A/N This idea stems from something I wrote in my Christmas story Merry Christmas Darling. This story is about how strong marriage can be and how one will always stand by their husband/wife through the good and bad. I hope you enjoy it.

Roy Hinkley stood in the shower while the hot water sprayed down on him. He scrubbed his skin with the scented green soap with vigor however no matter how much he scrubbed he still felt dirty. It was as if nothing could ever make him feel clean again. Finally he set the soap down in the dish and rinsed off the suds. He washed his hair for the third time before finally turning off the water and stepping out. He picked up a white towel and began to dry. The Professor then tossed the towel into the white hamper and then grabbed his black terry cloth robe from the hook on the door pulling it on and tying it tight. Sighing he walked into the master bedroom and his eyes immediately went to a silver picture frame containing a photo of a beautiful redheaded goddess. How he loved her so! Everything about her. He loved the way she called him darling. He loved the way she called him Roy darling. He loved how in romantic intimate moments she would refer to him as Professor or Professor Hinkley. He loved the way her green eyes would light up when he walked into the room. Whenever they would get into a heated argument he adored the way her emerald eyes would flare making them look even more enchanting. The Professor loved the way his body reacted whenever she came to bed wearing something very sexy and risqué. The way she would snuggle up close to him when they slept. How she would cuddle next to him on the sofa watching TV or just reading a book. How she talked him into running lines with her. He enjoyed how she always had to pick the love scenes to practice with him. The way her lips pouted when he didn't cave to her seduction (which of course was very rare). Most of all he loved HER. Her charm, her beauty, her kindness, her talent. There wasn't one thing about Ginger Grant aka Ginger Hinkley he did not adore. He thought she was the most caring woman he had ever known. Which brought him to the event that took place not an hour and an half ago.

The Professor had been working late in the lab. With his beloved wife out of town, he figured it would be a good time to catch up on some work and distract him from how much he missed her. He wished he could have gone with her but it was just not possible. Ginger had begged him to go along with her to New York however his schedule did not permit it. She had been devastated and pouted in that way that drove him mad. The starlet was not happy about having to spend a whole week away from her husband. She had to go to New York for two TV shows to promote her new movie and her album. Plus she had an interview with a top magazine who actually wanted to do a whole profile on the movie star/singer. Ginger simply couldn't pass it up. The Professor assured her she would be just fine. The movie star called him at least twice a day proclaiming how much she missed him. Well the first call was like that. The second call was always at night and she always managed to make it very heated. He hated that he couldn't go with her but there was nothing he could do about it. The academic did promise that he most certainly will try to make the trip with her next time.

He was deeply engrossed in a plastic formula when the door of the lab opened. In walked Evelyn Winters. She was his superior at Dunmore & Thompson Laboratory. She also had a certain way about her that most men found irresistible. However Roy Hinkley was not one of those men.

The 5'7 inch woman with short black curly hair approached him wearing a designer black skirt and matching blazer. Her heels clicked in the tile and he looked up. "Hello Ms. Winters." He said politely.

"Roy." She said with a devious laugh. "I told you, call me Evelyn."

"What can I do for you Ms. Winters?" He asked ignoring her request as usual.

"I saw the light on in here and I wondered who could be working this late at night. Imagine my delight to find you here." She cooed.

"Just working on this plastic formula." The Professor said not paying attention to her flirtatious overtones. "I think this will be 10 times stronger and make the product more durable."

"How wonderful." Evelyn said standing by his side practically breathing his ear. "You know you are the sexiest man I've ever met." Her hand went to his leg and began to move upward and he quickly took hold of it.

"I think it would be wise for you to leave." Roy said firmly. "I'm very busy here."

"Roy Roy." Evelyn said pushing aside his work and sitting up on the lab table. "There is plenty of time for work. Now is the time to play." She said gazing at him with a predatory look in her dark eyes. "I want you bad."

"Ms. Winters." The Professor said getting angry and backing away. "I am a married man. I happen to love my beautiful wife very much."

"Yes I know Ginger. She is quite beautiful but Roy….she's not here. She's in New York and it's just you and me. Come on." She said as she removed her blazer and began to unbutton her white silk blouse. "You can't tell me you don't want this body." She said in a breathy voice.

Evelyn hopped down from the table and approached him pressing herself against him. "Don't fight it Roy." She said as she started to bring her lips to his own, they just barely touched his before he pushed her away hard.

"I am going to ask you to cease your actions Ms. Winters." He said with anger building in his voice. "I'm not interested in pursuing any romantic liaison with you."

"Roy you silly boy." She said with a laugh. "I'm not talking romance. I'm talking hot steamy sex. Just one night. Ginger can have you for the rest of her life. I'm asking for one night." She approached him again placing her hands on his shoulders. "Just one night. I promise you won't regret it." She was about to attempt to kiss him again when she found herself knocked back landing hard on her bottom.

The Professor said not a word as he hurried out of the lab not bothering to look back.

As he thought back to that he never felt so violated in his life. What would possess that woman to even think he would….he felt sick thinking about it. Never in his life would he dare dream of betraying his beloved Ginger. Not ever. He was not the least bit attracted to that creature Evelyn Winters. Maybe the other men would fall over themselves for her but he was not one of them. Yes he was used to new single females hires showing interest however once they learned he was happily married, they always backed off. Ms. Winters did not appear to care he was married. Did not care about Ginger at all. It made no difference to her if Ginger got hurt. That's what infuriated him the most. Evelyn acting as if his beautiful wife did not count. Well she did count. She was everything to him. Before her, he had no one. He had his family, his friends but he did not have a special lady. To be honest he had not been all that interested in finding one. Yes he had dated a very nice women but nothing came of it. Not one of them meant as much as Ginger had come to mean to him.

Ginger was his whole world. He loved her more than he could ever believe. Roy never forgot the day he first laid his blue eyes upon her. He had boarded the SS Minnow set for a day of sailing and maybe some exploration of the surrounding islands. Once he set foot on the deck of the boat, he came across a vision. A stunning beautiful redheaded vision sitting in an elegant peach colored gown with her long legs crossed applying lipstick to her full lips. Never in his life had he seen anything so beautiful. She had sensed his eyes on her and she looked up and smiled at him. It was the most radiant smile he had ever known. It made her look even more beautiful. He found himself sitting next to her and they struck up a conversation. He found her so easy to talk as she seemed to genuinely be interested in his science ventures. Roy had not believed that almost and hour and an half passed by. It was then that he noticed the sky had gone dark and it had begun to rain.

It was after that they had been stuck on the island for four long years. However in the time he had gotten to know the lovely Ginger Grant more and the more he knew about her the more he fell in love. At first he had been terrified to tell her his feelings as he was not sure if she would return them. She was after all a glamorous movie star and used to more charming debonair men. However as time passed by he noticed how she had grown more and more attached to him. Finally one day he could not stand it any longer. He asked to speak to her one night after everyone else had turned in.

Roy had taken her down to the lagoon and had to slow his heartbeat as she looked so beautiful in the moonlight. He will never forget any detail. She had her long beautiful redhair flowing down at her shoulders and was wearing her white sequin gown. He loved her in the gown. The Professor took her delicate hand in his and proclaimed to her that he was madly in love with her. He said he could not fight it and it was too much to keep inside anymore. What her reaction was going to be he hadn't a clue but much to his delight her eyes brightened and her face lit up like a firecracker before saying "Professor darling I love you too!" It was then her arms were around him and her lips pressed to his.
He will never forget holding her in his arms and kissing her sweet lips. Yes he had the grand privilege of kissing her before but it was nothing like this. He felt he could finally let go and show her just how much he loved her.

Shortly after their declaration, the rescue happened. A marine helicopter was searching the islands in hopes to find a training base when they came upon this particular one. All were thrilled at the prospect of returning to their lives. Ginger was thrilled to be able to go back to Hollywood however she was unsure of what Roy wanted to do. Normally she would be glad to live in Ohio with him but her whole career was in Hollywood. She had to live there. The Professor told her that he would be glad to live out in California with her. Ginger tried to protest saying he needn't give up his life until that special day in whichl he asked her to marry him. Tears of joy poured down her face before she shouted yes!

The wedding was a spectacular affair and the Professor thoroughly enjoyed seeing his Ginger look so happy. They had a very happy marriage. Yes once in a while they would get into an argument but that was bound to happen. A few times there were slamming doors and Ginger in tears but they always always made up. Their fights didn't last long. Roy couldn't stand seeing Ginger upset and Ginger couldn't stand Roy being mad at her. It made her cry even more and it tore at the Professor's heart. More often then not they were about silly things and they laughed about why they were arguing about it. Only once did they argue about Ginger's Hollywood schedule. The Professor had thought she had too much on her plate and needed to cut back. This did not sit will with Ginger who barked at him she was just trying to keep her name out there. Even that fight didn't last very long. Yes the Professor had stormed out only to return an hour later with a giant bouquet of roses and a thousand apologies. Ginger then apologized for not seeing that he was probably right and did need to cut back. They two ending up spending the rest of the night making love. Ginger swore she would try to relax her schedule a bit and the Professor stated he would try to be more understanding.

For Evelyn Winters to trivialize their marriage as if it was meaningless made him angry. His marriage was most certainly not meaningless. He meant every single vow he made to his beloved Hollywood starlet. Ginger had men leave her in the past and he promised her on their wedding day in front of God that he would never abandon her. He was hers for life. The Professor meant it then and he meant now. There simply just wasn't going to be another woman. He only wanted one. Ginger Grant. No one else. Why was this so hard for Ms. Winters to grasp? Probably because she didn't want to and was a heartless soul who only cared about her needs and didn't give a fig about anyone else's.

Roy Hinkley may not have that much experience with women and it may be true that love is still a bit of an enigma to him but one thing he was not is a cheater. He wouldn't think of cheating on Ginger. Not in a thousand years. The idea of seeing the look of hurt and betrayal in her lovely eyes was too much for him to take. He simply could not bear it.
Ginger was his soulmate. Before her he never believed in such things but he did now.
That redheaded beauty was everything in the world to him. It was not in him to ever cause her pain. It was not in him to break her heart. What was in him was to love her with everything he had. To shower her with undying affection and adoration.

He sat down on the bed thinking about what he was going to do. Should he leave his position at Dunmore & Thompson? It was a great paying job and he liked the people he worked with. All except Evelyn of course. He had no idea how to deal with this situation. The last thing he wanted was to let Ginger know what had happened. She had too much to deal with. He didn't need to add this to her burden. If she found out, she would be crushed. No he wasn't going to do that to her. It was best to just forget it. That's all. Just forget it.

The phone rang and he got up to answer it. He picked up the white receiver. "Hello?"

"Hi darling." Ginger's voice said on the other line.

"Ginger." He smiled happy to hear her voice. "How are you my love?"

"I miss you." She replied. "I can't wait to see you. One more day and I'll be home to you. I love you."

"I love you too." The Professor said his eyes again going to her picture. "I miss you as well. I'm looking forward to your return."

"It's so hard to sleep in this big ol' bed without you." The redhead said twirling the phone cord in her fingers. "I miss having you next to me. Don't you miss me?"

Roy closed his eyes and sighed. "Yes my love." He answered. "I do miss that. Very much. I miss the scent of your perfume and your silky redhair."

Ginger grinned. "I love you darling. I promise I will be home soon. I love you!"

"I love you too Ginger. I shall see you soon. Good night." He hung up the phone his eyes still on Ginger's photo. He had to keep what happened from her. He couldn't tell her. No that would hurt her. She couldn't know. He had to protect her and protect her he would.