Mafia. Arslan's Grandfather asked, "Little cub come tell your Grandpa what you want and I promise to move Heaven and Earth to make your wish come true." (Arslan's grandfather wanted to make any wish come true because a few months ago his son Loki, Arslan's father, was murdered along with his sheep faunus named Aries. They where both killed by Salem Fall's number one assassin. Salem claimed that they stole from her. Unfortunately she had proof to back up her claims with. He knows his son was a womanizer and had messed with Salem and her assassin before but that still didn't make it okay.) Arslan looked up at her grandfather and said, "Grandpa I need someone to die!" That last part was said with more venom then he's ever heard his granddaughter ever say. Arslan's Grandfather's face went stern and said, "That's a pretty hefty wish there little cub. Who made you want someone dead so bad. You do realize who I am and who you are. I have to take this seriously." Arslan nodded 'yes' then said, "A bad man hurt my best friend in the whole world. The worst of all he was a faunus named Adam Taurus." Arslan then starts crying and says, "Grandpa he hurt her so bad that he took away her ability to walk!" This made the leader boil with rage he hurt. From what he knew, this was his granddaughter's only friend. Arslan's Grandfather then hugged her and wiped away her tears then said, "Don't worry little cub I will make him pay for hurting your friend." He already knew who Adam was. It was a month ago when Adam got promoted to a lieutenant. He was the youngest faunus to ever do this and he was filled with so much promise to lead the White Fang into the next generation. Too bad now, because he will die for ever harming someone so close to his granddaughter. He knew all about his granddaughter's friend Ruby. He had her researched, along with her family. The father was a loser, the uncle a good cop that he respected, Ruby herself a frail little girl who's mother died after child birth, and the older sister Yang a college student a bit over protective and was once in a relationship with his other granddaughter Blake belladonna.

(Meanwhile in a mansion in Haven)

Salem had just finished a meeting with her underlings. It seems that all traces of the White Fang have fled to Vale, Vacuo, Mistral, and even Atlas. She still felt some respect towards the leader of the White Fang, Leo Altan. Salem wants him to join her and serve under her. She was proud of her youngest daughter Cinder with her plans to take over Vale. Salem would let her daughter rule it under her management. Salem pulls out her cell phone and calls her assassin. The call was answered after three rings the assassin said, "What do I owe the pleasure of this call?" Salem smiled a sinister smile and said, "I have a job for you my killer bird. I'm sending you all the details now." There was a knock on the assassin's door. When she went to answer she saw one of her bosses lackeys with a big envelop in their hand for her. After closing the door she read the notes and smiled wickedly and licked her lips. The assassin then said into her phone, "I will take this mission with great pleasure." Salem then said, "Have fun seeing your family again Raven. I'm very pleased your willing to take this job." The call ended shortly after that as Raven made her travel plans, making mental notes about what she will need. Raven hopes that Salem warned her daughters not to cross her. She didn't care for her youngest brat. Raven hated the entitled brat Cinder Fall but at least she will see her daughter again. Raven was leaving her study to pack. As Raven passed her trophies she saw her favorite one, the head of Glynda Goodwitch for daring to rape her daughter. Raven laughed only wishing she had Summer's head for her wall. After packing all she would need she left. She found a car waiting to take her to the airport. On the ride over Raven said, "Soon my sweet daughter and I will be reunited for the first time, after all these years.

End of Chapter Nine A Lion's Fang and The Witch's Bird

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