At Ginger's suggestion, there had been a party for all of the castaways. To celebrate, well, everything. The fact that they were all alive and well was reason enough. People were chatting, dancing, enjoying the spread that Ginger and Mary-Ann had prepared, or just lounging. Laughter rang through the air, dancing in the cool summer air that graced over each castaway's skin. The night felt magical, and they finally felt like a family. We're they dysfunctional at the worst of times? Sure. But all families are. And they couldn't be happier to be one.

Mrs. Howell was quite interested in watching the others. Ginger sat between Gilligan and the Skipper, both of whom had a piece of Mary-Ann's coconut cream pie in hand, and the two younger castaways were listening intently as the Skipper recalled one of his times in the Navy.

The Professor and Mary-Ann were dancing to a song that was coming through on the modified radio. He twirled her round and around, and she never took his eyes off of him. He smiled sweetly Mary-Ann, and Mrs. Howell grinned. Her matchmaker instincts were tingling.

"Thurston, dear?" Mrs. Howell turned to point the pair out to her husband, only to find that his one too many island drinks had lulled him to sleep. She looked over at the Skipper and he nodded in understanding, before getting up and supporting Mr. Howell's weight for him as the two men made their way to the Howell hut.

"Hi, Mrs. Howell." Gilligan waved and he and Ginger made their way over to her. Gilligan sat crisis-crossed next to her bamboo lounge chair while Ginger opted for standing.

"Why hello, Gilligan." Mrs. Howell smiled at the two. She pointed not-so-discreetly at the Professor and Mary-Ann, who were still dancing together seemingly without a care in the world.

"Oh, they look so in love." Ginger mused. Gilligan furrowed his brow in confusion.

"The Professor and Mary-Ann are in love?" He asked, puzzled. He seemed to be missing something, he thought.

"Oh Gilligan," Ginger sighed. "Isn't it obvious?" Mrs. Howell nodded at the boy as he looked at her, still confused as to what he might've missed. By now, the Skipper had returned.

"He's sleeping soundly," he told Mrs. Howell, referring to her husband. She nodded, giving him a 'thank you' as he pulled up a chair next to them. For a moment, they all sat watching the couple. It was a few minutes before the Skipper asked Ginger to dance, and Gilligan even extended his hand to Mrs. Howell with a shrug. Soon, they were all out in the middle of the clearing dancing together.

But Mrs. Howell's eyes remained on the Professor and Mary-Ann, the matchmaker cogs in her mind turning