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Chapter Warning: Reborn angst, love, possessiveness, and denial from yours truly

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Chapter One

If Tsuna had been a little more observant, a little less naive about the people around him then maybe this wouldn't have happened. Maybe. (Not really.)

He hated it. He wanted them to stop looking at Tsuna.


He hated how Tsuna could him so irrational and angry at everyone. At himself.

He wished he could lock him up and never let anyone see him.



He wishes, desperately, foolishly, Tsuna would only look at him.

"-orn? Reborn!"

"What is it Dame-Tsuna?" Reborn drawled smoothly, silently reprimanding himself for not paying attention. He must have spaced out during the meeting because they were alone. That was bad.

"Are you alright?" Tsuna murmured lowly with an edge of concern in his voice.

Reborn blinks. It takes him an embarrassingly long moment to answer the question because he was mesmerized by how Tsuna's head was tilted just so, with his wide brown eyes conveying his confusion.

Reborn had the urge to just hold him. That would be nice; his heart clenched at the thought longingly.

"Of course, are you doubting my ability to handle my well-being?" Reborn said nonchalantly. Leon crawled from his fedora to reach his fingers, he butted his palm softly, silently offering comfort. "After all, I'm the World's Greatest Hitman."

Tsuna looked as though he wanted to say something. Reborn heaved a small sigh. "I'm fine. Just recovering from the last mission. I can handle it, now get back to work Dame-Tsuna."

"If you're sure Reborn." Tsuna glanced at him, worriedly, before he tipped his head back and closed his eyes. "It's just- ..I'm worried. You've been spacing out a lot Reborn."

Stop it. Don't do that. If you don't, I'll begin to think that you care about me. That you'd want someone like me beside you. (That I have a chance.)

"I'm fine. Get back to work or I'll shoot you."


I'm fine.

Lies, that tiny part of him crooned at him; telling him to just give in and touch him like he's always wanted to, devour him.

He hated them. All those people who would look at Tsuna and try to woo him. He hated how pathetic it all was. But for all the times when he scorned them for thinking about him in that way- the way he couldn't because he was just the tutor, always the tutor because Tsuna wouldn't ever see him that way-

He hates himself the most.

He hates himself for loving Tsuna. He hates himself for not being able to stop, for not wanting to stop. He hates himself for always getting his hopes up. But he can't stop. He wants to just-

I'm fine.


Reborn walked briskly down the hall, trying to shake away the tantalizing images that had come up. He vainly tried to conceal his flushed face and-

Tsuna had that irritating habit of pouting (I'm not pouting!) and biting his bottom lip until it was dark red. It showed how sex derived Reborn was because all he could think about was how much Tsuna looked utterly delectable at that moment, especially with his mussed up hair(from messing it up again).

Reborn had to use all of his hard-gained-hitman-willpower to not jump over the desk and pin him to the wall. He made a strangled noise when Tsuna licked his lips, a faint pink tongue flickered out of his mouth.

"Reborn?" Tsuna looked at him innocently, trying to figure out why Reborn looked uncomfortable, "Are you okay? You sure you don't want to take the day off?"

"No," Reborn replied curtly, trying to get his mind on something else less hazardous like Verde in his piano boxers! Yes, perfect for getting rid of his arousal. (Oh. Now he has to bleach his brain.)

"Are you sure?" Somewhere between the time Reborn's mind was filled with Verde twerking in his piano boxers (why oh why) Tsuna had gotten up and pressed his forehead to his. "You're not sick, are you? Don't force yourself, don't you remember what happened la-

Wao. Reborn thought incoherently, he's so fucking close. Just a hair away and I can touch him and sky were that not tempting; his fingers twitched slightly. Reborn felt a ball of bubbly warmth drop down his stomach. It was so unbelievably sweet, just like every time he was near him like this.

Nope. Nope. (mammoninaspeedoveverdesquattingskullsapoledancerverdeinadresscolle-)

"-and we don't want Ryouhei to think it was it was his fault that Master Pao Pao was- Reborn! You're not listening are you?" Tsuna pouted cutely, stepping away.

Reborn drawled back, already missing the warmth Tsuna took with him, "Don't pout Dame-Tsuna."

"I'm not pouting!"

"I'll take the day off for today."

Tsuna visibly brightened, his face was full of relief. How was it that he able to survive here? He should've been dead, should've lost that innocence the moment he met Reborn, even Luce hadn't been this innocent. But even as Reborn thought about it, he found he didn't mind, he liked having someone who knew him, how dark and dirty he was and still care for him.

He was selfish.

"Aren't you just a ball of sunshine. Doubting me like that." Reborn bit out slightly irritable.

"I'm not doubting you Reborn! I'm just worried for your well-being. you have the tendency to ignore the pain until the last moment too!" Tsuna furrowed his brows, "I care about you Reborn. You're really important to me, us. I don't want you to die! So promise me you'll take care of yourself, okay," Tsuna stated seriously with a straight face.

Seriously. How can this-this man say something as cheesy and embarrassingly heart-filled with a straight face! Reborn looked to the side, a hand covering half of his face as he squealed internally at the adorableness called Tsuna.

"...Fine..." Reborn sighed out reluctantly, a faint blush still on his face. The greatest hitman in the world; blushing! He was defeated,"...moglie*," Reborn finished, hoping to save his pride from completely flying away.

"Uh-huh, bye-bye anata*," Tsuna replied absentmindedly, focusing on the paperwork at hand again.

Reborn froze for a second, before leaving quickly, closing the door with a quiet click.

That Dame-Tsuna! Reborn thought frustratingly, he could see in his mind's eye Colloneno making a whipping motion. He was so lost in his thoughts, he didn't notice Mukoro standing there within a daze until the man was nearly in front of him.

Mukuro looked awful. The others hadn't noticed but Tsuna had certainly detected the Mist Guardian's allusions; over the days, he had been wearing staying in bed more often and had even stopped picking fights with the Cloud guardian.

Tsuna had been extremely worried about him, Reborn had suffered many hours of reassuring him 'yes, Mukuro was fine' and 'yes he'll check on him'. (Not that he had actually cared that much, after all, fewer rivals vying for Tsuna's attention)

It had been weeks since he actually looked at Mukoro and he looked, to say as an understatement, awful. Mukoro looked like he had starved himself and hasn't seen sunlight in months.

Well. There was one to do, Reborn thought resignedly.

"Mukuro," Reborn stated curtly. He had no time for anymore teenage angst, especially for full grown brats but it was his job as Vongola Decimo's personal advisor to lessen his uneeded workload. (No. He was not trying to monopoly Tsuna's affection by doing good deeds. Shut up Fon. Stop laughing.)




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moglie means wife

anata means husband


Mukoro had never been one for, he scoffed here, feelings, he couldn't understand why people would talk about them either. Feelings were meant to be kept inside, not shared. That was his firm belief, of course, this was before he met Tsuna.

Mukuro still remembered his first thought when he met the young Decimo candidate was, 'weak'. He was too weak and naive to be here. He wasn't ready to kill. To see the horrors of the underworld, the mafia. He wasn't tainted.

Mukoro had been jealous. He had been jealous of how burden-free the other boy's eyes were. He had wanted to stain them to make him wake up to the realities of life.

So when he threatened the boy's friends, how was he supposed to know the boy, no, Tsunayoshi, would change. His eyes flickered with an orange glint, a brilliant orange flame, so bright, so so warm, flickered on top of his forehead and when Mukoro made contact with him- he had felt it before he could recognize it, familiar, precious; home.

Mukoro would never admit it but it had been the first time in a very long time since he'd felt so warm and safe. Tsunayoshi reminded him of home; he hated him for it, for making him long for something so forbidden and impossible for a criminal like him, but loved him for offering it anyway.

Years had passed and Mukuro still woke up, half fearing that it was all just a dream until the hall was filled with familiar explosions and yells. He'd wake up and would be greeted by his face, and he'd smile as if Mukuro was someone amazing, someone, who deserved all this.

I hate you.

But Mukuro's heart would start pumping faster and he'd feel so warm inside and it was horrible. It was pathetic.

What if he finds out? What if he finds out that-

He'd make him feel so fucking special and his hopes would go up every. single. time. But when Tsuna would smile that warm special smile at someone else: Mukuro died each time.

What if he finds out I thought he loved me? That I thought his kindness was something more?

It was pathetic. It was beautiful. It was horrible. It was so heart-breakingly precious, and he couldn't stop.

I hate you.





I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

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