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Chapter Five

"I'm back! brought back some sweets to enjoy.." Tsuna's voice faded off questioningly. The Vongola mansion was void of all it's usual noises. Tsuna had only been gone for 2 hours.

He skillfully navigated around the charred destruction that used to be the front hall. Tsuna dreaded what he would find in his office.

Tsuna found his door guard on the floor twitching and more than a little charred. Tsuna made a mental note to give him a raise to cover his hospital bills. He opened his office door which thankfully, was not affected by the mass destruction and sank into his chair.

Tsuna sighed tiredly as he set the bag of sweets down. He could see his note under the large, abnormally large stack of paperwork. He twitched at the phantom pain he could already foresee in his future.

"D-Decimo-sama?" The maid's voice trembled slightly as she gathered her bearings. "Your Guardians are-..um- l-looking for..you..."

Tsuna made a small exasperated noise as he looked at the trembling maid. He wasn't scary was he? "Thank you, Mariko-san."

The maid, Mariko-san, blushed a deep red as she bowed repeatedly before scampering out the door.

Tsuna flipped out his phone irritably and texted Hayato.

"Nothing's changed at all. You've changed nothing at all darling."

(Sat 12:37am)

Where r u?

(Sat 12:37am)


(Sat 12:38am)

Wait is everyone else with you?


(Sat 11:38am)



(Sat 12:38am)

..nevermind don't answer that just please come back soon?

(Sat 11:38am)


。゜゜(´O`)°゜。 (╥﹏╥)

(Sat 12:39am)

Tell everyone else for me too? And make sure not to destroy anything?

(Sat 11:41am)

..Yes of course

(Sat 12:41am)


(Sat 12:41am)


Tsuna's left eye twitched as he mumbled something under his breath. Honestly, he couldn't even leave without coming back to destruction. Tsuna sighed in fond exasperation as he mentally watched the Vongola funds fly away. "What am I going to do with you guys." he asked rhetorically.

"Stop complaining Dame-Tsuna."

"Reborn." Tsuna jumped, he turned around to see Reborn standing against the doorway polishing this shoes against the guard's shirt irritably. Tsuna blamed his stress and Kawahira for dragging out the meeting 4 hours longer than needed (don't worry Tsunayoshi he said, its not actually 4 hours, he said, it's just your mind's percepective being changed he said) but this action looked way funnier than it should be. Tsuna laughed silently at the typical Reborn action.

"Reborn! Don't do that to him!"

Reborn looked at him nonchalantly, "What? He deserves it for taking a nap during working hours."

"Still." Tsuna smiled at Reborn's deadpan look. He looked back to the bag of sweets to offer some to the other man only to see it missing, "Reborn-"

Reborn chewed on a cookie sullenly as he stared at Tsuna. Tsuna paused awkwardly as he looked at the man before he stood up. There was a line of tension on the other man's shoulders.

"What's wrong?"

Reborn looked at Tsuna blankly; inwardly he was sweating in slight panic. He couldn't exactly tell the truth and say he'd collapsed momentarily (which was already out of the norm) but that he's also having memory loss at the same time. His pride screamed at him not to say anything.



Reborn smirked amusedly and reprimanded him, "Language."

"Honestly, Reborn? You guys have been swearing around me for so long it's no wonder I picked it up," Tsuna lamented huffily. "But don't distract me. What's wrong?"

Reborn gave him a woo-is-me look before he responded-

"Leon's missing."

"What!" Tsuna babbled in panic. "When's the last time you saw Leon? Should I raise the alarm? Reborn!"

Reborn raised an eyebrow amusedly; he had said the first thing that came up on his mind. Thankfully, being the Greatest Hitman he was, his mouth subconsciously told a half truth rather than a full lie. This was the first lesson to being a skilled liar.

Reborn adopted a faux offended look.

Honestly Dame-Tsuna, he had taught him better than that. But he was grateful for the convenient excuse; Tsuna's intuition has gotten scarily accurate over the years. Reborn wasn't sure if he should be proud of that fact or curse it because it had gotten harder to lie around him.

"Of course not Dame-Tsuna. Wouldn't you think I would've found him by now if he was in danger. He's my partner after all." Truth.

"This is an omen Dame-Tsuna! Something horrendous has happened and as you know Leon is an animal of superior instinct and as such he's finding shelter. As the Vongola Decimo, you must prepare yourself for an inevitable storm," Reborn bullshitted. "You have to focus on preparing your allies to be strong and brave, this is where the weak separates from the strong."

Tsuna froze before he gave a parody of a smile. "Oh?"

Reborn looked at him suspiciously, "What do you mean 'oh'." Are you hiding something?

Tsuna smile widened slowly as he backed away from those he man. "It's just-I think we're losing more money than we're earning by the rate of destruction everyone's making...and we might have to..cutbackontheamountofunnneededfoodadnweaponsthatwebuy but just for a while though.

Reborn narrowed his eyes, "Repeat."

Tsuna laughed nervously as he back away from the room. "It's just for a while but you'll just have to survive with the super expensive imported coffee beans from Kenya. I'm sure you'll be fine Reborn."


"Don't worry about it Reborn!" His voice faded away as he ran from the room. He may be Vongola Neo Decimo but Tsuna knew when to retreat. Especially when it came to Reborn's coffee. "At least we won't have to worry about any new weapons causing destruction!"

"Get back here."

"Wouldn't it be better if the world just... stopped?"

Tsuna cackled lightly as he slowed down to a stop. He turned around a corner and pressed his palm against the slightly lighter block of wood. It sunk into the wall to reveal a small dark room with another door in the back. Tsuna walked into the secret passageway and it closed just as Reborn turned the corner.

Tsuna smiled in exhilaration; he knew Reborn would eventually confront him later but for now...

The secrect passageway was built in the case if the mansion was ever invaded; the servants would be able to come to these rooms and stay or escape through the back door. Luckily, no one has used these passageways for a while now and this one had remained hidden behind the ridiculously ugly vase he'd gotten from Dino-nii.

Well, until he found it of course. Tsuna located the single lamp in the room and watched as his Lightning flames channeled through it. He marveled at the ease he now had when calling forth his harmonized factored flames. His fingers tensed at the thought. Tsuna slid down against a wall and curled into himself.

"What now."

As if it was sign, his phone vibrated and the screen lighted up to show a new message from Takeshi.

(Sat 10:32pm)


(Sat 1:15pm)

/Tsuna! Hibari, Lambo and Hayato and me are fighting right now~/

(Sat 1:20pm)

/Thought u might wanna know/

(Sat 1:52pm)

..Takeshi I'm already here.

(Sat 1:52pm)

/Tsuna! You're okay! Haha, I sort of.../

(Sat 1:53pm)


(Sat 1:53pm)


His body shook at he tried not to laugh or cry. His emotions were running on an all-time high today and his Guardians weren't helping. It was almost bizarre how nothing really changed. Tsuna had not expected the world to stop and wait for him but it was.. disconcerting to say the least, to know that he would be left being if he ever decides to sit and wallow in his self pity.

Did anything really change?

Tsuna called their usual construction place- he was on first name basis with them all due to the amount of destruction his guardians caused- and requested for a team to come by as usual.

No. Stop thinking like that.

He gave a small little sigh as he clutched the pulsing pacifier underneath his shirt. Tsuna paused in surprise when he realized what he was doing. His fingers were frozen with sweat as he held the pacifier.

Tsuna pulled it out from under his collar and cylinically stared at it. It really did look and feel like a normal pacifier but.. He felt heavier just by looking at it, weighed by the knowledge of its curse and history of bloodshed and death.

"I'm sorry," he whispered the words softly, quietly. The pacifier pulsed back at him, its colors switched back and forth from the seven flames that were stored inside. Tsuna's eyes darkened. Kawahira-san had cloaked it with ancient Mist Flames to hid it from view. It would not show itself unless he willed it to.

Tsuna wasn't sure if he would tell anyone. He hadn't been able to rack up the nerve to tell Reborn earlier. He had froze at the man's mocking words of an omen appearing, of an inescapable storm coming and had panicked. He was too focused on how close Reborn's words had hit home to realize why Reborn had been so tense. Hopefully, it wasn't something serious.

"I'm sorry."

Tsuna couldn't tell anyone. He shook his head. Not now. (Not yet)

Tsuna slide to the ground as he held his head against his knees. One hour, he thought, one hour to drown in self-pity but after that, no more self-pity.

("I'm so, so sorry everyone.")

He scrolled down his phone screen-

Tsuna wet his dry lips before he breathed in shakily.

-and made a call.


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Leon wasn't sure why his master placed him in the loud one's pocket but he stayed and did as he was told. Although he would much rather be on his master's mate. Or would be mate if master would just court him already. Honestly, humans.


The loud one was too loud for his taste.


And bumpy.


And cold.




Leon twitched. He'd get master back for this.


Reborn sneezed. "Achoo."

Tsuna panicked, "Reborn! Are you okay? Are you sick? You've never gotten sick with a cold before. Do you need Shamal or Onii-san to check up on you? Oh my god, they're not picking up-"


He herded Reborn to his room and stripped him before he could protest and dressed him in his bowling ball striped star pajamas. Reborn's eye twitched and he snatched his fedora back.


"Here, drink this and stay in bed." Tsuna tucked him in and fluffed his pillows before piling and covering him in blankets. "Don't worry, I'll take care of you."

"Dame-Tsuna, I'm not sick?" Reborn's eye glinted strangely. "You'll take care of me? As in sleep in the same room?"

"Of course," Tsuna replied back diligently. It was worrying to see Reborn so amiable. Maybe he should try to call Shamal and Onii-san again?

Reborn was in a tough spot. This was a very rare opportunity; ever since Tsuna asked Talbot to ward his room from unwanted visitors- for some reason Tsuna thought sleeping alone was better than sleeping with his (overprotective) friends and acquaintances- and he'd never admit it but Reborn had missed sleeping with the other boy. But would he really abandon his pride and allow himself to be mother hen just for the chance to sleep with him?

"..Get me some warm milk Dame-Tsuna," Reborn muttered under his breath. He was sure his face was glowing with obvious excitement. Yes. Yes he would.

"We'll share the bed," he commanded.

"Eh? Well, if it'll make you feel better?" Tsuna tilted his fluffy head to the right in confusion. What was so exciting about sleeping in the same room? Tsuna wished his HyperIntuition would help him with stuff like this but it was rare to see Reborn show weakness.

Reborn covered his face with his fedora. It was flaming because the shear amount of cuteness and worry Tsuna was showing. (He was so happy.)

He'd make it up to Leon, later.

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